Cavs Beat Nets Again Despite Kyrie's 38 Points! 2020-21 NBA Season

  Ogledi 231,304

Chris Smoove

Pred mesecem

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Julio Daniel Insfran
Julio Daniel Insfran Pred mesecem
Sexland & Allen is the big 3 of the future
veteran navy
veteran navy Pred mesecem
Kyrie is the problem. Hes toxic to a team
ThriftLord Pred mesecem
Trade kyrie.. build around KD and harden. It needs to be done
Billy Torne
Billy Torne Pred mesecem
Nets should not trade Allen.
Eddy Ilunga
Eddy Ilunga Pred mesecem
Jarrett Allen to nets you trade me.... I took that personel
Cj Gray
Cj Gray Pred mesecem
Harden traveled at 1:02
Bruce Michael
Bruce Michael Pred mesecem
Brooklyn would’ve been way better without Harden. You gave up way too much defense.
Josh Delaney
Josh Delaney Pred mesecem
I’m a cavs fan and all I have to say is it’s about time Collin gets the attention he deserves I’ve been hyping him up since he was a rookie because he gets better year after year 🔥
gee haha
gee haha Pred mesecem
Kyrie an the nets got served by Cleveland not once but twice wat ever happened to the big 3 more big bust bahahahhaa
Mark Francis
Mark Francis Pred mesecem
"nO kEvIn DuRaNt"
Jamirimaj Pred mesecem
If the Nets are the first seed and the Cavs the eight, SHITTTTTTTT
Masire0009 Pred mesecem
Durant's the only player playing defense on the Nets right now.
Ericツ Pred mesecem
They better not match up in the playoffs or Skip’ll say LeBron dodged another bullet. (Not a LeBron lover btw lol.)
Bdag TheSauceGod
Bdag TheSauceGod Pred mesecem
James harden looks so bulky so round
XOTWODplays Pred mesecem
0:15 That pass was ugly as hell. 😂
DeVon Pred mesecem
Why Would Trade Jarrett & Levert For More Offense?
D. Wagner
D. Wagner Pred mesecem
What in the world was that pass from harden 😂😂
Remy Martin
Remy Martin Pred mesecem
nets overrated af lol
R Chow
R Chow Pred mesecem
They just not playing any defense
LockDown 973
LockDown 973 Pred mesecem
They need to trade Kyrie it's not going to work with him and Harden
Armando G
Armando G Pred mesecem
New Cavs going to be scary!
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez Pred mesecem
Nobody is stopping the lakers period
mister person
mister person Pred mesecem
Gilgamesh Pred mesecem
Allen is 2-0 against Brooklyn 👀
Justin Pred mesecem
Jarett Allen is the GOAT
tee Hoops
tee Hoops Pred mesecem
They should of never gave away. Allen LOL
j lara
j lara Pred mesecem
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred mesecem
Harden bouta go McHarden again
LEBRON JAMES Pred mesecem
These are gonna be ur champions
Sati Harris
Sati Harris Pred mesecem
Black Obito
Black Obito Pred mesecem
Harden is SELLING
Kevin Ramos
Kevin Ramos Pred mesecem
Really 2 games cabs beat them ahha l
Lakenzie Mayweather
Lakenzie Mayweather Pred mesecem
Sexland with the cheese, burning em nets! 🏀🔥🧀
Dr. Mike
Dr. Mike Pred mesecem
They gotta Trade kyrie
Andrew Di Re
Andrew Di Re Pred mesecem
Sexton balling🔥
AJ Zoro
AJ Zoro Pred mesecem
Nets have a Big 3! Lakers in 5.
Rhandi Pred mesecem
I knew trading away Jarret Allen was gonna hurt for awhile
KurSer Pred mesecem
Jarret Allen lowkey happy he out of Brooklyn 👀
Om Desai
Om Desai Pred mesecem
The nets 2k rating: - 100000000 Chemistry 99999999999 Strip Club
ThatBoiChris Pred mesecem
Nets have no godamn defense
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Pred mesecem
Cxlvin Capalotz
Cxlvin Capalotz Pred mesecem
They got no dept they need to trade kyrie for some bench players
Mustafa Mohamud
Mustafa Mohamud Pred mesecem
now harden is just being too nice and passing the ball too much
Booce Pred mesecem
Cavs have a somewhat bright future
Lud Swag
Lud Swag Pred mesecem
AdYourDad Pred mesecem
“It was only one game” What’s the new excuse
Ayi donno
Ayi donno Pred mesecem
Its only 2 games
Teran Icer
Teran Icer Pred mesecem
Nets already appear to be almost as full of themselves as the Clippers were last year.
Ayi donno
Ayi donno Pred mesecem
No the clippers are better
Damz Tzy ll
Damz Tzy ll Pred mesecem
Kyrie garbage lol😂 brooklyn should trade kyrie😂
madden gamer
madden gamer Pred mesecem
They don't need kyrie tbh
Kilo Pred mesecem
I think it’s now safe to say LAKERS IN 5
Pee Mak
Pee Mak Pred mesecem
Kyrie effect is real bruhh😂
Trippyyj Pred mesecem
Sexton gunna be most mip
Vidal Solis
Vidal Solis Pred mesecem
The truth
Obito God
Obito God Pred mesecem
Maybe Lebron should head back to Cleveland they know how to beat the nets 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xane42 Pred mesecem
sexton gonna have ton of s** tonight..
45k_lanze Plays
45k_lanze Plays Pred mesecem
Nets have kd kyrie and james But Cavs are beating them Cavs deserve to be in the playoffs 😤
Saurav Rai
Saurav Rai Pred mesecem
Maybe the basketball God's are two in a row
Rony Tarchichy
Rony Tarchichy Pred mesecem
ok what is happening... is Collin the goat
Jose A Arroyo
Jose A Arroyo Pred mesecem
They need to trade Kyrie
mir khan
mir khan Pred mesecem
Lebron’s spirit went to the cavs
Darnell Oulds Jr
Darnell Oulds Jr Pred mesecem
Got beat twice lol
Bol Bol
Bol Bol Pred mesecem
Darius garland is the goat
French Fry in your McDonalds Bag
French Fry in your McDonalds Bag Pred mesecem
There's something magical going on on Cleveland...without Lebron!
Teeteu P
Teeteu P Pred mesecem
2-0 Cavs leads the series
Major Marketing
Major Marketing Pred mesecem
TyJamar Pred mesecem
Brooklyn plays no defense
BruTuSz89 Pred mesecem
Can we vote out Kyrie? Can we just send him back on his spiritual journey? He can come back when he finds some defensive fighting spirit.
iiXposed Pred mesecem
That's just sad...
TRUNKS Pred mesecem
Kyrie holding them back, he thinks hes the #1 option.
Jose Pred mesecem
Too bad the nets will never face the cavaliers in the playoffs because then they would’ve definitely got swept
Noah Fitzgerald
Noah Fitzgerald Pred mesecem
Trade kyrie for Allen and some more defense
shzrds Pred mesecem
defense is gonna be the nets kryptonite bro
TreyDongz Pred mesecem
The Nets realizing they shoulda just traded for Collin Sexton instead
Zart FC
Zart FC Pred mesecem
I take that back, Nets ain't makin it to the Finals 😭
Ayi donno
Ayi donno Pred mesecem
If they meet the cavs in the first round then it will be over for them
TreyDongz Pred mesecem
That super team cheese, the bench guys are psych’ing themselves out from all the hype that they think by having the 3 stars that they’re guaranteed a championship!
Mulu Madden
Mulu Madden Pred mesecem
Jarrett Allen tho, dunking left and right 😤
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer Pred mesecem
Allen look so happy with the CAVS.
cj s
cj s Pred mesecem
Somebody forget to tell Harden special delivery got nerfed
Cristian Pred mesecem
Commodore-64 longplays
Commodore-64 longplays Pred mesecem
Harden should have gone to the 76ers.
TheOneDrippy YT
TheOneDrippy YT Pred mesecem
Bro it’s not even their offense that’s not connecting. Their acting weird on defense.
Oel Dave
Oel Dave Pred mesecem
Now, can cavs trade Kevin Love to the mavs? :)
JonTheSinner Pred mesecem
jarret allen did that 2k animation dink lmao
Phenomenal Titan
Phenomenal Titan Pred mesecem
NBA players that are Franchise owners: Lebron - Raptors Curry- Blazers, Rockets Sexton-Nets
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf Pred mesecem
@Toledo Branch i said the east including Cleveland when he was with the Heat
Ayi donno
Ayi donno Pred mesecem
Lebron owns the warriors
Toledo Branch
Toledo Branch Pred mesecem
@Chris Wolf celtics
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf Pred mesecem
@christian Rivera you know that lebron owns the warriors too plus lebron owns the rockets, nuggets and the east
Lebron-The east
Jurick Gustina
Jurick Gustina Pred mesecem
Sow let me see they couldn't beat the cavs with kd sow they leaving kd out of the game🤣🤣 Cavs: easy 🤣🤣🤣
bryan helon
bryan helon Pred mesecem
The nets suck
EKT ! Pred mesecem
Kyrie needs to be the one who takes a step back.
lou J
lou J Pred mesecem
Imagine if it was a playoff series right now, the Cavs would have a 2-0 lead. That don’t sound right ☠️
lou J
lou J Pred mesecem
Yeah the Brooklyn Nets need Jarrett Allen back lol
Ama Jang
Ama Jang Pred mesecem
Irving did his job. Harden needs to be more aggressive.
D-Light Pred mesecem
All Kyrie does is shoot 3s
Patrick L
Patrick L Pred mesecem
Nets dangerous but I dont think teams fear them and they shouldnt
Edson Ferns
Edson Ferns Pred mesecem
Nets are a bust.
Ian slizzy
Ian slizzy Pred mesecem
Nash might just be a bust coach. But it's too early to say
Seahawkfan1108 Pred mesecem
Fucking embarrassing, seriously.... YOU HAVE JAMES HARDEN N KYRIE!!!! SMH
Sebastian Poplawski
Sebastian Poplawski Pred mesecem
Nets should sell Kyrie for Allen
OG PapaBless
OG PapaBless Pred mesecem
Collin is used to the major comebacks we all remember the 3 v 5 in college
lord heskey
lord heskey Pred mesecem
The nets are going to regret trading Allen. Man is a straight up tank
PRIME Pred mesecem
trade jaret pamore
Devastinator Pred mesecem
Nets should never traded Jarret Allen
Wuss Pred mesecem
Lol Harden is the best PG on the team. That’s why
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