Nobody likes you when you're 29

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Cody Ko

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Nobody likes you when you're 29
Cody Ko

DominO pLay
DominO pLay Pred dnevom
*I thought I saw you at exit but also thought I was trippin'*
YoutubeCertifiedMechanic Pred 2 dnevi
hard kombucha? Jesus bro, get your balls back from your girlfriends purse.
phanfinger Pred 2 dnevi
I use adult coloring books. They help a lot with my anxiety.
Prince Harming II splash potion
Prince Harming II splash potion Pred 3 dnevi
you think you're old? google how old Noel is.
Serb. Pred 3 dnevi
CODY KO SRBIN😂🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Ethan Bowes
Ethan Bowes Pred 3 dnevi
Cody still looks like a frat kid
Sophia Black
Sophia Black Pred 4 dnevi
i just love old people
Levi Bennett
Levi Bennett Pred 5 dnevi
Dropped a thick like for razor
CHiLL_95 Pred 5 dnevi
5:49 I’m 15 but yep sure.
Evan Ekholm
Evan Ekholm Pred 5 dnevi
Holly Hood
Holly Hood Pred 6 dnevi
*I FEEL your pain 😭 and I’m 26 constantly thinking I’m 30 cause it... feels... so close 😰*
YEET Pred 6 dnevi
29? 🤣🤣 maybe in dog years old man xx
Siddhant Jolly
Siddhant Jolly Pred 7 dnevi
Came here after that depressing 26 year old vid 😀👍🏻
Dead Head
Dead Head Pred 8 dnevi
Am I 30 because I'm 16 and don't know many new artist
regularguy8888 Pred 9 dnevi
We have the same birthday
Rosalinda Mendez
Rosalinda Mendez Pred 9 dnevi
This may sound like a joke but I keep tarantulas and crickets are annoying feeders and roaches are a much better option. I know this sounds worse but they're nicer than crickets, cleaner, they don't smell or make noise and they don't die right away like crickets seem to. 🤷‍♀️
Parker Stud
Parker Stud Pred 10 dnevi
Yo he’s right I didn’t like him until recently
Idkn0w Anym0re
Idkn0w Anym0re Pred 10 dnevi
12:20 Cody: says confidence instead of coincidence Me: 🙄👀😂
KickMyButt Pred 10 dnevi
I'm 17 and my back hurts Guess I'm 30
Nish Pred 10 dnevi
Lmfao same
coxbro 101
coxbro 101 Pred 10 dnevi
My mom got mad at me for participating in the drinking game since I am only 13
Luanda Nuredini
Luanda Nuredini Pred 11 dnevi
Its just.. When Cody's turn 30,they should change their name. Its no longer legal to be named Cody
Thomas ROUX
Thomas ROUX Pred 12 dnevi
Pera Pred 12 dnevi
You went to SERBIA??? Can't believe you were in my country, I-
Allison Murphy
Allison Murphy Pred 13 dnevi
why did I just turn 18 and relate so much to this buzzfeed article
Rosalie Letourneau
Rosalie Letourneau Pred 13 dnevi
Imagine a 90 year old Cody.....
Shelby Bassett
Shelby Bassett Pred 14 dnevi
who saids that
PHaY RoH Pred 14 dnevi
I feel so dumb because i put a comment on another video saying cody Your almost 30 not knowing he was already 30
Presley Boland
Presley Boland Pred 15 dnevi
I pull an all nighter before school bc having to wake up at 6 am and not hearing my alarm gives me anxiety
Presley Boland
Presley Boland Pred 15 dnevi
He sounds like such a dad!
Johnson Jame
Johnson Jame Pred 15 dnevi
30 year old "man" named Cody and has a pet lizard get the fuck outta here that's a 12 year old child
Farrah DeSmet
Farrah DeSmet Pred 15 dnevi
Ayyy - welcome to the reptile community! We MUST see Razors new digs!
littlevirus Pred 15 dnevi
I'm 36 ... always thought you were my age man!
VintageWonderland Pred 16 dnevi
I bought a pair of ugly shoes cuz they were so comfy 😔😖
Brynn McKenna
Brynn McKenna Pred 18 dnevi
bold move putting kelsey in the thumbnail when she's in the video for like 5 seconds....I'm onto you Cody
Toxic Pred 20 dnevi
30 isn’t old is it just me that thinks this?
Love Bug
Love Bug Pred 20 dnevi
We need a Bearded dragon update!!
circle all of the above
circle all of the above Pred 21 dnevom
29 years since his 29th birthday...the years go by fast dont they
Xanthos Pred 21 dnevom
every time that drinking sound effect plays my mind immediately goes to wadzee
Bernadett Sági
Bernadett Sági Pred 22 dnevi
This is the best video ever love you guys
cameryndavis00 Pred 23 dnevi
emily Pred 23 dnevi
how is this man 30
myra dagellin
myra dagellin Pred 24 dnevi
wait. how come u shaved ur unibrow in one vid and not this one. are u trying to hide it???? let the unibrow be known cody
myra dagellin
myra dagellin Pred 24 dnevi
"soft, sensitive, baby skin" ... no cody, as a canadian, let me correct that sentence. "soft, *SENSITIVE*, CANADIAN SKIN" no shame, i have it too
Audrey Colen
Audrey Colen Pred 24 dnevi
I can just imagine Cody and Kelsey's kids looking at this video and just wanting to fall into the ground
Amadeus vercingetorix
Amadeus vercingetorix Pred 25 dnevi
13:34 so you have to be 13 and 31 to understand the humor of Adam Sandler movies
Someweirdwitchbich Pred 25 dnevi
Why does Cody look douchier and douchier each year?
l i l y a n n e
l i l y a n n e Pred 25 dnevi
Ik this is late but ur bearded dragon will get fat if you only feed him crickets 😂
Cole Burgess
Cole Burgess Pred 25 dnevi
more bearded draygon content
iJooeyy Pred 25 dnevi
When I turn 30 I’m gon just b grateful I’m not 40.... keep that pattern for the rest of time
Jon Galt
Jon Galt Pred 25 dnevi
And it only gets worse the older you get
The Modern Moon Child
The Modern Moon Child Pred 26 dnevi
“I can’t believe this I can’t believe I’m actually about to buy this right now 🤪” -a 30 year old buying a coloring book
Krilixe Pred 26 dnevi
Mary Roberts
Mary Roberts Pred 26 dnevi
did he just say SERBIA?
jack Langley
jack Langley Pred 26 dnevi
“By confidence”
No Name
No Name Pred 26 dnevi
Granpa...Do I have to keep on reminding you that you’re already 75? But it’s okay, I still love you.😌♥️
Livy McD
Livy McD Pred 26 dnevi
wait does he have a bearded dragon? I don think he does.
Fruit. Pred 27 dnevi
I can relate to this 'quiz' more than Cody and I am 16. I related to 21/30 of the statements.
Taylor Sinclair
Taylor Sinclair Pred 27 dnevi
This was very Scorpio of you.
Heatherlynn Pred 27 dnevi
No don't wear sunscreen all the time. You need at least some unfiltered sun everyday or you'll end up with a vitamin d deficiency. Just don't get sunburned
Mimi Star
Mimi Star Pred 27 dnevi
Have to disagree, uv rays are always harmful, and almost everyone has a vitamin d deficiency regardless of how much sun they get. Most people won't get enough naturally and should take a supplement. Everyone really should be wearing sunscreen every day.
Austin Cheung
Austin Cheung Pred 27 dnevi
Lol my birthday was the 14th
rainbowjellyphish Pred 28 dnevi
Sorry Cody, don't you mean *~50~*
Beanyiey Pred 28 dnevi
Noel and Cody look in their 20’s despite being in their 30s
Mega Blaster
Mega Blaster Pred 28 dnevi
10:54 ”Reality can be What whatever i want” ~thanos
Edgar Danielyan
Edgar Danielyan Pred 28 dnevi
Nice throwback video. You were so young back in a day
Matthew Patrick
Matthew Patrick Pred 29 dnevi
Is your dog a cavalier mix?
Suichu Pred 29 dnevi
what is Harry's "my balls are! hahahahelp"
Error Unknown
Error Unknown Pred 29 dnevi
Ok buddy we know you’re 80 now go take your meds
Dejaaa Babyy
Dejaaa Babyy Pred 29 dnevi
I did it for razor ! I have a bearded dragon too 🥺
Kier Verhoff
Kier Verhoff Pred mesecem
did he ever get a bearded dragon
Luke Pred mesecem
You are the most european american guy and the youngest 30 year old i "know"
bassywassy Pred mesecem
why do I feel like you own chucky cheese
Facing Fear
Facing Fear Pred mesecem
these are all things one would feel when they hit 50+
Sinai Kitana
Sinai Kitana Pred mesecem
19 minutes of Cody convincing himself he’s not 30
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson Pred mesecem
It's funny how he talks about so much of this like his job isn't to stay relevant to younger people
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions Pred mesecem
Oh my gosh he’s so old Me - turning 30 in April
Moonstone Fae
Moonstone Fae Pred mesecem
God damn, kelseys smile is so beautiful
Galaxy Bear
Galaxy Bear Pred mesecem
Adult coloring books are awesome.
Galaxy Bear
Galaxy Bear Pred mesecem
I'd go to a packed night club, I have a higher chance statistically of dying in a car crash on the way there, than from a virus I've already had, and was super easy to get over. Dying in a car crash would be way harder to get over, maybe that's just me.
Owen Brown
Owen Brown Pred mesecem
holy shit cody ko is 30 what the hell
Xx JINGLE xX Pred mesecem
Ok but why does he still look like he’s 20
Elijah Vann
Elijah Vann Pred mesecem
I hate how much cody looks like jack burton in big trouble in little china
von Pred mesecem
You went to Exit in Serbia?
Matthew Galloway
Matthew Galloway Pred mesecem
I’m 20 and haven’t known who lost you tubers are since I was 15 lol 😂 so many random stupid pages they’re popular for no reason
Inferior Citrus
Inferior Citrus Pred mesecem
Wait I didn't catch that. How old is he?
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Pred mesecem
just found out that I already feel like a thirty year old, and I'm 16!😅
salty ice cream
salty ice cream Pred mesecem
no, you’re elon musk. you’re like atleast 35
Mohammad Awaqleh
Mohammad Awaqleh Pred mesecem
you look like baby bro but you killing it
BrodyMac_99 Pred mesecem
My mom sent me the same coloring book when I was at bootcamp lmao😂
ExoJoker Pred mesecem
cant tell if the title is a blink-182 reference or if you’re just genuinely confused if people like you
Micheal Belcher
Micheal Belcher Pred mesecem
Didn’t finish the shave 😆🤙
Ytim Pred mesecem
When is the video with Razor coming?
Kupo Keep
Kupo Keep Pred mesecem
He doesn't look 12
riannooman Pred mesecem
I like how theres 29 in the title but the whole video is about being 30
Maxwell Carson
Maxwell Carson Pred mesecem
im 19 and often discuss poop
LittleIceBiskit Pred mesecem
I love telling my husband what Chili did in the most recent video I've watched. I talk about him now like he's my dog too. Thanks for sharing Chili (and now razor) with us :)
Elle isyab
Elle isyab Pred mesecem
Is he a sagetarian?
Marilyn Fleming
Marilyn Fleming Pred mesecem
30 doesn’t suck. You’re not old.
LTMD Pred mesecem
Agreed. Thirty is not even remotely old.
RainyCloud Pred mesecem
Number 15 is me and I'm 23, whats good
Rawkeeto Pred mesecem
Hey, my Mum does coloring books, WATCH IT.
Rawkeeto Pred mesecem
Sick beardie though thats epic
Cody K
Cody K Pred mesecem
It’s funny, the older you get the more you value sleep, but your mind and body need much less sleep as you get older. The age that you need the most sleep is your teenage years (aside from infancy).
Hatem Kamel
Hatem Kamel Pred mesecem
Drop an f for every time he says 30
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