Jeremy Clarkson reveals details about future episodes of The Grand Tour

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With the first quarter of 2021 coming to a close, we decided to grab each of the DriveTribe founders for an update of their year so far, as well as looking forward to their plans for the rest of the year. After getting an update from Hammond (link to that video is below) we then travelled to Clarkson's farm to see how Jeremy has been and to hear what he has in store for the months to come.
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Watch Richard Hammond's 2021 update:

DRIVETRIBE Pred mesecem
🔥Check out our description to see how you could win a Tesla or £40K cash! 🔥
Zeb Pred dnevom
Maybe you could pay your presenter to wear pants without holes and a better looking hoodie. 🤣
CJP Jenkins-Parton
CJP Jenkins-Parton Pred 8 dnevi
Steve Moon
Steve Moon Pred 23 dnevi
The Bland Tour...
Micro Soft
Micro Soft Pred mesecem
I'll take the 40k
Ewww Tesla
SodaStaples Pred 11 urami
Genuinely thought that was Hammond's coffin
Ian Szgatti
Ian Szgatti Pred 17 urami
If only we could get an original top gear box set of DVDs or something to hold on to. Up to season 24 only.
tehmascot Pred dnevom
before they get too old.. I desperately want the trio to do the Mongolian Taxi (if thats still even a thing), where you go from Paris to Ulaanbataar in a 500.00 Euro car.
Caffeinated Buffalo sauce
Caffeinated Buffalo sauce Pred dnevom
Looks like he was lost at sea for 5 months
v ab
v ab Pred dnevom
And on that terrible disappointment, the beard is coming off...
Imran Hosein
Imran Hosein Pred dnevom
Jeremy looks like an exiled Russian Czar
The funny Comments
The funny Comments Pred dnevom
I think you should search for Atlantis. Scuba diving transit.
Winston.S.1984 Pred 2 dnevi
Hey Jeremy, you should need to look after them rosty spots an ya tailgate mate :D
pulski Pred 2 dnevi
Is this the car with the automatic liquor refills in the back?
TheBona73 Pred 2 dnevi
Love that he still has an L322
Justin LaRhette
Justin LaRhette Pred 2 dnevi
Clarkson has turned into Tom Green
Sparkling Fire of Insanity
Sparkling Fire of Insanity Pred 3 dnevi
Clarkson with beard just looks like the manliest man...........In the world.
Po1ymorph Pred 3 dnevi
"See what it's like to be a socialist" lool,
Adam Doležal
Adam Doležal Pred 3 dnevi
Jeremy with a beard is something really unusal. I have always seen him as a true British gentleman. He has logical thinking, inside in a lot of stuff, has a class, but he is afraid of manual work and can't really do manual work. Jeremy with beard looks like bio farmer.
Eric Peters
Eric Peters Pred 3 dnevi
Go anywhere to film content. Even Ushuaia?
Michael Eisenhart
Michael Eisenhart Pred 3 dnevi
When he said he'd like to just take other people's cars and just run into things, is it sad that #WhistlinDiesel came to mind.
123 Pred 3 dnevi
he looks even older with beard
Just Some Person
Just Some Person Pred 3 dnevi
LOL Why do I have this feeling like one day the (dis?)honorable Jeremy Clarkson is going to have a TV Series based on a competition to find the closest thing we have to an indestructible car/truck/SUV/whatever where a vehicle of choice comes with a team of mechanics to keep it running, making a goodly number of vehicle+teams start out the season, and each week we see what crazy driving experience they all get pitted against and if the mechanics can keep the vehicle running in time to remain in the next week's event. Failure to keep the vehicle running through the punishment is elinimation. And the last car standing (and its team) wins! (Meaning that it's not so much about finishing each event, but about repairing and keeping it running after the inevitable crashes and acts of destruction.)
Turbo Ray
Turbo Ray Pred 4 dnevi
Save the beard 🧔
James Picking
James Picking Pred 4 dnevi
Jeremy shouldn't be counting his chicken's just yet 🤣😂😭
Joseph Pred 4 dnevi
Cow juice?
Cody Pred 4 dnevi
Shave the beard but leave the goatie.
Kane Hira
Kane Hira Pred 4 dnevi
0:58 story of my entire life :(
ACJ Jones
ACJ Jones Pred 4 dnevi
Plain and simple, he is the man 👍🏾
Mitchell Henke
Mitchell Henke Pred 4 dnevi
wait whats cow juice
Yan Fagundes
Yan Fagundes Pred 4 dnevi
what is like to be a socialist lol
Kalus Saxon
Kalus Saxon Pred 4 dnevi
Clarkson doing farming... I hope it’s not a dairy farm you know he’ll use dynamite to round up the cattle
Curt Cour de Lion
Curt Cour de Lion Pred 4 dnevi
It’s not the Jeremy Clarkson! It’s the Jeremy Clarkson‘s Hipster Cousin!!!
Sherlock Gnomes
Sherlock Gnomes Pred 4 dnevi
I swear I gave this bloke a fiver when he was sitting on the floor outside Kings Cross station..
Jeff Pred 4 dnevi
Has Clarkson lost weight!? he IS a communist
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Pred 5 dnevi
Love the top gear/ grand tour guys. I’ve been watching since their second series always entertaining
Mathew Fitzpatrick
Mathew Fitzpatrick Pred 5 dnevi
"See what it's like to be a socialist" says the brit.
Daliso Phiri
Daliso Phiri Pred 5 dnevi
I'm just happy these guys are still alive....too many loses in the past year...
fishpop Pred 5 dnevi
So the next GT special is US cars in Scotland?
Zachary D. Botelho
Zachary D. Botelho Pred 5 dnevi
I love the beard
Code066 Pred 5 dnevi
That beard is awesome
River Wolf
River Wolf Pred 5 dnevi
Looks like he likes a beer
Paul Grey
Paul Grey Pred 5 dnevi
Bet they do New Zealand 2022
Benjamin Buchanan
Benjamin Buchanan Pred 5 dnevi
It was nice to hear them call J,R, and J the "Three Founders".
Daniel Pulido
Daniel Pulido Pred 5 dnevi
I wonder how a grand tour in Miami would go
Pedro Coimbra
Pedro Coimbra Pred 5 dnevi
The sign says "Cow Juice", lol
And then I fired And I missed
And then I fired And I missed Pred 6 dnevi
Jezza and May without beard=cool uncles Jezza and May with beard=cool grandpas
Digital Gorilla
Digital Gorilla Pred 6 dnevi
The beard suits you Jeremy, you look like Marx.
paul cox
paul cox Pred 6 dnevi
Al-Razi of Arabia
Al-Razi of Arabia Pred 6 dnevi
Jeremy looking like a greek philosopher
scoldingwhisper Pred 6 dnevi
calling a beard a "project" like baking bread is the most clarkson thing i've seen
THE BLOATLORD Pred 6 dnevi
who is that hobo?
lodgie555 Pred 6 dnevi
come to aus again
Evgeny See
Evgeny See Pred 6 dnevi
Great look with beard Jeremy 👍🌞
Freidheim of Prussia
Freidheim of Prussia Pred 6 dnevi
Top Gear 2
Freidheim of Prussia
Freidheim of Prussia Pred 6 dnevi
b e a r d
Andy Wells
Andy Wells Pred 7 dnevi
Lefty lookalike
Simon Burton
Simon Burton Pred 7 dnevi
Jeremy Clarkson what a Legend can't wait for the new series
Cory L
Cory L Pred 7 dnevi
i remember when jeramy intruduced that liqour cabnet edition rover / cruiser i love that he still has it too thas awesome
dandini0698 Pred 7 dnevi
i like the fact that jeremy is still the taller guy sitting down :D
R M Pred 7 dnevi
I thought that was meant to be Hammonds coffin
Jay Williams
Jay Williams Pred 7 dnevi
I love that all these years later he still has his travel drinking cabinet.
Rick w
Rick w Pred 7 dnevi
David Russell
David Russell Pred 7 dnevi
Casper Pred 8 dnevi
Keep the beard and trim those eyebrows 💪💪😁😁
NFG_Josh Gaming
NFG_Josh Gaming Pred 8 dnevi
I see Clarkson has grown a beard for charity.
Rick Mortyson
Rick Mortyson Pred 8 dnevi
Can someone Spoiler me? I don't like his racism kind of human.
Almond Ruan
Almond Ruan Pred 8 dnevi
Dennis Jentzsch
Dennis Jentzsch Pred 8 dnevi
Jeremy looks like a lighthouse keeper...
Rust soldier
Rust soldier Pred 8 dnevi
anone else see the cow juice?
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen Pred 8 dnevi
I love how Jeremy still has the range he had back in prime top gear days
scotty scotty
scotty scotty Pred 8 dnevi
Clarkson with a beard!. Some things just don't go together
Raid Pred 8 dnevi
Jeremy Marxon
Andrew Pred 9 dnevi
"see what it's like to be a socialist, and I don't like it..." 😭😂 I love Jeremy
Mitch Tange
Mitch Tange Pred 9 dnevi
2:13 AAaaaAaHhHHhhh!!!
Tal Barak
Tal Barak Pred 9 dnevi
If I have to summarize who (or should I say "what") is Jeremy, I would say that he (or should I say "It") is a disgusting, racist, anti-Semitic (maybe) creature, but insanely entertaining, and responsible for one of the most entertaining shows there is.
David Humble
David Humble Pred 9 dnevi
There’s whisky and shotguns in those drawers
Alket Repa
Alket Repa Pred 9 dnevi
You can come to Albania this year, its covid free and at its peak of the golden age of Grotesque.
dada moi
dada moi Pred 9 dnevi
Just end the show and Leave the place to the french Vilbrequin it's over for those old petrolheads guys new generation is up!
mbPhase23 Pred 9 dnevi
Beard works jezza. Don't be ashamed.
Himanshu Rawat
Himanshu Rawat Pred 9 dnevi
4:01 Cow juice!? 😅
konrad cichon
konrad cichon Pred 9 dnevi
Jeremy looks like Gandalf 😂
Dean Johnson
Dean Johnson Pred 10 dnevi
Clarkson really needs to get rid of that beard. I can barely recognize him.
Zain Shah
Zain Shah Pred 10 dnevi
Richard Hammond's in crash, isn't News. Just normal day
Introvert Airways
Introvert Airways Pred 10 dnevi
Clarkson’s got himself a two tone beard he’s looking a bit like one of those old land rovers with the white roofs.
Tr1n1ty Pred 10 dnevi
Jeremy "Sadam" Clarkson
zachyj94 Pred 10 dnevi
Glad he’s keeping well, love that sign in the background, on the shop, ‘cow juice’ 😂
ss ss
ss ss Pred 10 dnevi
Brian Blessed has aged recently.
Adrian Baba
Adrian Baba Pred 10 dnevi
Cow Juice :)) You are my idol
Barney Cooper
Barney Cooper Pred 10 dnevi
I wanted to watch Jeremy, not his homeless stunt double.
Tomputer Pred 10 dnevi
Jezza just made me really not want to watch his Farm Show! sounds absolutely abysmal to me!
Oscar Liu
Oscar Liu Pred 10 dnevi
Jeremy is and has always been living his dream.
Ubiratã Muniz da Silva
Ubiratã Muniz da Silva Pred 10 dnevi
Jeremy with a beard looks like a 007 villain 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Pred 11 dnevi
He looks so old with the beard.
Otto Von Koch
Otto Von Koch Pred 11 dnevi
Jeremy Clarkson is a national treasure. I just wish he was ours.
Abhiram joshi
Abhiram joshi Pred 11 dnevi
So much face fungus! Jeez
au jack
au jack Pred 11 dnevi
Farm show with cars? I m in…
Phantom Exploration
Phantom Exploration Pred 11 dnevi
He's really let himself go.
Roos Bakke
Roos Bakke Pred 11 dnevi
Jeremy's beard xD
Ben Bruland
Ben Bruland Pred 11 dnevi
Kinda like the beard
ShallNotBeInfringed IsNotComplicated
ShallNotBeInfringed IsNotComplicated Pred 11 dnevi
A blank check? This man procured a reproduction PBR for like 100,000 pounds. He's past blank check.
Rory Pred 11 dnevi
jose silva
jose silva Pred 12 dnevi
I DILLIGAF Pred 12 dnevi
Jeremy actually kinda look like an old fat Fred Durst.
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