Checkin' in w/ the Hype House Again

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A A Pred 9 urami
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SUGAS ARMYYY Pred 12 urami
It’s literally like a dating show🤦🏻‍♀️
Luis Andre
Luis Andre Pred 17 urami
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endlessquasar Pred dnevom
Hollywood fix reacts to Tiktokers react to Cody reacting to the Hollywood fix harassing them
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode Pred 3 dnevi
So that last video is an old man zooming in on a topless gyrating child... If he wasn't a tiktoker that'd be seen as weird right?
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode Pred 3 dnevi
Awwwh I bet that littlen' doesn't even listen to Pink Floyd. The disingenuous little shits!
Emmy Palmer
Emmy Palmer Pred 4 dnevi
a few years ago i got so high in that house and my dog shit on the floor in the theater room. good times.
Thesavagemeister77 Pred 5 dnevi
I wanna know how many people have played flip cup!?!😂💯
Carrie Minassian
Carrie Minassian Pred 5 dnevi
They remove their masks to speak..... them: 👬the point: ☄️
iwannaoutpizzathehut Pred 6 dnevi
5:06 call me crazy but is homie in the black caressing his buttcheeks??
Big Z
Big Z Pred 6 dnevi
Fuck it, I’ll finally subscribe after watching 3 great videos. Every joke you make is something I would do
Mike Stark
Mike Stark Pred 6 dnevi
The hurried pipe customarily coach because imprisonment medicinally trot from a disastrous pint. melodic, dashing judo
Rachit Srivastava
Rachit Srivastava Pred 7 dnevi
I couldn't focus because of the chin thing
Matt Styles
Matt Styles Pred 7 dnevi
Y do their parents think its ok to bring their kids to a teens HOUSE
fatmah alsarraf
fatmah alsarraf Pred 7 dnevi
the bullet proof vest took me out
Brianna D
Brianna D Pred 8 dnevi
It’s like someone stuck a bunch of randomly generated sims in the same house and let all hell break loose
Giovanni Lopez
Giovanni Lopez Pred 8 dnevi
The “ whaddup “ had me dying 🤣, then just after the typical fuckboy comes up 🤦‍♂️😂
the big deal
the big deal Pred 8 dnevi
50 bucks the dude in the thumbnail doesn't listen to pink floyd
Familycheezee Pred 9 dnevi
All these kids gonna grow up and look back at these videos and realise how stupid they look and sound 😂
Fresh Sleeves
Fresh Sleeves Pred 9 dnevi
Watching the Hype house is why kids are losing brain cells. I blacked out and woke up on my kitchen floor drooling after watching 20 seconds of the Hype House clips
Koben Fleege
Koben Fleege Pred 10 dnevi
At least he can prestige in black ops
Sariah Renea
Sariah Renea Pred 10 dnevi
it’s so funny how cody reacts to the drama even though he has no idea what’s going on
alfie gooding
alfie gooding Pred 10 dnevi
It’s extra creepy now that Tony’s getting charged with SA or whatever with minors
Beatrice Maguire
Beatrice Maguire Pred 11 dnevi
When you said it’s Steve I was literally thinking it was gonna be Steve.
8MoonKnight8 Pred 11 dnevi
The holly wood fix only gets like 1k views on their videos now 😂
Spoofy Danster
Spoofy Danster Pred 11 dnevi
You've made my view on the world worse cody, well done
Heather Brown Music
Heather Brown Music Pred 11 dnevi
"Heyy momm made it on paparazzi whattss guudd?!" Lol dud this is just...ew.
Handsome Gunner
Handsome Gunner Pred 11 dnevi
Makes me so uncomfortable to see a tiktok being made in real time with no sound.
L Wyatt
L Wyatt Pred 12 dnevi
This is the first Coldy Ko video where I couldn’t watch the whole thing
Huimang희망 Pred 13 dnevi
This is so creepy, ugh
Morgan Rand
Morgan Rand Pred 14 dnevi
that little blond kid at 11:09 or something made 2 appearances 😭 mans is COLLECTING pics w tiktokers
Jonas Pred 16 dnevi
A_lby McCool
A_lby McCool Pred 16 dnevi
How to get the paparazzi to leave you alone: 1. Get to know the person behind the camera 2. Have a good relationship of respect between each other 3. Try to persuade the paparazzi to film you less
Ada Demir
Ada Demir Pred 16 dnevi
Xnothen Pred 17 dnevi
Imagine your kids asking you to take them to a tik tok house or something similar. I’ll lose my shit probably and downgrade their phone to a Nokia 3310.
Cole Clark
Cole Clark Pred 17 dnevi
The guy in the yellow vest has the worst fashion taste ever and I bet they all hype him up for it 🤢
Damon Pred 17 dnevi
Cody is the tether to reality everyone needs lmaoo
Ethan Klee
Ethan Klee Pred 17 dnevi
Did anyone else notice the same blonde kid in the back
Shannon Hill
Shannon Hill Pred 18 dnevi
Everybody weirdly pointing out in the comments that their white....uh yes I have eyes I can see that their white.
Lazar Šundić
Lazar Šundić Pred 18 dnevi
Hahahahahahahaha imagine getting in fight with these girls..knockout two of them others gonnaa run
I’m Uncomfortable
I’m Uncomfortable Pred 19 dnevi
This is so childish
Katie Vaseghi
Katie Vaseghi Pred 19 dnevi
Alexis Buffon
Alexis Buffon Pred 20 dnevi
Why the fuck does one dude ave a life jacket on lmao
apricots apricots
apricots apricots Pred 20 dnevi
The way cody mimicked them so quietly 8:39
Chelle Eve
Chelle Eve Pred 21 dnevom
Lauren and jack are 17 years old why is he asking high schoolers about their relationships
Water God
Water God Pred 21 dnevom
When they asked him to turn the camera off and he kept filming THATS literally invasion of privacy and illegal
Happy Black Valentine
Happy Black Valentine Pred 22 dnevi
What is them shorts on that skinny little boy? Dude got on Hulk size shorts
saturncity Pred 22 dnevi
was looking to watch codys channel so i clicked this and i just.. wow his hair changed..
marla sanlley
marla sanlley Pred 22 dnevi
Líf Pred 23 dnevi
Britney had no privacy
Sir Loin
Sir Loin Pred 23 dnevi
You do not have any reasonable expectation of privacy when you’re outside like that....
Dakota Lenzi
Dakota Lenzi Pred 23 dnevi
The younger generations fuckin ruined the internet with tik tok. Got adults doin that’s bullshit....Awful....all of it.....
Bendy McShmitty
Bendy McShmitty Pred 24 dnevi
Sometimes I feel bad for these kids
Nekoda Asay
Nekoda Asay Pred 23 dnevi
I wouldn't mind whatever they're goin through considering that paycheck
Mike Kooyman
Mike Kooyman Pred 25 dnevi
I still can’t believe that people actually think they are being paparazzied. Like you have to call them to get some camera time. Unless you’re at a Kardashian’s level where people get paid to leak your location
Tyler Seguin
Tyler Seguin Pred 15 dnevi
@Mike Kooyman Video proof of u being wrong . they clearly get surrounded with fans and papparazi lmao
Tyler Seguin
Tyler Seguin Pred 15 dnevi
@Mike Kooyman SLpost search "hype house Boa steakhouse" you'll see many different papparazi channels following these people on their own
Carter Hindle
Carter Hindle Pred 15 dnevi
@Mike Kooyman I already know some influencers pay the papparazi. My point is some people (not all) in the hype house actually get a crazy amount of papparazi following them around at BOA steakhouse. I live in LA i see it every day. The papparazi use them for views on their youtube channel because some hype house members have more youtube and instagram followers than real celebrities.
Mike Kooyman
Mike Kooyman Pred 15 dnevi
@Carter Hindle do you really think he would admit that they pay him and call him? There goes all his credibility. Once you get in the industry you’d know how things work
Carter Hindle
Carter Hindle Pred 15 dnevi
@Mike Kooyman fletcher admitted he follows a lot of them on his own tho he said it in an interview with Tom Ward. They get followed everywhere especially at BOA
hal Bo
hal Bo Pred 25 dnevi
Don't hate on the guy for trying to make a living off these goons. Steve's just trying to get by.
Cari Berry00 Jackson
Cari Berry00 Jackson Pred 26 dnevi
This papa guy is THE razzi doe
Stephanie Pred 27 dnevi
at 4:16 that reminded me of his character wade on the real bros of simi valley
BraveFatMan Pred 27 dnevi
This turned into hype house shit and than it’s more talking shit bout the guy
S C Pred 27 dnevi
Why is the one guy wearing a yellow bullet proof vest?
Lou Lou Bell
Lou Lou Bell Pred 28 dnevi
Also the daily stardust and TMZ plus more
Ceolipta Pred 29 dnevi
Imagine not being able to walk around your house butt ass naked. What’s even the point of life at that point
evan mike.
evan mike. Pred 29 dnevi
Paparazzi is just that one annoying ass friend
Mediha 22
Mediha 22 Pred mesecem
I love how people just take a picture of someone well-known and then just say thanks and leave, like did you really meet them tho?
Juliette Malgoire
Juliette Malgoire Pred mesecem
4:57 i hate men
Juliette Malgoire
Juliette Malgoire Pred 29 dnevi
@lolz thank you its just a joke anyway dont cry about it :(
lolz Pred 29 dnevi
@Ofir Gutnick it’s more then one and she obviously doesn’t hate all men due to her watching cody
Ofir Gutnick
Ofir Gutnick Pred 29 dnevi
Generalising a whole gender based off a cringey dude
the literal sun
the literal sun Pred mesecem
this whole thing is just a bunch of kids having their little hollywood fantasy, thinking they're all that but thats kinda sad actually idk
susanne g
susanne g Pred mesecem
uhm they're not wearing masks and hugging kids and breathing on kids wtf is going on (not that im surprised but like .. covid???)
CK275 Pred 29 dnevi
Back then it wasn't that serious.
Austin McCalla
Austin McCalla Pred mesecem
Bulletproof vest with no plates, sounds about tik tok
Austin McCalla
Austin McCalla Pred mesecem
I pray one day I get pulled up on by a group of tik tokers that weigh 120 lbs each 😂
Makayla Carpenter
Makayla Carpenter Pred mesecem
Jesse Haetta
Jesse Haetta Pred mesecem
AahHAHAA it is a fucking frat house
Madsterr Pred mesecem
when does the paparazzi sleep
Emily Speck
Emily Speck Pred mesecem
Emily Speck
Emily Speck Pred mesecem
Postmates special directions: leave it inside on the table I literally can’t leave my house I can’t even stand in my yard
Michael Achor
Michael Achor Pred mesecem
Can we just acknowledge how incredibly long these tiktok stars necks are?
在梦里见过你 Pred mesecem
as funny as it is, right now these kids enjoy all that attention that's why they don't have any gates or why they talk to that paparazzi. but it's kinda scary what tiktok is doing with kids, like even that young boy only cared about the guy saying on the camera to follow him on tiktok to gain some clout jesus
Albashir Abdi
Albashir Abdi Pred mesecem
Am a teenager and I feel embarrassed 😖 I want to get old coz being teenager...........
CK275 Pred 29 dnevi
Growing up fast is the last thing you want🤕
Caroline H
Caroline H Pred mesecem
One of the reasons these channels consist of mainly tiktok kids now is cause they’re out there living their lives as if the pandemic doesn’t exist. Real celebrities are more rare these days
Alex Duffus
Alex Duffus Pred mesecem
why does the kid in the red and white hat look like ash from pokemon
Sierra Rhoads
Sierra Rhoads Pred mesecem
how did he go to the “fight” and not know that they weren’t there??????
K Pred mesecem
I would pay a million dollars to smack their hats off their head
Flo 24
Flo 24 Pred mesecem
The Hype house is what capitalism led us to. I mean it was wort it, but at what cost?
Daryn _world
Daryn _world Pred mesecem
I cringed SO hard when the dude was like “what’s up mom, made on the paparazzi babyyyy”
Vin LeB
Vin LeB Pred 11 dnevi
@Carter Hindle not a very good one at that
Carter Hindle
Carter Hindle Pred 15 dnevi
He was just trying to be funny lmao its just a joke
Summertime Bordom
Summertime Bordom Pred mesecem
I mean I think they have enough money to invest in a new house with security (or you get a house where people don’t know your address) which leads to the fact that they probably just like the attention. No offence to the 10 year olds but don’t they have anything better to do then wait outside someone’s house 🙃
beau Knows
beau Knows Pred mesecem
"Steve" reminds me of me when i went back to college
H Gunn
H Gunn Pred mesecem
the way that at least one of these kids getting photos probably have killed their grandparents because they dont even consider wearing masks
H Gunn
H Gunn Pred mesecem
@A Bickell Excuse me?? Ive been self isolated since March and have not been in public at all, let alone without a mask. Myself and my parents and vunerable, i am taking the pandemic incredibly seriously. I dont know why you thought it was necessary to comment that?
A Bickell
A Bickell Pred mesecem
Your one of those people
uhhey Pred mesecem
I watched one video and your already my favorite SLpostr
Angel Blue
Angel Blue Pred mesecem
lollll all their fans are little kids
Aidan Bro
Aidan Bro Pred mesecem
if i was famous i would be cancled bc i would say some fucked shit to the ppz
Only Angel
Only Angel Pred mesecem
Honestly Hollywood fix paparazzi is a paid one
Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks Pred mesecem
I will never not find Cody imitating 'Wudup' hilarious.
Fin Nichols
Fin Nichols Pred mesecem
Nessa Schmitt
Nessa Schmitt Pred mesecem
Bryan M
Bryan M Pred mesecem
Almost all of them look scrippeded
watcherHD Pred mesecem
But, do we know when Still Softish is coming out?
Douglas Diggins
Douglas Diggins Pred mesecem
Are these people all disabled?
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze Pred mesecem
Start living your life and stop looking at ppl living their lives!
Armin W
Armin W Pred mesecem
When Cody is drinking a splindrift
Siya Sharma
Siya Sharma Pred mesecem
Chase Hudson just looks like a skeleton with skin and no flesh in between.
Austin Raphael
Austin Raphael Pred mesecem
J Bro:- "What uppp" - Chris D'elia
ShaquilleOatmeal Pred mesecem
Yo what up guys It’s Steve! You don’t mind If I film you guys at midnight having a argument on private property and ignore everything you guys say and uploaded it to SLpost for millions to see?”
Olivia Lawrence
Olivia Lawrence Pred mesecem
they literally call him to come film it, i swear hollywoodfix gets paid by the tiktokers to follow them and film them lmfao
Steve Croteau
Steve Croteau Pred mesecem
You are correct about them calling the pap but they don’t pay Em... it benefits both party’s without any payment from one another
M RZ Pred mesecem
The "besties jesties" part killed me💀
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