Jake Paul Vs. The World - IMPAULSIVE EP. 238

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SLpost star turned professional boxer, Jake Paul, joins the boys to outline his demolition of Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson undercard, doubles down on fighting Logan Paul, Austin McBroom & Conor McGregor, why Team 10 was the first content house, fake a$$ influencers, his experience being shut down by Mark Cuban & more…
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
Jake Paul - Park South Freestyle (Official Music Video) Ft. Mike Tyson - slpost.info/dev/opbdgayWXaDVzaE/video.html&ab_channel=JakePaul

Ernest Stewart
Ernest Stewart Pred dnevom
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Armaan Mukadam
Armaan Mukadam Pred dnevom
logan looks younger than jake
Andres Valenzuela
Andres Valenzuela Pred dnevom
The “1%” and “99%” analogy is based on a monetary discrepancy not an intellectual or moral inferiority. Starting my doctoral program at Harvard, writing several books and helping the people the were there prior to my success BUT “ I’m a failure” since I’m not nowhere near the top 1%? Extremely disappointed in mike for agreeing with this kid’s unscientific philosophy of success... massive respect for Logan a true alpha male.
Jumbo Pred 2 dnevi
Jake Paul:*completely forgets about the faze house during the content house argument*
anibal martinez
anibal martinez Pred 2 dnevi
That fucking mud joke Logan tried to make was horrendous Jesus Christ
Derek Neidert
Derek Neidert Pred 2 dnevi
Wow I love what Jake is saying about cancel culture.
Rohit Tamata
Rohit Tamata Pred 2 dnevi
Big brother are wise and not in competition unlike the young
2007_Jordan Pred 2 dnevi
Jake Paul just sucks
holly barraugh
holly barraugh Pred 2 dnevi
O2L has over 420 million views
Rishitiran Anandeswaran
Rishitiran Anandeswaran Pred 3 dnevi
First of all the sidemen had a "content house" before Jake did. Second of all Jake didnt start youtube boxing (it was actually Joe weller and Ksi. Lastly no one is as dumb as Jake to get raided by the FBI.
Owl Ef
Owl Ef Pred 3 dnevi
Jake was so drunk 🥴 😵
Jack Marquez
Jack Marquez Pred 3 dnevi
I love how everyone is treating jake like he’s sped
utbplay Pred 3 dnevi
so basically a bunch of imbecile clowns getting together
jie hogg
jie hogg Pred 4 dnevi
Yeah don't move in with him logan . Move in with mike
Tabitha Pred 4 dnevi
😂😂😂 Jake basically saying he doesn’t care about ppls opinions because he’s got a god complex
Ghost Mohamed
Ghost Mohamed Pred 4 dnevi
This jake guy and logan look alike are they brothers
Luis Colon
Luis Colon Pred 4 dnevi
The youthful temper subsequently whisper because lan orally multiply next a muddled panda. detailed, fabulous composition
Mike Carr
Mike Carr Pred 5 dnevi
man watching a room full of wealthy white people converse as the become the minority is perfection
Devon Martinez
Devon Martinez Pred 5 dnevi
Fire content
AnthonydoesYT Pred 6 dnevi
What a fucking mother and father these two must have had to raise a complete Yin and Yang in terms of personalities
AnthonydoesYT Pred 6 dnevi
0:44 why does Mike look like he's finishing his essay 10 minutes before it's due on Turnitin.com ?? 🤣🤣🤣
Terry Adkins
Terry Adkins Pred 7 dnevi
i am the older sister and my little brother always gets reked by me
Bill Stevenson
Bill Stevenson Pred 8 dnevi
Brotherly love... I’m 15 months older than my bro and he’d fuck me up. In the dirty thirties, they don’t understand. Great poddy
Mary Sullivan
Mary Sullivan Pred 8 dnevi
Jake seems to be developing a drinking problem - he’s messy af and has the bloat
Ken Rodriguez
Ken Rodriguez Pred 9 dnevi
No clue jake was gonna break the interview
Rad Racket
Rad Racket Pred 9 dnevi
Aren’t y’all lucky ur so filthy rich Some of us are STUCK in LA
YOUNGIN15 Pred 9 dnevi
Jake Paul "I made the first content house." dude perfect and faze are typing
LOKI CONTRO Pred 9 dnevi
Johnny Atkison
Johnny Atkison Pred 10 dnevi
Long you’re not at the same level in boxing as jake is rn and you’re not making the same amount of noise and while I like you more than jake, jake will beat you in the ring because he’s got something to prove foreal
dominique daniel
dominique daniel Pred 10 dnevi
did not know jake was a trump supporter😳
Lethal Liquidator
Lethal Liquidator Pred 10 dnevi
45:00 jake could have said that he is the one who popularized the creation of content houses.
John Willis
John Willis Pred 11 dnevi
trying to look like conor and shit
Roberto Macias
Roberto Macias Pred 11 dnevi
All I gotta say is jake gotta try dmt
footballstar757 Pred 11 dnevi
I was in the 80% thinking Logan would win. After his first KSI fight I was CERTAIN he would knock out KSI but we know how that went. With Jakes KO of Nate, even though it wasn't THAT impressive I can see his dedication to boxing and he just might be the better fighter. I got it at 50/50 now.
All the Fail
All the Fail Pred 11 dnevi
Jake is a toenail
Crybaby Pred 11 dnevi
never thought vocally would be said
Doris Charles
Doris Charles Pred 11 dnevi
jake paul is so like eww. ego thru the roof. disgusting.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Pred 11 dnevi
This kid eats insane amounts of addy
Ferdi Steyn
Ferdi Steyn Pred 11 dnevi
I dunno if its just me, but Jake contradict's the shit out of himself😐.
black sheep
black sheep Pred 11 dnevi
I think I'm starting to understand Jake a little more, he's the youngest child growing up. When it comes to communication level of speech I think Logan is higher in ethos because he's mature and empathic. I think Jake is still on a growing period of trying to project his thoughts to the world, but still working on his communication. Even political figures they need to be careful with their speech to reach out to millions of people.
nial obrik
nial obrik Pred 12 dnevi
The mindset of jake paul is 💯💯
Santrupt Shekhar
Santrupt Shekhar Pred 12 dnevi
I just saw the logan card on his mike
syxxx wrld
syxxx wrld Pred 13 dnevi
i fee bad how hated jake is
LRN 247
LRN 247 Pred 13 dnevi
Was Jake high
Puppet Master
Puppet Master Pred 13 dnevi
This is hilarious 😂
Jo Hip
Jo Hip Pred 14 dnevi
Jake needs to start buying hats that actually fits his head it's like he's went an beating up a little kid for his hat
simona sykova
simona sykova Pred 14 dnevi
time does runes out tooxx you know...time can turn into waste..x P.S games over
James G
James G Pred 16 dnevi
I love to poop... Prove
Chase Kasko
Chase Kasko Pred 16 dnevi
The bouncy zoo nally soak because teller assembly encourage among a wretched bus. humorous, ruthless waste
Dark Empress Dead Babe
Dark Empress Dead Babe Pred 16 dnevi
The locker room idea sounds cool
Dark Empress Dead Babe
Dark Empress Dead Babe Pred 16 dnevi
Well it does have a heater lol
Dark Empress Dead Babe
Dark Empress Dead Babe Pred 16 dnevi
He's too lazy and fat for that lol
Dark Empress Dead Babe
Dark Empress Dead Babe Pred 16 dnevi
I'm Subway and their Ken lol
Dark Empress Dead Babe
Dark Empress Dead Babe Pred 16 dnevi
I discovered dinasours lol
FilletKabob Pred 17 dnevi
Imagine having a brother like that.
Lalita Rathod
Lalita Rathod Pred 17 dnevi
Jake sorry but Bill gates was a billion air when he was 18 so youngest billion air not possible
VuhxFN Pred 18 dnevi
why he say by nature like that lmfao
Hungry Pred 18 dnevi
Cuban would of probably respected you more if you said that though ..that would of been a nice line ..Jake looks like he is finding himself at lot quicker than. A lot of people so good for him ..nothing but love .. just waiting to see the kid win some more
Brandon Reider
Brandon Reider Pred 19 dnevi
Jakes hat couldn't fit his head if he wanted it too lol its like a kids hat it fits his style tho
TJ Blyde
TJ Blyde Pred 19 dnevi
Jake Paul: i went through half of the uk. Then names the shittiest fighters and only like 4 lol
DiaMonD FaLcoN
DiaMonD FaLcoN Pred 20 dnevi
So Jake Paul is just as much an asshole while high
Daddy Daughter DIY
Daddy Daughter DIY Pred 20 dnevi
Logan wins the fight. He’s a better athlete. Period the end.
Killian Seibel
Killian Seibel Pred 20 dnevi
Someone show jake how to wear a hat
Jon Iraggi
Jon Iraggi Pred 21 dnevom
If he thinks he’s a part of the one percent he is not a part of the one percent. The one percent don’t think, live, and speak like him. He appears to me as the 35 year old who has nothing.
Unsilenced Nation
Unsilenced Nation Pred 21 dnevom
"You're always bleeding..." "Not anymore >:| "
Young Reem
Young Reem Pred 22 dnevi
Jake has an ego disorder hope he gets help all the money and talent to many yes men around them
Nicolette Irwin
Nicolette Irwin Pred 22 dnevi
Idk why I like Logan so much more🤷🏼‍♀️
Function or perish
Function or perish Pred 22 dnevi
I rather be hated by the world for standing up for my beliefs than bow down or cater to the world. Be a head not a tail .
C R E S E N T Media
C R E S E N T Media Pred 22 dnevi
The reason why Jake is famous is because of Logan's hard work. all his cars are because of him
julia argentiero
julia argentiero Pred 22 dnevi
his ego is insane. im around the 13 minute mark. his mindset that he only cares about your opinion if you're in the 1% is gross. he doesn't care what you think of him if you're not rich because if you're not rich you're a failure and you dont matter. he said 99% of people dont have what he has basically because they're less than him, they dont have the right mindset, they dont work hard enough or they dont have what it takes, and so their criticism of him is invalid. in reality, there are people who work so much harder than him and dont make nearly as much money simply because he got lucky and went viral and gained a following. a lot of being successful on social media is luck. yea your personality matters but there are so many smaller creators with better personalities, people that are genuine and humble, that dont have the same following. a lot of it comes down to getting lucky and he did. and besides that, the criticism of him is completely valid. people dont just hate on him for no reason, its the shit that he does. i hate this influencer ego "everyone is just a hater", "everyone is jealous of me" ...no, you just suck. & your fans are 10 years old. get over yourself 🤢🤮
Varo Slemany
Varo Slemany Pred 11 dnevi
That's floyd mindset
Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia Pred 23 dnevi
Focus 2000
Focus 2000 Pred 24 dnevi
Jake Paul: I stomped out a ant pile and killed all of them Also Jake: I should fight King Kong next with this power
Ella J
Ella J Pred 24 dnevi
This is literally the worst podcast ever. Everyone is talking over each other and screaming. Grow tf up and talk like adults.
nick mine
nick mine Pred 24 dnevi
The ludicrous shade firstly wander because handball antenatally spot except a crowded secretary. tiresome, material idea
Harry Bob
Harry Bob Pred 24 dnevi
What’s up with the pokemon card on the mic 🤣🤣🤣
Gary patterson
Gary patterson Pred 24 dnevi
Also Joe Rogan has 10 million subs and is a bigger podcast.
Gary patterson
Gary patterson Pred 24 dnevi
Wow impulsive only had 2.81 million subs? Thats wierd. Should have been way more.
Raul Bob
Raul Bob Pred 27 dnevi
"The pol will never change. You will always be the little brother." Everybody shuts up cuz they know its true. Lol :))
Raul Bob
Raul Bob Pred 27 dnevi
jake is delusional. Not even Conor but Logan would f him up
Lil Vayvie
Lil Vayvie Pred 27 dnevi
ayy is jake adopted i mean look at logan, that dude be cool as shii and then theres jake. dude is toxic yo
Gregory Parker
Gregory Parker Pred 28 dnevi
Logan Paul and Jake need to Promote a fight between them to.The Buisness aspect of this would be legendary.
Thomas Rishel
Thomas Rishel Pred 28 dnevi
Jake looks like a hairy elmerfudd
Josh Connor
Josh Connor Pred 29 dnevi
Older bro move feet in his brothers face lol
Tatum Wacholz
Tatum Wacholz Pred 29 dnevi
I think he has a good point about not giving a fuck because most of the people don’t know him. But he just comes off so not genuine 😕
RNG Mir Pred 29 dnevi
Logan actually matured and learned from his mistakes, Jake is just still Jake
Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin Pred 29 dnevi
The fluffy fork inherently sparkle because mitten intraspecifically tow among a lovely winter. irritating, reminiscent llama
Sanduni N.
Sanduni N. Pred 29 dnevi
this episode made me feel very annoyed
Cooper Allen
Cooper Allen Pred 29 dnevi
I dont want jake and logan fight
Kelly Pred 29 dnevi
Jake is high as kyte
Cat Thompson
Cat Thompson Pred mesecem
Didn’t Logan hook up with Jake’s girlfriend? In terms of who would be hungrier it’s Jake. Also so creepy to keep it in the family like that 🤢🤮
SirBrownGuy Pred mesecem
S Ty $$$7()$
TTR. ttv william ll
TTR. ttv william ll Pred mesecem
Jake has to learn how to see something from both ways/ both angles,
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams Pred mesecem
One fight I really want to see is Ryan Garcia and Jake Paul
A1 Pred mesecem
Jake actually makes sense and I get here his coming from. Very misunderstood guy due to fake news and social media, he's just a young kid learning and progressing as a person while still remaining true to himself.
John Chathas
John Chathas Pred mesecem
Logan paul is just an all around better person. Its paramount
Jordan West
Jordan West Pred mesecem
Here’s the delusion with people and fighting; they always have a punchers chance. There’s a chance I could knock out prime Mike Tyson. That chance is smaller than winning the lottery, but it’s still a chance. For amateurs(let’s be real Jake Paul doesn’t have the skill set of a true professional fighter) who have grown their skills in fighting, that chance is greater but it’s still extremely small. People don’t have that same delusion when you see Thor Deadlift 501Kg or Usain Bolt run a 9.5 100m. There is no punchers chance. There’s only a very few ELITE that can even rival it and that pool of elites is extremely small. Jake is also extremely delusional believing the majority of those PPV numbers are for him. Those were Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr’s numbers. Have a card with no other big name fighter on and he’s going to be in the bottom tier of PPV fights. At the end of the day though, Jake wants that bag you get from fighting Conor. Everybody and their brother wants it.
Dj Magik Mike
Dj Magik Mike Pred mesecem
Ouch Jake is trying so hard to keep up with Logan. Kinda sad. Should get better with him instead of trying to out do him
Boxing Coverage
Boxing Coverage Pred mesecem
36:10 Jake Paul trying to make a KSI impression is so funny😂
A A Pred mesecem
My nose is bigger than Logan's. My bs is bigger than Logan's. My feet are bigger than Logan's. I'm Jake the BIG FOOT.
Alec Harrison Kleiner
Alec Harrison Kleiner Pred mesecem
A lot of “woke” people complaining about the 1% in the comments yet contribute to their success by buying their products and using their services :/
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