The Most Annoying Video on the Internet

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Zach Matthews
Zach Matthews Pred uro
the title says it all.
Carson Parker
Carson Parker Pred 2 urami
I’d give 1k dollars to go full doom guy on them besides the woman with the daughter and joe.
Galactic Cow
Galactic Cow Pred 4 urami
The ultimate British versus American
Angel Muñez
Angel Muñez Pred 4 urami
It's terrible to see people selling their sense of humanity for a $1000 cash.
Charles Pred 5 urami
i wish i was rich so i could go there and give the people who deserved the money(first two out) like 10k and tell all the other people how fff annoying they are
Jonah Fleischer
Jonah Fleischer Pred 6 urami
these people are so fucked
Hana Ss
Hana Ss Pred 9 urami
they are the type of people who tell a homeless person to buy a house
ChallaMai Rosemary
ChallaMai Rosemary Pred 10 urami
Them arguing about tires is so pure
Kurt Jansen
Kurt Jansen Pred 11 urami
She needs new tires... Even though she is a climate change activist Bruh
The Stoned Ape Gaming
The Stoned Ape Gaming Pred 11 urami
"I'm Here To Win"
Max Clips
Max Clips Pred 11 urami
Man I would've voted myself off I can make a 1000 by myself
Harold Ridgeway
Harold Ridgeway Pred 12 urami
How did the 3 most insufferable people make it to the end
lpsotakutrash Pred 12 urami
Pewds reminded me to check the oil in my car, thank you.
Jared Mandig
Jared Mandig Pred 12 urami
"if your'e angry leave a like on this bideo" hoo boy never have clicked the like button so hard..
Stebpro lol
Stebpro lol Pred 12 urami
the end made my blood boil lol
Ai Taoshi
Ai Taoshi Pred 13 urami
It's like watching my step daughter she is a b***
RavensLight Pred 13 urami
At least Joe and Ilah had valid reasons. I hate those people, I hate people in general, but these people are among the worst.
Luky _5122
Luky _5122 Pred 13 urami
The black go I can’t wait to see him to I going to make it like suck
Alessandro Finazzer
Alessandro Finazzer Pred 15 urami
As soon as I saw the white straight male I knew he was going to be the first one out, lol
AFK Bender
AFK Bender Pred 15 urami
The oil checkstick? Dipstick
Lauryn JF
Lauryn JF Pred 16 urami
Pewds has to check the oil with cinnamon dude there
Stephen Scribbles
Stephen Scribbles Pred 16 urami
You would have to pay me the cash prize to actually watch that video, five minutes in and I already want to strangle myself
Destiny Zimmerman
Destiny Zimmerman Pred 17 urami
Strangers are so bold to assume they can fix everything about the other people on the couch and can act like a bunch of dicks cuz they most likely won't see these people again, and that kind of thinking is really horrible and immature.
Aus Tronaut
Aus Tronaut Pred 17 urami
POC’S convince white women to vote white men out, then vote out the white women....
Sharae Brown
Sharae Brown Pred 18 urami
It makes me so mad that they used being a person of colour in america as an excuse like dude that is a serious issue and is not just something that you can use as an excuse to win money and the fact that Kris said that too Ilah makes me sick to my stomach in the era and circumstances that we are in at this time is makes me so angry that someone can be so ignorant. Just because someone has a child doesn't mean it was consensual 😠These people are what makes me loose faith in our society and the fact that they were total strangers and they were that rude and disrespectful to each other for no reason except $1000 ( which I am aware is a lot of money ) is saddening as you can be so much more polite when figuring these situations our
Acaman Pred 18 urami
I like how the best person in the group got picked out next, every time.
S King
S King Pred 19 urami
2nd one of these videos and the white man gets voted off first 😅
Cindy Ashley
Cindy Ashley Pred 19 urami
They kicked ilah out for being the most attractive and found a reason to put her down because theyre haters
XD Funny
XD Funny Pred 19 urami
Did they get paid regardless of who win or lose because they participated in the video so they must get some Sort of money still right?
Parzival Pred 19 urami
They should give money to everyone except the last person standing.
Ibe Brycen
Ibe Brycen Pred 20 urami
This sums up America perfectly. Giving money away to those who don’t need/ deserve it
Ibe Brycen
Ibe Brycen Pred 20 urami
The one that deserved it the most get shitted on, abused and mocked. Screw those 2 and everyone knows who I’m talking about
Lauren Mayo
Lauren Mayo Pred 20 urami
Those last 4 are bullies
Sara H
Sara H Pred 22 urami
There is so much wrong with this video i cant even fit everything i want to say in one comment.
Mr. red
Mr. red Pred 22 urami
Why does pewdiepie look so different in video
Courtney Jimenez
Courtney Jimenez Pred dnevom
I keep waiting for someone to drop their @ ... I really want to read the comment section on their instas..
skannerz22 Pred dnevom
they’re racist i have never seen a full group of gingers
Juan-Pierre Giezen
Juan-Pierre Giezen Pred dnevom
How is the gay married guy going on about his kids not having diapers?
Asher Schram
Asher Schram Pred dnevom
"if you have a child thats your responsibility" from the people who 1) got hurt on the job as a consenting adult to work that job 2) the man without a job 3) the girl with bad spending problems 4) the person who "works so hard yet needs money" 5) the woman who cant even save up for a greyhound. these people dont understand how expensive children are
Eddie Sidorov
Eddie Sidorov Pred dnevom
Pewds let’s start a charity for Ilah!
Harmonic Monkey
Harmonic Monkey Pred dnevom
im kinda dissapointed cut would even give money to such degenerate assholes, that are most likley sociopaths
AryanSagar Biere
AryanSagar Biere Pred dnevom
Is it bad that i want to punch certain people in that group?
Brianna Middleton
Brianna Middleton Pred dnevom
Muslim girl thinks she's gonna save the world by fighting the climate lol
daniel kieda
daniel kieda Pred dnevom
Is there a way to give money to the girl in red?
Alyssa Mew
Alyssa Mew Pred dnevom
Wow he’s a hard worker with a broken windshield and they said it’s not necessary? Lol same girl saying that would be crying driving with one.
ADAM's Simp
ADAM's Simp Pred dnevom
i want to punch everyone there except for Abby and Joe, i would give them a hug
Jordan Howes
Jordan Howes Pred dnevom
Comments have been disabled on the vid😂
Daisy Fuentes
Daisy Fuentes Pred dnevom
can we just ship the last 3 into space?
tloumaster Pred dnevom
I wish they would turn around and call out these ppl for beimg so terrible and then give the money to the ppl they think deserve it... Would be a good plot twist... Its craxy how entitled those ppl were
TAoW John Wick
TAoW John Wick Pred dnevom
It's almost as if minorities are self important and are absolutely self centered. Wild revelation 😑
harkirat chahal
harkirat chahal Pred dnevom
These people seriously made themselves out to be horrible trash online with millions of views. Who would employ you when they see you being such a asshole
How_V3ryAwful. Pred dnevom
I hope all those people are getting bullied online now.
Veronica Morin
Veronica Morin Pred dnevom
These people are crying about 1000 for real?
Husker Dee
Husker Dee Pred dnevom
I literally had to look this video up just to dislike
OldDollDrevis Pred dnevom
I'm late to the party but my god, the title of this video is not an exaggeration in the slightest---
Loganator Pred dnevom
Not to get political but I bet I know which are liberal
Swishy_ Sal
Swishy_ Sal Pred dnevom
This video triggered me so much... kinda sad to see people like this irl
I DO BE VIBBIN Pred dnevom
This is a like a twitter argument irl.
Autry F
Autry F Pred dnevom
The last four work for Bing
Madeleine Reed
Madeleine Reed Pred dnevom
Slammed the like button out of pure disgust.
E.W. Denny
E.W. Denny Pred 2 dnevi
pewdiepie should buy a jdm car tbh
Cheyenne Raney
Cheyenne Raney Pred 2 dnevi
8:19 is PEAK comedy "then i dont know what that means... maybe i need more oil."
VYBZ Pred 2 dnevi
i wish they would of said nvm none of you deserve it and ended the video
da vinky
da vinky Pred 2 dnevi
some of these people peaked in high school and its so painfully obvious😩
Abbe Robinson
Abbe Robinson Pred 2 dnevi
Hey, I'm Abbe from this video. You want to know how it actually went behind the scenes?
Destiny Hall
Destiny Hall Pred 2 dnevi
Okay but...shakera bullied her way to winning. It makes people hate you but her stratagem workers. That’s how it works in real life. Make a group of mean kids, then be the leader. Get everyone else to follow you and be mean and kick the nice people out. Then, the mean people will pick you because you’re the “leader”.
Nathaniel Vaughn
Nathaniel Vaughn Pred 2 dnevi
Here's a reminder:) God made everything, and he spent time on you because he knows of how good of a person you are, and jesus protects you everyday, and he hears your prayers, but if you don't belive God or what jesus have done, it is not to late to start today, so please turn to the lord, it will be the best decision of your life, and you are alive today because God has a plan for you, so never give up and start living for god!
DylanY Pred 2 dnevi
The three most humane and nice people got kicked off first
Joshua kairo
Joshua kairo Pred 2 dnevi
I hope those peoples public image is ruined forever
Neopet22 Pred 2 dnevi
I'm assuming they are being more immature than high schoolers because high schoolers live at home,they don't need the money as much because their parents provide them. But grownups who make minimum wage, they become a bit more feisty 🤣 Edit: halfway through the video I realized these people are assholes. None of the top 4 deserved the money, Ilah should have gotten it, she doesn't need to use her freaking kid to get your pity. Why would she say she can't afford food/diapers? It would seem she is not fit to be a mother if she said it.
SKepTicKniVeZ Pred 2 dnevi
How you claim you got mentors and got all these people you can send others too? Why ain’t you going to them then?
Jace Baxter
Jace Baxter Pred 2 dnevi
I want to watch some of these people die a painful death
dragonzito mojado
dragonzito mojado Pred 2 dnevi
You should watch the whole thing in another channel since the worst parts, probably the ones that made that dislike ratio possible, are edited out. They include racism and stuff like that.
jem Pred 2 dnevi
Good people don’t say out loud that they’re a good person. They acknowledge it internally, or they don’t acknowledge it at all. She sounds stuck up, honestly
2K6TURTLE _ Pred 2 dnevi
Angela Stone
Angela Stone Pred 2 dnevi
This is almost physically painful to watch. 😟 Poor Joe.
Lillie Addington
Lillie Addington Pred 2 dnevi
something about that guy dependent on his husband sitting with an Apple Watch criticizing everyone else's struggle makes me so mad like stfu and take ur own judgements
Limey Pred 2 dnevi
It's has gotten almost 100k dislikes in just 4 days WOW
Limey Pred 2 dnevi
Am pro
Makeshift Pred 2 dnevi
Love that the assholes all exposed themselves to everyone. Still think that out of all of the three shikira pissed me off the least. Still think the first to be eliminated deserved the money.
Instinct Temper
Instinct Temper Pred 2 dnevi
“Imaging how much they pay for PewDiePie..Babies..” 😂😂😂 oml Ken stop😂😂
Instinct Temper
Instinct Temper Pred 2 dnevi
And here sits Ken and Felix acting more immature then anyone 😂
symlees Pred 2 dnevi
it's honestly so sickening how ilah is a 19 year old mother in college, and they had the GALL to bully and mock her for it? saying that it was her choice and she should take responsibility for it when she was RAPED? what the fuck ??
Ingrid Silva Cruz
Ingrid Silva Cruz Pred 2 dnevi
I need these people @s 🙄😠
Bratt Rox
Bratt Rox Pred 2 dnevi
I'm just.... so mad.... wtf the bully won the money? A bunch of adults really fell into that mob mentality bull???
Git Man
Git Man Pred 2 dnevi
Behold the modern left
Oliver Begg
Oliver Begg Pred 2 dnevi
Is it just me or are the most deserving voted out first and the least deserving bullies are last??
muhammad farhahn
muhammad farhahn Pred 2 dnevi
So anybody knows what happen to the 3 bullies in these video??
Yes It is I
Yes It is I Pred 3 dnevi
“How’s it going bros I’m here with the not beautiful Ken” lol
Chef_Boiardee Pred 3 dnevi
this looks like the most unfun group of people ever,
LoneStranger089 Pred 3 dnevi
Pewdiepie, from Ice-Fin-Swedeland Land, where every male is given 25,000 acres of land upon reaching "PewBerty", and knows literally nothing about the real world,
Andreas Klausen
Andreas Klausen Pred 3 dnevi
So we all agree that the people were the three left right.
Betsy 000
Betsy 000 Pred 3 dnevi
The last 3 are so immature it’s embarrassing to watch 💀
Knight Of Dark
Knight Of Dark Pred 3 dnevi
I feel soooo bad for the person who got out second, she cried, like these people are all jerks
Saint-Vacheron Pred 3 dnevi
money makes people mad , make them forget moral values .
Chef Pred 3 dnevi
These are the most insufferable people I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to
linguini boi
linguini boi Pred 3 dnevi
I hope they watch this and know that pewdiepie personally hates them
evoking12345 Pred 3 dnevi
HOLY FUCK people suck 🤣 this was hilarious
anviolets Pred 3 dnevi
My gosh, these are like the people I have grown up. This is horrible.
LionManatic2048 Pred 3 dnevi
Dude: " Do some hair more" Me:" How about you get some hair baldie..."
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