Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE

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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE. This was absolutely crazy.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are FOUR hunters instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo AND my friend Antfrost tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,500,000 likes we'll do a rematch!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

Dream Pred dnevom
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Kalyan Dave
Kalyan Dave Pred dnevom
Ryzen JP
Ryzen JP Pred dnevom
Taeyongie Pred dnevom
Happy thanksgiving!
AH_ 101
AH_ 101 Pred dnevom
Ryzen JP
Ryzen JP Pred dnevom
Fetching The Break
Fetching The Break Pred 3 urami
How is Mr Beasts gaming channel and dreams channel both #1 on trending?
ServerWasTaken Pred 3 urami
Every 10 seconds oH dREaM Every other ten seconds Disoriented Screams
Locke Gaming
Locke Gaming Pred 3 urami
You are the goat
꧁༒•ITACHI•༒꧂ 23
꧁༒•ITACHI•༒꧂ 23 Pred 3 urami
dream try to beat rlcraft
ChickenSoup Pred 3 urami
I cant tell if he was super lucky or if he was just really good
Adnan Bunjaku
Adnan Bunjaku Pred 3 urami
i want the seed
Very Plebby
Very Plebby Pred 3 urami
im so glad antfrost FINALLY gets attention
Blind BanditCODM
Blind BanditCODM Pred 3 urami
Manhunt is incomplete without: “YOU MUFFIN HEADS” “Cmere GEORGE” “HE’S SO DEAD” Ah imdying tothis stupid enderman
CJ Squiggle
CJ Squiggle Pred 3 urami
Idk about you guys but I’m kind of bored of manhunts and I think it should be 5 or 6 HUNTERS because dream is TO GOOD for just ant, bad, sapnap, and George.
De Llama
De Llama Pred 3 urami
I would usually criticize people stopping and doing stuff that doesn’t benefit them, but dream stopping to thank the dolphins is my favorite manhunt moment
The_Clap Pred 3 urami
Yo dream if u get a ledge portal u should break all the blocks around it to isolate it... It could delay them or if there clumsy enough they'll call to their death ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Maria Reis
Maria Reis Pred 3 urami
People who hate on jb leave me alone don’t talk to me bye
Hope Sprinkle
Hope Sprinkle Pred 3 urami
Dream absolutely juking the nether skeletons ^ ------>
li'l wolf gamer99
li'l wolf gamer99 Pred 3 urami
Dream: they love me Dolphins: yessirrr
Dylan 2018
Dylan 2018 Pred 3 urami
Why isnt anyone talking about the cobweb tnt
Sam C. Sportz & outdoors
Sam C. Sportz & outdoors Pred 3 urami
Once he crafted the boat everybody new what he was doing
Conner Plays
Conner Plays Pred 3 urami
Loved the singing sounded like a clean church to me
General Scar
General Scar Pred 3 urami
Aswin Sanjeevi
Aswin Sanjeevi Pred 3 urami
Best part was when he webbed and tnt them
Not SAIFI Pred 3 urami
Let me guess this isn`t your first time here... The background music choices are amazing
KUSH 5690
KUSH 5690 Pred 3 urami
imagine minecraft manhunt but Dream has to defeat the wither boss instead of the ender dragon in the end *isn't it a good idea*
IcE fAIryamErIcAnO
IcE fAIryamErIcAnO Pred 3 urami
That flying dutch boat trick is too OP when you are in that unneccessarily huge mountain. Man, I luv this trick so much
Vanilla_Bean Pred 3 urami
2:08 “ How did he get stone?!” -Badboyhalo Bad he is in a ravine... how could he not?
J M Pred 3 urami
it like u hack
Life with Aubrey
Life with Aubrey Pred 3 urami
Maybe a spoiler for the beginning of this vid NOT EVEN 10 MINS INTO THE VIDEO HE FALLS FROM A MOUNTAIN AND LANDS ON A LADDER.
Tokyo Pred 3 urami
Dream: *In a massive stone ravine* BadBoyHalo: WAIT! HOW DID HE GET STONE???!!!
William Doyon-Verdon
William Doyon-Verdon Pred 3 urami
Can't wait for minecraft speedrunner vs 10 hunters.
Josh d Perez
Josh d Perez Pred 3 urami
Not only is he a world record speed runner now he has a world record for finding the biggest mountain to have ever existe in minecraft
Sharzyz Playz
Sharzyz Playz Pred 3 urami
Me: Can't get full diamond in one day in my lets play Antfrost: Guys imq get ALL of you full enchanted diqmond
ShaggySnaggy Pred 3 urami
Speed runner vs 5 hunters (Dream vs Bad, George, Sapnap, Ant and Karl)
Kayla Finch
Kayla Finch Pred 3 urami
dream: *confirmed Disney princess* this man could carry a disney movie ngl
Caden Fisher
Caden Fisher Pred 3 urami
the next ones gonna be like “SPEEDRUNNER VS 4 HUNTERS REMATCH FINALE PART 2”
Alexander Walker
Alexander Walker Pred 3 urami
the scream at 47:46
Sarah Lile
Sarah Lile Pred 3 urami
Dream: *gets stone axe* Hunters: *fEaRfUl ScReAmInG*
Amar Anaand
Amar Anaand Pred 3 urami
I love dreams videos
เรื่องของดี้ Pred 3 urami
NEW TRick wow
playboi edits
playboi edits Pred 3 urami
Dream hit 10 mill before 9 mill
J M Pred 3 urami
how come u hade like 40 obsid in the nether but u did not mine
The Memeest Film Buff 101
The Memeest Film Buff 101 Pred 3 urami
*Dream is literally a Disney Princess,* He somehow is able to stay alive, usually with the help of magic, and he has his dolphins as his wacky animal sidekicks.
Evan Leise
Evan Leise Pred 3 urami
Fun fact this is dreams 111th video, check and see if I’m right!!
tuna fly
tuna fly Pred 3 urami
Sap nap: where you gonna go now dream Dream: turns right 🤣
Kayden Pred 3 urami
Amar Anaand
Amar Anaand Pred 3 urami
Its an amazing video
Wookiee Gaming
Wookiee Gaming Pred 3 urami
It is currently 108 degrees Fahrenheit in Australia. Yes. I had to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit on Google. Just thought you’d all like to know. Hi Dream!
Brady Emms
Brady Emms Pred 3 urami
waiting for the day they get netherite
Alvar_de_Nailu Pred 3 urami
Hey did worse on doing 3 hunters
Artz Runner
Artz Runner Pred 3 urami
The last 10 minutes- Was ✨ I n t e n s e ✨
Maddy Martinez
Maddy Martinez Pred 3 urami
ant was the sugar daddy during the whole video
Yudha Jaya sempurna
Yudha Jaya sempurna Pred 3 urami
Tx shwel
Tx shwel Pred 3 urami
dream! dream! dream! allways be oppppppppppppppp
Sun Porpoise
Sun Porpoise Pred 3 urami
Such an epic video. One of the best ones yet. The music did get a little loud at points, but I loved it!
Jace Pred 3 urami
I like how when they sang hallelujah they were so out of sync
John Daniel Tejedor Eugenio
John Daniel Tejedor Eugenio Pred 3 urami
Dream is too powerful here
Arnav Chaurasia
Arnav Chaurasia Pred 3 urami
in this video he just these 4 of his friends said:- are we a joke to u?
Amphin0 Pred 3 urami
The first manhunt where the dragon is done with a bow
Baseballgod playz
Baseballgod playz Pred 3 urami
dream has the same iq as albert einstein like if u agree
Moo Bue
Moo Bue Pred 3 urami
You are a boss
Oliver_74 Pred 3 urami
he was playing philza music :D
Your local Procrastinating Artist
Your local Procrastinating Artist Pred 3 urami
If No u was an entity its name is Dream
Mine Bluxe
Mine Bluxe Pred 3 urami
14:41 is prank
Minerong YtSub
Minerong YtSub Pred 3 urami
Dream 2020: speed running 4 hunters Dream 2021: speed running 5 hunters Dream 2025: speed running 10 hunters Dream 2030: speed running 30 hunters Dream 3020: speed running while 1,000 hunters track me down
Aegix Drakan
Aegix Drakan Pred 3 urami
Can I just say that your editing is impeccable as always? :)
Sandra Arregui
Sandra Arregui Pred 3 urami
Epik moment compilation: 5:00
epic gamer
epic gamer Pred 3 urami
Ok this is epic
Francisco Zamora
Francisco Zamora Pred 3 urami
31:09 Excuse me but wtf beds in the nether
Kristen Carter
Kristen Carter Pred 3 urami
dream is the beast speed runner
Timmy Nguyen
Timmy Nguyen Pred 3 urami
What a conversation: "Is he invisible?" "Yes. I literally just saw him."
Valeria Saucedo
Valeria Saucedo Pred 3 urami
Dreams power : 100000000000 Every one else :1000
jie li
jie li Pred 3 urami
breaking news! Russia consider join european union! because England left!
HH Adventures
HH Adventures Pred 3 urami
Bibo Shank
Bibo Shank Pred 3 urami
Isn't this like the fifth finale😂
JA Doscaaz
JA Doscaaz Pred 3 urami
Best thanksgiving gift
Blahbleh 25
Blahbleh 25 Pred 3 urami
27:43 why is no one talking about the faze logo
Aex Fields
Aex Fields Pred 3 urami
frost walker op cause u use frost walker on the water than when you go to escape place a boat and u go zooming
Kheidge 2nd Channel
Kheidge 2nd Channel Pred 3 urami
Number on on trending overall
NotGabriel Pred 3 urami
Here’s to many more finales to come
The CreepSki
The CreepSki Pred 3 urami
I still watch ur vids but its hard to respect you after you voted for a retextured squid I have no beef with you tho!
DEVIL PIGGY Pred 3 urami
I spent 200 gems trying to get the dream dragon Edit: I didn't get it
Leonardo Barcelos
Leonardo Barcelos Pred 3 urami
I wanna see dream vs felipe neto
Gian Simbulan
Gian Simbulan Pred 3 urami
Dream: Any last words? Them: GRABBB MA STUFFF!!!!!
Esad H
Esad H Pred 3 urami
Massey 860 awesomeness
Massey 860 awesomeness Pred 3 urami
what where the songs in the vid
Amornchet Chueacha
Amornchet Chueacha Pred 3 urami
Dream: leave me Alone!!! the portal thingy : I got you bro!
bckwrd bass
bckwrd bass Pred 3 urami
Suggestion: when you find one of the ruined portals, grab a magma block. You can place it under water to provide a bubble column to breath and break any boats above. This way, you can gain a major advantage in water fights.
GreenCrystal19 Pred 3 urami
Congrats for #1 on trending. I keep thinking, these can't get more epic-and then they DO! The ending, as always, was more intense than most climaxes in books/movies I read. . . .
DJdemon Gaming
DJdemon Gaming Pred 3 urami
8:15 Looks like the cliffs of the upcoming caves and *cliffs* update came early?
JEFFREY JIN Pred 3 urami
This was surprisingly one of the most intense and one of the most chill manhunts at the same time And I love it
RukAtMe_4827 Pred 3 urami
In nether fortess: Blame War 3v5
Keith George
Keith George Pred 3 urami
*Dream goes in water* Dolphins joined the chat
Aidan Acosta Guerrero
Aidan Acosta Guerrero Pred 3 urami
8:21 that's what she said
Amit Mistry
Amit Mistry Pred 3 urami
"Chinese squad" 30:12
ZeeD Pred 3 urami
Poor ender dragon
johnnyboi 21420
johnnyboi 21420 Pred 3 urami
Skylah Pred 3 urami
Dear Dream: Commit stop existing Thanks
Laph Y
Laph Y Pred 3 urami
He’s the best pirate I’ve ever seen
Amity Blight
Amity Blight Pred 3 urami
4 player vs 1 terminator
Hayden Hicks
Hayden Hicks Pred 3 urami
bro i love these so much they give me chills 😅
Rat Soup
Rat Soup Pred 3 urami
“Finally, 2020 is over” December 32nd: 39:16
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