Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier

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Special thanks to the US NAVY and the amazing men and women of the USS Nimitz and the Blue Angels for helping us accomplish our list!
Another special thanks, Commander Ronald Flanders, Lieutenant Commander Liza Dougherty Lieutenant Commander Cary Rickoff, Lieutenant Commander David M Gardner,
Be sure to check out the US Navy!!
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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Pred letom
Stoked y’all love Bucket List!! What should we do next time?? love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ - DP
Lucas Herzevic
Lucas Herzevic Pred 14 dnevi
Grace King
Grace King Pred 21 dnevom
My cousin has actually been on one
Team FOX Gaming
Team FOX Gaming Pred mesecem
us submarin
Butcher Woman
Butcher Woman Pred mesecem
Ride some camels 🐪
Liangbajin Pred 2 meseci
Go to war
BAOQIANG Li Pred 13 minutami
The clumsy hydrogen inherently battle because building prognostically confess minus a moldy helium. paltry, mute grenade
Ayden Bashir
Ayden Bashir Pred 20 minutami
Next time throw 50 basketballs in a hoop at the same time
Beatox Gaming
Beatox Gaming Pred uro
Where is the next bucket list?
David Grigoriciuc
David Grigoriciuc Pred 3 urami
Arduino Explained
Arduino Explained Pred 3 urami
Agnesxvs4 Dickersontf9
Agnesxvs4 Dickersontf9 Pred 4 urami
The vivacious pimple extracellularly offend because debtor ethnopharmacologically cycle worth a charming narcissus. odd, poor gold
Ben Cunningham
Ben Cunningham Pred 6 urami
1 year later. Anyone want episode 2 ?
Shawn Dreinan Ramos
Shawn Dreinan Ramos Pred 8 urami
When the jets takeoff the runway is short so they need to get more speed by a catapult shot
Raphael Mihr Gecolea
Raphael Mihr Gecolea Pred 9 urami
The dab is always alive
Aidan Hunt
Aidan Hunt Pred 13 urami
Plz do lost more bucket lists I love them we need more
Mike Casida
Mike Casida Pred 13 urami
I wish i was thar
Get deleted 100
Get deleted 100 Pred 16 urami
More bucket list please
Get deleted 100
Get deleted 100 Pred 16 urami
Do more bucket list Please
Sandy Frerichs
Sandy Frerichs Pred 17 urami
This is sick
KUBA VLOGS Pred 17 urami
guy in the back round 6.44 wearing a army uniform
Cain Cybuck
Cain Cybuck Pred 18 urami
Please we need
Epic Channel
Epic Channel Pred 21 uro
Well, now I got new stuff on my bucket list
Ashton Mcmaster
Ashton Mcmaster Pred 21 uro
the dab is always dead
Blue Angels
Blue Angels Pred dnevom
Blue Angels
Blue Angels Pred 22 urami
@Harrison Morgan ok
Harrison Morgan
Harrison Morgan Pred 22 urami
They say it in the video multiple times.
Nirvan Welagedara
Nirvan Welagedara Pred dnevom
BUCKET LIST: COVID 19: Imma ruin your career
Âu Hải
Âu Hải Pred dnevom
Vietsub vietnames
Fabian Andres Claudio Rivera
Fabian Andres Claudio Rivera Pred dnevom
You make a new series and never touch it again
expendable gaming
expendable gaming Pred dnevom
You don't drive the ship you sail a ship
Mico_9407 Pred dnevom
Next you shoud go un Space and make the worlds highest dunke
IvikRBLX Josefsen
IvikRBLX Josefsen Pred dnevom
MrBeast is trying to beat you guy in subscribers
lil starkly
lil starkly Pred dnevom
Wish they’d make more vids like this, love to see the dudes just havin fun
Grace Westphal
Grace Westphal Pred dnevom
The dab is never EVER EVER dead 😜
KING OF WORLD Pred dnevom
Helen Sadon
Helen Sadon Pred dnevom
tim waf
tim waf Pred dnevom
ship 68 but if u + 1 it make it ship 69
Aaron Otto
Aaron Otto Pred dnevom
They got so lucky to get on the carrier most sailors aren’t even aloud on top deck 😅
Austin Lempke
Austin Lempke Pred dnevom
Definitely one of the best videos
Mark Anjelo Sasi
Mark Anjelo Sasi Pred dnevom
Did tyler gave an buger patty to the water is it hungry
Ben Fanelli
Ben Fanelli Pred dnevom
That remote jet is so inspirational
Theresa Dixon
Theresa Dixon Pred dnevom
izzonDesign Pred dnevom
U are so lucky to be on 68.
Hulk_Smash_Gaming Pred dnevom
Those jets must be F-15E Strike Eagles.
Harrison Morgan
Harrison Morgan Pred 22 urami
Nope, they are hornets.
SCP 6880
SCP 6880 Pred dnevom
i bet that aircraft carrier had the most fun they could have on duty thanks to these guys.
Max David Yermolaev
Max David Yermolaev Pred dnevom
next video: we are dropping atomic bomb
Max David Yermolaev
Max David Yermolaev Pred dnevom
Aaliya Ahsan
Aaliya Ahsan Pred dnevom
I will be goin to NZ
Neil YT
Neil YT Pred dnevom
0:01 Iphone trap remix lol
Hashim Ahmed
Hashim Ahmed Pred dnevom
The ocean gives me anxiety Bc I can’t swim
Noah Worthington
Noah Worthington Pred dnevom
I can't wait to see the next bucket list
CAZz Gaming
CAZz Gaming Pred dnevom
I was eating ice cream durning the blueangel flight 🤢🤢
Eli Mullins
Eli Mullins Pred dnevom
Can yall please do another bucket list and Tyler Is Maverick and Cody is Goose
Jude Anthony
Jude Anthony Pred dnevom
Flying a jet is so awesome!!!!!!!
duck_dabs Pred 2 dnevi
2:43 this is me when me and my friends are about to do rock paper scissors over the last piece of pizza
Nesan Nehemiah
Nesan Nehemiah Pred 2 dnevi
im chennai
Nesan Nehemiah
Nesan Nehemiah Pred 2 dnevi
you 5 are awsome
Magicblood The Hedghog
Magicblood The Hedghog Pred 2 dnevi
im exited for the second bucket list episode
jayro pulmano
jayro pulmano Pred 2 dnevi
Bro dream come true
VaahinO Pred 2 dnevi
Sorry man, but the dab is dead
duke royalty
duke royalty Pred 2 dnevi
The puny chronometer natively tap because memory probably rinse above a bustling bait. mundane, normal quiver
SCS 1021R
SCS 1021R Pred 2 dnevi
BB_DUDE_45 Pred 2 dnevi
Tyler: Maybe don’t hang on the nose of a jet. Cody: It’s pretty durable. What I think: *Nose falls off*
marvin_2303 Pred 2 dnevi
Where did I get that mini Jet ✈️ 😂
CID ALFONSO REY Pred 2 dnevi
SS Pred 2 dnevi
It is 2021. This is the first and only bucket list from last January. Considering that the intro had about 3 different bucket lists in it, there is a lot they have been keeping to themselves.
Galaxy Gaming
Galaxy Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
Do more bucket list videos
Preston Mcmahan
Preston Mcmahan Pred 2 dnevi
The music your using is the same as gigs foods’ montage music! I love it!
TonyIsNOONE Pred 2 dnevi
Saw some fod come off that RC jet
Thống Lê Vlog
Thống Lê Vlog Pred 3 dnevi
Quá tuyệt vời
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar Pred 3 dnevi
Awesome ..
Dennis White
Dennis White Pred 3 dnevi
I was on the USS Midway CVA 41 in 1972 - 73. I'm a Vietnam Vet. I'm retired now and so is the Midway. She's now a Museum in San Diego. On my bucket list, is to go to San Diego and get back aboard my ship.
Harrison Morgan
Harrison Morgan Pred 22 urami
So did you ever see combat? Midway only fought in 1965
Ooch Pred 2 dnevi
I see that ship all the time! It's awesome that you served on it, unfortunately I've never gotten the chance to board the Midway.
Niranjan Abhi
Niranjan Abhi Pred 3 dnevi
come to India
Mako E
Mako E Pred 3 dnevi
It was aircraft 68 👁💧👄💧👁
Aiden Cooper
Aiden Cooper Pred 3 dnevi
You wanna be on an aircraft carrier for longer? Well join the Navy you might be on port alot but you will be assigned 3 years of ship duty and 3 years of shore patrol
FlyBr0 Pred 3 dnevi
Probably one of the best videos on SLpost
Birdieoligy YT
Birdieoligy YT Pred 3 dnevi
This is kind of cringy 😬
1 in a phillion E.P.
1 in a phillion E.P. Pred 3 dnevi
Русија: зашто не бих могао да имам један од њих. САД: хаха економија је мала
Varun Sharma
Varun Sharma Pred 3 dnevi
Bungi jump probably one of my bucket list you could try
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee Pred 3 dnevi
Doggers are poggers
Doggers are poggers Pred 3 dnevi
7:20 that’s like going to the beach just so you can get in a pool
Kathleen Goodson
Kathleen Goodson Pred 3 dnevi
You should put teaching a full day in "my" classroom on your bucket list! We would LOVE to have dude perfect for the day!!!
joey and taylor Vlogs
joey and taylor Vlogs Pred 4 dnevi
red arrows are better than the blue angels they copied the red arrows
3NZ0 Pred 4 dnevi
puke master
Brooks Bishop
Brooks Bishop Pred 4 dnevi
1 freaking year ago and it has 38 mill views while mine is 3 years and has like 30
tate on
tate on Pred 4 dnevi
The assorted discovery classically curve because thistle advantageously pray except a observant shop. safe, pleasant continent
tate on
tate on Pred 4 dnevi
The ruthless fedelini operationally rock because helium immunocytochemically remind concerning a erratic caravan. taboo, special wrist
Evalyn Kirkpatrick
Evalyn Kirkpatrick Pred 4 dnevi
The brash chinese endosonographically trick because bag enthrallingly whip aside a grouchy spark. substantial, deafening giraffe
Kate Berkoski
Kate Berkoski Pred 4 dnevi
Awesome video
lilslacker06 Pred 4 dnevi
are yall gonna make a bucket list episode 2
Brown Acres
Brown Acres Pred 4 dnevi
I love the Blue Angels u flew on
Marshmello Music
Marshmello Music Pred 4 dnevi
Come see me
Blain Guthrie
Blain Guthrie Pred 5 dnevi
Where's the next episode
EzeGamer135 Pred 5 dnevi
Next Bucket List: FLY A JET YOURSELF
Jill Ball
Jill Ball Pred 5 dnevi
“ the dab is never dead” “ NEVER DEAD” Me: well 👀
Jill Ball
Jill Ball Pred 5 dnevi
Ooooooo that looks so fun like if you agree 👇
H4rryc4ne 27
H4rryc4ne 27 Pred 5 dnevi
3:35 song name?
JAMES FLORES Pred 5 dnevi
The stingy cannon predictably moan because betty untypically heat unto a wide transmission. chief, aback barge
Bryan McNeil
Bryan McNeil Pred 5 dnevi
A yacht
Bryce Radtke
Bryce Radtke Pred 5 dnevi
Uses bio degradable golf balls... Ty- throws spatula into the water
Joe Nice
Joe Nice Pred 5 dnevi
Salvatore Scotto DAniello
Salvatore Scotto DAniello Pred 5 dnevi
after watching this video I am so jealous beyond jealous
Yury Gorbunov
Yury Gorbunov Pred 6 dnevi
So thats what they do with the taxes americans pay
Mike Richards
Mike Richards Pred 6 dnevi
Sneakers on the flight deck during flight ops? Not safe. Still an awesome video.
MrSeaPickle Pred 6 dnevi
My uncle served over a year on the USS Nimitz!
BunnySquidy 98
BunnySquidy 98 Pred 6 dnevi
I wish i could be on aircraft carrier
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