Minecraft Beta 1.17 : Mountain Goats & Powder Snow!

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Minecraft Beta 1.17 Videos ► slpost.info/film/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
Our first ingame look at Minecraft 1.17 is here with the bedrock beta! Moutain goats and powder snow! Rejoice!
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00:00 Beta Changes
01:09 Powder Snow AKA Snowier Snow
04:01 Pathfinding
05:20 Goat Breeding
05:56 Goat Info
06:40 Ram Attack
09:08 Patch Notes
#minecraft #caveupdate #minecraftbeta

xisumavoid Pred 26 dnevi
7:40 - They never attacked me! Also apparently they have 5 hearts of health (goats)
秋木休NeGeX Pred 12 dnevi
I think BE has 2hp base attack instead of JE 1hp
UNSC 2003
UNSC 2003 Pred 17 dnevi
Goat parkour course?!
James Roumanis
James Roumanis Pred 18 dnevi
On bedrock a fist does 1 heart
Slyg Pred 20 dnevi
the goats actually have more then 2.5 hearts since in bedrock punches do more take a chicken for an example in java you need to punch it 4 times since they have 4 hp however on bedrock you only need to punch it 2 times so in bedrock each punch does 2 hp (1 heart) so since it takes 5 hits to kill a goat that means that is will have 10 hp total or 5 hearts
I am the Flame
I am the Flame Pred 21 dnevom
They tried to attack you though
xtruoo _
xtruoo _ Pred uro
I’m gonna build a giant goat pen.
• CLØŪD • Pred 15 urami
3:22 he blinks? The goat just JUMPED!
Codin' Ninja
Codin' Ninja Pred dnevom
You didn't noticed the new texture of snowball
trecilione Pred 3 dnevi
To make the goats more useful, you should be able to milk it for goats milk, and that can possibly be used differently than cow's milk, to not replace the cow altogether.
Benjamin Nicolas Navarro
Benjamin Nicolas Navarro Pred 6 dnevi
Anybody sees the goat killing the poor pig at 4:55? :(
ArticFoxy Games
ArticFoxy Games Pred 7 dnevi
I can’t find goats or the snow
Muhammad Yogi Hidayatullah
Muhammad Yogi Hidayatullah Pred 8 dnevi
Hold right click to use goat horn
CP THE LEGEND Pred 8 dnevi
The snow is snowier than before...
Nicko Blanco
Nicko Blanco Pred 8 dnevi
Creative hand punch does one heart of damage😅😁
NoirEater Pred 9 dnevi
I swear goats were supposed to be added into minecraft ages ago I saw an image of one on the Minecraft DB page but they deleted it like week later this was earrrrllly minecraft like before Enderman. That goat had curly horns I'm pretty sure
Emma Emma
Emma Emma Pred 11 dnevi
Xisuma : other entities will go through this as well Me : interesting Xisuma : so that's potentially a- Me : pooping mechanism Xisuma : faster version of the cobweb delay Me : 👁️👄👁️
Polina Lavrova
Polina Lavrova Pred 11 dnevi
Have you never played bedrock before?
Fat_BabyYT Pred 11 dnevi
Noice cant wait
Squid Coder
Squid Coder Pred 11 dnevi
Here's a thought. Maybe could Mojang add something like a hunting horn to MC, similar to the Pillagers. I'm thinking the crafting would use goat horns and it might do something like call pets to you or something. Maybe have them tp to you even if you are close, idk. What do you think?
Movie Moments
Movie Moments Pred 11 dnevi
Flick now there are gonna be sheep friggers.. oh no. If ya know ya know
Anne Pred 13 dnevi
6:15 punching something in bedrock deals a whole heart of damage where in Java it only does half a heart
Sarah Schreffler
Sarah Schreffler Pred 13 dnevi
I love the goat dance too! I used to play in Pern games -- where dragons mate after a elaborate chase game and a final dance at the catch at the end.
SaucePlayz Pred 13 dnevi
On Bedrock, punches deal a heart of damage (not half)
Senpai Kangroo
Senpai Kangroo Pred 13 dnevi
Can someone explain how to play this i play bedrock edition
uncle iroh
uncle iroh Pred 10 dnevi
Download xbox insider hub, then in the insider hub go to minecraft beta testing. It will update minecraft
TUC - Kaan Karaayan
TUC - Kaan Karaayan Pred 13 dnevi
Correction: The Beta title and logo has been in the game for quiet some time now. Not added in this beta.
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete Pred 13 dnevi
Goat Horn + Candle + Iron nugget/ingot = sconce. Please make this decorative light block happen
KrissFliss Pred 14 dnevi
What would happen if you are trapped in 2 blocks of powder snow, would you freeze to death?
Dark L. Muller
Dark L. Muller Pred 14 dnevi
Accidentally hitting a goat will be worse than accidentally hitting a zombie pigman And that's a fact
Atharv Naik
Atharv Naik Pred 14 dnevi
Every animal gangsta until hoglin turns into zoglin
Bro F G TVEE Pred 15 dnevi
The goat horn makes a sound like when raid starts
ThunderSth Pred 15 dnevi
now i am finally going to get a use for all the leather boors i got from fishing
wolfiyee Pred 15 dnevi
3:26 Steve blinking confirms that this is what Smash Steve is based off of (he blinks in Smash)
vjclark bianito
vjclark bianito Pred 15 dnevi
What date will release mcpe cave&cliff in PH? Thank you 😊😊😁
Thaias Pred 15 dnevi
At some random point they made punches in bedrock deal 2 damage (1 full heart) instead of 1.
Harris Sebastien Negro
Harris Sebastien Negro Pred 15 dnevi
Actually the goats ram every mob even creepers i play on bedrock/pocket and i experienced a goat that rammed a creeper
Henry Jackson
Henry Jackson Pred 15 dnevi
Goat: jumps Xisumavoid: oh my goodness me! Me: yeah that wa- Xisumavoid: StEvE bLiNkS Uuuuuuu
Giovanni Roverso
Giovanni Roverso Pred 15 dnevi
lol, love the long blink lol
sponge 332
sponge 332 Pred 15 dnevi
Actually the Punch damage is 2 instead of 1 in bedrock So the goat has 5 hearts
Hopy Gamer Two
Hopy Gamer Two Pred 15 dnevi
Goats in real life can make up to 4 small goats(i don't know how it is called).They should change that to only 4 because 7 are to overpowered
Shanobro Pred 16 dnevi
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Emme Calvert
Emme Calvert Pred 16 dnevi
That goat horn is giving me some heavy nostalgia from Dwarves vs. Zombies. It's similar to Bruce Willaker's Horn of the Buffalo. Such a great game.
Yvan Lowell Aquino
Yvan Lowell Aquino Pred 16 dnevi
Random idea: Mojang should add a deactivated TNT so that it won't explode accidentally when used for decorations.
Blue Pearl
Blue Pearl Pred 16 dnevi
h-dragon Pred 16 dnevi
With powder snow and sculk sensors this update should be called the trolling update
Fire Ice
Fire Ice Pred 16 dnevi
The snow is snowier
King Outlaw
King Outlaw Pred 17 dnevi
The goat horn should be used as like a knock back stick
JEREMY NUNEZ Pred 17 dnevi
As a bedrock player I’m making so much traps with ps
GEORGE TRINCA Pred 17 dnevi
U deal 1 heart in minecraft bedrock
Flareon98 Pred 17 dnevi
You could make a hidden snow base with power snow
Luke Carter
Luke Carter Pred 17 dnevi
I just noticed that bedrock Steve doesn’t have a beard. I guess modern Steve likes to shave?
TheReaverOfDarkness Pred 17 dnevi
On bedrock, punching deals 2 damage (1 heart). 4:55 a goat kills a pig.
P_M LIFESTYLE Pred 17 dnevi
wait you can use these snow things for FARMS© i copyrighted it because i don't want people killing zombies
Fluffyhamster Pred 17 dnevi
Wouldn’t it be cool if the horns made a sound like when pillagers raid a village like a horn
Al Pal
Al Pal Pred 18 dnevi
4:40 what was that creeper
yoyoyoloπ Pred 18 dnevi
how about fall damage? do you take fall damage from powered snow?
TNL Redhawk90408
TNL Redhawk90408 Pred 18 dnevi
I think frost walker should double as an enchantment to walk on snowier snow 😂
Daniel Bonfim
Daniel Bonfim Pred 18 dnevi
hey xisuma, i discovered the use for goat horns! If you right click while holding it for a little while the raid starting sound will play, making the goat horn useful for starting wars, like the season 6 civil war!
Daniel Bonfim
Daniel Bonfim Pred 18 dnevi
also i tested it with villagers and It seems like they Just don't care.
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine Pred 18 dnevi
4:55 those goats just straight up murdered that pig in the background
Kai Fireborn
Kai Fireborn Pred 18 dnevi
In order to look up a recipe in Bedrock, go into gamemode survival and search it up in the crafting inventory menu, then click on it just as you would on Java.
kalani Ono
kalani Ono Pred 18 dnevi
everytime they ram a tree, they should strip the log
Salim Sadoune
Salim Sadoune Pred 18 dnevi
They actually have 5 hearts Punching in bedrock is 1 heart
Waldemar Sobczak
Waldemar Sobczak Pred 18 dnevi
Does water fal though snowier snow?
Aidan Pred 18 dnevi
If you hold The eat button of the hot horn your can hear a sound
Thnxnoodlestdm /Blitznoodlestdm
Thnxnoodlestdm /Blitznoodlestdm Pred 18 dnevi
@xisumavoid: Imagine how crazy that breeding->babies would be with rabbits(similar to real life quanties that way too)! :D 5:47 Love you vids btw.
Nova Pred 18 dnevi
Annoys me that he dropped the snowballs instead of throwing them
faak juu
faak juu Pred 18 dnevi
YYES!! finally! GOAT SEX!!
Adam Mikael
Adam Mikael Pred 18 dnevi
6:05 Nooo the damage for a fist is one heart
Adam Mikael
Adam Mikael Pred 18 dnevi
Megan Ashley Pangan
Megan Ashley Pangan Pred 18 dnevi
xisuma: Oh my goodness me Steve blinks me: wait that's not normal?
Blasty Pred 18 dnevi
Tea loving iroh
Tea loving iroh Pred 18 dnevi
Anyone know the link for the download of the version? Or is it special access for xisuma
Tea loving iroh
Tea loving iroh Pred 18 dnevi
I'm just gonna wait until they make the updated that has the cool mountain
DeathMiner54 Pred 18 dnevi
snowier snow!
Toast-King Pred 18 dnevi
I think the goat horn could be used to craft a Viking helmet by using two horns and a leather cap
Chris Holben
Chris Holben Pred 19 dnevi
Maybe the Frostwalker enchant will other boots keep you from sinking in the snow?
stankmaster5 Pred 19 dnevi
you can use powder snow to create an "elevator" where you jump down a big hole and you land in powder snow, sinking through to the entrance to the next room. kind of like cushioning for fall damage without the big water splash sound at the bottom. it could also be cool as a sort of momentary anti-gravity effect
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez Pred 19 dnevi
4:55 a goat just merced a pig in the background
Ciaran DeYoe
Ciaran DeYoe Pred 19 dnevi
I don’t want powdered snow I want the snow to stack up to a certain point when it snows.
Ender Pred 19 dnevi
"Oh my goodness me."
the commands are in the chat use stuff like; /summon goat, or /enchant @s mending or even /fill ~ ~ ~ (to) ~ ~ ~ dirt
360-Jammer !
360-Jammer ! Pred 19 dnevi
So do mobs spawn on powder, cause if they do that's an easy mob farm
Dark Thoughts
Dark Thoughts Pred 19 dnevi
Is them attacking cows based on that video that is on sites like Reddit, where a goat and cow ram each other, and the goat installing killing the cow?
Sawyer Paul
Sawyer Paul Pred 19 dnevi
Goat can pathfind away from powdered snow I just had an idea. They mentioned in the Caves&Cliffs stream that you could use the powdered snow to hide a base, which makes sense because you could drop below ground and go down scaffolding. The thing is, though, what happens if you use a lead on a goat and try to find out if there is a pitfall or not?
Voided_gamer Pred 19 dnevi
Go to 4:40 and watch for the creeper as he comes to the hills...
Bean Pred 19 dnevi
Can mobs spawn on powder snow for mob farm?
Brownskikuca Garlic Bread
Brownskikuca Garlic Bread Pred 19 dnevi
0:37 Ah yes, typical mojang cucking the better version of the game for profit.
Notbatman374 Pred 19 dnevi
...can mobs spawn on powdered snow? I'm getting lots of mob farm ideas in my head.
anthony Pred 19 dnevi
🎶 i gotta have me my goats ‘n snow 🎶
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Pred 19 dnevi
Goat horns make a noise
Yy Sss
Yy Sss Pred 19 dnevi
Gott a goat!i
TRIBEFAN 1841 Pred 19 dnevi
Is this going to come out this year
̔̏ Pred 19 dnevi
*p o g .*
DiamondGamer823 Pred 19 dnevi
We are still not thinking through the goat horn that much because it can be very very very useful. Idea 1: You can pick up small parts of snow or ice or water or even powdered snow which can make the goat horn very unique. Idea 2: You can use stun some animals such as the warden because they and blind and use sound and vibrations to walk around. Idea 3: Goat horns can be dropped by the Illigers (idk how to spell) or evokers because they have the same sounds as the Illiger raid started. Idea 4: Goat horns can be held in the second hand just like the nautilus shell. (You can brag it to your friends if you want) Conclusion: The conclude this comment, they can have a very good potential in future updates and I hope Minecraft can add one of these updates
Dexter Foxy
Dexter Foxy Pred 20 dnevi
Punches in Bedrock deal 2 HP instead of Java's 1 HP. The goats have 10 HP.
Maximum Man
Maximum Man Pred 20 dnevi
That blink at the end was literally so long tho
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Rodriguez Pred 20 dnevi
so if they have a frost effect maybe in cold bioms we need lether armor?
baeny Pred 20 dnevi
mojang: adds powder snow terraria players: *has thin ice flashbacks*
some idiot penguin
some idiot penguin Pred 20 dnevi
rip java edition players
Hiten Tandon
Hiten Tandon Pred 20 dnevi
Goat horn upon prolonged right clicking plays a horn sounf
Jackson Damele
Jackson Damele Pred 20 dnevi
You do 1 heart of dmg with your fist in bedrock edition
NotAGoat Pred 20 dnevi
4:40 There's, uh, a flying creeper in the background.... I guess maybe it got hit by a goat? Edit: nope, just randomly takes off.
Alfie Pickering
Alfie Pickering Pred 20 dnevi
What version is this???
thewierdbubble Pred 20 dnevi
wait they added powdered snow oh god i know what players are gona role play powdered snow as...
Jingshui Lin
Jingshui Lin Pred 20 dnevi
Yall know Dream is gonna use a lot of powder snow in his man hunt
RaInBoW DaSh
RaInBoW DaSh Pred 20 dnevi
Bunny rabbits act different, they dart around very fast, be careful opening the gate if u have a bunny pen
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