This megachurch pastor is dangerous

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Gus Johnson

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This megachurch pastor is putting thousands of people in danger with horrible misinformation. Pastor Kenneth Copeland, why are you doing this?
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this is a video about megachurch pastor kenneth copeland. he is being mean so i made a video about him so i could be mean to him.
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Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred letom
please do not let your grandma watch kenneth copeland. please have your grandma follow me on twitter instead @Gusbuckets. ok thank you.
timoteo quiaoit
timoteo quiaoit Pred 9 urami
he had no brain only sick and old people are dying how about doct0r,nurse,health care people,these people are liers dont believe on them
Michael Mckesson
Michael Mckesson Pred 2 dnevi
Except the fact that one thing is true according to bible. That your birth and death were set in concrete. You won't live one day longer or less according to the bible. So on that issue, he's saying what the lions share of Christians believe to begin with. Coronavirus means absolutely nothing. Your death according to the bible is set. And won't be one minute earlier or later. So he is indeed a crappy preacher. But not on that topic.
Johnny From Georgia
Johnny From Georgia Pred 16 dnevi
@Ray sitzes I never said he was, however calling someone not a Christian when I try really hard to be (minus a few of the requirements I find a little out dated) I still try to be atleast a decent person and an ok Christian
Ray sitzes
Ray sitzes Pred 16 dnevi
@Johnny From Georgia He just told the truth thats what Christians are commanded to do its up to You weather You bleave or not He was not being mean to You He never said anything in a mean way just told the truth
Ray sitzes
Ray sitzes Pred 16 dnevi
@Johnny From Georgia He told You the truth bleave it or reject it its up to You
Extremely_Cold Pred 8 minutami
I love how his bible is fucking drenched in yellow highlighter.
John toetag
John toetag Pred 9 urami
Don't forget to laugh at Ted Haggard also. XD
lizard ppl
lizard ppl Pred 14 urami
the fact that this dude has more money than RDJ is scary
Jermster_91 Pred 16 urami
1 year AC (After Covid)
Victor Croker
Victor Croker Pred 18 urami
Fisrt of all, this man is a clown... a absolute nut. Anyone can...or at least should see that. Personally, I watch him for comic relief. All he is to me is funny! The big mistake the person recording this video makes is assuming because a person is older, they automatically believe this moron and follow him straight to the poor house. C'mon dude, give older people more credit than that. You give them none. Therein lies the short coming of youth. I pray for, and feel very sorry for the poor people around the world that have no relationship with the Lord, both young and old, and let this "abortion" con them out of hard earned cash.
TheGamerInDisguise Pred 20 urami
“If you have a fever, laugh at it.” Me who has a sinus infection: Hehehehhhh I still feel like shit...
Hunter Fett
Hunter Fett Pred 20 urami
The priest guy reminds me a psycho from dead rising
P24p1 Pred 22 urami
damnit guys can i go back 10 min to the point in time when i didnt know this fucker exists
Sean McClure
Sean McClure Pred dnevom
If angels were real and one of them showed up to warn humanity to change this guy will be the first person he visited. He stands for everything that Christianity should oppose.
Joshua Fisher
Joshua Fisher Pred dnevom
This guy genuinely look like the devil in human skin, like his eyes look like he has a gap between him and the skin he's wearing
Weirdo_girl 101!!!
Weirdo_girl 101!!! Pred dnevom
“Fear is *SIN*” His cohosts: “ha- ha... yeah!” **fearful sweating**
Power Gekko
Power Gekko Pred dnevom
I work with a kid who was raised borderline Binding of Isaac style and he idolizes this man, how do I help him please?
Julian No Last Name
Julian No Last Name Pred dnevom
“The strains so weak” 2.9 million deaths. Get fucked Copeland, if God exists I’ll enjoy watching you burn. I’ll probably be in hell as well lmao, I don’t believe, but it’ll be hilarious.
Jules. Pred dnevom
this video aged well. "what are we going to do, cram clorox rags down our throat? You don't understand!" is just one of the ways that it aged well.
Greg Pred dnevom
Kenneth Copeland with a fever is the IRL Emperor Palpatine.
Psypher Pred 2 dnevi
I think he's demon possessed. Uber weird.
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi Pred 2 dnevi
When god said to go and be prophets but you thought he said go and make a profit
Mariana Isabelle
Mariana Isabelle Pred 2 dnevi
When that guy smiled, I was so scared
OutForMilk -
OutForMilk - Pred 2 dnevi
Bruh he scares me
Solid Coal
Solid Coal Pred 2 dnevi
is touching kids considered healing?
MissDisa Pred 2 dnevi
Watching this a year later and people still don't believe it's real 🙄
Isaac Leillhikar
Isaac Leillhikar Pred 2 dnevi
Clicks on the thumbnail with the title. For this comment: We Know.
Schrimschrim Pred 2 dnevi
i am 33 thanks, i am a young man :D
Groente Kroket
Groente Kroket Pred 2 dnevi
Mono4on Pred 3 dnevi
buddy goin on crazy eyes on us, at least some people are aware this guys a feckin demon
Magix Johnson
Magix Johnson Pred 3 dnevi
I’m very Christian and have been all my life, but insane, evangelist crap like this is just crazy. I’m all for praying and having faith in God, but just doing that isn’t gonna protect or save you from something.
Zachary Roush
Zachary Roush Pred 3 dnevi
Ya most of us Christians don’t really like Kenneth Copeland.
meburningslime Pred 3 dnevi
I'm sorry, I agree with you, but you're putting all Christians in the same group.
0 1
0 1 Pred 3 dnevi
Yup these pastors should be in jail.
Artur B
Artur B Pred 4 dnevi
i looked at pictures of him. He looks like the anticrist himself
Robert Capriles
Robert Capriles Pred 4 dnevi
Some of us Gen Xers have been cringing at crap like this since Billy Graham, Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, etc...
psyche Pred 4 dnevi
omg my parents actually saw this guy preach in person at a convention one time. I think I might've been there too but it was so long ago and I prolly didn't pay attention even if I was there 😅 but yea I think I may have met this guy
Mixed Muffins
Mixed Muffins Pred 4 dnevi
*"HE BECAME THE CORONAVIRUS"* "oh my" *"HE BECAME THE CURSE"* "yes" Gotta love the scared people next to him.
Mixed Muffins
Mixed Muffins Pred 4 dnevi
My family is the stereotypical devout Catholic Mexican household (No, I was not stopped from learning about what many religious families call "unholy"). And I'm proud to say that my grandma and mother take this pandemic very seriously and don't belive in any of this shit.
DiamondHelmet909 Pred 4 dnevi
As someone who was raised in a christian family you're exaggerating a lot of things but I agree with what you're generally saying.
luke Pred 4 dnevi
Fun in the video on a misinformation spreading pastor theres a ad from “gods anointing” saying he can heal and perform Miracles like jesus
Milo will commit arson
Milo will commit arson Pred 4 dnevi
this dude is probably where jack nicholson draws inspiration from btw ik im a year late stfu
Remember My Face
Remember My Face Pred 4 dnevi
Madison Grace
Madison Grace Pred 4 dnevi
Also there is nothing wrong with having church online
Madison Grace
Madison Grace Pred 4 dnevi
I love that this almost billionaire pastor is telling people not to be afraid of the financial implications of Covid😆😆😆
Odd Bratteng
Odd Bratteng Pred 4 dnevi
K. C. looks like my vision of the devil....
Tim McArdle
Tim McArdle Pred 4 dnevi
Don't automatically assume that someone who's watching this is younger. I'm 61. I hope you have better critical thinking skills than the people you are making fun of and making those kind of unfounded assumptions shows a lack of critical thinking. Other than that I like what you do by exposing these charlatans.
Dynamic Unreality
Dynamic Unreality Pred 4 dnevi
I dont know if Kenneth is right or not, but cloth can be made to be antimicrobial. Also dont know if it works on viruses though, or if anyone is making masks out of antimicrobial cloth. Its still likely bullshit, but there's the kernel of truth if it is.
Mr. Raccoon
Mr. Raccoon Pred 5 dnevi
I’m definitely a younger person. I’m turning 3 next year.
Alice Bennett
Alice Bennett Pred 5 dnevi
Nope 67 and think that guy is an idiot. That was put on the wipes just last year.I know of healthy people who died. Like so many Christians what comes naturally is a sin. Human race is around because we have fear. Makes us run from danger
Christine Holt
Christine Holt Pred 5 dnevi
We need more of uncle frickidyfrack screamin at us please do an update on this dude, thanks guy.
matthashobbies Pred 5 dnevi
It's still crazy to me how this vid came out a year ago
Capin Sgwiggs
Capin Sgwiggs Pred 5 dnevi
wait, wtf, fears not a sin?!?!?!
Capin Sgwiggs
Capin Sgwiggs Pred 5 dnevi
I mean, Im christian and I believe in god for my own personal reasons.... but this is fucking stupid
Oatmeal? Pred 5 dnevi
I’m not religious but this man is satan
Angry Clown 1990
Angry Clown 1990 Pred 5 dnevi
"God, heal us! Bless us with a miracle and cure this nation!!" God: "I made people who are smart enough to handle this and you didn't listen to them, what more do you want?"
TEXAN doom guy
TEXAN doom guy Pred 5 dnevi
My aunt is a hardcore Christian but even she knows this is bullshit she says "god told us to have faith but he didn't tell us to be stupid"
o0O-JD-O0o Pred 5 dnevi
There are Americans out there that believe in these televangelists magical powers. there are Americans out there that believe that Hawaii is just a little bit South of Alaska (because of them being together on maps). there are people out there that believe the earth is 12,000 years old. There are Americans out there that don't know what countries border America. There are Americans out there that believe the earth is flat. There are Americans out there that believe unicorns are real
schiggy2319 Pred 4 dnevi
dillpickle1317 Pred 5 dnevi
yep covids just a weaker strain of the flu thats infected 133 million and killed 2.89 million people in a year
Rampage Pred 5 dnevi
9:45 is giving me the creeps
Jraice V
Jraice V Pred 6 dnevi
You had me at 'awful old man mouth noises'. 😏
TexanTube Pred 6 dnevi
I feel like I know what he's doing, and he's almost not being subtle about it. I think he's saying that fearing this virus is a sin, God is pissed at you, and the only way to save your soul is to pay him cash. Kenneth, you can kindly fuck off with that shit :) btw you look like Bill Engvall XD very much a compliment!
Leah F.K.
Leah F.K. Pred 6 dnevi
the cadence the pastor speaks in is exactly like my grandpa except way more racist and stupid. my grandpa is so great and progressive unlike this wacko
Daniel_ Pred 6 dnevi
I mean consumed a lot of Bible based teaching, but this kanneth thing is not a Bible teaching.. he just droped random LOGIC to messed people up
MaximumUpload Pred 6 dnevi
I'm a Christian and this guy is insane. He is a false preacher and please, do not listen to him.
ThatMikeSteele Pred 6 dnevi
I'd be ironic if Kenneth "Healed" someone of Covid only to contract it. And at his age he probally wouldn't last very long after that.
Dorothy Murphy
Dorothy Murphy Pred 6 dnevi
I used to work at a nursing home and this man reminds me of the elderly there :(
Iris_Frostbite Pred 6 dnevi
I don't know the preacher or what he does, but doesn't the bible say ye who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. something like that, not saying anyone is judging its okay to point out to someone their wrong doings just IDK WHY AM I EVEN TYPING ANYMORE lol
Dannic Pred 4 dnevi
@DiamondHelmet909 That's chump change to him. Being a religious representative should not be a life filled with extreme excess and lavishness, and spoils beyond the human imagination. Jesus literally talked about the poison of materialism and wealth in the Bible. And if you think Jesus would be ok with this then you must be in denial... Peace.
DiamondHelmet909 Pred 4 dnevi
@Dannic btw he's donated at least 8% of his money to charity and has provided multiple hospitals with equipment and founds.
DiamondHelmet909 Pred 4 dnevi
I don't remember that one
Dannic Pred 5 dnevi
Come on. This dude has made 700+ million. Do you really think a good christian would hoard all that loot to themselves, only spending it on mansions and private jets? Do you think Jesus would endorse this man?
Quinn Himmelberg
Quinn Himmelberg Pred 6 dnevi
I got an ad about converting to Christianity right before this and I can’t think of any worse time to show me that
SHANE SMITH Pred 6 dnevi
well.... a whole year after this video was made we have over 130M cases present and about 3 million people die from COVID-19.... just a weak strain of the flu guys thats all
Jiffey Pred 6 dnevi
I lost way too much braincells watching this....
PrimeXD Pred 7 dnevi
5:27 when u thought it was just a fart
Kristijan Cerovski
Kristijan Cerovski Pred 7 dnevi
Love the 8:52, got some idubbbz vibes
PalladiumCupcakes Pred 6 dnevi
Hahah oh my god why is this so accurate XD
Raven Pred 7 dnevi
1 year anniversary of this vid Almost 3 million dead Desolation
Hunter Gallant
Hunter Gallant Pred 7 dnevi
4:39 this man is a prophet
Molly Monroe
Molly Monroe Pred 7 dnevi
My grandma says his face is scary
Bear Jones
Bear Jones Pred 7 dnevi
I'm a Christian and so is my family and even we think Kenneth Copeland is a mega church full of bullshit
Samuel Haugen
Samuel Haugen Pred 7 dnevi
Could not agree more
Ben K
Ben K Pred 7 dnevi
if you highlight every line in a book, is anything really highlighted at all?
zach p
zach p Pred 7 dnevi
The Lord God Can take this corona virus away and destroy it. Hey guys not every pastor on the TV is an idiot, I do agree though that with Kenneth copeland he needs to retire and give just about all his money to very much needed charity's. I agree with copeland about not fearing the virus its true HAVE FAITH IN GOD I do not fear the covid virus. Copeland may not be all there in the head, but PEOPLE WHY DONT YOU START PICKING ON US CHRISTIANS! AND NO ONE I MEAN NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ANYONE.
Samuel Haugen
Samuel Haugen Pred 7 dnevi
Isn’t our entire religion based around Jesus coming back to JUDGE the living and the dead?
Lexxii Pred 8 dnevi
Dude! Educate yourself. Coronavirus is another name for the common flu, you ignoramus! It's been around for thousands of years ffs!!!! Yes, I think Copeland is a demon but he speaks truth when it comes to coronavirus. Common knowledge, eh?? Sorry I came here, I'm out - Ima catch ignorancy from this channel.
schiggy2319 Pred 4 dnevi
Yeah, dude! Blindness, loss of feeling in body parts, unable to move, just the flu! Just shake it off! Just smile! Take it from the demon KC
Ty Thompson
Ty Thompson Pred 8 dnevi
I wish you’d actually do research on how much of an inaccurate these pastors are. They are devils. He is something called a prosperity gospel teacher. This is not biblical. God does not guarantee that you will be prosperous yet horrible people like Kenneth are preaching it to millions and suckering in millions of dollars. Horrible person.
Chris Pred 8 dnevi
The way this pastor talks is 100% cult leader manipulation.
Alyssa Thompson
Alyssa Thompson Pred 8 dnevi
watching this in 2021 makes me surprised how dumb some people were then
Trijetz Pred 8 dnevi
If I am being honest, I would actually love to have the confidence in God like this megachurch pastor does, but this megachurch pastor at this point is just stupid and saying things for more money.
KuuBluhKahn Pred 8 dnevi
Dude looks like the embodiment of greed and evil
Gacha Kyle
Gacha Kyle Pred 8 dnevi
I've been getting ads for churches on this video
Инна Клаус
Инна Клаус Pred 8 dnevi
9:28 - pretty similar to my sleep paralysis demon
Kenji Gunawan
Kenji Gunawan Pred 8 dnevi
I wonder when did he sell his soul for fame and fortune
Team Cyborg
Team Cyborg Pred 8 dnevi
This fire is hot
Sxxls_. Pred 9 dnevi
as a Christian, I think he looks creepy and violent-..
Marshall Herman
Marshall Herman Pred 9 dnevi
This guy is why Christians get a bad rep
J RA Pred 9 dnevi
Good god man. I want to watch the whole thing for you, Gus. But I can’t. This shit is insaaaane.
Oh noes! Oh noes!
Oh noes! Oh noes! Pred 9 dnevi
Copeland couldn’t even heal the massive measles outbreak of hundreds of people in his church from when he told people not to get any vaccines.
This guy can possess Satan himself🙄
AngryRussianMobBoss Pred 9 dnevi
I also wish you would just make comedy and shut up, yeah this dude sucks but do you think your "young" viewership is gonna do anything
schiggy2319 Pred 4 dnevi
So basically he shouldnt be allowed to commentate on things because a large demographic hes not trying to cater to wont do anything important?
AngryRussianMobBoss Pred 9 dnevi
It is a form of the flu.... but i agree with literally everything else, i mean bananas are typically berries
Stephen Elkins
Stephen Elkins Pred 9 dnevi
Kenneth Copeland looks like some creepy azz ventriliquist puppet that was brought to life by Voodoo magic.
Zach Powell
Zach Powell Pred 9 dnevi
"fear is sin" oh that's scary WAIT OH SHI-
Kolya Kolya
Kolya Kolya Pred 10 dnevi
Watching this a year later. Still going on...
disGRUNTld_0311 Pred 10 dnevi
Pastor Hoggle from the Labyrinth... Oh, believe me, that's enough! But the worst thing is, if you so much as set a foot in the Bog of Stench, you'll smell bad for the rest of your life. It'll never wash off.
Michael Mcgraw
Michael Mcgraw Pred 10 dnevi
So open up wal mart and close church, this youtuber is no smarter than Kenneth!!!
notadingo Pred 10 dnevi
I visited him at a show and left early. He said that if you couldn't speak in Tounges you don't have enough faith in God. Utter bullshit.
Mr. Doot
Mr. Doot Pred 10 dnevi
I've heard of many churches that don't wear masks because they think God will keep them safe or some crap. I mean, think the same thing and jump off a cliff, see what happens. My church hasn't met in person in ages, which is sad, yes, but it's necessary. Zoom isn't the best thing for church, but it's better than getting the rona and dying. If you love your neighbor and your church community, keep them safe. edit: I hate pastors like this that make people think all Christians are crazy idiots like he is
Eli Wiens
Eli Wiens Pred 10 dnevi
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