BMW M5 v Audi RS6 v AMG E63 S - DRAG RACE

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How’s this for an all-German showdown... Audi RS6 v BMW M5 Competition v Mercedes-AMG E63 S!
All three of these contenders can produce a serious amount of power. First up we’ve got Mat in his RS6, which is powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 and can put down 600hp & 800Nm of torque. Alongside him we have the new BMW M5 Competition, with a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 delivering 625hp and 750Nm.
And then finally we have the AMG E63 S, which is housing a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 which produces 612hp and 850Nm.
So how do you think this will play out? The M5 puts down the most power, so will it snatch the win? Or will the Audi’s Quattro AWD prove a decisive on this wet track? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars Pred mesecem
Hi Mat here: which of these three cars would you rather have?
Φίλιππος Κικής
Φίλιππος Κικής Pred 28 dnevi
Bring Bmw m5 cs
Eli Mukumba
Eli Mukumba Pred 28 dnevi
Dzafer Kovac
Dzafer Kovac Pred mesecem
E class
Goku SSJ
Goku SSJ Pred mesecem
RS6 wins on wet conditions. Less horsepower, more heavy...just a RS6 C8...not a RS6 C8 PERFORMANCE because doesn’t exist yet... end of history.
LuayPlayzz Pred 17 urami
other vids he says audi are trash
LuayPlayzz Pred 17 urami
bmw fan boy driving audi
PB Store
PB Store Pred 21 uro
conditions to audi win: needs to be raining and start from 0kms and the road dont extend over 1/5 mile if road have more than that... will lose thats a lot of restrictions kkkk
Luc1an Luc1
Luc1an Luc1 Pred dnevom
ce fum le da Audi🤣
We want. These race in dry 🤔
kayjae Pred dnevom
wawa win
Alexandar Gerenski
Alexandar Gerenski Pred dnevom
First time a strange review. It's not ok to compare them on wet, also you should change their places as you do in previous videos.
Ali X Ubisi
Ali X Ubisi Pred 2 dnevi
Matt has a tuned Rs6 that gives him 800 horses instead of 600🚮
Lenz Müller777
Lenz Müller777 Pred 2 dnevi
So on the unlimited parts of the Autobahn the M5 murders everyone.... simple as that.
hudaiberdiev islombek
hudaiberdiev islombek Pred 2 dnevi
Bmw fans are dying cuz Its Benz time 🤣peace bmw fan boys
Godfrey Seobi
Godfrey Seobi Pred 2 dnevi
the Revised E63s is like the 2nd coming of Jesus, M5 competition used to bang it, but now wooooooooooooow
Joe Chaangg
Joe Chaangg Pred 2 dnevi
why you always pronounce "g" when it should be silenced? Are you Italian?
Gurparit Singh
Gurparit Singh Pred 2 dnevi
The mercedes wasnt even levelled with the other cars
Nikos gkouvelis
Nikos gkouvelis Pred 3 dnevi
If you are Family Person rs 6 more storage, you can go in wintersport Mode storage also mercedes e 63 amg combi. But if you are alone Bmw
Nikos gkouvelis
Nikos gkouvelis Pred 3 dnevi
Bmw M5
D motherfucking
D motherfucking Pred 3 dnevi
I think Audi need to make a rs6,7-r, something like that
Ochion Aarons
Ochion Aarons Pred 3 dnevi
Ok another go because that bmw could never beat the merc and if it was dry merc for the win.
Brendon Hedrick
Brendon Hedrick Pred 3 dnevi
11.6 quarter on a wet strip is mega impressive
J. Savage
J. Savage Pred 3 dnevi
The driver for the merc, has really poor reflexes that's all
Popstar Musica
Popstar Musica Pred 3 dnevi
I'd like to see the bmw b5
My two BUDGIES Pred 4 dnevi
Well at tye start of the video i rulled out rs6 because my dad does not go down cars and he went rs6 and now has m5 comepteitiom carbon kit
My two BUDGIES Pred 4 dnevi
Amd in real life m5 looks way nicer than rs6
My two BUDGIES Pred 4 dnevi
Amd as a thirteen year old it is so embarassing as ligigt i mum and dad where in m&s and people were lookjnv at are car and it was so embarassing
John Bonham
John Bonham Pred 4 dnevi
6:06 doesn’t anyone else see the puddle of water at start, only line with it.
David d
David d Pred 4 dnevi
Next time we need to see Mercedes Gtr 4 doors 👌🥴
Mustafa AMG
Mustafa AMG Pred 5 dnevi
M5 ang E63 stand down 🥺
Arlind Shala
Arlind Shala Pred 5 dnevi
do one on dry surface
muhamet111 Pred 5 dnevi
Audi automatic in D 🤔
Mustafa KILINÇ
Mustafa KILINÇ Pred 6 dnevi
Win Mercedes-Benz E63 S🔥
Lil Zee
Lil Zee Pred 6 dnevi
mercedes benz drver wth a launch frm hell cnstatly
PriestJK Pred 7 dnevi
I think the guy in the Merc was pressing the pedal just before "go," so he could be ahead. That is the problem with these races, though I love them, is the human element.
V Tugaudis
V Tugaudis Pred 7 dnevi
Why is that guy wearing a mask in the middle of a airfield lol
yMatheus BLATANT
yMatheus BLATANT Pred 7 dnevi
7:15 hahaha not the virgin radio 🥲😂
Aid A
Aid A Pred 7 dnevi
Please do it again whith another merc driver.. PLEASE !! Sorry but it is a very bad driver...
Junrick Martina
Junrick Martina Pred 8 dnevi
Do the same drag race in dry
Jonibek Panjiyev
Jonibek Panjiyev Pred 8 dnevi
You drive Bmw m5
Pranav Nalole
Pranav Nalole Pred 8 dnevi
I think carwow gets more money off of youtube than their actual business.
Алексей Азимов
Алексей Азимов Pred 8 dnevi
идиоты, на сухую погоду сложно было померить? бред
Minor Chords
Minor Chords Pred 8 dnevi
Do this drag race once again on a dry track. Look who wins😎#bmw#m5#bmwfanboys
Moritz Maringer-Nösterer
Moritz Maringer-Nösterer Pred 9 dnevi
The RS6 sounds lika a mowing machine
Tailor Dipen
Tailor Dipen Pred 9 dnevi
redone this on dry day.
Jakub Sobolewski
Jakub Sobolewski Pred 9 dnevi
RS6 the best
Dhruv Ayd
Dhruv Ayd Pred 9 dnevi
Want a rematch in dry
Steven oshana
Steven oshana Pred 9 dnevi
Wet days vs awd geez
Zo Hustles
Zo Hustles Pred 9 dnevi
@Matt I would like to see the Jeep TrachHawk, Lamborghini suv, Bentley, Chevy Tahoe Hennesy, etc.
Chu Tuong Minh
Chu Tuong Minh Pred 9 dnevi
The spotless nurse certainly serve because crayfish marginally tame following a enchanted screw. economic, alike roast
Twitch clips
Twitch clips Pred 9 dnevi
Bitte mach keine Werbung mehr
Tumelo Tumelo
Tumelo Tumelo Pred 10 dnevi
Hi mat I'm from South Africa, don't u think it's fair if u where to use and Audi RS6 R
R S2002
R S2002 Pred 10 dnevi
The Audi was on the least wet part of the strip.
Floki Pred 10 dnevi
Mercedes Baby
Two two Steele
Two two Steele Pred 10 dnevi
Dumb ass race in the rain
vusi ennocent
vusi ennocent Pred 10 dnevi
Can you plz redo the race on a longer Runway so the M5 can have a fair chance and a braver driver🙏
Julien Quenette
Julien Quenette Pred 10 dnevi
i think the mercedes brakes before the line
ursu remus
ursu remus Pred 11 dnevi
Im sorry but the most iconic german car here is audi's quattro. Cannot be beaten.
Ukwanda Madela
Ukwanda Madela Pred 11 dnevi
Crazy how Mercs always win the rolling race. ALWAYS
Jay Daley
Jay Daley Pred 11 dnevi
Apparently the Quattro hooks
Tzwixi Pred 11 dnevi
they should have exchange lines betweens runs.
Sparkplug Barrens
Sparkplug Barrens Pred 11 dnevi
Love how competitive the merc driver is 😂
Mohamed _0721
Mohamed _0721 Pred 11 dnevi
This was so unfair because bmw can’t race that good in rain
Alex A
Alex A Pred 12 dnevi
If you want ultimate safety, great performance and practicality all in one, the RS6 continues the tradition.
Del1se - Делайс
Del1se - Делайс Pred 12 dnevi
В сухую погоду бэха натянет
Rex Choi
Rex Choi Pred 12 dnevi
All of them.XDD
Farang Heng
Farang Heng Pred 12 dnevi
The innate shears finallly mend because colombia postsurgically amuse minus a unusual package. smelly, tame road
justin chan
justin chan Pred 12 dnevi
Can we have a head to head comparison with these 3 cars as well?
Maximus Masiran
Maximus Masiran Pred 13 dnevi
Too much yacking. Had to fast forward
undivided17 Pred 13 dnevi
Good thing there wasn't a Porsche here. It would've been boring to watch.
Nikola Trpinovski
Nikola Trpinovski Pred 13 dnevi
Audi Rs6 is the great beast! 😀💪👏
John Jerrehian
John Jerrehian Pred 13 dnevi
Real world driving Quattro is great to have.
Nikos Nikos
Nikos Nikos Pred 13 dnevi
if it was a dry road bmw would have won everything
Uros Andric
Uros Andric Pred 14 dnevi
Show fastest times, not just from last race..
TheJonkri Pred 14 dnevi
1. AMG 2. M5 And then maybe RS6
Bill Sully
Bill Sully Pred 14 dnevi
As soon as I saw how wet the track was I didn't even bother watching it, just ridiculous that much rain, you been lucky so far.
دنهش Pred 15 dnevi
AMG bad driver
Hackintosher Pred 15 dnevi
8:25 I think he meant something else.😂
David Jarrah
David Jarrah Pred 15 dnevi
The voiceless sign parallely haunt because trousers computationally intend sans a warm gore-tex. unkempt, ubiquitous glider
Drcustomizer Pred 16 dnevi
Time after time Audi looses it like supporting man united
Sam Herb
Sam Herb Pred 16 dnevi
“I can see nothing” proceeds to increase speed
Kyle Matta
Kyle Matta Pred 16 dnevi
Does it ever not rain?
Rawand Brad
Rawand Brad Pred 16 dnevi
it's all about good winter tyre and driver skill, the BMW and Mercedes driver in this video they have no skill they don't know how to launch the car properly and you can see in rolling race they also don't know how to shift gears lol
Xhenga Pred 16 dnevi
Carwow drivers are terrible. Check out other channels in every aspect Bmw M5 wins. Why not at Carwow ?! Please be real in car comparison. Anyway, wish you all the best
Lvkas BMRZ
Lvkas BMRZ Pred 17 dnevi
The lane of the Amg was dry ......
Alex Bs
Alex Bs Pred 17 dnevi
Plase try aganin race New E63 is bad Performance plase 2017 mercedes amg
Almaz Sazaev
Almaz Sazaev Pred 17 dnevi
Mercedes Benz,
Lusta Dexter
Lusta Dexter Pred 17 dnevi
Merc sounds very much good ....n ur laugh mat sounds evil, hope u enjoyed d drag race though
Lusta Dexter
Lusta Dexter Pred 17 dnevi
Merc sounds very much good ....n ur laugh mat sounds evil, hope u enjoyed d drag race though
Lusta Dexter
Lusta Dexter Pred 17 dnevi
Merc sounds very much good ....n ur laugh mat sounds evil, hope u enjoyed d drag race though
Sein boumelhim
Sein boumelhim Pred 17 dnevi
So I've seen another drag race of the Beemer and the Merc when the Beemer won ... what happened here and now ? Is this M5 different or is this Merc different 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
WyjeBongoTV Pred 17 dnevi
Audi 💪
ilex ile
ilex ile Pred 17 dnevi
Why you put a driver like that in the merc ? Are you serious carwow ? There millions subscribers for see the perfect rivals who will win .. i bet the driver hate mercedes but no problem if it’s was a dry race would win the Mercedes 1st 2nd audi bmw last
Henk Krüger
Henk Krüger Pred 17 dnevi
What's with you Englishmen? Talking about horsepower and newton meter. Why don't you use the correct metric term for power i.e.. kilowatt?
BMW KING! Pred 18 dnevi
Беха просто не прыгнула
Carissa Marsh
Carissa Marsh Pred 18 dnevi
I almost have 1000 million how are are youHot wheels
Dan Masoomi
Dan Masoomi Pred 18 dnevi
Why would you want anything but an Audi RS6
Jackson Nampadhi
Jackson Nampadhi Pred 19 dnevi
This race has to be done again when the road will be dry....
Jason Pred 19 dnevi
@carwow Us we want a re-drag race on a dry surface 😔👀
Ali Mikayilzade
Ali Mikayilzade Pred 19 dnevi
Love BMW
Bonga Mncube
Bonga Mncube Pred 20 dnevi
You always take the fastest car for that I do not want to like
Gman k
Gman k Pred 20 dnevi
What type of tires were on the M5? Baldinos or Maypops ? 🤣
Unknown Perso
Unknown Perso Pred 20 dnevi
Revs up rs6* That’s was the arse-sax sounds like
Jasdeep Kaur
Jasdeep Kaur Pred 20 dnevi
Rs7 vs c63
albert antonel
albert antonel Pred 20 dnevi
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