Don't Click This. There Is No Game. So No Video.

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Crystal Laberge
Crystal Laberge Pred 2 urami
mise en abyme = my-es-an-ava-meme
Abbott Carlson
Abbott Carlson Pred 2 urami
This video is basically Dan having 500 iq
Rehana Abdoelaziz
Rehana Abdoelaziz Pred 3 urami
Whats the tittle of ur outro music
D3 Pred 3 urami
Dan you are the best youtuber
Rehana Abdoelaziz
Rehana Abdoelaziz Pred 4 urami
Boi...i love it
HomeAssasin HomeAssasin
HomeAssasin HomeAssasin Pred 5 urami
Them: only true fans remember dans broken hand Me:only true fans remember who’s your daddy 😂
Gacha_and_Roblox Girl3478
Gacha_and_Roblox Girl3478 Pred 6 urami
*France has fallen* We did it bois, France is no more
Monique Van Dam
Monique Van Dam Pred 8 urami
No game no minecraft...
I make Scooter and bikeing videos
I make Scooter and bikeing videos Pred 12 urami
I wonder if Steven will see this
Amy Walker
Amy Walker Pred 14 urami
I remember the 1st game with the goat its awesome
Liam Rouen
Liam Rouen Pred 16 urami
I was screaming when dan didn’t use the red ball as a cherry on the ice cream
Leanne See
Leanne See Pred 17 urami
Sorry it’s 23:51 not 23:52
Leanne See
Leanne See Pred 17 urami
23:52 dan:this game is wild Me: b-but *THERE IS NO GAME!!!!!!*
Leanne See
Leanne See Pred 18 urami
Justin Carl Lacerna
Justin Carl Lacerna Pred 18 urami
DanTdm has a very huge brain
Luke Sather
Luke Sather Pred 18 urami
Dan: I have a big brain! That was a big brain play right there! Omg big brain Also dan 20 minutes later: these challenges aren’t to hard even for my small brain Me: what?
Shawn Wilfred Cueme Datuin
Shawn Wilfred Cueme Datuin Pred 19 urami
Me:looks at title* Also me:looks at video length* Also also me:WHHHHHAAAAAA
Angry Krabs
Angry Krabs Pred 21 uro
Hmm.. an hour of nothing
Laura Riedle
Laura Riedle Pred 22 urami
Doctor:you have an hour to live Me:
TIMERA WALTERS Pred 22 urami
There is no game Me:...... Click* enters video*
Denis Bradley 2019
Denis Bradley 2019 Pred dnevom
Ok, title doesn't make sense. But it's still a game, despite it not being a game
Puppyloverplayz Pred dnevom
dan:don't call me a donkey
Daniel Velosa
Daniel Velosa Pred dnevom
Anyone gonna tell him that a mule is not a donkey
Hermione_Granger Pred dnevom
No one: No one ever: Dan: Haich
Craft Mine
Craft Mine Pred dnevom
Humans will do anything that people say not to do
CrystxMoon Pred dnevom
Video: There is no video, don't click. Viewers: *Watches. DanTDM: *expects that.
Ezekiel Raven
Ezekiel Raven Pred dnevom
Game forbiden
SopranoUke Pred dnevom
when I clicked this video all I could hear was a russian accent
Avidrook 9722
Avidrook 9722 Pred dnevom
How many times he said he brain is huge in this series.
Brett R
Brett R Pred dnevom
(26) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video) - SLpost
Tabbi Meeker
Tabbi Meeker Pred dnevom
**plot twist: he actually played a no game thats a game for almost an hour :O**
alexisawesome7832 Loy
alexisawesome7832 Loy Pred 2 dnevi
how did i find out it had 428
Hacker1 Pred 2 dnevi
Soooo nobody is going to talk about that 18+ file?
Kaelyn Hallowell
Kaelyn Hallowell Pred 2 dnevi
Well no game no shame am I right?
Kaelyn Hallowell
Kaelyn Hallowell Pred 2 dnevi
Henry Stickman
Henry Stickman Pred 2 dnevi
Fun fact:If he says no video,then why would he upload this video
louise Grisley
louise Grisley Pred 2 dnevi
I’m stubborn 🥺
louise Grisley
louise Grisley Pred 3 urami
DAM!!! I did not mean to do that
Laylazside Pred 2 dnevi
Dantdm this is a hour long video but you said there is no video
Asfia Banu
Asfia Banu Pred 2 dnevi
Dan:Don't click this. 4.5 Million people clicks on anyway
Calaya Reign
Calaya Reign Pred 2 dnevi
aaaa yes big brain moments
the strangest content
the strangest content Pred 2 dnevi
There is no game. But theres dantdm.
sinthukkk Pred 2 dnevi
DanTDM if you see a Number it goes to to clock
Kennedy Valdez
Kennedy Valdez Pred 3 dnevi
omg me seing this then seing kennedys dead man i aint dead!!!
Legends Don't Juge
Legends Don't Juge Pred 3 dnevi
I love this
S4Plays Pred 3 dnevi
'Enlarge your...... MEMORY!'
Ali3n Vort3x
Ali3n Vort3x Pred 3 dnevi
"Enlarge your... *hesitates* MEMORY"
Sabina Fernandez
Sabina Fernandez Pred 3 dnevi
Jake Ford
Jake Ford Pred 4 dnevi
Me: plays game Me: says yes it quits me out of the game rages😡😡😡😡😡😡
Cute Cupcake
Cute Cupcake Pred 4 dnevi
When I saw the crosaonts : MINEEEeEEE
Dubub Pred 4 dnevi
_How bout i do_ *ANYWAY*
OG eeeagle
OG eeeagle Pred 4 dnevi
20:20 you know you could have clicked the pause in the top right corner so u didnt have to click click click
OG eeeagle
OG eeeagle Pred 4 dnevi
i played the old version on coolmathgames
SubmarineMagnet Pred 4 dnevi
Everyone literally uses the same video title. I love it
Samuel Naville
Samuel Naville Pred 4 dnevi
12:20 IT’S FAKE OS
Dave Laplano
Dave Laplano Pred 4 dnevi
awesome vid
Ecrin Playz
Ecrin Playz Pred 4 dnevi
Me:*reads title* Alse me:than why is this even posted?why do we see this?what?!?!
Jacob Burns
Jacob Burns Pred 5 dnevi
Thats what you have to do
Đeñkì Píkąchú
Đeñkì Píkąchú Pred 5 dnevi
Get rid of 🅝🅞 you got "there is game" Wuuut?
MegaSausagehead Pred 5 dnevi
Hah dan
Black Crusader
Black Crusader Pred 5 dnevi
Remember the old version
FOXY Gaming
FOXY Gaming Pred 5 dnevi
everybody: is gonna die dan:he taking the crosonnts that kinda greete
FOXY Gaming
FOXY Gaming Pred 5 dnevi
dan: there is no game 2020: dan: there is no game ogs: it's showtime
fendy epic
fendy epic Pred 5 dnevi
Paper mario color splash reference
Jeoffrey Alestarck
Jeoffrey Alestarck Pred 5 dnevi
if there is no game your playing the game and if there no video you just upload it :/
Sky Gacha cookie Gaming
Sky Gacha cookie Gaming Pred 5 dnevi
12:45 no one Dantdm. AHHhHhhH-
Mr. Inky
Mr. Inky Pred 5 dnevi
Oh you played this agian nice
stuff stuff
stuff stuff Pred 6 dnevi
sherlock homes was a popular move
stuff stuff
stuff stuff Pred 6 dnevi
game: i am not RUSHAN!!!!!!!!!!! me: he woke him up by saying RUSHAN!!!!!
Kelsey Potthast
Kelsey Potthast Pred 6 dnevi
parshva bora
parshva bora Pred 6 dnevi
There is no game There is no video 3.9 million.people okay so let's watch it
Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh Pred 6 dnevi
1 hour no vid
Coolio2400 Pred 6 dnevi
"Oh, the squirrel wants a NUT..."
RhythmLeaf Pred 6 dnevi
Only osu! Hard Rock players can hit it ( 20:20)
Hunter The Fox
Hunter The Fox Pred 7 dnevi
Welp it goes through the same story of how the Henry stockman games got on steam
Penguin 11
Penguin 11 Pred 7 dnevi
Use exclamation mark to break letters
Penguin 11
Penguin 11 Pred 7 dnevi
Leave now because no game and don't follow arrows because it is a trap always sometimes.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW LEAVE!!!!!!!!
Ultraviolet Games
Ultraviolet Games Pred 7 dnevi
*looks at title* *looks at views* Wow, people did not listen lol
DogSky YT
DogSky YT Pred 7 dnevi
20:59 look "THIS IS NOT A GAME" ;-;
Sonia Hernandez
Sonia Hernandez Pred 7 dnevi
dans so quiet when he sees the 18+ folder XD
Cameron Cachur
Cameron Cachur Pred 7 dnevi
bro great vid your are my childhood keep doing what you doing
ThatAbrosexualGamer Pred 8 dnevi
Me: *looks at dans desktop screen* Also me: *nice background* Also also me: *realizes that Dan has a windows computer and so do I, except I have one in laptop form*
Zuri Nyanffor
Zuri Nyanffor Pred 8 dnevi
If there’s no game how would he make the video
Ginger Wallace
Ginger Wallace Pred 8 dnevi
how i know im a og fan bc i sall when he played free verson
Khiro Malpica
Khiro Malpica Pred 8 dnevi
This is going really badd
Anjali Patnaik
Anjali Patnaik Pred 8 dnevi
India was op
Rachael Walker
Rachael Walker Pred 8 dnevi
How ave more views than please click
SGM Nicole Fortune
SGM Nicole Fortune Pred 8 dnevi
GO OGCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DonVito18 Pred 8 dnevi
7:33 find brazil and if you did click read more and scroll down Your going to brazil
FinnCraft Gaming.
FinnCraft Gaming. Pred 8 dnevi
50:25 Game: Speaks about GiGi. Dan before knowing bout her: GG
Ashvin Nimavat
Ashvin Nimavat Pred 8 dnevi
That indian refernce though I am an Indian too
Amber Tyson
Amber Tyson Pred 8 dnevi
ZinWip not WinZip
Todd Bridgewater
Todd Bridgewater Pred 8 dnevi
There is no video but it's 58 minutes long
Benjer Solomon
Benjer Solomon Pred 8 dnevi
I am watching a... game, I mean non-game in this... non-video, eh?
Ink Demon
Ink Demon Pred 8 dnevi
Mise en abyme means a copy with in its self
Natalya Gamble
Natalya Gamble Pred 8 dnevi
with all the water i can get
Natalya Gamble
Natalya Gamble Pred 8 dnevi
and im ready
breadbread Pred 8 dnevi
dude : woof woof woofwof woof me: its truly amazing also me : laughs until i cant breath
•ToffeeGirl UwU•
•ToffeeGirl UwU• Pred 8 dnevi
Title: Don't click this. Everyone else: CLICKS THIS VIDEO
Ryker Edits
Ryker Edits Pred 9 dnevi
15:26 Decode This Binary
Katie Watters
Katie Watters Pred 9 dnevi
no game no video danTDN
President Haltmann
President Haltmann Pred 9 dnevi
16:40 f o r s h a d o w i n g
I FRAMED This Guy As An Impostor! (Among Us)
This Game is SO FUNNY! (Party Animals)
Press This Button To Win $100,000!
i became the GRIM REAPER for a week!
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