NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | April 8, 2021

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Check out the top 10 plays of the night from April 8 featuring, Victor Oladipo, De'aaron Fox and MORE!
0:00​ - 10 | Zach Lavine
0:19​ - 9 | Demar Stevens
0:30​ - 8 | Precious Achiuwa
0:47 - 7 | Jaylen Hoard
1:03​ - 6 | Goran Dragic
1:17 - 5 | Mike Conley
1:32 - 4 | Luka Doncic
1:50 - 3 | Mo Harkless
2:03​ - 2 | De'aaron Fox
2:15​ - 1 | Victor Oladipo
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Nazir Akram
Nazir Akram Pred 22 dnevi
Moe had the best dunk
Andis Lauris
Andis Lauris Pred mesecem
Where is KP solo dunk from backcourt? Unbelievable
Zhenhua Chen
Zhenhua Chen Pred mesecem
2 hands for safety must be no 1 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🤑🤪🤪🧐🤓😎🤩🤣
Team ZeMiAn
Team ZeMiAn Pred mesecem
Where is kawhi dunks on ayton? It should be top 1
Tk- 421
Tk- 421 Pred mesecem
Every one talkin about Kawhi's dunk. But what happened to the OG announcer?
E F Pred mesecem
Listen whomever be constructing top plays I'm coming for your job. Horrible choice of plays being selected and it's favoritism
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy Pred mesecem
Jose Vasquez
Jose Vasquez Pred mesecem
Yall need to take this account down after this!! 👎👎no kawhi wtf? Yall gotta leave that crack alone.
Ryan Daniel Clave
Ryan Daniel Clave Pred mesecem
Wheres the kawhi dunk on ayton?
emelio compacion
emelio compacion Pred mesecem
trash...the claw's dunk should be #1
Mark Baladad
Mark Baladad Pred mesecem
Goatmentor or nothing
Howard Wang
Howard Wang Pred mesecem
Who made this list...
Michael Benfield
Michael Benfield Pred mesecem
Number 3 was easily the best
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres Pred mesecem
nba dont like kawhi
PajepisTv Pred mesecem
No Clippers vs Suns. lmao
Logan Flynn
Logan Flynn Pred mesecem
She loves that "two hands for safety 🦺" one doesn't she?! Lord hahah
Mark Gonzaga
Mark Gonzaga Pred mesecem
Kawhi leonard dunk is missing hahahaha.
Deca loreka Vargas
Deca loreka Vargas Pred mesecem
The reason Kawhi's dunk wasn't on here because he didn't flex or pound his chest after the dunk, just casually gets back on D. Media doesn't like that.
Tristan Britt
Tristan Britt Pred mesecem
Carlo Montelibano
Carlo Montelibano Pred mesecem
Yeahh lezzz go miami
Gene Tuazon
Gene Tuazon Pred mesecem
I'm gonna be frank, I prefer the nursery rhymes during these highlights.
Arvin Bustamante
Arvin Bustamante Pred mesecem
No kawhi? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Melvin Varela
Melvin Varela Pred mesecem
La número 1 falto para LENAR contra los suns
randall napier
randall napier Pred mesecem
Where tf is kawaih?
Skyler Zeus Aquino
Skyler Zeus Aquino Pred mesecem
Kawhi's hater bitch
Joe Were
Joe Were Pred mesecem
1:15 That's not a floater
Marlon Gumabo
Marlon Gumabo Pred mesecem
ESPN values Kawhi more
DoBetta TV
DoBetta TV Pred mesecem
Okay came to see Kawhi and no Kawhi!! Lol
Mr Logical Mind
Mr Logical Mind Pred mesecem
MarkusBoldCatering in real life
MarkusBoldCatering in real life Pred mesecem
It's like the clippers don't exist to these people.
Pau Tiotangco
Pau Tiotangco Pred mesecem
Finney-Smith's block on Middleton should've been in here
Tyrell Cobb
Tyrell Cobb Pred mesecem
You sure #1 wasn't two legs for safety?
Aime Lunio
Aime Lunio Pred mesecem
That top 3 would be number 1
Rocky Suniel
Rocky Suniel Pred mesecem
Disappointed from not seeing kawhi poster dunk..🤔
onehawaiian Pred mesecem
Omg this girl is so boring. How'd she get this job?
Brian D
Brian D Pred mesecem
Mo Harkless was number 1 man, can’t deny it
aoyagi aoyagi
aoyagi aoyagi Pred mesecem
Leonard's super play was so awesome that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in just one day today🤣
John Dave
John Dave Pred mesecem
Gilby Suyod
Gilby Suyod Pred mesecem
Dunk from kawhi
Jeston Pred mesecem
nba no love for kawhi!
JReady Pred mesecem
Please put a commentator who knows what their talking about💀... Just turn off the volume while watching... Your welcome..
朱志超 Pred mesecem
Vismay Patel
Vismay Patel Pred mesecem
Yo are these people stooopid!! That 3 play belongs at No.2 after Kahwi's un mentioned dunk!! Naa this people ridiculous!!!!!!
Zmile◉‿◉ Pred mesecem
The ankle breaker should be first we don't see that much around
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Pred mesecem
#3 was the best tonight 💁🏻‍♂️😷
Spud E. Buddy
Spud E. Buddy Pred mesecem
She’s trollin’ us now with this one-hand / two-hand crap 💩 Next up: “Gobert with the one-handed block” 😂
183hans Pred mesecem
The audio is terrible
Leonardo Leonardo
Leonardo Leonardo Pred mesecem
Kawhi come on
easy assaf
easy assaf Pred mesecem
Sonni Ru
Sonni Ru Pred mesecem
WHERE KAWHI DUNK @nba Y’all need to be fined !!!!!!!
diazy crain
diazy crain Pred mesecem
Mo harkless dunk is number 1
Treycoyne12 Pred mesecem
Wasabii Pred mesecem
YeeSoest Pred mesecem
Dear NBA on SLpost, Dafuq? Sincerely, your viewers
Luis Brenes
Luis Brenes Pred mesecem
Who is kawhi dunk
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson Pred mesecem
Weak announcer....
John Arnel Quitalig
John Arnel Quitalig Pred mesecem
Poor top 10. Leonard dunk is respected bro
Itunu The Itunu
Itunu The Itunu Pred mesecem
OLADIPOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🇳🇬🔥🇳🇬🔥🇳🇬🔥🇳🇬🔥
Gerard Martí
Gerard Martí Pred mesecem
0:42 Bless you! :P
mockie Pred mesecem
I am distracted by the off timing of the narration 🤣🤣
red_giant 12
red_giant 12 Pred mesecem
Can we get more excited over the Harkless dunk please??!!
correfeus Pred mesecem
Hello, just see this KP move end to end against Bucks. ( 3d quarter about 8:50) How many Big guys can do this? Is any of top highlights better that this? No
Zach Starling
Zach Starling Pred mesecem
where tf is kawhi’s dunk
Pablo Lozano
Pablo Lozano Pred mesecem
The number 3 si the Best
vinicius rezende
vinicius rezende Pred mesecem
No kawhi no like
Nils Nordström
Nils Nordström Pred mesecem
Ben Harvey
Ben Harvey Pred mesecem
Number 3 is better than number 2
Halil İbrahim Toruş
Halil İbrahim Toruş Pred mesecem
kawhi nerde admin
Dario Colella
Dario Colella Pred mesecem
Who shot on Danny Smith Junior?!
J Myrt
J Myrt Pred mesecem
Teammates reaction @ 01:55 😂😂😂😂
Armando Prati
Armando Prati Pred mesecem
Ok,ok,ok... I can understand... you did not show Kawhai slam because you couldn’t believe it was real...
Robson Teixeira Shimabukuro Costa
Robson Teixeira Shimabukuro Costa Pred mesecem
Hold on did I miss something? Where's kawhi's dunk?
BlackJackSpecial Pred mesecem
Wtf ????? Kawhi didn’t make the list I thought he be number 1
Zhelle Sancho
Zhelle Sancho Pred mesecem
gez there wasnt much to miss with in thisnday
GABAGRIS Agris Pred mesecem
Mo Harkless shood be in CO-FIRST PLACE WITH OLADIPO... Harkles went succesful in wrong foot, wrong hand action..... Dunk of the year...!
Maurilio Vargas
Maurilio Vargas Pred mesecem
Ayo, yo telling me that I watched some of the softest dunks ever just for Kawhi's dunk not to be first? Crazy
Xavier Beal
Xavier Beal Pred mesecem
Luka looking like Dirk 😂🔥🔥
1 2
1 2 Pred mesecem
The femaletator
richlea Pred mesecem
NBA hates Clippers that's why.. stupid NBA
theyoungblackz Pred mesecem
theyoungblackz Pred mesecem
Numéro 3 !!!!!! 😱😱😱 jamais vu sa
Miguel Burbano
Miguel Burbano Pred mesecem
Irkin Mena
Irkin Mena Pred mesecem
Christoph Kögl
Christoph Kögl Pred mesecem
Akshay Vij
Akshay Vij Pred mesecem
Where is the kawhi 🖐️ dunk ? Is not in the nba ?
Santo Nilo
Santo Nilo Pred mesecem
Where’s that “Kawhi dunks on mount Ayton”? NBA sucks or they just hate the clips?
CBChrisbrown333 Pred mesecem
Name another program that sabotages itself every other day? NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY! asked for these random shit commentators
J Johnson
J Johnson Pred mesecem
Wtf bruh... #3 is #1 n where tf is Kawaii dunk??
Trist mas
Trist mas Pred mesecem
Big Corp don't like seeing New Balance fly High...... hmm. More like Slop 10 ! 😁
Michael Sardar
Michael Sardar Pred mesecem
wow kawhi dunk is just.. nba bias as hell
spy trig
spy trig Pred mesecem
They did not post kawhi's dunk probably because Stephanie was not ready to vet it. It was not with two hands so it did not have "safety"! Can they remove this clueless commentator already? She makes the cringementator sound like a Grammy award winner.
Javier Steffen
Javier Steffen Pred mesecem
Last time I told her to use “2 hands for safety”... I got a call from HR
ash quaresma
ash quaresma Pred mesecem
Stephanie was clearly not Ready for Kawhi's Dunk
Johnny H
Johnny H Pred mesecem
Kawhi dunk tho not top plays smh.
RPGod Pred mesecem
4 is literally a regular turnaround jumper.... wasn't like the defender got broken either. happens like 20 times a night...
Aneel Ejaz
Aneel Ejaz Pred mesecem
Kawhi's dunk?🤔🤔
J Simmons
J Simmons Pred mesecem
That Harless dunk was unexpected. Though those Jazz uni's...very unfortunate.
theSUBVERSIVE Pred mesecem
Artur Arouck
Artur Arouck Pred mesecem
Amazing how Mo Harkless didn't do jack shit in Miami but now he's making top 10 plays
Jean-François Pinget
Jean-François Pinget Pred mesecem
It is good to see Victor at the 1st place !
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