Try Not To Cry.

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Taplu Bambhos
Taplu Bambhos Pred uro
Whr the fuck was the mom all these yrs. Everyone starts crying instead of being happy. Soyboyz
elisabeth lee
elisabeth lee Pred 2 urami
kelsey you’re my spirit animal
Sorry I wasn't listening
Sorry I wasn't listening Pred 21 uro
The wedding one made me laugh
John Cadman
John Cadman Pred 22 urami
Crying about something else haha, sooo true
jay byers
jay byers Pred dnevom
God damn it the grandpas audiobook makes me cry every time I see it
Cherried Greens
Cherried Greens Pred dnevom
I cried and laughed so hard to this holy fuck
haydar yilmaz
haydar yilmaz Pred 2 dnevi
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declan stewart
declan stewart Pred 2 dnevi
i think its good hes letting himself cry
Gloria L Martinez
Gloria L Martinez Pred 2 dnevi
i cried !!!!!!!!
StorMzZ Pred 2 dnevi
That Grandpa's story one got me good man:'(
Avery Sloan
Avery Sloan Pred 2 dnevi
the audiobook one got me✊🏽🤣
Kait Green
Kait Green Pred 2 dnevi
kelsey was giving us her air sign energy in this video 💀
igglychu Pred 2 dnevi
they all got me
Theo Forney
Theo Forney Pred 2 dnevi
im not gonna lie ive never realized your girlfriend was the one we liked more but like what she said about that first dog clip is literally what i always think but Lalso kody wtf are you repressing, mommy issues :P? she almost gave away her secret tho she controls you with tears and so really this has been her channel all along
mywingsareyours Pred 3 dnevi
for some reason i started trying to force myself to cry at the same time as like some kind of subconscious thing lmao
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Pred 3 dnevi
5:32 it’s almost like he regrets getting married. 😂
matrix_rix Pred 3 dnevi
this was so ez on dead dogs
Christian Youngman
Christian Youngman Pred 3 dnevi
dude i broke down during the momma won
Edeie Samara
Edeie Samara Pred 4 dnevi
Cody: I hope at least one of you shedd a tear Some people: ʕ ㅇ ᴥ ㅇʔ we are trying Others: ( ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ ) we barely made it through the video Me: ʕノ)ᴥ(ヾʔ cant see my emotions now, HAH 👌
My Collection
My Collection Pred 4 dnevi
Why does Cody look like Justin bieber
TheMusubiMan Pred 4 dnevi
the grandparents one got me, hit close
Sikar Pred 4 dnevi
I can't lie I did tear up at the mama one lol I was about to call my mom at 1:39 am lol
SlimSosa Pred 4 dnevi
😂😐😐😂😂 I think I’m broken
Leah F.K.
Leah F.K. Pred 4 dnevi
I cried too cody it’s fine lots of tears from me lol
Jack Pred 4 dnevi
why doe people cry at their weddings i don't get it
Jean Bermudez-Sanchez
Jean Bermudez-Sanchez Pred 4 dnevi
That transition into the add was frictionless
Scourge54 Pred 5 dnevi
Ayee she has the pineapple matcha drink
Makayla Melendez
Makayla Melendez Pred 5 dnevi
and oh i cried for sure lol
Makayla Melendez
Makayla Melendez Pred 5 dnevi
the part where she said you wanna see someone go like this LAMFAOAOO
Jordanrubsfeet Pred 5 dnevi
“Reel it in, buddy”
Fredrik Savva
Fredrik Savva Pred 5 dnevi
So wholesome 🙏🏼 U are not alone bro 👊🏼
Charlotte Borg
Charlotte Borg Pred 5 dnevi
Not me crying the entire video...
Jevon Black
Jevon Black Pred 6 dnevi
Dudes crying at weddings really isn’t as sweet as everyone acts like it is imo
alyssa major
alyssa major Pred 6 dnevi
the last one 100% got me you are not alone :)
alyssa major
alyssa major Pred 6 dnevi
make a part two please but this time Kelsey picks out some videos and you get to watch for the first time :)
Dasheena Lynn
Dasheena Lynn Pred 6 dnevi
I cried with Kelsey at the end 😂
Anna A.
Anna A. Pred 6 dnevi
Cody. Are you alright buddy
G B Pred 6 dnevi
Kenney Pred 6 dnevi
The ill quiet obviously work because mask immunologically squeal a a tall oval. decorous, ambiguous yacht
georgianotes Pred 6 dnevi
I don’t know why I never watched Cody! He’s amazing! Wow. Seriously so funny. Merci
ObeseWhopper Pred 6 dnevi
Dude I felt it with during the audio book
Arampath Kushan
Arampath Kushan Pred 6 dnevi
kelsey cripple
Aiden Unclebach
Aiden Unclebach Pred 6 dnevi
My man looks like Wayne from Wayne’s world
Rahul Joseph
Rahul Joseph Pred 6 dnevi
I was laughing throughout the whole thing
Leon Thiel
Leon Thiel Pred 7 dnevi
10:35 "our parents"?
Duncan Eller
Duncan Eller Pred 7 dnevi
Hey wade
kendallgreat Pred 7 dnevi
Not me nervously laughing at them crying
trinity eells
trinity eells Pred 7 dnevi
More of these!!!!!
Jackson Collier
Jackson Collier Pred 7 dnevi
I found most of these mildly hilarious
Katarzyna Kurkowska
Katarzyna Kurkowska Pred 8 dnevi
Cody is somehow prettier than his gf :P
Just Me
Just Me Pred 8 dnevi
The last one was the only real tough one
Ariel Silvan-Duran
Ariel Silvan-Duran Pred 8 dnevi
This was so funny for no reason
samantha sherman
samantha sherman Pred 8 dnevi
Kelsey gives off such girl boss energy
FallenBlast Pred 8 dnevi
`Tell me you're married to Elsa, without telling me you're married to Elsa
Joseph O'Shea
Joseph O'Shea Pred 8 dnevi
Jesus christ those vids were nuclear
Dylan Shobe
Dylan Shobe Pred 8 dnevi
Wayne from Wayne’s world should make a SLpost channel he’s pretty funny
Sara Margeret
Sara Margeret Pred 8 dnevi
please do this again but use my tiktok on @saramargs if it doesn’t make kelsey cry then uhm 😶 i’m sorry
AlongCameLolly Pred 8 dnevi
Why does Cody look like Wayne from Wayne’s world in this video
Thomas Bjor
Thomas Bjor Pred 8 dnevi
Fuck man...
Bry Regimbald
Bry Regimbald Pred 8 dnevi
The way Kelsey made fun of the guy at the wedding killed meeee
Trash Binz
Trash Binz Pred 9 dnevi
kelsey: i feel... emotion kelsey: :| ;)
Zechariah Wermuth
Zechariah Wermuth Pred 9 dnevi
My respect for Kelsey 📈📈📈
ZZZ Pred 9 dnevi
What shirt is kelsey wearing like what brand
Jack Delgado
Jack Delgado Pred 9 dnevi
Fs in the chat for alfie
Job Pedraza
Job Pedraza Pred 9 dnevi
Cody and I are emotionally connected or something 😭😭 the grandma one finished me
My comment is invalid but
My comment is invalid but Pred 9 dnevi
I agree with the woman about the dog situation.
Kiros Pred 9 dnevi
Ok so ppl r gonna say I'm heartless or smthing but none of these made me cry.
untied gabriel
untied gabriel Pred 9 dnevi
Bro tell me why i almost cried at the sad ass Panda Express add i got on this video 🥺😭
SnORa Pred 8 dnevi
Kody Smith
Kody Smith Pred 10 dnevi
Tell me why I clicked on it thinking they were breaking up or something 😂😭
Aaron Estrada
Aaron Estrada Pred 10 dnevi
Cody a softy
Kassia Bonesteel
Kassia Bonesteel Pred 10 dnevi
cody's definition of balling his eyes out is SO FUNNY... man is tearing up.....
Lucas Gravatt
Lucas Gravatt Pred 10 dnevi
I cried at like half of them... honestly surprised I can still feel
Eira L
Eira L Pred 10 dnevi
I've never laughed as hard as I did watching this video
Tyler H
Tyler H Pred 10 dnevi
Kelsey looks like Jennifer Connelly after she’s been smoking meth for about a year.
rebecca hutchinson
rebecca hutchinson Pred 11 dnevi
The dog one was the saddest to me
brooke s
brooke s Pred 11 dnevi
the audiobook one got me
Lopi Dopi
Lopi Dopi Pred 11 dnevi
Now that I think about it, maybe Kelsey is normal and Cody is just a pussy
Shivaya Seerungum
Shivaya Seerungum Pred 11 dnevi
what's that song 10:45 ??
Noname Pred 12 dnevi
Y'all need to watch "Sick kid dies in santa's arms"
Amron333 Pred 12 dnevi
That mama one in the end really got me in my feels
Nathan Sullivan
Nathan Sullivan Pred 12 dnevi
Imagine being that negative
sneaks ceh
sneaks ceh Pred 13 dnevi
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S p r o u t
S p r o u t Pred 9 dnevi
Marcella Pred 13 dnevi
I was crying right along with you, man! No worries 🥲
Cassie Roque
Cassie Roque Pred 13 dnevi
3:30 was the most subtle yet hilarious editing, i replayed it atleast 10 times. just the timing of the music and the camera on kelsey was fucking hilarious. such an underrated moment
colton Keidel
colton Keidel Pred 13 dnevi
I laughed at all of them
Hannah McKervey
Hannah McKervey Pred 13 dnevi
Don't worry Cody I cried at all of them with you
TheFranswah Studio
TheFranswah Studio Pred 14 dnevi
i cried bro. quality tears
Alfredo Midence
Alfredo Midence Pred 14 dnevi
Yo shawty be like "🤔😭" Yoo android emojis hitting like
Anxious Dumpling
Anxious Dumpling Pred 14 dnevi
I'm just concerned because none of these even made me tear up and I don't know if that's a bad thing or not
Anna Rychok
Anna Rychok Pred 14 dnevi
the one about the book really triggered a breakdown, so thats good, cody squad or something....
Devin Gordon
Devin Gordon Pred 14 dnevi
Why is it that people cry at their weddings? I don't really understand that, maybe I've just never been happy enough to make myself cry but I can't grasp that concept.
LeaveMeAlone Pred 14 dnevi
That first one got me. They gave him all da treats and held his paw, and i just i’m crying now. 😢
Jorryn Macris
Jorryn Macris Pred 14 dnevi
How do they cry so easily xD
Gavin Kramer
Gavin Kramer Pred 15 dnevi
Alternate title, Cody set up his narcissist gf to expose herself and her psychological problems on camera for a defense case later down the line 😂 thissa fucking joke tho obv lol. None of these videos are sad. You are welcome. Good night
Lily Singh
Lily Singh Pred 15 dnevi
Bruh the one when the guy sees his mom for the first time in 10 years was so fucking sad ahhhhhhhhhhh
Evan Gibbons
Evan Gibbons Pred 15 dnevi
I think part 2 is necessary you dickheads. much love but Kelsey for fuck sake cry already
Joseph Peterson-Mcgee
Joseph Peterson-Mcgee Pred 15 dnevi
I’m gunna be honest I don’t know why people cry at this stuff most of it was happy things
James Guildford
James Guildford Pred 15 dnevi
5:21 "these get me usually' I was almost peeing myself watching her try not to laugh
Made Ulook
Made Ulook Pred 15 dnevi
i cried the first one wtf
Logan Woolley
Logan Woolley Pred 15 dnevi
This is more like a try not to laugh challenge
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