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Casually Explained

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Gavin Yeomans
Gavin Yeomans Pred 22 minutami
too political, downvoted (jk)
MCRoadAdventures Pred 28 minutami
Americans don't call it gen ZED.
José Filipe Maia
José Filipe Maia Pred uro
"now, one crazy thing about America is that your drinking age is 21, as oposed to Canada where it's 18 or 19, or Europe, where it's whenever you have the balls, or latin america where laws are a thing the police make out when they see a tourist" Well, in European Coutries it's 18 but it's not like the bartender/waiter gives a shit. They're getting paid minimum wage and the most you can do is get drunk and make a fool of yourself.
RGS_ Pred 2 urami
Francosteiner Pred 3 urami
The most American thing Ive experienced was probably 1 of 2 things. Either sitting window in a plane for 8 hours going to NY, with the guy beside me in the aisle seat, at least thrice my size. Maybe even four times. That was a shit flight ;( Or another time I was in NY and standing somewhere near a subway close to Times Sq. Suddenly I could smell this awfull kind of funky cheese smell. Very pungent. Like to this day I can still smell it. Looking around thinking wtf is going on. Until I saw this somewhat heavy dark skinned lady somewhat close to me, and then I noticed her legs. They were soo swollen, gangreen about to set in, and I felt so fucking sad. I just knew in an instant, this lady had NO way of paying for medical care, surgery or anything, and her legs were about to go, or she was. Made me really hate America - judge a society by how it treats its poorest. And they fucking hate the poor and homeless with a passion. Its sickening to me as a European. ;(
Andre Rajaonarivelo
Andre Rajaonarivelo Pred 4 urami
As an American I can confirm, we suck.
MrElionor Pred 4 urami
This is speculation but in fairness the guy criticizing the New Zealender for having a public gathering was probably a liberal (or at least what passes for one here) as our conservatives generally love to violate public health advice
_Ethereum _
_Ethereum _ Pred 5 urami
We are not a democracy rather a constitutional republic jeez
Kooper Jones
Kooper Jones Pred 5 urami
At least the wheel chair guy has good taste in NFL teams 😂
StyxLicks Pred 6 urami
People are still on Twitter?
Shawn S
Shawn S Pred 10 urami
When y'all like a quote, and don't have anything to say but "that killed me" or whatever, just go find another person that said that and like their comment. I'm tired of scrolling for funny comments and just seeing the same reactions to the same 5 quotes.
Eli Pred 10 urami
2:36 I didn’t get it the first 2 seconds. Then it hit me like a train by the 3rd second
Flame8 Pred 11 urami
What happened to the green man?
varyus Pred 12 urami
i live in new zealand and had no idea people were envious.
Casually Explained: Express VPN makes sure that websites do not steal your data and keeps you safe Me: Let me re-phrase that: No one will find out you are watching porn
Toastbrottitan _
Toastbrottitan _ Pred 13 urami
How should i know what i did?
VNX Devil
VNX Devil Pred 14 urami
American dream is diabetes ?
Hanna Waleria
Hanna Waleria Pred 15 urami
I accidentally read "casually exploited", probably my brain made the assosciation with America
Duble Gee
Duble Gee Pred 18 urami
I smell a centrist
Toastbrottitan _
Toastbrottitan _ Pred 13 urami
I smell a radical.
King Louis XIV of France
King Louis XIV of France Pred 19 urami
I’m moving to the south. An Amazon box in California is $450,000.
King Louis XIV of France
King Louis XIV of France Pred 19 urami
The “ Black people should be free “ thing killed me inside.
Break It Better
Break It Better Pred 21 uro
Casually explain how to repair your printer
Man of Culture
Man of Culture Pred 21 uro
Land is expensive. Try owning it, you have to pay the gobberman rent.
Elijah P
Elijah P Pred 22 urami
DoubleODonut Pred 23 urami
I enjoy the gun joke very much and republicans would hold rural militias while democrats would hold key population centers meaning most saltwater ports so they could just starve the republicans. but there would never be a civil war we just dont have a war supporting society and most people kno the horrors of modern war and are scared
DoubleODonut Pred 7 urami
@oiuet souiu did you read the geopolitical side of the comment lmao
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred 20 urami
"one side collects military grade firearms as a hobby and the other side thinks mental illnesses are poke badges" best quote
Ahlexender Pred 23 urami
I love how he indirectly shits on the US. Well, directly.
Nick S
Nick S Pred dnevom
Ok you got me with the poke badges
Anton Alekseev
Anton Alekseev Pred dnevom
Casually Explained is starting to evolve into South Park's latest seasons
Casey Kiel
Casey Kiel Pred dnevom
Nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers
Paulo Sales
Paulo Sales Pred dnevom
Nice vid
George McClooney
George McClooney Pred dnevom
1:56 Perfect.
pinenango juice
pinenango juice Pred dnevom
Corey Beshoar
Corey Beshoar Pred dnevom
James is 27 years old
SuperSayian Uzi
SuperSayian Uzi Pred dnevom
We are the best you want to know why? Because the best doesn’t set around and compare themselves to others. The fact that y’all Constantly compare your country to us should let u know who’s the best 🤷🏿‍♂️
Tom Buis
Tom Buis Pred dnevom
where did the green guy in the scooter go?
Clanktitan2 Pred dnevom
that one took a second
starburstwrappers Pred dnevom
I laughed a little too hard
Emiras Pred dnevom
could someone please explain to me the "black people should be free" punchline
Emiras Pred 20 urami
@Egulitao Foirutrere that's what i been thinking thanks for explaining
Egulitao Foirutrere
Egulitao Foirutrere Pred dnevom
one wanted them to be liberated, the other wanted them not to cost anything
Isaac R
Isaac R Pred dnevom
This man will not back down thank you!
Mjolnir Pred dnevom
"one side collects military grade firearms as a hobby and the other side thinks mental illnesses are poke badges" best quote
lol Mystics
lol Mystics Pred dnevom
Imagine not reading your comments
Miguel Flores Aguirre
Miguel Flores Aguirre Pred dnevom
What the hell is America? I live in ‘MURICA
Chested Armor
Chested Armor Pred dnevom
4:21 What happened to the guy in the green shirt?
Egulitao Foirutrere
Egulitao Foirutrere Pred dnevom
got aten
Tipen Pred dnevom
Yo that churro story had me rolling, the delivery was perfect
Ishrat Sharmin
Ishrat Sharmin Pred dnevom
Good to see ur still alive
Bryan Murillo
Bryan Murillo Pred dnevom
I love 💘 your channel - you're like an up and coming John Oliver - keep it up 👍
Carlos Doe
Carlos Doe Pred dnevom
omfg that was so good XD
Sébastien Mallet
Sébastien Mallet Pred dnevom
Guessing by the number of negative click, you had it point on haha
Argenis perez
Argenis perez Pred dnevom
Nuclear submarines engineer here: I approve 👍🏼
Vladymyr Tymoshenko
Vladymyr Tymoshenko Pred dnevom
Oh my, that joke about free black people nearly killed me! As a non-native English speaker, I haven't paid much attention to it and was confused for 4-6 seconds... After that, I had to stop the video for a minute)
G Mix
G Mix Pred dnevom
Can u do casually explained skateboarding
Cole pettersen
Cole pettersen Pred dnevom
The funniest part it Lincoln being in the blue states which were actually red😂
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Pred dnevom
"And that's my argument against universal healthcare" Gotta keep this in mind then
YEET Pred dnevom
An explanation for that "black people should be free" joke? It would get very convenient. 😂
JasonMayoYT Pred dnevom
Casually Explained: "Here in Canada we mind our own business at all times..." Me, an introvert: Guess I'm Canadian now
Aperos Pred dnevom
I mean at least America hasn't forced a nation wide lockdown like Canada rn
frzzzl Pred dnevom
How can u just buy guns in a shop? lol I would be so scared to go to America. I will get shot and if not, will die to a lack of healthcare systems or get into debt because education isnt even free. XD
AutomotiveAddiction Pred dnevom
I know what he looks like but its my little secret
Chengsters Highest
Chengsters Highest Pred dnevom
As an introvert American, I wish I was Canadian... Like if I breath, no, exist next to a person, then that person thinks I gave them permission to talk to me... Even I am clearly wearing headphones and staring at my phone. I know Americans are ridiculously social and don't know how to keep a person's space, they do it to try keep each other from feeling lonely. Well that's what I believe. Usually, it's just people who wants to make you life more inconvenient because they can't read my body language that says *STFU, leave me alone* or something else.
Potato Home
Potato Home Pred dnevom
"as a Canadian"???? aren't you from Tasmania?
PondTurtle Pred dnevom
2:57 Oddly specific
haha yeet
haha yeet Pred dnevom
3:39 the green guy just dipped
Ezra Clark
Ezra Clark Pred dnevom
hey guys if you try to put on subtitles it's Russian auto-generated lmaoooooo
Cordova Pred dnevom
This man has mastered comedy
Derpy Lego Sans
Derpy Lego Sans Pred dnevom
You are salmonella's replacement
Dylan Carroll
Dylan Carroll Pred dnevom
A dozen people at a wedding in New Zealand, that’s like half the population. Must’ve been someone very important, maybe famous for their tomato salad? 1:16 top 3 baby and above the French, me likey, me likey a lot.
BOT 2.0
BOT 2.0 Pred dnevom
JayIsHere Pred dnevom
Mr casual you should switch dark mode on your videos
Donald Speas
Donald Speas Pred dnevom
Do a video on runners plz
Achmed the Dead Terrorist
Achmed the Dead Terrorist Pred dnevom
If there is one constant truth about America, it's that there really isn't a "typical" America... ... until we hear oil...
Boe Weaver
Boe Weaver Pred dnevom
hmmm no one thinks mental illnesses are pokebadges, perhaps social awareness of mental disorders and neurodivergency is the purpose of it? maybe? perhaps? but nah...let’s just make a joke about it instead.
A A Pred dnevom
I was having a rough time and I really needed this dude
meme beam
meme beam Pred dnevom
Us southerners dont give a shit about joe exotic😐 y do people think that
HERPY DERPEDY Pred 2 dnevi
Answers Phone Call: We are here to tell you your cars warranty has expired.
David Pantsaver
David Pantsaver Pred 2 dnevi
I went to Canada and people were saying good.morning to me, as a kid I've never experienced such personality as I grew up in the east coast.
Sakuri North
Sakuri North Pred 2 dnevi
"And at a time like this that made me think damn I wish I was married" I felt that in my bones
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 2 dnevi
Us Americans are slowly turning into the people in Wall-e.
tylerguitar75 Pred 2 dnevi
There were actually deep points in here about the differences between big city life and suburban and country life and why they are different and don’t need the same rules
P M Pred 2 dnevi
Can you make a vidoe about Conspiracy Theories?
The_Merciful Underdog
The_Merciful Underdog Pred 2 dnevi
Omg this is mee they build the wall to keep us in and push universal healthcare so I can’t have churros!! 😭😭
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 2 dnevi
where laws are a thing the police make out when they see a tourist" That's it, that's my favorite quote ever, now
Chuckle Nuts
Chuckle Nuts Pred 2 dnevi
4:14 - Those two have something special
Junk_ Bear
Junk_ Bear Pred 2 dnevi
Am to nice for America. Literally my goal is to move to Canada and get a citizen ship as soon I a get my bachelor degree .... and hopefully pay all my debts
silver watcher
silver watcher Pred 2 dnevi
Had this American in tears laughing this boy sure had our # 😂
Ian Guțan
Ian Guțan Pred 2 dnevi
4:16 the guy in the 1st scooter is gone
Chad Bergland
Chad Bergland Pred 2 dnevi
As an American I can confirm that this video is 100% accurate
The Polish Cow
The Polish Cow Pred 2 dnevi
Yeah we may have a high death rate but we also have vaccinated more people than any other country. We’re getting to the point where the northern states have so many vaccines that they’re vaccinating Canadians. (North Dakota, actually doing something good for once.)
YhaanZor Pred 2 dnevi
pokemon badges less goooo xD
Hayden Barrera
Hayden Barrera Pred 2 dnevi
Nobody: Closed Caption: Russian (auto-generated)
Yogev Tzelniker
Yogev Tzelniker Pred 2 dnevi
Can we get a casually explained: top gear?
Aishwary Thakur
Aishwary Thakur Pred 2 dnevi
his outro is same as jolly's intro
David Geier
David Geier Pred 2 dnevi
Damn the pokebadge bit got me. Thanks for not being afraid to roast both sides. Over here the left is fairly abusive towards free thinkers and humor
Teddy2t Pred 2 dnevi
3:31 rip green shirt guy 2020-2021, got kidnapped
IPADboii Pred 2 dnevi
why does he sound like technoblade?
Tree Beard
Tree Beard Pred 2 dnevi
Going to Disney land was a big mistake lol
DarkClown Pred 2 dnevi
"now, one crazy thing about America is that your drinking age is 21, as oposed to Canada where it's 18 or 19, or Europe, where it's whenever you have the balls, or latin america where laws are a thing the police make out when they see a tourist" That's it, that's my favorite quote ever, now
boio Pred 2 dnevi
I love the sound at the end video
Luiz___ MK
Luiz___ MK Pred 2 dnevi
Did you noticed the onlyfans in bio?
Nostalgiabobcat Pred 2 dnevi
Idk why but at 3:41 it was kinda wholesome that they drove off together holding hands
easyaspi314 Pred 19 urami
nah, handholding is lewd
The Yemenite Dancer
The Yemenite Dancer Pred 2 dnevi
For those who didn't get it: North: Black people should be free. As in freedom. South: black people should be free. As in no cost. You're welcome :)
ArtistCH74 Pred 2 dnevi
USA is a backward country!
PCU Pred 2 dnevi
I'm I the only one that doesn't get the black people should be free joke? Like the video is great but I'm just confused by that one, can someone explain it to me? And this is the most genericly american video about america ever and I love it
PCU Pred 2 dnevi
@Shroood OOOOOOHHHH Thank you
Shroood Pred 2 dnevi
North: Black people should be free->freedom South: Black people should be free as in work for free -> slaves
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