Starlink Mission

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SpaceX is targeting 3:24 a.m. EST on Thursday, March 4 for launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. If needed, there are backup opportunities available at 5:42 a.m. EST on Thursday, March 4, as well as 3:03 a.m. EST and 5:21 a.m. EST on Friday, March 5.
The Falcon 9 first stage rocket booster supporting this mission previously flew on seven missions: the Iridium-8 mission, the Telstar 18 VANTAGE mission, and five Starlink missions. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be located in the Atlantic Ocean. One half of Falcon 9’s fairing previously flew on three Starlink missions, and the other half previously supported two Starlink missions.

Andre Pred 8 dnevi
Here for my morning workout routine, the music 🎶 along with the launches 🚀.
Debasish Sundar Ray
Debasish Sundar Ray Pred 9 dnevi
Daniel alejandro Ochoa alvarez
Daniel alejandro Ochoa alvarez Pred 17 dnevi
The second stage has been reentred into atmosphere.🎇😱
Knightfang1 Pred 18 dnevi
Apparently the Upper stage for this launch just reentered the atmosphere above my home state of Oregon 22 days later.
transistor82 Pred 17 dnevi
Yes bro
Knightfang1 Pred 18 dnevi
Thiago Silveira
Thiago Silveira Pred 23 dnevi
The thumbnail of this video looks insane! Like the heavens are throwing a power stream into earth.
Luke Carr
Luke Carr Pred 26 dnevi
I bet Elon musk $ 1000 he won’t pin this comment
engin celik
engin celik Pred 28 dnevi
Türk varmı aranızda
Sal G
Sal G Pred 29 dnevi
This message is for Elon Musk. I see you’re trying to change the world. Please get in contact with Dr. John Searl. Get him on your team and I guarantee you will make things happen 100x faster. Just do it man, let’s get the ball rolling already. I want to see big changes in my lifetime. John Searl has his Lab here in Southern California. Research him if you want, he’s for real. I know you both can make things happen.
Antonio Carrillo
Antonio Carrillo Pred 29 dnevi
Stanley meyer I create the car that works with water and you make stupid cars with energy, you are a controlled sold by the government, there will be eyes people do not want anything good for humanity it is a simple garbage more
Maik Podlech
Maik Podlech Pred mesecem
free the animals so that the world can change and we can conquer the universe.
Mehmet Emin Yalçın
Mehmet Emin Yalçın Pred mesecem
#klevercoin #klv
Seth 257
Seth 257 Pred mesecem
Elon Musk, you could make extra money from the rocket booster by putting advertising logos on it and it looks cool.
fabriziovita3 Pred mesecem
Congratulations to Youmei Zhou, very nice with all the expressions of the face and body ;) ... she manages to put the accent even with her voice to important points of what she says, smiling and sympathetic, she seems almost to dance to the rhythm of the speech. Good, life is movement ;)
Antan Pred mesecem
My name is Max, the Max-Q callout gets me everytime
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred mesecem
Giggles adorably
Ans66F Pred mesecem
starlink will ruin astronomy, this needs to be stopped
Antan Pred mesecem
Really wont
Sepanta Rahmanipour
Sepanta Rahmanipour Pred mesecem
به اینال ماسک سلام برسون
Aziz Arsalan
Aziz Arsalan Pred mesecem
Please also plan to provide internet in Afghanistan as soon as possible. We are paying about 50$ per MB in a month. There is just a maximum of 10 MB internet speed in here.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred mesecem
come in Baghdad-iraq
XYZero Pred mesecem
JIUNnF Pred mesecem
А чат в эфире? Вон арабы двуязычный эфир во время входа своего апрарата на арбиту Марса запускали.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred mesecem
literally any improvement in our connectivity!
Sunhay Seam
Sunhay Seam Pred mesecem
SpaceX: Posts a video. Almost Everyone: Go straight to the comments section.
OMEGA PM Pred mesecem
DrEaMuS DrEaMuS Pred mesecem
SpaceX Starship SN10 explodes after landing at South Padre Island, Texas, 3 March, 2021 (Reuters ) SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has revealed the reason behind the massive explosion following the latest Starship test. Starship SN10 performed a “rapid unscheduled disassembly” on 3 March, roughly eight minutes after successfully landing at SpaceX’s Boca Chica facility in southern Texas. It was the first time a Starship prototype had landed after a major flight test, however the third time one of these tests ended in the Mars-bound craft exploding.
DrEaMuS DrEaMuS Pred mesecem
3 March 2021 SN10 achieved a hard landing with only 3 out of 6 landing legs deploying properly, a slight lean, and a fire near the base. The fire was caused by an anomaly in the shutdown of both Raptor engines during landing. The vehicle managed to land on 1 Raptor engine and then exploded eight minutes after landing.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred mesecem
literally any improvement in our connectivity!
Valentine Kropov
Valentine Kropov Pred mesecem
When is the launch? Website says 3:13am EST, but watch live says 6:10am.
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock Pred mesecem
It’s at 3:13am
fluffy mal
fluffy mal Pred mesecem
Asi trabaja el pinche santo asi trabaja el pinche viejo space xxx
fluffy mal
fluffy mal Pred mesecem
Cell tube
Cell tube Pred mesecem
Greg Simøn
Greg Simøn Pred mesecem
My friend is having his Starlink dish delivered to his house in a week or so. Lucky fuck
Mudkip909 Pred 18 urami
Mark Brunette Baladjay
Mark Brunette Baladjay Pred mesecem
Good day! Why is not possible to use 4 Jet engine? Just like airplane's, I think it could fly better and economical! Just fix oxygen that will gonna be use outer space! And prepare airplane body for outer space! Just saying!
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts Pred mesecem
Because planes can't fly in space.
Piotr Michalak
Piotr Michalak Pred mesecem
During stage separation, some sealing parts are breaking away from rocket. Are they burning in atmosphere, or creates a space trasch?
عمر محمد
عمر محمد Pred mesecem
come in Baghdad-iraq
ben pettit
ben pettit Pred mesecem
Music bangs @2x playback
さくばしばSakubashiba Pred mesecem
HEEEY guys do you think that making a outer layer of alumnum on top of steel or anything that actually has heat stress will decrease heat or like just move it equaly because i read someware that heat travels really well in aluminum like it travels fast so i was thinking if lets say the stressed part which makes heat is connected to aluminum and that aluminum is cooled down wont that make the stressed part not stress atall because its constantly cooled ? and the other way around because if you think about it if you have like a verry cold enviroment outside right and you have like a room full of aluminum and that aluminum is heated constantly it will heat the outerlayer of the aluminum....just use aluminum in cold temp and heat it with electricity....
さくばしばSakubashiba Pred mesecem
Yes its possible we got everything we need cockroaches for radiation water filtration aluminum heating for cold solar for power yep i think that its possible to live in mars also fans for artificial the problem is isolation....+ allot of mechanical problems....
YoungStrongAndCrazy Pred mesecem
multi-billion worth company always losses signal when a rocket is landing on a ship... awesome
TimePro Pred mesecem
@YoungStrongAndCrazy "multi-billion worth company always losses signal when a rocket is landing on a ship... awesome" That sounds like asking for too much from a company who can't do much about that
YoungStrongAndCrazy Pred mesecem
@TimePro nobody is acting crazy here, except you lol 😂
TimePro Pred mesecem
@YoungStrongAndCrazy They did this for CRS-6 and CRS-8 which stopped because of high prices. Besides, why are you going crazy about a camera? These launches aren’t for entertainment. There done for their customers to get their satellites into orbit. These live-streams are just an extra bonus.
YoungStrongAndCrazy Pred mesecem
@TimePro put a drone in the air, 100 - 200 m away from the landing ship, would get a good footage
TimePro Pred mesecem
@YoungStrongAndCrazy A smaller ship would be more expensive. They already send out about 3 ships. One for the Droneship, Fairing catcher, and the ones with people on bored. Whenever a 20 story booster lands directly next to a camera, the antennae isn't gonna keep that connection 100% of the time. Shake-proof isn't going to help and neither will shake proof antennae will help.
poorly drawn
poorly drawn Pred mesecem
challenge: land a falcon heavy with 4 boosters
Julian Deggan
Julian Deggan Pred mesecem
Hi SpaceX, this is quite a saga! Love how your channel is so engrained within your niche. I was hoping to get in touch via email but I'll just send a quick comment your way. I'd like to propose a partnership opportunity. Let me know if you're interested and the best way to get in touch. Thanks so much, hope to connect soon. Best, Julian
المهتدي من كربلاء
المهتدي من كربلاء Pred mesecem
يا مرحبا
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred mesecem
literally any improvement in our connectivity!
Zeynep Haracci
Zeynep Haracci Pred mesecem
of course i still love you
nikolai iliev
nikolai iliev Pred mesecem
Elon , i have an idea how to terraforming Mars in 30 years . For this we must drag one or more asteroids full of water . We can place an explosive in the asteroid, which will explode when it enters the atmosphere of Mars. In that case, the asteroid will not collide with Mars, but will disintegrate into small pieces of ice and water. And Mars will become habitable much faster than all other methods.
Azamat Ashenov
Azamat Ashenov Pred mesecem
Nice goood
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred mesecem
This has become more casual than the distribution of Covid Vaccines
Ukininam Manen
Ukininam Manen Pred mesecem
Nakakatakot ang katalinohan nating mga tao.
HaHa Funny Prank
HaHa Funny Prank Pred mesecem
how many satelete now? i am waiting for using free internet hospot from spacex.
mars Pred mesecem
2 launches in 1 day
SuperFuzzmonkey Pred mesecem
Perfect landing! Right in the middle of the pad 👌🏻
Lucas Yash
Lucas Yash Pred mesecem
What is the model number for the booster that was used for this launch?
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock Pred mesecem
Doc !!!
Doc !!! Pred mesecem
Quantum entanglement would solve communication problems in space. Pass this on to Elon, thx.
Amanda Ventura
Amanda Ventura Pred mesecem
I'm researching about rocket's fuel and I'd like to make contact with SpaceX, how can I do that?
Vaughn Eddy
Vaughn Eddy Pred mesecem
PlasticL2 Pred mesecem
Good work guys ❤️
Juan Carlos Mancha Ramos
Juan Carlos Mancha Ramos Pred mesecem
Whose music is it?
jose espinosa
jose espinosa Pred mesecem
cool is spacex
Vlad16 Pred mesecem
Mohit Roy
Mohit Roy Pred mesecem
Space x is best than isro and Nasa
Greg-Dog-Sk8ter Pred mesecem
funny how all this space x shit make people think they are all genius
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Pred mesecem
This has become more casual than the distribution of Covid Vaccines
Mudkip909 Pred 18 urami
Punkwart Pred mesecem
Warm greetings from Germany. We are a small developing country in Europe and look forward to Starlink because local companies such as Telekom, Vodafone and 1 & 1 are too f*** stupid to lay fiber optic cables.
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation Pred mesecem
“Small developing country” are you joking?
Shane Rutherford
Shane Rutherford Pred mesecem
I was born the same day SpaceX was founded.
Nalaka Siriwardhane
Nalaka Siriwardhane Pred mesecem
ස්තූතියි! ඉක්මනින්ම සිහිනය සැබෑවනතුරු නොඉවසිල්ලෙන්... 👍 Go ahead 🌏🚀💫
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation Pred mesecem
The new intro to these live streams are fricking legendary, no need to change my mind
soulure Pred mesecem
Ah that pickup at 45:30 is so good, I can't get enough of these space beats
I I T Studio
I I T Studio Pred mesecem
Make a 9 seater Tesla family car
leo abreu
leo abreu Pred mesecem
Elon its the another word
Owadzi Samiec
Owadzi Samiec Pred mesecem
Trzymam za was kciuki kiedyś Elon Musk odpisał mi na meilu tak się poczułem dobrze że szok
kollspb zet
kollspb zet Pred mesecem
Рустем Садыков
Рустем Садыков Pred mesecem
Клевая музыка в начале
OGoulart Pred mesecem
The world will be better with this.
Özcan Kola
Özcan Kola Pred mesecem
Özcan Kola
Özcan Kola Pred mesecem
MUSIC Pred mesecem
stavblock Pred mesecem
that view of the earth is really good
Axiil Team
Axiil Team Pred mesecem
lol i never subscribed to SpaceX.
Adam B
Adam B Pred mesecem
That booster has flown and landed 8 times.... dang 😳
gee ussery
gee ussery Pred mesecem
I want to put my stimulus checks into this co.!!!
Patricia Eroz
Patricia Eroz Pred mesecem
Hey ELON ❗️❤️ Plz See MY NOTE To U & Urs That I Feared The ‘Tube People’ Here Would Delete, & Not Because It’s In Any Way Negative, But They Have Been Known To Now Delete Even The Most Positive Comments Based On If They Like The Person Or Not, Which, I Know U Agree, Is Totally Cray ( 😜 ) (Like That Ancient Supercomputer ☺️). Say ‘Hello’ To MAYE From ME & THANK U SO VERY MUCH For ALL THAT U & URS ARE DOING FOR WE CITIZENS OF 🌏. 💃🏽
SairoMax Pred mesecem
Elon Musk = Future!
Aereals Pred mesecem
Thanks me later :: 18:00
Ahmet Kekik
Ahmet Kekik Pred mesecem
Starlinkler uzaya 🌟
MECO- Sfs Pred mesecem
Can i know how to have that live timer on that video?
Life is beautiful
Life is beautiful Pred mesecem
Elon Musk is a criminal because he sends spy satellites for the criminal US Army
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation Pred mesecem
@Life is beautiful well no shit
Life is beautiful
Life is beautiful Pred mesecem
@JayJay Aviation Spy satellites monitor locations on the Earth for the US Army
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation Pred mesecem
@Life is beautiful They’re not doing it with satellites lol
Life is beautiful
Life is beautiful Pred mesecem
@JayJay Aviation Killing children and women is a very hideous thing. Why is the US military killing children and women in Yemen?
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation Pred mesecem
@Life is beautiful Well that includes army and space force so ok. Also it’s not illegal
MOLE Pred mesecem
I wish they would film the landing at sea from a distant boat I really need to see that
zenith parsec
zenith parsec Pred mesecem
It's not slowing the vehicle down (pre Max-Q), it's reducing the rate it speeds up. You can see the speed increase as he says it's slowing down, which makes it sound like he could be lying about everything.
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock Pred mesecem
The says “throttling down”, not “slowing down”
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock Pred mesecem
There’s a difference between reducing speed and reducing power.
Ana Silvia Ortega Saenz
Ana Silvia Ortega Saenz Pred mesecem
Can we declare Falcon 9, as the most successful American rocket in history already?
Mudkip909 Pred 18 urami
Joseph Martin
Joseph Martin Pred mesecem
Starlink is really important stuff for Humanity , thanks ! On our way to linking the whole Planet , that is a really big deal !
Pierre Lucas
Pierre Lucas Pred mesecem
They are 55 years late in space programs, where are tickets for Moon back or not if some homes are existing already for an price to travel to Peking? We should travel many times around Saturn long time ago and gone farest Pluton with biology science to live in far planets with water. People are frightened or not economise with industry. Space is to watch space and live in space and not watch always our planet. Why not too launch some space ships directly from same apogee distance of ISS or from moon to make economies ? They don't imagine 'the own build rockets or space ships on other planets to conquest infinite planets' ? My dream younger was to travel in infinite space. Regards.
Chesi _7_0_7
Chesi _7_0_7 Pred mesecem
SpaceX will be the one that activates Skynet
aarav p
aarav p Pred mesecem
lol ok
TapasAgro Pred mesecem
mr sirpad
mr sirpad Pred mesecem
Elon Musk is a legend
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh Pred mesecem
for every falcon 9 there will be a video? will that fund spacex?
JustViggo 64
JustViggo 64 Pred mesecem
A live stream, because people like to watch it happen
AdemKaraLIVE Pred mesecem
unfortunately all those test and flights they really cause a significant carbon emission.. is there any other emission or a cause to the environment by sending rockets to outer space?
BullShitLatinName Pred mesecem
Rockets don't pollute nearly as much as you think. this is a good video on it:
Derriek Drehman
Derriek Drehman Pred mesecem
"Space Sex" give me a fuckin break. People believe these lies. Sad
Mudkip909 Pred 18 urami
SpacEXPLORATION god damn it
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation Pred mesecem
The X is for eXploration
Derriek Drehman
Derriek Drehman Pred mesecem
@BrakeCoach I think you've missed the point friend. :(
BrakeCoach Pred mesecem
why have a dirty mind?
Mysterious Whitey
Mysterious Whitey Pred mesecem
If people are going to be landing on Mars I think there should be many missions without people first sending plenty of supplies to Mars so when the 1st people actually ever get there, they will have plenty of equipment to work with. The rover was sent to Mars so alot of other things could be sent to Mars too in waiting for people to come and use it.
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation Pred mesecem
That’s kinda the plan
CoolDude100 Pred mesecem
What about the rear flaps being able to rotate horizontal to the ground just before landing. Then long legs would be extended down vertically from areas within the flaps to the ground.
XI B 14 AMEL SHAJU Pred mesecem
Why did you build the spacecraft? Like planes, the spacecraft travels from Earth to Moon, from Moon to Earth
XI B 14 AMEL SHAJU Pred mesecem
If space and the moon had the ability to take fuel, wouldn't man be able to live on the moon?
Party Time Edition
Party Time Edition Pred mesecem
There is no place to hide now... We are going wrong direction Dead End💀
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation Pred mesecem
SereneRepose Pred mesecem
When you land on the moon and mars, I'd love to see a 24/7 livefeed camera set up overlooking the landing site/sites that anyone on earth can tune into and see live the surface of the moon and mars, perhaps even earth in the background. Such a seemingly mundane and worthless thing has many possibilites I can think of
JarsoN Pred mesecem
Nice. Now i can play CS 1.6 with low ping. Thank you Elon.
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