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Farhan Bin Fuad
Farhan Bin Fuad Pred mesecem
These lhw , middleweights guys have zero ground game,
YQu're being TrQlled
YQu're being TrQlled Pred 2 meseci
Just coming back to this video to say, I watched this the day you released it and you called this fight PERFECTLY! Glover won by THE EXACT way you said in this video. Got rocked multiple times but slowly suffocated Thiago before sub'ing him. You don't always get them right Dan but when you do, you get them bang on! Well done Hitman.
Casey Richards
Casey Richards Pred 2 meseci
Chocked our Santos the same way . V patient .
McTrumpマックトランプです! Pred 2 meseci
Dan, do a breakdown for the US election;-)
Henry North
Henry North Pred 2 meseci
Dan as a coach on ultimate fighter anyone?
Pub x Stompa
Pub x Stompa Pred 2 meseci
Dan Hardy is the new Mystic Mac...move along Connor.
Swedish Latino
Swedish Latino Pred 2 meseci
Santos proved he has ZERO fight IQ
PJROD Pred 2 meseci
You called this fight perfectly 😜😜😜
I Just Bought A Donkey
I Just Bought A Donkey Pred 2 meseci
He called it perfectly. Fuckkk
Will Pred 2 meseci
11:25 Dan you called this fight exactly, best analyst out there!
Miguel Alexandre
Miguel Alexandre Pred 2 meseci
Its like Dan is breaking down the exact fight before it happened lol on point!
Rashid Jude
Rashid Jude Pred 2 meseci
Dan was on the money Glover did this again but with RNC
Sean Seany
Sean Seany Pred 2 meseci
Psychic fuck . Dam dan 👏👏👏
Animesh Sahu
Animesh Sahu Pred 2 meseci
Glover did it he fucking picked Santos up as nothing slammed him then choked him after getting dropped twice. LEGEND
epic Thomas 20 jk
epic Thomas 20 jk Pred 2 meseci
Santos maybe should've had a peak at this...
Matt Woodroffe
Matt Woodroffe Pred 2 meseci
Think that was the most accurate breakdown and result I've seen. Good job sir!
Condon Sutherland
Condon Sutherland Pred 2 meseci
"He just slowly drowns you, in his blood or yours, he's not bothered" for some reason that is such a badass line to me
coleeg69 Pred 2 meseci
Glover is trash! Washed up and slow as heck! He's getting KO'd
Abdur Rehman Malik
Abdur Rehman Malik Pred 2 meseci
EmptyBio Pred 2 meseci
The fastest “that didn’t age well” I’ve seen.
jeffrey vedha
jeffrey vedha Pred 2 meseci
This didn't age well. Santos knee is gone
Lord Gruesome
Lord Gruesome Pred 2 meseci
Dan Hardy is an MMA genius
Dominiguez bolo
Dominiguez bolo Pred 2 meseci
To me one thing for sure, thiago santos is very strong in his upper body as well as in his lower body, it's almost equal I'm assuming and that's very important for any fighter and that's very important for almost any athlete.. Thiago has powerful punches as well as powerful kicks and for an elite striker he's great at defending against the elite wrestlers and grapplers takedowns and he doesn't allow himself to get controlled by great wrestlers and grapplers too much, for a striker he knows very well how to dictate on how the fight goes because most of the time it's the wrestlers and grapplers who dictates the fights.. And glover Teixeira is a great all around mma fighter, this man knows how to win a fight in many ways.. It should definitely be a great battle between these two I'm assuming.. For me overall, I'm betting on santos winning..
Lucas Godoy
Lucas Godoy Pred 2 meseci
I hope glover Glover prevail. I just can´ go against those old dogs man.
Luc P
Luc P Pred 2 meseci
Best breakdowns in the game...not even close 🤘
UnderDog Podcast
UnderDog Podcast Pred 2 meseci
Hey there Dan. God bless you Dan. Bye Dan.
James Cottam
James Cottam Pred 2 meseci
Love your breakdown on how you see the fight going. Great channel.
Corporate Jake
Corporate Jake Pred 2 meseci
I think Glover can beat him if it gets to the mat I can see Glover feint dropping and getting Thiago fooled on the ground...ahh, maybe I'm dreaming and see that as the only way to win for Tex.
Matt Murdoch
Matt Murdoch Pred 2 meseci
I expect glover to Leg kick Santos early to test his knee and take Santos into the championship rounds and wear him out ....thats providing he can withstand the explosive strikes of Santos early and doesn't get caught .
K P Pred 2 meseci
People are sleeping on Glover💤 I'm taking him by submission third round
K P Pred 2 meseci
Lol !!! I just went off of Glover's past fights he usually takes a beating and then puts his opponent on the ground and either submits him or finishes him... I knew he was going to meet Santos though people are sleeping on texiera he is a dawg!!
Zeno Grey
Zeno Grey Pred 2 meseci
Damn 😂 😂. U got some lottery numbers bruh?
R S Pred 2 meseci
Wow I impressive you were bang on!!!! Good assessment
NUWAN Sampath
NUWAN Sampath Pred 2 meseci
hell yeah glover won.
EmptyBio Pred 2 meseci
Lakshmana Pred 2 meseci
What about Santos hurt knees, punch power and mobility reduced?
Jason Gomez
Jason Gomez Pred 2 meseci
Glover will finish Santos.. everybody sleeping
dajmikrokiet Pred 2 meseci
That age well mate
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler Pred 2 meseci
Thiago is one of my favorites, but i have a sick feeling hes gonna let Glover get his back, and be finished. god, i hope im wrong...EDIT: should have put my money where my heart was!
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler Pred 2 meseci
@Connor McCarthy *takes a bow*
Connor McCarthy
Connor McCarthy Pred 2 meseci
Wow good call!
Crazy HD Vids
Crazy HD Vids Pred 2 meseci
Glover is like Overeem, he gets hurt like every fight but finds a way to come back
Shea Hobbs
Shea Hobbs Pred 2 meseci
i dont call fights often but santos is one of the scariest fighters ive ever seen, hes light heavyweight nganou! i love glover but my imaginary moneys on thaigo
Percy Wetmoe
Percy Wetmoe Pred 2 meseci
He said Santos was smaller than Anders. WTF? What fight is he watching? Santos is much bigger!
Luke S
Luke S Pred 2 meseci
Glover the merc 🤣
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell Pred 2 meseci
Dan's turning into a bit of a prick. Being so damn rude to Diego was uncalled for. Too sensitive, not very punk rock 😂
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell Pred 2 meseci
@Full Reptile You were a fighter, no ones denying that Dan and you were good in your prime, I watched and supported you. It's not the suit though or the articulate speech - it's your age. If you want to play up online with Ferguson on Diego then that's your choice... Wire in with that but it just seems you're an offended guy. You lowered yourself to personal insults, your choice however doesn't mean people won't have an opinion on that. You went full blown on the personal insults so please don't pretend you're high and mighty and don't act up like an offended man when Sanchez or Ferguson sends a ridiculous tweet. These guys are trying to raise their name in the UFC doing this, personally I think it's time for men (especially on the other side of 30) to grow up. The real epidemic of this year is a mental health epidemic which Tony Ferguson fought like a warrior to beat - that's more difficult than any MMA fight... All the best to you, you do you. ✌
Full Reptile
Full Reptile Pred 2 meseci
I suppose that’s a matter of opinion. Just like the thought to share ones own opinion on something that has nothing to do with them. It’s the real epidemic of the 21st century. Just because I put on a suit and form proper sentences, doesn’t mean I’m not a fighter, and doesn’t mean anyone is going to mug me off and get no return. I’m not lowering myself to personal insults. I’m letting them both know that if they want to nibble, expect to be bitten in return.
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell Pred 2 meseci
@Full Reptile Lol, it's cage fighting not snake fighting - I wouldn't have took that as a threat to my life or slated him like that. The dudes clearly got issues. Since the Herb Dean situation you've been a bit prickly. The grammar shit with Tony (when on your page you had the wrong UFC event number lol) then the Diego malarkey. Calm your ham, you call and analyse fights as a respected dude. I didn't think you'd lower to that tbh... just seems you're a bit prickly rather than trash talk fighters you aren't fighting maybe the most "punk rock" thing to do is give a middle finger and move on rather than lower yourself to personal insults on social media especially to guys that clearly have mental health issues. Rising to shit you shouldn't pay any attention to seems a little sensitive in my opinion. I respected the way you carry yourself as a non biased grown arse man and sports analyst and let the fighters squabble like grown children. That's their job to act up. 🖕🏻That emoji is also available to you.
Full Reptile
Full Reptile Pred 2 meseci
That’s not very punk rock 😉
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell Pred 2 meseci
@Full Reptile "calm the ham Diego jeezo pal" 😂
delatroy Pred 2 meseci
Glover "The 250,000 Mile Mercedes Benz" Teixeira 🥊
SantoAntonio Pred 2 meseci
Thank you for the great content Dan, it's always a pleasure to learn from you
Cagatay Cakmak
Cagatay Cakmak Pred 2 meseci
Those elbows are ABSOLUTELY illegal Dan.
Full Reptile
Full Reptile Pred 2 meseci
They aren’t, my friend. The angle is fine, and they’re landing above the ear line.
K 99
K 99 Pred 2 meseci
By far the best analyst with the best breakdowns there is no close second
McTrumpマックトランプです! Pred 2 meseci
Luke Thomas is pretty good actually
j man
j man Pred 2 meseci
Those who can’t, teach.
tatsujin231 Pred 2 meseci
Great breakdown again Dan, big fan of your analysis! If you were looking for ideas I'd love to see breakdowns of classic fights, something to consider.Keep up the great work
MDC Pred 2 meseci
Santos is going to smash Glover. He's just like him, but bigger, hits harder and is way more aggressive.
MDC Pred 2 meseci
Well I was wrong and seemingly understated Glover or overstated Santos. Great fight though!
Paul Brewer
Paul Brewer Pred 2 meseci
"Stop the count!"
Cameron Azadi
Cameron Azadi Pred 2 meseci
Fuck ESPN aNd everyone saying that. So they can add a new ESPN+++ and make us pay $50 a month for these videos to make more old white guys bigger billionaires? Gtfo. It's full reptile all day bitches
Mitchell Luong
Mitchell Luong Pred 2 meseci
The shorter creepy intro is helpful. I still think you should just rid of it completely. Look how fast homegrown fighter and the dan hooker podcast are growing. A friendly intro goes a long way. Love the shows but the intro + channel avatar + reptile sure does seem a bit cult-like
Paulo Nenevê
Paulo Nenevê Pred 2 meseci
@Mitchell Luong got where you are coming from. Respect. Me too can't wish nothing but the best for Dan's chanel. Yes, already fan off him, so maybe i'm biased. But I do really like it the rawness...
Mitchell Luong
Mitchell Luong Pred 2 meseci
@Paulo Nenevê hey thanks for that insight. I appreciate it. But like you said, you were already a hardy fan, unless I misunderstood that. I love dan hardy as well, and I will continue to support him regardless, but I do believe a little more of a friendly intro/overall look could help him with becoming a little more popular and generate more money for him! I think dan hardy should be way more recognized and followed than he currently is. I could see a casual mma fan gravitate to chael, submission radio, or ariel over dan just because it seems a little bit "darker"? Spookier? Idk maybe it's just me.
Paulo Nenevê
Paulo Nenevê Pred 2 meseci
Completely desagree... with respect. Thoes elements you've described was the ones that hit me first. Already a fan off Hardy's i reaaly enjoyed the more poersonal touch and the kind off dark creepy, specially the intro. I love it. Hard core
Kristopher Nichols
Kristopher Nichols Pred 2 meseci
Dan, thank you for not saying, “please like and subscribe!” It was refreshing. Also, awesome analysis.
The FallenOneZz
The FallenOneZz Pred 2 meseci
Thiago Reminds me of badr
Makai Alexander
Makai Alexander Pred 2 meseci
Glover is an amazing, amazing ground skills for a 230lb fighter and no one can take his power
Greg Brimstone
Greg Brimstone Pred 2 meseci
Dammit to hell. I'm too much of a Glover fan. I don't wanna see this fight but naturally I'll have to watch. He's great but i feel like these new LHW like Reyes and Santos are just out of his league at this point. I'll be pulling for him. I hope he wins this fight against Santos then goes on to face the winner of Adesanya/Blachowicz. In a perfect world he wins these two fights and retires on top as champion. but... I gotta come back to reality. That's a freakin' storybook.
BackPackRapFan Pred 2 meseci
My thoughts exactly. Hopefully training with Alex Pereira helps Glover be able to deal with Santos better. Glover usually doesn’t have the high level training partners a lot of other fighters/camps have.
Anthony Grizzly
Anthony Grizzly Pred 2 meseci
I'd love to see you in conversation with Teddy Atlas. That would be a good collab
Matthew Neufer
Matthew Neufer Pred 2 meseci
Glover is old school hes been fighting for 18 + years hes got alot of expirance wisdom in the octagon wisdom and savagery Glover grinds you out I hope with his boxing and Santos is sloppy and wild he will get caught slipping, at least thats what Glover is hoping g for , I hope Gover wins.
M!DNITE Music Pred 2 meseci
Dan Hardy looks like he needs a nap.
R Pred 2 meseci
These breakdown videos are awesome. Dan's fighting iq is something else.
M DGAF Pred 2 meseci
That's the thing with the UFC, most of the ranked fighters are good enough to take belts in other organisations
Ronin Pred 2 meseci
Tbh since the Jones Fight..if Santos is on 100% again..he will be the next champion. this guy that evening man..if that leg would not have been hurt he would be champion
Osiris Diaz
Osiris Diaz Pred 2 meseci
I know Dan and I live differently because my safe car reference is a Honda Civic and his was a Mercedes lmaooo
Kujien Pred 2 meseci
Great video as always but TEIXEIRA took about 3 elbows to the brain stem against Robertson..
Rod Danglin
Rod Danglin Pred 2 meseci
Thanks dan!!
arthur kemp
arthur kemp Pred 2 meseci
This may sound really dumb but I’m backing Santos based off the fact he’s a former para. That’s why I think he was able to go 5 with Jones on a tourn acl. This guys been trained to jump out of plains and I think mentally that puts a bloke on anthoer level.
chris blanchard
chris blanchard Pred 2 meseci
Imo look at it this way.. Glover was in deep shit against karl Robertson... Marvin Vettori just man handled Robertson a few months ago.. if Thiago Santos lands the same elbows when glover has the legs or waist or bigger shots in the clinch.. Glover will be out cold.. never mind recovering to comeback and win.. Santos is a real killer i think.. he would of been champ if it were nor for the ACL'S and meniscus tears.. and ive personally torn both ACL full thickness tear.. and Complex tear to my meniscus.. worst injury and pain ive felt.. the surgery is brutal and rehab is forever.. took me 2 years and still have issues.. i feel he feels them knees are ready hes had top dollar surgery and rehab unlike me.. good luck Thiago Santos.. you deserve this 'I know'
Ian Marr
Ian Marr Pred 2 meseci
Article or arsenal, Outlaw?
keith kocol
keith kocol Pred 2 meseci
These are the best breakdowns I’ve ever seen of any sport. How has ESPN not picked up this show??
Captain Buzzkill
Captain Buzzkill Pred 2 meseci
I doubt Hardy would like working at ESPN anyway. He'd have to work with morons like Stephen A Smith who don't know anything about the sport but get the job because of corporate ass-kisser seniority.
Ryan Pred 2 meseci
The reality is Dan may fis his self on ESPN someday... For now they are using Dom Cruz and Milendez for small breakdowns shown practically on the mats.. Dan is doing very well with Nick and Adam on BT Sports tv channel which is later put on SLpost. As well as that him and John Gooden have a tight grip on Inside the octogan. Dana has said in an interview a while back he is a huge fan of it and these 2 presenting it and doesn't miss any. These war rooms (especially the long post fight breakdown ones) are like the diamond on the cake. Dan is in fantastic form in his media career. Just a case of getting that one last time in the octogan himself.
Jose Rios
Jose Rios Pred 2 meseci
They got Schaub
Chase Klein
Chase Klein Pred 2 meseci
more % of the money if you are on your own
Alex Papasot3
Alex Papasot3 Pred 2 meseci
He’s already working with BT Sport & I believe he does have a show there
Jiří Hutečka
Jiří Hutečka Pred 2 meseci
Can't wait when Dan will break down Jiri Prochazka. 2021 UFC light heavyweight Champ.. :)
thomas burns
thomas burns Pred 2 meseci
2 of those elbows in the Robertson fight 100% hit the base of the neck, unsure the rules considering Glover moved so is it his fault or robertsons??
thomas burns
thomas burns Pred 2 meseci
Cant see any reason why Santos can't ko Glover stiff tbh great power Vs 40 year old Glover who has taken a good bit of damage over his career, Glover is crafty tho so we wil see
Mhw Pred 2 meseci
Jones has a way of humbling fighters. Santos will ko tex!
Mohammed Fahd
Mohammed Fahd Pred 2 meseci
Hope Santos doesn't kill Glover.
Le Monke
Le Monke Pred 2 meseci
Same, dude is a monster
barnibizer Pred 2 meseci
Roberson and Cutelaba are shite!! Santos has beaten the champ and arguably beat Jones....i know whos getting my money
Shiggystardust Pred 2 meseci
glover teixeria is like those toyotas war lords in africa drive around that just wont die
Super Vegeta
Super Vegeta Pred 2 meseci
Glover Texteira is all i got left from the old Guard. He for many years in my opinion would have been champion had he gotten his FAIR SHAKE.(The man worked his ass off as a laborer for years while training and fighting and was unable to get a Visa) so I am rooting for him and yes he’s evolved and yes he’s slowing down just a bit his reactions are not what they once where but man I just have hope that he can do it. I love that guy.
Gerardo. B
Gerardo. B Pred 2 meseci
After seeing the fight, I think he has the best shot. I thought Santos would put him away with power but he keeps pushing foward
A.R. SAYED Pred 2 meseci
It's sad knowing that someone will lose... I don't want both of them loose
JackM Pred 2 meseci
"I will be SHAMPION" -Thiago Santos
Captain Buzzkill
Captain Buzzkill Pred 2 meseci
Well, he got the "sham" part right!
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler Pred 2 meseci
Mickey Romeo
Mickey Romeo Pred 2 meseci
give me a fucking break, those elbows aren't 'fine'
Say My Name
Say My Name Pred 2 meseci
Glover = old man wolverine
Raider Richard
Raider Richard Pred 2 meseci
Mercedes never do 250,000 miles lmao
Makai Alexander
Makai Alexander Pred 2 meseci
In the uk they do
clearly felt a tap
clearly felt a tap Pred 2 meseci
Just commenting for the algorithms 👍 thanks for the consistency Full Reptile
Henry Downes
Henry Downes Pred 2 meseci
Cheers D.
Wojciech Natanek
Wojciech Natanek Pred 2 meseci
No way that elbows are at 45 degree angle
Peace Lovin Criminal
Peace Lovin Criminal Pred 2 meseci
What weight do you walk about at @DanHardy
Nathan Harper
Nathan Harper Pred 2 meseci
Aaron Milner
Aaron Milner Pred 2 meseci
Haha illegal knee from hell!
Scott Van de Motter
Scott Van de Motter Pred 2 meseci
Great analysis, as always, but I'm not pumped for this fight. It seems like the UFC is in a lull right now following the great success of fight island.
bobby boucher
bobby boucher Pred 2 meseci
Who do you guys like in the under card
VA Pred 2 meseci
Dan is so underrated, this man is an MMA encyclopaedia 😇
All-Pro Grows
All-Pro Grows Pred 2 meseci
YOU'RE BACK! I'm happy to see you healthy and happy my friend
ChiefBD119 Pred 2 meseci
Super interesting but i don't understand the point of analyzing all of this. It doesn't equate to an answer for predicting the future.
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell Pred 2 meseci
@Full Reptile Prickly!😂😂😂
SantoAntonio Pred 2 meseci
@Full Reptile comment judo
Full Reptile
Full Reptile Pred 2 meseci
Why did you watch?
kiwidubz Pred 2 meseci
31-7 damn I'm only just appreciating Glover's record right now ..such a badass dude I'm glad and proud to have watched his UFC career from the beginning
Benjamin Sillence
Benjamin Sillence Pred 2 meseci
"...drown you, either in his blood or yours, he's not bothered..." What a quote!
Dimon12Ananiev Pred 2 meseci
13:21 hold up, so you can't get saved by the bell? if the ref didn't stop a fight and a fighter doesn't get up after the bell it's considered a tko? even though the fight is "officially" over?
Full Reptile
Full Reptile Pred 2 meseci
If it was a three rounder Anders would have seen the decision, but because he couldn’t make it to his corner, the referee called it between the 3rd and 4th.
TheZellaCatalyst Pred 2 meseci
@Dimon12Ananiev its not a TKO its called "being unable to answer the bell" Its not a tko but it is a stoppage.
Dimon12Ananiev Pred 2 meseci
@Full Reptile yeah I got that, same as Yair x Korean zombie.. but thechnically the ref waived off the fights either right before the bell or at the bell. My question is, say the Anders x Santos fight was scheduled for 3 rounds and the same thing happened, he wasn't out when the bell rang but couldn't get up after. Would it be considered a tko?
Full Reptile
Full Reptile Pred 2 meseci
No, if you’re unconscious at the bell the fight is over. Anders had two more rounds but couldn’t make it back to his corner of his own accord. He was unable to continue, and the fight was stopped. Think back to Overeem v Rozenstruik, that was practically on the final bell, and Reem had won the fight up to that punch.
Justin Onopa
Justin Onopa Pred 2 meseci
Mercedes seriously?? They Suck, you want reliable Honda baby!!
Shinigami Pred 2 meseci
Word on the streets is Glover has been training with Poatan Pereira for a while now.. expect his striking to be fuckin sharp. Poatan is infinitely scarier than Santos.
Pimskii Zuilen
Pimskii Zuilen Pred 2 meseci
I heard some birds singing this. Uncle Glover by finish, youll see.
Ben Birchall
Ben Birchall Pred 2 meseci
If Dan Hardy broke down an episode of the Powerpuff Girls, I'd still tune in!
Ben Birchall
Ben Birchall Pred 2 meseci
@Mr. E 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 we have to make this happen
Rohan Anand
Rohan Anand Pred 2 meseci
Mr. E
Mr. E Pred 2 meseci
*In a calm soothing voice* - Hold on, let me rewind... too far, let me go back a few more seconds... there we are. Ok so notice right here how Professor Utonium looks exactly like Samurai Jack? You can almost feel the lack of creativity coming from the animators of both shows... Let me rewind again, and pull up a comparison photo. See that? See that angle right there of his face... perfectly illustrates the point I'm trying to make. Moving on... one more seconnnndd... there we are. Ok so I've freezed the frame right here on Blossom's face... notice it looks exactly like Buttercup and Bubbles... If this isn't masterful laziness on the animator's part, I don't know what is...
Ben Birchall
Ben Birchall Pred 2 meseci
@j man ey up 😂😂😂
j man
j man Pred 2 meseci
Ey up Keith lemon
MMA Trend
MMA Trend Pred 2 meseci
Is Uncle Glover going to embarrass Santos? I think not. Santos took Jimi's soul. He hits too hard. Didn't rumble ice Uncle Glover? I think it will be similar vs Santos.
PJ Rivera
PJ Rivera Pred 2 meseci
@MMA Trend like I said, scientists should be studying these guys, maybe make somw sort of medical breakthrough
MMA Trend
MMA Trend Pred 2 meseci
PJ Rivera Ryan bader had no chin than he went to Bellator and something magical happened lmfao
MMA Trend
MMA Trend Pred 2 meseci
PJ Rivera it's really odd huh. Santos better stay away from grappling with him.
PJ Rivera
PJ Rivera Pred 2 meseci
@MMA Trend real talk, guys like gloved, overeem, and arlovksi need to have a brain scan to see what gave them their chins back
MMA Trend
MMA Trend Pred 2 meseci
PJ Rivera I was comparing him to overeem last night when i was talking with someone. Lol
proeast Pred 2 meseci
Its only matters what Santos condition. At his best he would drew through Teixeira like knife through butter
sammyflinders Pred 2 meseci
I think you are severely under-appreciating Glover there pal.
William Castillo
William Castillo Pred 2 meseci
I been checking on your channel every day for a minute! Siiick finally dang @fullreptile
Astral HighlVnd
Astral HighlVnd Pred 2 meseci
3 people didnt stop the fight
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson Pred 2 meseci
Glover is dope and respect for them both.
PJ Rivera
PJ Rivera Pred 2 meseci
Glover has that old man yoel romero type energy, just whacking these young lions( though not in santos case, he’s 37)
PJ Rivera
PJ Rivera Pred 2 meseci
@NUWAN Sampath not as flashy as yoel but just as dominant. As they say, fear the old man in a profession where men die young
NUWAN Sampath
NUWAN Sampath Pred 2 meseci
and he just beat santos.
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson Pred 2 meseci
Excellent breakdown master a lifelong basketball player a acl injury means it's over.but to have two.and this man is back.mad respect brotha no matter what happens. I love the breakdown from full reptile.hardy is like coach a martial artist and basketball player I see how dan breaks it down.paul George and Gordon hayward went through worse breaks than will be back brother. Dan hardy reminds me of coach k coaching kobe after practice on what he wanted for team usa.real shit.keep up the phenomenal job master hardy.👊👍😎
bob biglog
bob biglog Pred 2 meseci
This is gonna be a great fight! 2 great warriors, 2 of the best in the world, very closely matched, wow im fuckin stokked for this one! Its another one where im such a fan of both of these killers, no choosen sides, may the best man win, n thank you both gentleman for the, for sure to be great fight!
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