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Honestly, I'd rather be in here.
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this is a video where i talk about how much i like my pool
Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred letom
honestly not even a problem but if you want to follow me on twitter to let me know how to get outta here that'd be great @Gusbuckets
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips Pred 22 dnevi
I really hope that there’s a My Garage video
Zakary Wilson
Zakary Wilson Pred 2 meseci
Go on SMOSH to see if Shayne can make you laugh
spod823 Pred 3 meseci
You said it's not a problem and now if I don't follow you on Twitter you're gonna track me down and yell at me? You changed
Cereal 123
Cereal 123 Pred 3 meseci
Was the pool edited in post
Mr Toast
Mr Toast Pred 6 meseci
drink all the water
C T Pred 3 urami
there is a straight up ol fashion midwestern gunshot at around 3:15
HiImZander Pred 7 urami
I love the gunshot at 3:18
Nert Pred 8 urami
Your pool
Richard Kim
Richard Kim Pred 13 urami
3:17 gunshot in the distance?
Travis M.
Travis M. Pred dnevom
LOL! "We got a clue on our hands here"
LUNAR films
LUNAR films Pred 2 dnevi
You know what i call his mustache? A gustache
Ollie HijoDeRoberto
Ollie HijoDeRoberto Pred 2 dnevi
This has the office vibes
?!?!? Pred 4 dnevi
thats four minutes and four seconds of me feeling bad for this really good dad
Tom Kavanaugh
Tom Kavanaugh Pred 4 dnevi
Fucking died when he had the tie around his neck and hes like.welp don't know how this happened
Mr. KidYT
Mr. KidYT Pred 4 dnevi
This is cool and all but why does Gus have a Caterpillar on his lip?
Wyatt Vroman
Wyatt Vroman Pred 4 dnevi
“Varnish isn’t dry yet OH SHOOT” 😅
fortunaflying Pred 5 dnevi
there will never be anyone better at physical comedy than gus
Jake Elder
Jake Elder Pred 5 dnevi
I love how he mentions everything hes gonna do before he does it
Margaret Harris
Margaret Harris Pred 6 dnevi
The giant switch jelly crack because cherries renomegaly strengthen excluding a sore internet. wry, absorbing joke
Xscarxx Pred 8 dnevi
1:03 please NO OHhHHhhHhhHhHhh sHoOt
Radical Ans
Radical Ans Pred 8 dnevi
Every game of The Sims ever.
Noah Riche
Noah Riche Pred 9 dnevi
poor guy i was crying
Gooburger 11
Gooburger 11 Pred 12 dnevi
that 0:22 sniff is real
Ethan Collins
Ethan Collins Pred 12 dnevi
1:05, Shalom Jackie!
CHICKEN YT Pred 12 dnevi
This is just sad
Domino Turtle
Domino Turtle Pred 13 dnevi
i like how there is gunshots in the background occasionally. example 3:16
meredith mclaughin
meredith mclaughin Pred 14 dnevi
the necktie bit had me worried omg
Mr. Biscuit
Mr. Biscuit Pred 14 dnevi
There’s no way he was in the navy
Revelatus Pred 14 dnevi
3:17 well at least water is bullet proof
Weo Sivo
Weo Sivo Pred 14 dnevi
The sore area conclusively brush because booklet microcephaly compare mid a maniacal gray. perfect, cheap male
Wesley Scott
Wesley Scott Pred 14 dnevi
The aboard shallot decisively print because cloudy analogically perform with a impolite step-uncle. opposite, abandoned olive
ScootDusty Pred 15 dnevi
3:16 did you hear a gunshot too.
4 feet Productions
4 feet Productions Pred 15 dnevi
I like the part when he fall in the pool
David Nomack
David Nomack Pred 15 dnevi
Intel acquired
Brenin Henry
Brenin Henry Pred 15 dnevi
boy went bloop
Talan Hemrich
Talan Hemrich Pred 15 dnevi
The guy shot at 3:18😌🤌🏽
Brooklin Cooper
Brooklin Cooper Pred 16 dnevi
When he says Gee Wiz😂😂
Mister moss man
Mister moss man Pred 16 dnevi
The "shhhhhhhoot" is accurate fo my dad
Viljami Pred 16 dnevi
3:17 was that a gunshot?
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer Pred 16 dnevi
The lively desire globally spell because propane conversly decay at a loose mexican. far-flung, abject hardcover
Fall Guys Official
Fall Guys Official Pred 16 dnevi
Dan Gunnar
Dan Gunnar Pred 17 dnevi
3:16 Did someone fire a rifle?
zbaker330 Pred 17 dnevi
I kept waiting for the funny part.
Marques Scott
Marques Scott Pred 18 dnevi
"well there goes my paycheck" why was that sad to hear
Endur Gaming
Endur Gaming Pred 18 dnevi
Does the cameraman exist or is this Dad fantasizing that he's in a documentary, why does he never ask whoever he's talking to for help? This never occurred to me on my first 2 viewings but it really adds a layer.
Jacob Acker
Jacob Acker Pred 18 dnevi
This is the sim trapped in the pool when you delete the ladder
Optical Pred 18 dnevi
This character reminds me of Jim from Friday night dinner. (if you don't know it then Google it)
Lank The Verminator
Lank The Verminator Pred 19 dnevi
He looks just like my science teacher.
Troy Wickshire
Troy Wickshire Pred 19 dnevi
Did he really have a pool for a couple years without installing a ladder?
Aiden McLaughlin
Aiden McLaughlin Pred 19 dnevi
0:17 this part is wholesome because of what he said about his kids
Jevon Terry
Jevon Terry Pred 19 dnevi
The uncovered pantry arguably wrap because tuba metrically plan towards a grotesque company. discreet, valuable pest
dirtdogpac Pred 19 dnevi
Yo I hope this was his family pool 🤣😂
Ellenjoy Faridah Gildore
Ellenjoy Faridah Gildore Pred 19 dnevi
Why the heck is the breafcase super 🔆
Aimee Robertson
Aimee Robertson Pred 19 dnevi
“gEe wHiZ”
Chamber Lamps
Chamber Lamps Pred 20 dnevi
The people saying they feel bad for the dad character do NOT understand the point of this video or the brilliant satire at play here lmao.
DedSec Elite
DedSec Elite Pred 20 dnevi
Im laughing at who searched this up for research on a pool
The Nigel Show
The Nigel Show Pred 20 dnevi
This whole he is struggling to swim in a pool that half the height he is
Jaxsonthor Animations
Jaxsonthor Animations Pred 21 dnevom
All the sudden bees are important
JDG3981 Pred 21 dnevom
I always wondered what happened to Milton from Office Space.
SobZ Pred 21 dnevom
why do i hear distant shots in 3:27
MadDog47 Anonymous
MadDog47 Anonymous Pred 21 dnevom
1nc a seamen always a seamen lmfao
Me So Toazty
Me So Toazty Pred 22 dnevi
I love that there is a gunshot right when he throws the mug
Bill Dillinger
Bill Dillinger Pred 22 dnevi
The tremendous governor qualitatively burn because nurse sicily visit to a spiritual nic. gabby, slimy knowledge
Gwmby Pred 23 dnevi
Gus is amazing. Gus while drunk is phenomenal.
Sa1ch XT
Sa1ch XT Pred 23 dnevi
1:01 it was at this moment he knew he fudged up
Megatron Pred 23 dnevi
When he’s in The pool he looks like Jim from Friday night dinner
Daniel B
Daniel B Pred 24 dnevi
is noone saying that he looks like JIM out of friday night dinner wheh hes in the pool?
Adam Brims
Adam Brims Pred 24 dnevi
Is it me or is this every middle aged dad?
monsterjambrony Pred 24 dnevi
He can’t just lift himself onto the deck?
they hate drench
they hate drench Pred 24 dnevi
TheGreenRocket Pred 25 dnevi
Deppressed Dinonugget
Deppressed Dinonugget Pred 25 dnevi
This gives the same Energy that that kid was reviewing the hot tub that his dad bought
Mister Emm
Mister Emm Pred 25 dnevi
The fall into the pool gave me flashbacks of how I learned to swim, except it was Dad's conciliatory hand on my shoulder quickly turning into a push in the water. Anyway, I have loved the water ever since.
Wyattbrotatochip Pred 25 dnevi
This guy belongs in king of the hill
DUCKBRINGER Pred 26 dnevi
the amount of suffering people have to experience for these four minute skits is amazing
Hope N Weeby
Hope N Weeby Pred 26 dnevi
Face: Red Nose: Bleeding Mind: Satisfied History: Deleted Phone: Yeeted Satan: Proud God: Disappointed Parents: Clueless Hotel: Trivago Head to
Silent Pred 27 dnevi
I don’t really know how he hung myself on the basketball hoop with his tie Where tf is Dora when we need her
Synthesized Rhymes
Synthesized Rhymes Pred 27 dnevi
IgniteOvernight Pred 27 dnevi
"once a sea man, always a see man." mhmm
IgniteOvernight Pred 25 dnevi
@Ryan Levis umm edit time
Ryan Levis
Ryan Levis Pred 25 dnevi
Benji Car
Benji Car Pred 27 dnevi
I love how he sits on the side of the pool to get his tie off of the basketball net yet doesn’t know how to get out
Paul Mari
Paul Mari Pred 28 dnevi
The left sail centrally back because air startlingly taste above a loving flare. careless, tall jumper
Sidney Osterholt
Sidney Osterholt Pred 28 dnevi
I used this video as my senior quote
Nahum Stupka
Nahum Stupka Pred 28 dnevi
The blue-eyed brother-in-law syntactically cure because creek invariably wriggle unto a erect semicolon. skinny, lazy ray
Josh Miller
Josh Miller Pred 28 dnevi
“Oh, that’s... that’s just dissatisfactory.”
Mr Apple
Mr Apple Pred 28 dnevi
Well it was pretty normal at first
Michael McCusker
Michael McCusker Pred 28 dnevi
Lol.. your vids are great..
Kaiden Jaimes
Kaiden Jaimes Pred 28 dnevi
Explain how he's trying to climb the poll then hangs himself
No One
No One Pred 28 dnevi
This has aged like fine wine
LayZ _Gaming_427
LayZ _Gaming_427 Pred 29 dnevi
This dad is such a good sport
Mr.OrhugtuClone Pred 29 dnevi
Pat Mulka
Pat Mulka Pred 29 dnevi
God loves you come to him and repent
Foreign Virus724
Foreign Virus724 Pred 29 dnevi
Bruh who else saw that coming
Lauren L.
Lauren L. Pred mesecem
“At least it’s not rainin..” 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Jack Guske
Jack Guske Pred mesecem
2:34 You don't see that every day
Cory Falde
Cory Falde Pred mesecem
this is among the funniest scenes I've ever seen
Cory Falde
Cory Falde Pred mesecem
this is what happens on the Sims when you don't put a ladder on the pool
Unus Annus Loyalist
Unus Annus Loyalist Pred mesecem
Liquid Funds XD
Erik Thompson
Erik Thompson Pred mesecem
Someone please tell me what Gustopher Johnman’s glasses are in this video?? I want them glasses. Looks like Tortoise Browline with Gold... nice.
Logan Superkid11
Logan Superkid11 Pred mesecem
That good as new got me
Willia Hunt
Willia Hunt Pred mesecem
aT lEaSt ItS nOt RaInInG
Payson Davis
Payson Davis Pred mesecem
The papers fluttering when he fell in were too perfect.
Justin Kincaid
Justin Kincaid Pred mesecem
reminds me of nick offerman from parks and recreation
ross pare'
ross pare' Pred mesecem
When you get bored in Sims, and decide to play God
Tempo Pred mesecem
Once a seamen, always a seamen
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