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Pred 2 dnevi

It's a great Christmas Present that you don't have to pay for!! :)
Download the game here 🡆🡆🡆 theodd1sout.com/play 🡄🡄🡄
Backgrounds done by
Amelia (Galloway) 🡆 galloame
Edummerart 🡆 edummerart
Ronbairdart 🡆 ronbairdart
Kintheartist 🡆 kintheartist

jie li
jie li Pred 3 urami
Oil dollar system, the US dollar has devalued twice. At the same time, Americans destroyed the Russian economy by using the oil dollar system, resulting in a sharp depreciation of the Russian Ruble! The US dollar relies on oil, while the oil consumption depends on transportation operation! The traffic operation under the influence of the epidemic situation is very bad! The depreciation of the US dollar is coming!
Gracie S
Gracie S Pred 3 urami
My fave thing to say to people during like the Christmas/new year season is have happy Christmas and a merry new year
Mr Peanut
Mr Peanut Pred 3 urami
I'm so sad
InsaneCookies Pred 3 urami
Remember when people made videos just for fun? Instead now, its just filled with merch announcements, sponsors and ads
Plowder Pred 3 urami
I saw ur add on Snapchat
Faris Pred 3 urami
James: "So i made a mobile game" Everyone: YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!!
Jasmin Guardado
Jasmin Guardado Pred 3 urami
not people on twitter trying to cancel james-
Angel Renteria
Angel Renteria Pred 3 urami
Hondaj187 Jayden Adventures
Hondaj187 Jayden Adventures Pred 3 urami
Zakir Zaman
Zakir Zaman Pred 3 urami
Wow haha your funny, imma take some tips for my channel
Greedy Gamer
Greedy Gamer Pred 3 urami
See ya next month
Greedy Gamer
Greedy Gamer Pred 3 urami
#3 on trending wow
Roblox Noob
Roblox Noob Pred 3 urami
There’s ads after every time you die. It’s faster to refresh the app and get back in than it is to finish the ad.
Evie Sweets
Evie Sweets Pred 3 urami
omg ur only #3 on trending jk congrats
MusicNerd06 Pred 3 urami
THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!! I love it because it actually requires some skill instead of you just tapping things. Thanks so much and the design is adorable! Congrats James, you’ve made it to the dark side. All you have to do now is become a psychic and write a college textbook! Then you’ll be a dark master😜
Rachel Christinekho
Rachel Christinekho Pred 3 urami
To the kind people here please streaming Got7 new release slpost.info/dev/mGzOl56vlmbOrHs/video.html
numberoneappgames Pred 3 urami
Mobile games are real games. So are the players who play them. All we want is to be appreciated and loved just like the rest of you. lols. : (
GhostCatcher57 Pred 3 urami
Me: is- is that what you made in a month?
Pandaplayz-roblox Pred 3 urami
James : joins dark side Me playing fallen order: it’s time to destroy that Sith
raid _yt
raid _yt Pred 3 urami
happy thanks giving
I'm Serious
I'm Serious Pred 3 urami
12.99 for no ads?
Vincent Dattilo
Vincent Dattilo Pred 3 urami
You were the chosen one! You were supposed to bring balance to the force not destroy it!
CannedCorn Pred 3 urami
did he just say" have a merry thanks giving" lets make that "have a merry thanks givingtm"
kitty Queen
kitty Queen Pred 3 urami
You better make a second video this month, james. You caused my death so dont do it again to your fans. Death by boredom, man. - harry the moth.
Catlady CatLady
Catlady CatLady Pred 3 urami
Download it. Was so bad that I uninstalled it same day. I really wanted to like it. I tried.
Faded vibez
Faded vibez Pred 3 urami
Xianlhym Langamin
Xianlhym Langamin Pred 3 urami
I already download the game
NPC 2749
NPC 2749 Pred 3 urami
⏸Who else had a split second though of clicking the ' x ' on the add pop-up at 0:26😆...Until realizing it is not an add❓ (not much time but time none the less that made me think).
That random channel 21 3
That random channel 21 3 Pred 3 urami
game Yeah
game Yeah Pred 3 urami
The fact that he stole this from Bouncemasters is just bad
That random channel 21 3
That random channel 21 3 Pred 3 urami
Instagram __unending
Bob's Aviation
Bob's Aviation Pred 3 urami
Gen Z: spends an hour looking for tweets from 5 years ago
Unkown ANONYMOUS Pred 3 urami
Tried the game, horrible
vlonejck Pred 3 urami
Tink LMN
Tink LMN Pred 3 urami
He’s not a person u peasant HES A MOBILE GAME
Braelyn Pred 3 urami
this is the best birthday gift ever :)
Kanetra B
Kanetra B Pred 3 urami
happy birthday! it was mine yesterday lol.
JW - 04PN 835257 Burnhamthorpe PS
JW - 04PN 835257 Burnhamthorpe PS Pred 3 urami
Me: NEVER UNDERESIMATE THE POWER OF THE DARKSIDE James: i have joined the darkside👍
Jennie de Leon
Jennie de Leon Pred 3 urami
It’s been so long since you’ve posted a video
Skeleton of Flavor
Skeleton of Flavor Pred 3 urami
I hear animation takes a while
ryan delgado
ryan delgado Pred 3 urami
James: Moble games are Stupid James again: I have a moble game :me so your game is stupid
Potato Lolita
Potato Lolita Pred 3 urami
Oh how you have grown James
🌅 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Matthew 5:3‭-‬8 KJV bible.com/bible/1/mat.5.3-8.KJV 🙏
Leo. T 20123
Leo. T 20123 Pred 3 urami
Shut up and take my money!
Friday Night Beans
Friday Night Beans Pred 3 urami
OMG I can't believe it Now that I got your attention could you check out my most recent vid it is so funny haha funny vid LAUGH
Super plush Dudes
Super plush Dudes Pred 3 urami
I like your game James not bad I watch your videos and I saw can,t catch Harry in a Walmart but all get that when my mom goes to Walmart when the pendemic is done
Good Egg Great Egg
Good Egg Great Egg Pred 3 urami
Whoo Hoo I just got the twin in Let’s Bounce, it took me since yesterday (when i got the game)
Hippie Peaches
Hippie Peaches Pred 3 urami
Neon Stripes
Neon Stripes Pred 3 urami
I got it
Generic Idiot
Generic Idiot Pred 3 urami
Your game has too many ads
Rᴀᴇ Tʜᴇ Hᴜғғʟᴇᴘᴜғғ
Rᴀᴇ Tʜᴇ Hᴜғғʟᴇᴘᴜғғ Pred 3 urami
Wait wait wait. Y’all have Thanksgiving in NOVEMBER?! Mines in October
stuff 567
stuff 567 Pred 3 urami
Guys to be honest this game isn't very good theres an add after every run no matter what its repetitive not addictive and the animation is lazy it's not a original game it's just a knockoff of burrito bison and it just doesn't look like it' had as much care and thought like his videos have I'm not a hater I like his channel I'm just being honest
Super plush Dudes
Super plush Dudes Pred 3 urami
I’m playing it
H H Pred 3 urami
You always have been
Unkown ANONYMOUS Pred 3 urami
Genshin Impact, PubG, and so many games that are amazing on mobile, shut up u fool, check out BlackShark 3 Pro, amazing gaming Mobile
CosmicRetro Pred 3 urami
Get this 1 on trending NOW
Noelle Petitfils
Noelle Petitfils Pred 3 urami
I loved the end when he said “have a merry thanksgiving” and he was literally wearing a Christmas hat
Rdgk Brothers
Rdgk Brothers Pred 3 urami
The game is great james
Samuel Garcia
Samuel Garcia Pred 3 urami
I played the game and it’s boring and bad quality
saucy chicken
saucy chicken Pred 3 urami
From what footage I saw on the video it looks like a copycat of burrito bison, not cool.
Henry Prestidge
Henry Prestidge Pred 3 urami
No shade but the mobile game is sub par at best
Aleena k
Aleena k Pred 3 urami
Yeahhhh newwww videoooooooooooo weee missed youuuuu❤❤ love your videos
mediocre_patrick0 Pred 3 urami
Bruh arent people trying to get u cancelled🤔🤔
Skeleton of Flavor
Skeleton of Flavor Pred 3 urami
Key word here being "trying"
Link Lighter 09
Link Lighter 09 Pred 3 urami
james: MOBILE GAMES ARE TERRIBLE innersloth: am i a joke to you?
Cole World
Cole World Pred 3 urami
JCole reacting to BTS 👀 slpost.info/dev/nGvdeKWqmISV1XM/video.html
Toni Conover
Toni Conover Pred 3 urami
yore back
Ashley Torres
Ashley Torres Pred 3 urami
#2 on trending :D
the brycehopper
the brycehopper Pred 3 urami
I love the game! Thank you!
Itz JustinPlayz2 And Animations
Itz JustinPlayz2 And Animations Pred 3 urami
Deep Blue
Deep Blue Pred 3 urami
Micro transactions, really James?
Woobat Studios
Woobat Studios Pred 3 urami
I unsubscribed from him cause he’s fuckin selling out. First a crappy card game, then hot topic plushies, another crappy card game, now a mobile game
Demon Kuro
Demon Kuro Pred 3 urami
@モニカ〜 Woobat is for real complaining about someone else's life. They got nothing better to do but living a crappy life. It will seem harsh but it's a hell of the truth.
モニカ〜 Pred 3 urami
@Demon Kuro Tuff
Demon Kuro
Demon Kuro Pred 3 urami
Um...get a life
モニカ〜 Pred 3 urami
That’s tuff
Gerod’s World
Gerod’s World Pred 3 urami
It’s a very very very cool game I told my sister to play it but she doesn’t watch your videos love your videos 🤩🥳😁 by the way I’m still a sprinkle
JAX Pred 3 urami
FINALLY NEW VID I WAITED (not being angry at james and not thinking its easy animating)
Niall CHQ
Niall CHQ Pred 3 urami
I didnt looked at this to find out that odd1sout made a game, just checked instagram and found the game out
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Mustache Pred 3 urami
I feel like this channal are starting to become a company. Like James is no longer a animator, Hes a business man. I don't know how i feel about it.
Kɪᴛᴛᴇɴʀxᴢᴇ Pred 3 urami
*have a merry thanksgiving* Wow I felt that
athherdaleYT123 yes
athherdaleYT123 yes Pred 3 urami
sombody said that you were being cancelled could you please answer me when i ask this, are you?
athherdaleYT123 yes
athherdaleYT123 yes Pred 3 urami
@The real Orange juicer ok thats good to know i really like his content so
The real Orange juicer
The real Orange juicer Pred 3 urami
Well he’s being Twitter canceled so not really
ImDio Bro
ImDio Bro Pred 3 urami
Odd1sout: ****Im Going To make a joke in twitter**** Twitter: CANCELLED
Shorna Aktar
Shorna Aktar Pred 3 urami
The best game slpost.info/dev/mZzXn6KFf2qY03c/video.html love you 🙏👍💓❤️
Shorna Aktar
Shorna Aktar Pred 3 urami
@ÙÓ UMZW slpost.info/dev/mZzXn6KFf2qY03c/video.html
モニカ〜 Pred 3 urami
ÙÓ UMZW Pred 3 urami
Tommy Worley
Tommy Worley Pred 3 urami
Who else got the game right away after watching this
Xelion Pred 3 urami
i actually thought that was a real ad
Dracoloce Pred 3 urami
when i saw your game i saw this name the ADS one out’s
RR Pred 3 urami
Totoro 0:40
The real Orange juicer
The real Orange juicer Pred 3 urami
Gerod’s World
Gerod’s World Pred 3 urami
I’m at day 794 on your game I got scot James
Gavin Pappas
Gavin Pappas Pred 3 urami
Me watching on my tablet :==(
Caiden Minnick
Caiden Minnick Pred 3 urami
Hey i love your game but one thing just an idea you should add a continue thing
Merk Millions
Merk Millions Pred 3 urami
Check out Merk Millions Treachery on youtube. Peace
Funny Man
Funny Man Pred 3 urami
Lol $13 for no ads
Squirtle Pokémon
Squirtle Pokémon Pred 3 urami
The way he says “mobile games”
Vani You
Vani You Pred 3 urami
ÙÓ UMZW Pred 3 urami
Stryder Rider
Stryder Rider Pred 3 urami
It feels like you spend more time watching ads on the game than actually playing the goddamn game itself! Hence why no one likes mobile games.
Madelyn Anderson
Madelyn Anderson Pred 3 urami
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan Pred 3 urami
He tells us facts and is not like a Karen
TheGrovyleGamer Pred 3 urami
Did anyone else think that ad he had for his app was actually real?
NovaGod101 Pred 3 urami
Me on mobile having fun: E X C U S E M E
Arnab Maiti
Arnab Maiti Pred 3 urami
" your device isn't compatible..." 😭😭
Marcella Becenti
Marcella Becenti Pred 3 urami
Hi it's me from among us
Mocheeah Pred 3 urami
Me waiting for James new video:🥲 James makes new video: I like crazy people Me:yay
shadow_s'mores Pred 3 urami
#2 trending. ._.
AJ Q Pred 3 urami
I got game
duck boy
duck boy Pred 3 urami
Yeah. Your game sucks too. /s 😆🤣😂
Corina Wirth
Corina Wirth Pred 3 urami
I just got it so that I will flick my guy then make it to the teens section
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