Paul George 4th Straight 30+ Game, 6 Game Win Streak! 2020-21 NBA Season

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Chris Smoove

Pred 26 dnevi

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hải tặc gaming
hải tặc gaming Pred 24 dnevi
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Greg Tchouldjian
Greg Tchouldjian Pred 24 dnevi
we know his voice
we know his voice Pred 24 dnevi
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Knock Out
Knock Out Pred 25 dnevi
It’s the regular season. Check back when PG folds in the playoffs.
TyJamar Pred 25 dnevi
The Nets??? What are you doing?
King Shalo
King Shalo Pred 25 dnevi
Dude been messing up on hella games saying the wrong teams
yihao yeap
yihao yeap Pred 25 dnevi
0:43 did he just said nets?
Vince Cruz
Vince Cruz Pred 25 dnevi
Nets getting lazy? Give smoove a manual what are you doing 😂
Slam Dank
Slam Dank Pred 25 dnevi
Regular Season P lololol
Xerath Pred 25 dnevi
leo The Black Mexican
leo The Black Mexican Pred 25 dnevi
0:39 did he just say nets ??
A$APshaman Pred 25 dnevi
one-take smoove back at it
Pablo Ramos
Pablo Ramos Pred 25 dnevi
Smoove been on something else lately lmao dude don't know what he saying 🤣🤣
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred 25 dnevi
The PG Indiana used to have 💯
Yoshiro Senpai
Yoshiro Senpai Pred 26 dnevi
I hope he won't disappear in the playoffs
Marlin McKnight
Marlin McKnight Pred 26 dnevi
Smoove getting lazy with the commentary in the backcourt
Devo Body
Devo Body Pred 26 dnevi
Zion had 25 20+ games but were gonna praise Paul for 4 ??💀
Palmpietube 343
Palmpietube 343 Pred 26 dnevi
You said nets instead of clippers
Soulex Dioh
Soulex Dioh Pred 26 dnevi
“Nets getting lazy on the pass” that’s something FlightReacts will say when it’s Clippers vs Pacers😂😂
energygaming Pred 26 dnevi
Pg ballin rn!!!
StoppedByGrace •
StoppedByGrace • Pred 26 dnevi
But can he do it in the playoffs
Markell TM
Markell TM Pred 26 dnevi
Paul George rep grinding
TOXIC GAMER Pred 26 dnevi
Bruh he really said “nets getting lazy with the passes” lmao
KaioCrap Pred 26 dnevi
0:42 said nets lol
Dat_Sik _Cty
Dat_Sik _Cty Pred 26 dnevi
The Los Angeles Nets
Ceburek DOGEWARRIOR Pred 26 dnevi
after 10straight +30 we going 10Straight playoff p
MrBroke Pred 26 dnevi
0:43 he said nets getting lazy with the passes but nets are not even playing
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Pred 26 dnevi
Clippers going to the finals
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Pred 26 dnevi
Arian T
Arian T Pred 26 dnevi
“kawhi is out with looooooaaaad management”
KS - 05SS 801279 Burnt Elm PS
KS - 05SS 801279 Burnt Elm PS Pred 26 dnevi
0:42 wait nets?
SANDY BRIANT Pred 26 dnevi
you say nets, the truth is clippers
skinny mãñ
skinny mãñ Pred 26 dnevi
Lol nets getting lazy with the passes 🤣🤣🤣
outofthepicture Pred 26 dnevi
You know what that means 2K... Time to bring his overall back again 🤦‍♂️
GAYTHORAID Pred 26 dnevi
Clips actually looks scary, especially with the addition of rondo
Tou Vang
Tou Vang Pred 26 dnevi
Pfzier P, back at it.
chris colon
chris colon Pred 26 dnevi
Um their the clippers not the nets
Argus Eyed
Argus Eyed Pred 26 dnevi
Since Rondo started playing the Clippers are a joy to watch. Everyone hoarding assists. They average 30/game. Pg going crazy. Oh, and they are winning.
Manning Morrison
Manning Morrison Pred 26 dnevi
Clippers/Nets Finals
Almost FamousTV
Almost FamousTV Pred 26 dnevi
Chris you said “Nets” in the beginning
Dylan Dhaliwal
Dylan Dhaliwal Pred 26 dnevi
0:45 nets ???
Anish Bhawal
Anish Bhawal Pred 26 dnevi
Steph Curry scoring 30+ in 7 straight games coming off of an injury but not getting talked about .... That ain't a Smoove moove..
JonTheSinner Pred 26 dnevi
Playoff p fools y’all in the regular season and gets your hopes up just to shut himself in the playoffs
Rashford Is a beast
Rashford Is a beast Pred 26 dnevi
Nets is the new La
2lukean Pred 26 dnevi
Mah boy mistook the Clippers for being the Nets at 0:44. Give Chris a script. What is he saying??😂
D.M.E S Pred 26 dnevi
Williams might rack points but Rondo just brings home the W
jonah porzio
jonah porzio Pred 26 dnevi
Pandemic p is dyeing, PG 13 is rising up
mohammed mohammed
mohammed mohammed Pred 26 dnevi
Nets getting lazy?????
Toshmari Christmas
Toshmari Christmas Pred 26 dnevi
@0:43 Stinkmeaner: What did you say NNNEEGGGGAAAAA???!!!!
asdfawesdfsadf adgfeasdf
asdfawesdfsadf adgfeasdf Pred 26 dnevi
wait what nets?am i the only one?
Christopher Daniels
Christopher Daniels Pred 26 dnevi
Why you say nets getting lazy in the backcourt
Karl HK
Karl HK Pred 26 dnevi
Not impressed with regular season P. When he does it in the playoffs call me.
DJ Pred 26 dnevi
0:43 the nets? Chris that’s a noob move
Zack T.D
Zack T.D Pred 26 dnevi
Curry could drop 82 50+ games in a row 👨‍🍳
kehinde oguntala
kehinde oguntala Pred 26 dnevi
Man y'all can't lie tho. That girl ref is hot tho no cap.
Devastinator Pred 26 dnevi
Kai Peng
Kai Peng Pred 26 dnevi
Clippers have the easiest schedule until playoff, expect a strong winning record.
Kentavous Jackson Jr
Kentavous Jackson Jr Pred 26 dnevi
You said nets instead of clippers
M-Path Pred 26 dnevi
0:47 Nets getting lazy is crazy 😂😂
tibz escobar
tibz escobar Pred 26 dnevi
0:43 nets 👀
Shlok Pred 26 dnevi
Lmao 0:44 he called the clippers the nets
J H Pred 26 dnevi
0:43 a rare Smoove mistake😳😳
Robotic Leonard
Robotic Leonard Pred 26 dnevi
Clips in 6, n***a Clips in 6
Robotic Leonard
Robotic Leonard Pred 26 dnevi
He said Nets getting lazy with the passes bro it’s Clippers not Nets, Clippers, our 2020-2021 CHAMPIONS
JAVIER GALVAN Pred 26 dnevi
"Nets getting lazy with the passes" 0:43
KOT1Q Pred 26 dnevi
Chris smoove called the clips the nets
Adrian Perez Jiménez-Prada
Adrian Perez Jiménez-Prada Pred 26 dnevi
Nets getting lazy with the passes?
Tom Chamberlain
Tom Chamberlain Pred 26 dnevi
TJ who? 0:47
Ryan M
Ryan M Pred 26 dnevi
T Mann is a monster, cant wait to see his progression
Ngenzi Rugaba
Ngenzi Rugaba Pred 26 dnevi
future of the clippers
Sam Pred 26 dnevi
Jakob Pred 26 dnevi
kawhi injured he aint load managing
Argus Eyed
Argus Eyed Pred 26 dnevi
Nah, they changed his status. Last game it was "resting".
Ricky Varquez
Ricky Varquez Pred 26 dnevi
Pandemic P
Young Carter Nation
Young Carter Nation Pred 26 dnevi
He said “Nets” getting lazy.... wrong team
kadoing Pred 26 dnevi
where are the pg haters now
dolce gabbana
dolce gabbana Pred 26 dnevi
PG using his gas right before playoffs.....
ShaneGxmes Pred 26 dnevi
When PG shot from the corner i thought smoove was gonna say “That’s one of his 4 cold spots” 💀
Kxbra Beats
Kxbra Beats Pred 26 dnevi
He 60 % from the corner now 😂😂
xastric Pred 26 dnevi
Pandemic P actually one of the best corner 3 shooter in the league rn lmao
James Kim
James Kim Pred 26 dnevi
nets getting lazy in the backcourt?
Mugiwara Pred 26 dnevi
Did he just said nets?
Franek Kimono
Franek Kimono Pred 26 dnevi
yo Clippers is diferent.. wow
Franek Kimono
Franek Kimono Pred 26 dnevi
pandemic p is gone.
Dechen Thurman
Dechen Thurman Pred 26 dnevi
Haha caught you saying Nets instead of Clippers haha.
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Pred 26 dnevi
1:30 since when did Ja Morant go to the Clippers?
Kortez Pred 26 dnevi
Chris maybe yu need sum sleep cause yu calling em the Nets 😂
Real Is Real
Real Is Real Pred 26 dnevi
Paul George leading the MVP race.
Aljaezo Pred 26 dnevi
That pass love gave me chills
April Austin
April Austin Pred 26 dnevi
not gonna believe it until he doesn't choke in the playoffs
Subject 17
Subject 17 Pred 26 dnevi
Y'all keep saying wait til playoffs but keep on commenting every regular season game. Fkin hypocrites.
Brandon Boyd
Brandon Boyd Pred 26 dnevi
Alright pandemic P is back....
_4b1l45h _
_4b1l45h _ Pred 26 dnevi
Is smoove on something, he said Kanter instead of nurkic and nets instead of la/clippers?
Prxdigy ツ
Prxdigy ツ Pred 26 dnevi
Josh Pred 26 dnevi
Man is developing nicely
Yoshi Pred 26 dnevi
Pandemic P is finally waking up 😳
German Dr.J
German Dr.J Pred 26 dnevi
Nice to see Paul George getting back to his old form
Aaron Xi
Aaron Xi Pred 26 dnevi
But smoove doesn't say that curry has 7th staright 30th plus points
Domo Pred 26 dnevi
IndyPG is back !!
Clarence Varnado
Clarence Varnado Pred 26 dnevi
I'm still waiting on that story/explanation from Paul George on why he left the Pacers.
Jesus Cabrera
Jesus Cabrera Pred 26 dnevi
You can just search it up on SLpost
Xavier Dawson
Xavier Dawson Pred 26 dnevi
He already did Larry bird Couldn't built around him so he went separate ways he wanted to bring stars to Indiana and never got what he wanted
Blue Coca Cola
Blue Coca Cola Pred 26 dnevi
I think Chris needs some sleep. He be messing up the team's name. That's some cheese
Johnny Nighthawk
Johnny Nighthawk Pred 26 dnevi
Just wait until playoff P shows up. =)
TroubleOnTheWaters Pred 26 dnevi
Say what you want about Paul George, he's got some of the nastiest posters in the modern NBA
T Mac
T Mac Pred 25 dnevi
@Keenan Leonard check his FG%
That Guy
That Guy Pred 25 dnevi
@Cedric Pitts Choking in the playoffs isn't "missing some shots". His performance in some of those games were abysmal hence why the other commenter said he choked. You're wrong so please stop doubling down.
That Guy
That Guy Pred 25 dnevi
@T Mac Facts
Keenan Leonard
Keenan Leonard Pred 25 dnevi
@T Mac 2017 he averaged 28 points vs lebron. 2018 was probably his worst playoff performance ever. 2019 he averaged around 30 against the blazers. 2020 the bubble.
T Mac
T Mac Pred 26 dnevi
@Mohamed Muse give me another playoff game winner from PG13 besides 2013. 2014 he under performed. 2017 was a bad playoff run and He got swept in the first round in 2018 and 2019 on OKC so he doesn’t have a big sample to choose from
Michal G
Michal G Pred 26 dnevi
ChrisSmoove: Says Luka Doncic correctly Also ChrisSmoove: Ivica ZubaK Give that guy a manuuuaaalll😂
Lukas H
Lukas H Pred 26 dnevi
Also vusevic🤦‍♂️
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