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The Hardest Lesson Jennifer Lopez Learned About Love
After seeking true love for so long, Jennifer Lopez was devastated when her family fell apart. How did she pick up the pieces? And what really made her fall for Alex Rodriguez?

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Want More Inspiring Life Stories?
At Goalcast we want to inspire the world to reach their dreams by sharing powerful and inspiring speeches and life stories from people around the globe. We partner with the best speakers to share their powerful messages that will change your life.
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Breach Arce
Breach Arce Pred dnevom
Best of luck
Tanya Kraizel
Tanya Kraizel Pred dnevom
Thank you Jennifer Lopez! You are the best teacher on how to learn to love yourself!
Tanya Kraizel
Tanya Kraizel Pred dnevom
How l wish l had a sister!
Ritu Mukherjee
Ritu Mukherjee Pred dnevom
Beautiful women are face this kind of suffering the most 😭😭😭 God help us
Andreas Jacobi
Andreas Jacobi Pred 2 dnevi
She just used him to come up as an singer, he find out she is fake
Orce Tata
Orce Tata Pred 2 dnevi
I ask the whole planet to come and give a client for this program You must understand that we must help too Let's make a little effort please wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly Let's all make just a little effort recipe for a client signs Nițu joer
Still Wind
Still Wind Pred 5 dnevi
A lot of these famous women gush to much, just keep certain things to yourself , everyone they have married has been "the one" no such thing, if it wasn't alex Rodriguez she would be with someone else, maybe maluma lol, I cringe for these women who praise and gush so much then breakup later on, don't have to share everything
Dolores Olivencia
Dolores Olivencia Pred 7 dnevi
Look at her reeeal good! Shes had nooo plastic surgery! She takes very good care of herself and u can tell. Im 60 and my complexion looks somewat like hers. Puerto ricans have good genes heello!
Iśvari DeviDasi
Iśvari DeviDasi Pred 9 dnevi
All the best and so Much Love to so Beautiful Wonderful Goddess Jennifer Lopez 🙏💛🌻🎉
Alinah Madin
Alinah Madin Pred 10 dnevi
The more I do my research on humans' relationships' patterns, the more I'm convinced that all relationships are important no matter how bad a person might feel about it. Each of them nurtures and teaches the people involved to differentiate what true love is from mere co dependency and emotional attachment.
Alias Seraphine
Alias Seraphine Pred 11 dnevi
I am passing through the same story... After 2 times devorced i need to be on my own start to love myself and to shine even more than before... Thanks Jennifer for sharing your story!
Celina Pajerska
Celina Pajerska Pred 11 dnevi
Miłość tam Gdzie Kasa
Serbes Floket
Serbes Floket Pred 12 dnevi
Fucking devil worshipers
MAVERICK X Pred 9 dnevi
Yeah boss
Serbes Floket
Serbes Floket Pred 12 dnevi
Thelma Barros
Thelma Barros Pred 14 dnevi
Are we notice everyone wants Russell Wilson CC Now.that putting God.frist Family real love God taken the wheel Jesus doing work When its.Right its all right May all individuals pray for them self , pray for neighbor Keep walking in the.light. presonal relationship. You'reself &.God Rise vibration one love To thou own true
Amy Falcon
Amy Falcon Pred 14 dnevi
That’s how a relationship should each other! Best relationship ever JLo❤️ARod❤️JLo!
Nikki E.
Nikki E. Pred 16 dnevi
Yeah try to go through all that in your marriage only you’re broke and can’t do anything about it. I mean good for her but she was hardly in the most difficult circumstances in which to have that happen.
Pamela Folger
Pamela Folger Pred 18 dnevi
codzy dee
codzy dee Pred 21 dnevom
you met your soulmate jenny your soulmate......i know it happened to me was single for 30 yrs had bfs on an off met my babe in 2019 im 58 hes 8 yrs older than me........never felt soooo happy comftable relaxed he uplifts me and me to him u feel comftable theres no words to describe it i have a broken marriage behind me but my ex never felt husbandy if thats a word to say my new soulmate i wanna die with i love him to bits hes always what i dreamed of thank u God Almighty for making this old cinderellas dream come true God bless jenny an her new family too heal old wounds forgive let go of bitterness an God will make a way for all i hope everybody on this planet earth finds love like i did amen God bless everybody xox
sarah chippis
sarah chippis Pred 21 dnevom
He’s her biggest fan 😍😍😍😍
Tek man tamu Laamchhaane
Tek man tamu Laamchhaane Pred 23 dnevi
always love you 💘💘💘JLo💘💘💘
Infinity 888
Infinity 888 Pred 25 dnevi
I really like and adore JLo, I am so happy for her that she found the love of her life. God is so ggod ❤️🙏
Acaca 83
Acaca 83 Pred 25 dnevi
I love jeniffer lopes❤👍
THD Pred 27 dnevi
JLO is strong woman in career but need men to make her better than strong and she get it now👍👍
Ana Salvatierra Ruiz
Ana Salvatierra Ruiz Pred 29 dnevi
The striped drawer endosonographically need because panties postnatally deliver atop a superficial lan. dry, incredible parade
JOSE T Pred mesecem
Afraid to be alone, shit...Its great to be alone(in my opinion). Being alone, your own boss is great because you don't have to worry about your wife or husband, you just worry about you, unless you have children then you do have to worry about someone else.
Evelyn Carrion
Evelyn Carrion Pred mesecem
JLo wouldn’t know this will be her 4th marriage LOL hopefully she got it right this time. 😬
Cintra Emmanuel
Cintra Emmanuel Pred mesecem
Thank you Jennifer for this message... when my whole world is falling apart you give me courage to go on
Tatyanna McGeorge
Tatyanna McGeorge Pred mesecem
This is too sad for me damn I didn’t know she went through all of that wtf!😢💔
Victorine lingo
Victorine lingo Pred mesecem
Desperation is killing women this days , society contributes to all this.
Nicci Berriman
Nicci Berriman Pred mesecem
A Rod just loves her and it shows by how he supports her
FeelGood Within
FeelGood Within Pred mesecem
So true 👌 Be with someone who help you to shine brighter 👏💃
Rafael Martinez
Rafael Martinez Pred mesecem
Tear drops....a body wash.
Federico Guzman
Federico Guzman Pred mesecem
Yo puedo especular que solamente es un show para desviar la verdad pero no creo qué esté preparado para una relación pará toda la vida es de adeveras que disfruten el momento y si es mentira que hagan su mejor actuación
Federico Guzman
Federico Guzman Pred mesecem
Soy un fan de hueso Colorado de Jennifer López pero éste es sólo mi punto de vista y con todo respeto no creo
Margie Torres
Margie Torres Pred mesecem
She said. She. Afraid. For. Some. People. They. Afraid. Being. After. My. Divorce. I. Love. Being. By. Myself. It. Works. For. Me
Dawn Hooper
Dawn Hooper Pred mesecem
It's all good Jennifer. The men you have had are all alpha, just like yourself. You are an amazing Goddess.😉🙏
KG KK Pred mesecem
She is the most amazing woman in the world.
Glida Turcios
Glida Turcios Pred mesecem
Yo no entendí ni madres de lo que dijeron pero entendí las imagenes y aquí estoy llorando...
Phillip Tallman
Phillip Tallman Pred mesecem
Keep ya head up babe keep on doing what you love and have going for you have fun and be safe and happy New year's
Roleta Fereti Nuuola
Roleta Fereti Nuuola Pred mesecem
Jesus bless you all
Clarice Gwanya
Clarice Gwanya Pred mesecem
We love you JLo. You are truely amazing and🥂🍾🍷 strong. 🥂 You are my custard. You are really a beautiful flower.🍷🍾🎊❤️🇿🇦
aleksandra kettner
aleksandra kettner Pred mesecem
Nina R
Nina R Pred mesecem
She upgraded big time
V Pred mesecem
Thank you for that wonderful message. It has exhibited a tremedous amount of work I have to do for my Self before calling in that special Soul into my Life. I must feel and be Complete within. If I don't go Within, I go Without. That Completeness cannot be full-filled by Someone else. I know this. I cannot depend on anyone to Complete me. It's best to share my Completeness and as painful as this is to state, I would rather be alone and Whole than to be accompanied and torn Apart or rather not be a-part of of that Wholeness. 💜💜💜
S T Pred mesecem
Beauty gens wasted with an ugly man. And her daughter cant even dance.
Nik Pred mesecem
Fantastic jlo 🤩
Will Smith
Will Smith Pred mesecem
She my woman .....
Will Smith
Will Smith Pred mesecem
Rod needs to leave her alone .....god wants her ...
Margaret alvyns
Margaret alvyns Pred mesecem
They are meant to be....i hate mark anthony..
Aidni Mercado
Aidni Mercado Pred mesecem
I felt this cause I feel this way now how she felt with Marc anxiety, stress & afraid of the unknown of staying & leaving cause idk where to even begin to pick up the pieces of my life as I gave up my own place to move with him in another state hrs away from all my loved ones but tonight I told him I'm moving out & no longer wanna be together or engaged & I haven't been wearing my ring he bought me 2 engagement rings & 1 promise ring & neither are on my finger & he doesn't want me to leave he's tryna apologize & made us dinner earlier but all his nice gestures come from him failing me as a partner nothing comes from the heart that's how I feel & I know I don't wanna feel like this forever so I plan on moving out this week & I hope I find the strength to walk away & never look back because I know me & my son deserve better & no woman should get degraded & disrespected constantly or have a guy physically & mentally abuse her even if the domestic abuse only happened 3 or 4 times & I never put him away for it & let him back in so he never truly learned his lesson & I think he finally will when I cut him off for good & or get a restraining order to keep him away
Mari Donis
Mari Donis Pred mesecem
You've met the one for now!
Alina Aghaj
Alina Aghaj Pred mesecem
I wish everyone can have unconditional love. Love is kind , love never hates 💖 Love heals all wounds ...
Marc USA USA USA Pred mesecem
She is a satanist devil worshipper
MAVERICK X Pred 9 dnevi
Anne Santiago
Anne Santiago Pred mesecem
So true. Be whole first on your own and the right one will come along
Мая Розыева
Мая Розыева Pred mesecem
The main thing is realizing that you feel unhappy that influence even children😞
globalcitizenn Pred mesecem
JLo is a Narcissist. Be careful. She is consumed by her ambition for herself. Her mom, husband, children are only to serve her needs. Narcissists can never be alone and they have a deep need to fit in and be looked up to and admired. To look ideal. And they work hard to achieve it.. power from money, beauty, fame, perfection but they lack empathy for others. Especially people they see as beneath them, like staff. She needed power and control in a relationship and she didn’t have that with Marc Anthony coz he was a strong person. So she married her fan, Alex. You should see the way she treats him, constant little put downs.
AZ J Pred mesecem
I truly think Jennifer Lopez is afraid of being alone. That's why she jumps from one relationship to another. She is not comfortable and strong to be alone growing older. She is too reliant on a man.
çämmîê îkøñ
çämmîê îkøñ Pred mesecem
You have no idea how this helped me i wish i could save this💜
çämmîê îkøñ
çämmîê îkøñ Pred mesecem
I felt this😞...deeply
Patricia Medina
Patricia Medina Pred mesecem
You pick the same pattern of men
Patricia Medina
Patricia Medina Pred mesecem
Jennifer there’s a red flag to many men a none no good there’s something your doing wrong it. Ant be that all men are not good the problem is you can’t be without men
Evet Sanchez
Evet Sanchez Pred mesecem
Answer to the title is ... First of All he must be single Not married!!! You don't base your happiness off of another woman's marriage/ husband , disgrace 😭
Evet Sanchez
Evet Sanchez Pred mesecem
Unfortunately, you can't break up another woman's marriage and expect to be happy . You can't give your kids forever staying together parenting when you took that away from his prior children. God bless e everyone 🙏🌹
LD LD Pred mesecem
She is just selfish period ! I hope he doesn't marry her , she's been through so many men and marriages. She's just not learning!
Qweenrenee Danley
Qweenrenee Danley Pred mesecem
They are twin flames she is the masculine and he is the feminine
Luciana Pred mesecem
I feel bad for her even if i don't like her at all, she's 50 and just found out that a relationship it has to be supporting, loving and nourishing. That's sadddd. It also takes 2 to want to work on a relationship, looks like Mark Anthony didn't want that, she was the only one working and trying to hold on to it and trying to fix it, so.....clearly ended up in divorce
Karen Hillier
Karen Hillier Pred mesecem
nake me want to vomit.. clidk and she makes money.. wake up people!! You are being manipulated by these actors!!! period!!!
Bob Miller
Bob Miller Pred mesecem
Wow.. Bunch of angry lesbians on here lol
Joce Rod
Joce Rod Pred mesecem
Boohoo Jlo. Atleast you got nothing else to worry about. Like how u gna pay your next months rent. Im tired of these celebrities. I look up to none of them.
Susan Stapleton
Susan Stapleton Pred mesecem
Maybe you should wear some clothes. You might your man
Maria Da Silva
Maria Da Silva Pred mesecem
Loved this!!
Roza Algeroise
Roza Algeroise Pred mesecem
Warrior on high heels my définition of @jlo
Dora Tiscareno
Dora Tiscareno Pred 2 meseci
aleksandra kettner
aleksandra kettner Pred 2 meseci
LironX 215
LironX 215 Pred 2 meseci
Wow strong woman
Peggee Pred 2 meseci
Grow together #fazza , when dreams end 💛🙏💙
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez Pred 2 meseci
Doesnt seem what it is we in different times
Srianjanavadevoo S
Srianjanavadevoo S Pred 2 meseci
Beautiful woman..
Racheal Gonza
Racheal Gonza Pred 2 meseci
Wow.... Jlo is officially my role model♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Jackie Pred 2 meseci
The one??? She’s been around the block and back. She’s had “the one” like 10 times.
belina lug
belina lug Pred 2 meseci
The best thing for her to do is keep the media out of her love life.
Rosario Campos
Rosario Campos Pred 2 meseci
Like you do changing shoes , some change husband's instead of fixing the defaults and mistakes and keep making the same mistakes obviously.
N K Pred 2 meseci real and down To earth ...i Feel the same way....
María Victoria Díaz Santamarina
María Victoria Díaz Santamarina Pred 2 meseci
I never found a man to support me ... although I still do not lose hope...💖✨
True democratic A
True democratic A Pred 2 meseci
She had men in her life more than she had coffee
Helen Boula
Helen Boula Pred 2 meseci
Does she ever notice I guess not but everytime A-Rod kisser he has his eyes open I would question that just saying I'm a skeptical person.
Solozo Pred 2 meseci
need more money love is that impoartant in all ways if you reach the point to be married to some have more money and you can do what the fuck you wanna do thats it when you know that you know what peolple want first fame money kids no har work a bank account of contless money and be free for sex in all ways when your fames love is the last feeling because i wanna be on the top al money not love thats it if your are poor ask some one what he wants first a job love marriage kids and healthy money comes last jenny from the block street for money !!!
D Pagne
D Pagne Pred 2 meseci
Oh this spoke to me after a cheating husband.. And a divorce and years of going solo
shanti. Pred 2 meseci
Omg.this stimulate me.👍❤
Anshika Akhoon
Anshika Akhoon Pred 2 meseci
That's right ❤️
Alma G.
Alma G. Pred 2 meseci
A-Rod follows her around like a Pekingese poodle who's afraid of being left like all the others.
Lauren Jade Beauty
Lauren Jade Beauty Pred 2 meseci
I hope this is the one that’s going to last but I’m not sure - some people are in love with being in love if that makes sense- Jennifer has always struck me as the type that loves being in love - the newness of excitement of the romance the rush of feelings in courting that happiness (the stars and the moon 😂 all that jazz and its all so hot in the beginning but that honeymoon phase doesn’t last - for those that do marry some Morph into deep friendships over years of marriage and in the rare cases the passion is still alive to) but in the realm of life itself with anything that honeymoon phase doesn’t last and the newness fades and then your back to searching for that high of being in love and then couples are like looking for ways to rekindle the fire bring back the romance sometimes years later they wind up asking themselves “how did we get here” but for those that are addicted to love and addicted to the feeling of being in love they’re just going to keep chasing it’s never going to end because they’re addicted to that feeling that rush that honeymoon phase. And what settles into the reality of life which is Monday in life is for some people just not very appealing and exciting so they’re looking for that one but that one doesn’t exist what are chasing is that feeling of the honeymoon phase! I hope this is the one these are two very independent passionate strong souls so it’ll be interesting to see what happens down the road!
aleksandra kettner
aleksandra kettner Pred 3 meseci
Linda B
Linda B Pred 3 meseci
But she did NOT heal on her own, she used her backup-dancer CASPER SMART as a REBOUND. She ALWAYS jumped from one relationship to another to avoid being alone. So she did NOT "heal on her own"!
Janine Akrap
Janine Akrap Pred 3 meseci
How dovl get my heart man l never meet him but l right to him laugh god its not fair true love can brake you
Patrick Pongerard
Patrick Pongerard Pred 3 meseci
Cessez votre propagande car tout le show-business sait qu'elle est une Trans-genre comme Michelle Obama et la première ministre de la New-zeland 🤔🤔🤔
Danielle Douglas
Danielle Douglas Pred 3 meseci
It's So Hard in The Beginning isn't Jennifer? But You Know When You've Met The One, And That's The Glorious Part.........I'm Waiting On The Glorious Part....
Hudur Studio
Hudur Studio Pred 3 meseci
Its time YeiLo to reborn but this time the most important ia tour security and being with your heart realized. And you deram becoming in a new Sense of who you are soooooo important.
Lu Johnson
Lu Johnson Pred 3 meseci
This is same story now.
Ir ME Pred 3 meseci
What a lie! Marc Anthony was a rebound after she has been dumped by Afleck. She is so lame in putting the blame on him for the failed marriage.
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