Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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Mark Rober

Mark Rober

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Squirrels were stealing my bird seed so I solved the problem with mechanical engineering :)
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Here is an explanation of the illusion dish thing!-
Here is a link to the illusion dish (not sponsored :)
0:02 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
0:27 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
3:21 - Zambo - Devil in Disguise
3:47 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
5:28 - J. Thompson - Real Quick Lovin'
5:39 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
7:51- Chi- Ponder-
8:31 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
9:25 - Josef Falkenskold - Tiny Tumble
19:07 - Nik- Ponder-

Mark Rober
Mark Rober Pred 9 meseci
Phantastic Gus is my spirit animal.
dusan kovacevic
dusan kovacevic Pred 3 dnevi
shuvashree pattanaik
shuvashree pattanaik Pred 4 dnevi
Phantastic Gus
shuvashree pattanaik
shuvashree pattanaik Pred 4 dnevi
I love your channel
Charles Gage
Charles Gage Pred 12 dnevi
i agree too! and that means we are almost the same!
Jackie Bergman
Jackie Bergman Pred 17 dnevi
brown Leung
brown Leung Pred 6 urami
Cooooooooooool man
Jessica Pirrone Phillips
Jessica Pirrone Phillips Pred 6 urami
Me: I hate all the haters Haters: this guy sucks Me: (raging)
Gemma Grizzle
Gemma Grizzle Pred 6 urami
Phat Gus- Er Phantastic Gus-heh heh- is my FAVORITE
Gemma Grizzle
Gemma Grizzle Pred 6 urami
This is the 8th time I've watched this video. LOL
congqing lin
congqing lin Pred 6 urami
10:29 bruh he can just climb over
small see the world slow and big see the world fast
Fishingrich 1Playz
Fishingrich 1Playz Pred 7 urami
This course is really challenging squirrels: we botta end this mans hole crear
Josephine Powell
Josephine Powell Pred 7 urami
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Andy Poe
Andy Poe Pred 7 urami
Pecan, try pecans, their favorite thing
SirRengeti Pred 8 urami
What an amazing video.
Asethium OneClick
Asethium OneClick Pred 8 urami
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Din Din
Din Din Pred 9 urami
I really liked your video! It made my day! I never had the chance to observe in close the super skills of these amazing little animals.
Aarav Minhas
Aarav Minhas Pred 9 urami
2:57 roomsizedsumonbiles
emad Pi
emad Pi Pred 10 urami
Just 2mil likes? Come on guys we can do better!
ok Pred 10 urami
Building a Obstacle Course for my Backyard Squirrel Buds to Get Through for a Feast
Frost ninja
Frost ninja Pred 11 urami
Love you phantistic gus
shawnobryan Pred 11 urami
Great video! Thanks. I laughed so hard!
NATALI KLOKOVA Pred 11 urami
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Eliza Pred 11 urami
my boyfriend, who has only ever seen your glitter bombs: Is he gonna blow the squirrels up? It's squirrel proof if there's no squirrel. :D
Omar Nazar
Omar Nazar Pred 11 urami
The thick criminal amazingly bang because romanian provisionally save after a curious drum. goofy, mysterious destruction
Mats Johansson
Mats Johansson Pred 12 urami
Why squrrilproof? The squrrils are hungri too.
Frerik Zandhuis
Frerik Zandhuis Pred 12 urami
Once in a while i come back to this video because it's just so wholesome and cool at the same time
Amanda Navarro
Amanda Navarro Pred 12 urami
No one asked but ok.
Someone Pred 12 urami
Wow, that's one of the best youtube videos i've seen in my whole life. Congratulations 'MarkGiver'
Nina Thomas
Nina Thomas Pred 13 urami
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Dog Lover
Dog Lover Pred 13 urami
Christopher Pham
Christopher Pham Pred 14 urami
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RidiPwn Pred 14 urami
Genius: Keeps viewer attention for 21 minutes and 39 seconds
Sharkboy420 Pred 14 urami
This was awesome 👏
Leon Phung
Leon Phung Pred 14 urami
In some world, Marks backyard is the squirrels great American ninja warrior stage
Brent Eamer
Brent Eamer Pred 15 urami
I don't know how this showed up in my feed but this is pure brilliance. Fantastic work, commentary is excellent. Thumbs up and subscribed. I think I saw one of your glitter videos. Squirrel: "Halfway across the road?, better turn around". All the best
Change Eye Color
Change Eye Color Pred 15 urami
we need a new parkour course for this year
D-Sifer 77
D-Sifer 77 Pred 15 urami
Simply BRILLIANT, yourself and of course the AMAZING squirrels. Excellent work
Daquan Adams
Daquan Adams Pred 15 urami
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Top Squirrel
Top Squirrel Pred 15 urami
It is impressive enough that the squirrels cleverly found ways around each obstacle. What may blow you away is the realization that the squirrels knew somehow that to get to the pile of walnuts at the end, they knew they had to start at a seemingly unrelated and distant first step and work forward, diligently solving nearly a dozen sequential puzzles as they approached the ultimate goal. That they connected the first step with the final one, started at the right point and persisted until they solved each subsequent step until the final goal was reached, is what I found most impressive. How old does a human child have to be before he or she attains the smarts to equal this achievement? I have raised numerous squirrels from babyhood, babies aimlessly wandering about or abandoned in the nest, scooped up by someone who brought the little guy to me. Smart dogs most often use their intelligence, I find, discovering what they can get away with. But squirrels are the only animals I needed to match wits with. Clever, determined little problem solvers, they showed an impressive work ethic and survival capability, manifested by a remarkable native intelligence. And they did it as a fun-loving smartass, sort of a cross between Bugs Bunny and Groucho Marx. One of the ones I raised figured out how to open a screw-top jar if there were nuts inside, but she tried to hide her ability from me until I held up the jar for her to work it open. Urban squirrels have trained us to supply them with nuts and in return they allow us to stand within their Radius of Cute while they munch away. That their rear feet swivel is why they can run down trees and vertical poles, while cats cannot. The lack of an opposable thumb may be all they lack to be a real threat to engineer employment. That they won over Mark Rober is not surprising. He recognized a clever fellow engineer when he saw one.
michal alexandrov
michal alexandrov Pred 16 urami
It must be interesting being this guy's neighbors
Heather Speck
Heather Speck Pred 16 urami
3:39 tourcher scene
USN Patriot
USN Patriot Pred 16 urami
The "Smart" tactic at this point it to put up a Sign ... "Squirrel Feeder". Done!
Premium Kickz
Premium Kickz Pred 17 urami
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Albert Erickson
Albert Erickson Pred 18 urami
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Rumila Huf
Rumila Huf Pred 18 urami
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Rumila Huf
Rumila Huf Pred 19 urami
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Kristbjørn Håland
Kristbjørn Håland Pred 19 urami
Awesome video, bro! You are definatly a scientist to look up to! LOVE FROM HOFSTAD
Clare Story
Clare Story Pred 19 urami
Ingenious, yet near perfect assault course for these pesky, grey 'invaders'!
LackHapeLuis Pred 19 urami
Betty Keller Keller
Betty Keller Keller Pred 20 urami
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richard rivera
richard rivera Pred 20 urami
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Eben Shibu
Eben Shibu Pred 20 urami
The bird feeder company be like
Sarah Blum
Sarah Blum Pred 20 urami
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mtb sendy guy
mtb sendy guy Pred 22 urami
Mia Schulz
Mia Schulz Pred 23 urami
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SharResist45 !
SharResist45 ! Pred 23 urami
Wow! I need to rethink my life after watching this. Mind. Blown.
Surender Kumar
Surender Kumar Pred dnevom
literal legend
Pred dnevom
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Keshon Dean
Keshon Dean Pred dnevom
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Black Love
Black Love Pred dnevom
I remember the first day you posted this. Can't believe we made it through this pandemic. Great content.
Nick H
Nick H Pred dnevom
Just get a pellet gun, lol.
Senono Eli
Senono Eli Pred dnevom
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Kyle Uplinger
Kyle Uplinger Pred dnevom
This is badass honestly
cocacolafiesta Pred dnevom
A fantastic experiment!
Warrior Cat
Warrior Cat Pred dnevom
Did yo forget about the bird part
MEGA creeper dUdE
MEGA creeper dUdE Pred dnevom
This is the first video I've ever watched from ur channel U sound like TheOdd1sout
INVECTUS Pred dnevom
they said we needed original content Mark Rober be like :- I got u fam
Luis Ross
Luis Ross Pred dnevom
You made me cry of enjoyment
jude Pred dnevom
This is too much cool phantastic gus is funnyyy
Amber Casey
Amber Casey Pred dnevom
I love fat gus😂😂🥴
Mario Aguayo
Mario Aguayo Pred dnevom
Mario Aguayo
Mario Aguayo Pred dnevom
Gus is funny that sounder man pose
Twinkie Master 2000
Twinkie Master 2000 Pred dnevom
Titus Day
Titus Day Pred dnevom
the ilusion dish link dosent work ):
Eri Smiles
Eri Smiles Pred dnevom
The mha community favorite character is deke but mine is Eri
John Thompson
John Thompson Pred dnevom
I would give it 10 Thumbs up if I could!
Luthzilla Pred dnevom
dem squirrels are getting launched from the squirrelapolt!!!
Jared Laskowski
Jared Laskowski Pred dnevom
18:12 the song isn't in the credits but it sounds like the instrumentals to "Vacation" by Dirty Heads
Ben the Artist
Ben the Artist Pred dnevom
Was that squirrel POOPING?
aleks Solesky
aleks Solesky Pred dnevom
one time on the first obstacle in a carnival I Beat it its true
Lellenjoy Pred dnevom
My teacher made us watch this in class months after I've seen it.
Karen Lee
Karen Lee Pred dnevom
Brains and opposable thumbs, ingenius
Gavin Carney
Gavin Carney Pred dnevom
Who do the 26,000 people who disliked this think they are?
whysad. happy
whysad. happy Pred dnevom
Please do more of these!! This is so cool 🤩🤩
Katherine Montgomery
Katherine Montgomery Pred dnevom
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Kelly O
Kelly O Pred dnevom
This guy's got some smart squirrels
MaryLynn Grice
MaryLynn Grice Pred dnevom
Hysterical! You’re grrreat! ♥️
Nicolas Morita
Nicolas Morita Pred dnevom
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Crunchy Nacho
Crunchy Nacho Pred dnevom
Not related but I just had a really refreshing glass of water
ADRIEN DIAZ Pred dnevom
Rick and Marty? More like Rick and Morty
nate levinson
nate levinson Pred dnevom
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jawadad802 Pred dnevom
can we take a moment to appreciate the tail helicopter rotor movement at the second launch?
Harbinger Pred dnevom
Grease the metal pole.
Bella Waller
Bella Waller Pred dnevom
i watch all of your videos for a science video
Tallstar Gaming
Tallstar Gaming Pred dnevom
Phantastic gus: *steals walnuts* All the other squirrels: GIMME
Cayden Yianibas
Cayden Yianibas Pred dnevom
So were all here again
Edward Villareal
Edward Villareal Pred dnevom
I love fantastic because she is so cool
Jacksy Jacks13
Jacksy Jacks13 Pred dnevom
You make the absolute best videos on SLpost! GOAT
ChArLiE BeAtZ Pred dnevom
Just put vegetable oil on the metal pole that's holding the birdfeeder.😀👍
Ben FM
Ben FM Pred dnevom
This was just what I needed today.
Michele Porch
Michele Porch Pred dnevom
Such a great exciting person I enjoy you
mstriya321roy mstjannati456roy
mstriya321roy mstjannati456roy Pred dnevom
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