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"if u don't agree you're wrong" - cody ko
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Cody Ko

Donald Pump Hahah get it Donald pump Donald trump
Donald Pump Hahah get it Donald pump Donald trump Pred 6 urami
Chex mix goes hard wtf
David Corea
David Corea Pred 8 urami
Cody looks like a cop lmfao
Kira Baeyens
Kira Baeyens Pred 18 urami
the dog okey?
Kamomann 19
Kamomann 19 Pred dnevom
Why do everybody hate snoballs??? :(
Emma Sanford
Emma Sanford Pred 2 dnevi
Idk why but the colored gold fish just hits different than the all yellow ones......
Daniel Villegas
Daniel Villegas Pred 2 dnevi
Thin mints are the best girl scout cookie
Logan Harley
Logan Harley Pred 2 dnevi
was that gt daves kombcuha he was sipping on tho???
Becca Conner
Becca Conner Pred 2 dnevi
All these compromises you know they be doing sessions with their couples therapist 😂 all jokes aside I admire your relationship and think y’all are so fun
Jason Bauer
Jason Bauer Pred 2 dnevi
You need the tomato basil wheat thins, Easy S+
BrookePaintsArt Pred 3 dnevi
Fun yuns>> >>
LC Saiyan
LC Saiyan Pred 3 dnevi
Oreos suck
Caroline Jackson
Caroline Jackson Pred 3 dnevi
not gonna stand for some of these. goldfish, lays, and ruffles deserve justice
Grace Kosar
Grace Kosar Pred 3 dnevi
why does Cody lowkey look like Harry Styles w his mustache
tomathon _
tomathon _ Pred 4 dnevi
John Higgins
John Higgins Pred 4 dnevi
If u like raisins u need help
John Higgins
John Higgins Pred 4 dnevi
Mickell Miller
Mickell Miller Pred 4 dnevi
POTAT SKINSSSSSSSSS?!?!?!?!?!?! don't you ever! that's where I drew the line!
Jenny O
Jenny O Pred 4 dnevi
i know cody does NOT handle spicy snacks well, but...you got the PUFFS? blegh, no. i think you would've liked the classic hot cheetos way more, even if you can't handle the heat. it aint even that hot to me. love hot cheetos, hot munchies, flamin chester's hot fries, hot doritos, hell even flamin baked lays. all high af tier. btw how..why is baked lays so damn low? it may be plain, but it is NOTHING like regular lays. lmfao. love yall.
Allie Calverley
Allie Calverley Pred 4 dnevi
I like raisins if they’re lightly salted
riley gough
riley gough Pred 5 dnevi
how is no one talking about cody’s mustache
Alanna Ostrowski
Alanna Ostrowski Pred 5 dnevi
I really thought your dog was sedated until the 6 minute mark
Frederick Hernandez
Frederick Hernandez Pred 5 dnevi
Sara Blakely
Sara Blakely Pred 5 dnevi
Agree with Kelsey on Famous Amos 100%
Cal Pred 5 dnevi
When something gets S plus My ears have left the chat.
Zack Pred 6 dnevi
Nilla Wafers = S+
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Pred 6 dnevi
Goldfish is better than Ritz
Patrick Compton
Patrick Compton Pred 6 dnevi
Famous Amos are D tier for real
Patrick Compton
Patrick Compton Pred 6 dnevi
Regular chips ahoy are c tier, chewy are S+
BrandonStumpf10 Pred 7 dnevi
Figs are S easy
JAYLEE FARLEY Pred 7 dnevi
Funyuns are A tier
Chase Kasko
Chase Kasko Pred 7 dnevi
The well-groomed michelle bailly pump because watchmaker kinetically rely from a lowly meteorology. scarce, necessary vacuum
Nicole Pred 7 dnevi
Ty Shindig
Ty Shindig Pred 8 dnevi
Cody burn in teir A with the hot Cheetos
Luke Ward
Luke Ward Pred 8 dnevi
fig newtons belong in s and you know it cody
Francisco Medina
Francisco Medina Pred 8 dnevi
shyla johnson
shyla johnson Pred 8 dnevi
i don’t know if i can’t continue watching you cody, you put twinkies so low
TrxRandom Pred 8 dnevi
Yo where are takis
graceliz Pred 8 dnevi
cody looks so much like charlie swan in this it's jarring
courtney Pred 9 dnevi
can't be the only one who loves the fig newtons and hate tangy cheese doritos. don't come @ me lmao
the_nikster Pred 9 dnevi
don't worry Cody. I was with you on the Nilla wafers.
Sydney W
Sydney W Pred 10 dnevi
theres no plus its just s teir
Ian Hawxhurst
Ian Hawxhurst Pred 10 dnevi
baked lays are the bomb
Jack Shafer
Jack Shafer Pred 10 dnevi
sun chips suck
Durkey Pred 10 dnevi
there are 2 very different types of goldfish. theres goldfish THEN THERES THE OFFBRAND WHALES. whales are superior and taste way better
Riley Hove
Riley Hove Pred 10 dnevi
chex mix and goldfish deserve better idc
Clayton Budz
Clayton Budz Pred 10 dnevi
Y’all really put potato skins that low that cheddar bacon is a good slow snack
エリック Pred 10 dnevi
HA OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Umayr Hasan
Umayr Hasan Pred 10 dnevi
Verx 123
Verx 123 Pred 11 dnevi
Rohan Khubchandani
Rohan Khubchandani Pred 11 dnevi
ritz crackers belong in F tier bye
Rohan Khubchandani
Rohan Khubchandani Pred 11 dnevi
Lay's are easily a B wtf
six Pred 11 dnevi
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson Pred 11 dnevi
i am so angr- no- INFURIATED about the placement of goldfish. how dare you. that is a top tier, S+++ snack, never disrespect them again 😀
Night0.0 Pred 11 dnevi
CHEX MIX IS NOT A D edit this whole list is still fucked the fact that club crackers are above keebler cookies is wild
Blessyrer 2.0
Blessyrer 2.0 Pred 12 dnevi
do you want me to send some swedish snacks to taste n rate?
Shabbar Zaidi
Shabbar Zaidi Pred 12 dnevi
Dont worry guys flamin hot cheetos are on a only cuz cody is a pussy(take a joke)
caitlin aldridge
caitlin aldridge Pred 12 dnevi
They really had the AUDACITY to put goldfish in D... smh
bridget aha
bridget aha Pred 12 dnevi
you can tell cody is so much more happy with kelsey around, it's heart warmingly natural.
Rita Hayduk-Jones
Rita Hayduk-Jones Pred 12 dnevi
why does cody enjoy the same snacks as my grandpa
josh mcdonald
josh mcdonald Pred 12 dnevi
As someone who hates lays and ruffles, there baked alternatives are sooooooooooooooooo much better. The originals are just way too greasy, baked solves that
deryk Pred 12 dnevi
love when Cody scoots his slidey chair over to Kelsey at 15:08 hahaha its so cute, they're so good together
Pickel. Pred 13 dnevi
No one talking about ruffles in f??? Wtfff those easily a almost s
Daniel Dowd
Daniel Dowd Pred 13 dnevi
I could punish a bag of these 😂😂😂😂
Joice Suffert
Joice Suffert Pred 13 dnevi
Why am I watching this nonstop im Vegan and from Brazil idk what many of these taste like
Jack Swearingen
Jack Swearingen Pred 14 dnevi
Y’all, raisins are not that bad.
Jack Swearingen
Jack Swearingen Pred 14 dnevi
If Cody and Noel did this tier list together it would be VERY different.
Terron Paul
Terron Paul Pred 14 dnevi
Came for the snacks, stayed for the treats.
tass Pred 14 dnevi
Oreos aren’t S+ tier. Change my mind. Chips ahoy on the other hand are S+ tier
John Higgins
John Higgins Pred 4 dnevi
Oreos way better
Sidak Does Stuff
Sidak Does Stuff Pred 4 dnevi
they’re both a at max🤷🏾‍♂️
Josephine Maria
Josephine Maria Pred 14 dnevi
As someone from Europe these all look like dry ass snacks maybe that's just me but I can't
Simon Garcia
Simon Garcia Pred 14 dnevi
rowen shanski
rowen shanski Pred 14 dnevi
I swear to god. this woman for putting nilla wafers at A those are an easy s tier. What's up with cody and ruffles, those things slap. Edit:also figs are awsome
Maximum Bain
Maximum Bain Pred 14 dnevi
Garrison popp
Garrison popp Pred 14 dnevi
thin mints are aruguably the best on this list your going to hell
Patrick Nowak
Patrick Nowak Pred 14 dnevi
I can’t believe you let Kelsey simp you out of not liking fit Newton’s. They are god tier for sure.
Mallory G
Mallory G Pred 10 dnevi
Are you crazy?? More like she talked some sense into grandpa over here. Fig Newtons are garbage!!
aseel jamo
aseel jamo Pred 14 dnevi
why would they buy it from amazon you can go to a supermarket or smth, or maybe you're just lazy like the rest of us. i would do that too if I had money and a life and a purpose on this dying earth.
ice tray
ice tray Pred 14 dnevi
fritos are NOT better than grandma cookies or twinkies
ice tray
ice tray Pred 14 dnevi
cody why would you put grandma cookies SO LOW they deserve at least a B
Wyatt Wentz
Wyatt Wentz Pred 15 dnevi
the only Oreos I like are the birthday cake
Faith Hubbad
Faith Hubbad Pred 15 dnevi
how you gonna disrespect thin mints? you like fig newtons cody.
Go1dMagikarp Pred 15 dnevi
Tim Tam Slam is the very pinnacle of dunking excellence. ... A Tim Tam Slam occurs when you 'drink' a hot beverage through the Tim Tam like a straw. The hot liquid fills the biscuit, melting everything inside. You're left with a chocolate bag of melty genius.
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez Pred 15 dnevi
peanuts deserve to burn in hell and no Cody plain cheetos are not the same as hot cheetos
Judd Penka
Judd Penka Pred 15 dnevi
I can't buy twinkies cause I straight up eat the box.
Judd Penka
Judd Penka Pred 15 dnevi
Cardboard and all.
aXiS Snipze
aXiS Snipze Pred 15 dnevi
Puts goldfish in D?
Florence Mireault
Florence Mireault Pred 15 dnevi
I think Doritos, nacho cheese, should've been a S+
bermuda triangle?
bermuda triangle? Pred 15 dnevi
cody is the EXACT type of guy to fuckin devour a tin of those planter peanuts. like very dad of him, and im ok with that.
Graham the duck
Graham the duck Pred 15 dnevi
How tf can Kelsey stand that moustache
Kira Veritas
Kira Veritas Pred 15 dnevi
Cody’s stache is fire, he looks like a middle-aged new dad and I’m digging it
Zack Kluver
Zack Kluver Pred 16 dnevi
coco the cat
coco the cat Pred 16 dnevi
more than half of this snacks are not in my country
rainbowz25 Pred 16 dnevi
Personally, I wouldve put pocky and raisins at S+ tier
denis seidaliev
denis seidaliev Pred 16 dnevi
Trader Joe’s takis
Phoenx Pred 16 dnevi
Thin mints are the shit i dont know if it’s just me but chexmix is gas
Phantomartist !!!
Phantomartist !!! Pred 16 dnevi
How Fucking Dare you Put lays classic In f. Lays classic are easily one of the best chips of all time.
NYTE Pred 16 dnevi
Bruh I’m watching this in February of 2021 and ngl the moustache is kinda gross
Glizzy Hehe
Glizzy Hehe Pred 16 dnevi
Fig Newtons need to be in s+
William Addler
William Addler Pred 16 dnevi
Raisins are underrated
Billy B.
Billy B. Pred 16 dnevi
Ok I thought I was a fan... then you put raisins in uneatable!!!
Ava Aldridge
Ava Aldridge Pred 17 dnevi
Stephanie Lopez
Stephanie Lopez Pred 18 dnevi
Them ranking Grandmas cookies a D is truly a travesty
Megamind Pred 18 dnevi
My tier list is: S tier: Oreos, Cheez-Itz, Cheetos, and Donettes A tier: Goldfish, Nilla wafers, pringles, Doritos, Chips ahoy, fig newtons, Milano, saltines, and Thin mints B tier: graham crackers, cupcakes, twinkies, Fritos, lays, Famous Amos, Pocky, and pretzels C tier: Ruffles, raisins, Chex mix, and sun chips D tier: Funyuns, baked lays, wheat thins, and Tostitos F tier: Peanuts Trash can: n/a The rest I have never tried.
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