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Yassuo 2

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Intro - Rivers in the Desert (Persona 5 OST)
Outro - Joy (Persona 3 OST)
#Yassuo #LeagueofLegends #Yasuo

Akshat Anand
Akshat Anand Pred 3 meseci
Moe, Why not Max E cause u can e fast and then easier wave clear and skillshot dodges and q has a lot of dmg from crit itself, Im new to yas
Johnathan Ventura
Johnathan Ventura Pred 4 meseci
You may be able to 1v9 with any chanp going 12/0, but if im playing chogath and the res of my team is 2/15 we still cant do anything
Joso Chen
Joso Chen Pred 4 meseci
Moe's yasuo is a fucking work of art
Mark Ivy
Mark Ivy Pred 4 meseci
"smurfing on silver call me tf blade" haha poor moe of only you knew two weeks from then youd be stuck in silver jungling still love bro hahaha
Gabriel Requena Gamez
Gabriel Requena Gamez Pred 4 meseci
This whole rapper talk in here. All those rappers mentioned are garbage lmao.
Kobust Pred 3 meseci
I just know your friends don’t allow you to use the aux.😂
Ethan Kleiner
Ethan Kleiner Pred 4 meseci
I just want yas to be nerfed into the ground so I can actually play him
Life inLoops
Life inLoops Pred 4 meseci
Wait, that was grandmaster????
illyy1337 Pred 4 meseci
Ur dumb comparing poloG to yachti,fool lil boat is an icon
JoeJoe Senpai
JoeJoe Senpai Pred 4 meseci
Perfect yasuo mechanics. Goddamn
m7md hunter
m7md hunter Pred 4 meseci
والله انك خارق يا زلمة
Raul Savu
Raul Savu Pred 4 meseci
Who's channel is this one?
Võ Lâm
Võ Lâm Pred 4 meseci
I love the fact that you put what song is playing down there because sometimes a streamer play a hella fire song and chat is too busy they won't be able to answer every question so this makes it really convenient for us =)) lmao thank you
Minister Vlogs
Minister Vlogs Pred 5 meseci
roses are red violets are blue i didn't search up this video neither did you
Tobias Alber
Tobias Alber Pred 5 meseci
You should listen to like 2010s german rap e.g. Sido, bushido
TRILLxDrippy Pred 5 meseci
I think polo g is better than Lil yachty but u gotta give Lil yachty sum credit when it's due, Moe I think you should listen to the song From the D to the A by Lil Yachty and T Grizz I think that's the type of lyricism you've been looking for from Lil Yachty. But Polo G def got more fiya banger shii no doubt
TRILLxDrippy Pred 5 meseci
Mind you that song is 3 years old
Erik N.
Erik N. Pred 5 meseci
that wasnt even a nerf
RickertBrandsen Pred 5 meseci
what is the difference between yassuo channel and this one?
Andrew T
Andrew T Pred 5 meseci
He uploads full games here rather than 2-3 edited games on his main channel
戦場ヶ原ひたぎ Pred 5 meseci
I actually like full games... I can get to learn even more because I can analyze the game myself rather than showing us highlights, it just looks easy but is actually hard, so full game is much helpful I guess.
戦場ヶ原ひたぎ Pred 5 meseci
Upload more full games, Moe.
Dr. Royalty
Dr. Royalty Pred 5 meseci
Kinda surprised some of these rappers even know who Moe is let alone twitch, dafuq.
Dryedeer Original
Dryedeer Original Pred 5 meseci
I want odyssey yas :(
asphyxia Pred 5 meseci
my boi yanni be back soon tho
Jeremy Tan
Jeremy Tan Pred 5 meseci
Yassuo nerfs can’t stop him, but a 14 year old girl can
ethan buenaventura
ethan buenaventura Pred 4 meseci
Polygon Death
Polygon Death Pred 5 meseci
p_farthouser Pred 5 meseci
Moe should dissapear. Not llstylez
joosy Pred 5 meseci
you mean the nerfs cant stop the champion
chumi Pred 5 meseci
I've been following since Pinoy had a job and you liked to make money 😳
Xenotus Pred 5 meseci
Remember When Moe lost to Nightblue on a yas to yas 1v1? Oops Wrong channel
Godyr Stance
Godyr Stance Pred 5 meseci
polo g is trash
Kikutpl Pred 5 meseci
zamknij morde
Gaming Week
Gaming Week Pred 5 meseci
mOe'S LaUgH iS lIke My gRanDmA'S
Dawid Włoch
Dawid Włoch Pred 5 meseci
Ll Stylish will be back soon!!!!
Pieter Michiels
Pieter Michiels Pred 5 meseci
When do you decide to go Phantom Dancer / Statik Shiv? Also when do you get double dorans vs when do you rush lv 2 boots?
Areenas Pred 5 meseci
He doesn't answer the comms he has too many but if "you" meant anyone well it depends on the meta but generally if you need to survive to burst you go phantom dancer (you almost always get this item because it's high value) and if you really need magic damage you take shiv. You take double dorans for hard matchups, mostly melees such as in top or agaisnt zed, irelia or stuff like that. What i am telling you doesn't have value in itself but it makes sense and i learned that from his stream so thats most likely what he also thinks unless i missed something like a huge patch
Joliissa_ C
Joliissa_ C Pred 5 meseci
We just finna ignore the fact moe screams “what” in Korean
Joliissa_ C
Joliissa_ C Pred 5 meseci
Y_Kazz no it’s literally Korean
Y_Kazz Pred 5 meseci
you mean japanese?
Fang Kingg
Fang Kingg Pred 5 meseci
Missed seeing full game commentaries, thx for the content
Bigboi218 Pred 5 meseci
we hit the 0/10 powerspike just so that moe can hit the 10/0 powerspike it really do be like that sometimes smh
Ewan Cook
Ewan Cook Pred 5 meseci
Add a 2-5 second cooldown on his e (with level)
JUI_UNE_FOUGERE Pred 5 meseci
nerf can't stop your stupid champion *
Max Maxim
Max Maxim Pred 5 meseci
YaSuO iS bAlAnCeD
Remmy Pred 5 meseci
Polo G the best rapper out rn
lakhder ahmed
lakhder ahmed Pred 5 meseci
even the enemy should honor lol wtf they hate u x)
MrBjornfan Pred 5 meseci
Moe sounds like the joker when laughing
Gorzerz Pred 5 meseci
Arent those songs copyrighted?
Zexther Pred 5 meseci
If you had DD at 15:30 i bet you woulda lived
Dinos_GR Pred 5 meseci
go to 4:22 and watch what is in heralds place
Tommy luo
Tommy luo Pred 5 meseci
"Whats that grave damage"- gets point blanked shotgun by graves twice
Raevyn Kosanke
Raevyn Kosanke Pred 5 meseci
i feel like you shouldnt use the same game for highlight videos and full gameplay. Knowing moe tho, that was the only good game PInoy could use lmao
Zane X
Zane X Pred 5 meseci
The return of ll stylish 😂 bring back the best duo NA moe and llstylish
MR danger
MR danger Pred 5 meseci
full game video is better . something different
Corrupted Pred 5 meseci
LIL POLO G , I' m crying
lil child support
lil child support Pred 5 meseci
L for the lil yachty shit
SANS or NO? Pred 5 meseci
Mell0 jaz
Mell0 jaz Pred 5 meseci
guys do u call this a nerf ? and vs graves? this isnt pro gameplay if he was vs a real mid laner champ with reall nerf from riot I call it pro yasou but this nah
riulenn Pred 5 meseci
is this an official channel?
David Krivanka
David Krivanka Pred 5 meseci
Yes, this is Moes official second channel where he post full gameplay videos :)
Le3gog Pred 5 meseci
the music is garbage tho
bayr Pred 5 meseci
bruhh just play your game youon know nothing about music lol
AxtAnime Pred 5 meseci
Nerf E ..... The maximum e u can use is 5 ... And your e will regen
Yassine Yg
Yassine Yg Pred 5 meseci
when yasuo uses his e, he isnt dashing in the air, hes actually running with baby footsteps, LOL
Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma Pred 4 meseci
Really? I've been confused... Some skins appear to be footsteps, some look like a dash... I'll have to play him again
Keo Pred 5 meseci
4:30, listen closely.
Ahmed Fayad
Ahmed Fayad Pred 5 meseci
no one : faker when he ints : 11:39
Joshua28 Pred 5 meseci
wait so can you not stream with music on twitch?
Eden El Harti
Eden El Harti Pred 5 meseci
he read that donation faster than my parents got divorced (10:02)
Limitedtrout617 Pred 5 meseci
Its confirmed, Ivern can 1v9 if he is 12/0
Limitedtrout617 Pred 5 meseci
I think Hopsin is way better than these autotune rappers tbh
Crowned King Gaming
Crowned King Gaming Pred 5 meseci
Finally 720
Mellow XD
Mellow XD Pred 5 meseci
Wtf this content is like 1 week old man.
Stefanton Pred 5 meseci
Noxy888 Pred 5 meseci
This was so much nicer to watch than your main channel videos, got to see full gameplay and too see that youre not always a complete spaz, only sometimes a spaz
Glorea borga
Glorea borga Pred 5 meseci
that 10 farm per min tho :D WP mohammad
Kerolloes Ehab
Kerolloes Ehab Pred 5 meseci
We want more videos like this to learn from but get the hard matchup games to learn from it. not the easy ones the easy wont learn from it alot
Spec Pred 5 meseci
ngl but feels like you're smurfing in a silver game
Podildon Pred 5 meseci
He rly think that these new dogshit rapers is quality music... Maybe teens are into it.
MihuKat Pred 5 meseci
HeyYassuo2 I think your videos are very cool. You always bring it over so easily. Are you going to make more videos in the future? You are pure inspiration. I'm looking forward to your next video. U will Improve and be A GOD Best wishes Share love Buddy love HOPE SUPPORT! Mihukat^^
GigiModebadze Pred 5 meseci
0:48 background song plz
IchBimsRoms Pred 5 meseci
it literally shows on the bottom left what song is playing, did you even see the video xD
Kadiv Pred 5 meseci
The nerfs cant stop him but i think his bodyweight will
Company Pred 4 meseci
@Tobito Its a joke thats why
Tobito Pred 4 meseci
why are yall joking about his bodyweight lol i dont get it he isnt even close to fat
Harutjun Pred 5 meseci
Guys do you see at 9:42 the cursor that shows where his champ is gonna walk turns orange. Does any of you know how to do that? I only know how to attack walk with a...
Harutjun Pred 5 meseci
@Kiono Oh okay. Thank you man :)
Kiono Pred 5 meseci
You press '' A '' then right click normally.. Or you custom bind it in controls
MPGG Pred 5 meseci
That laugh when yasou finds something funny needs to be nerfed
Andrija Buric
Andrija Buric Pred 5 meseci
Polo G is so firee man carrying 2020 as well as few other rappers
Abomination Pred 5 meseci
‘’Lil polo g’’
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Pred 5 meseci
Gg, I'm on twitch as KHALFANi ... keep it up
kiarash Apophis
kiarash Apophis Pred 5 meseci
any way we dont have the map cover in youtube video? that would be so good
Areenas Pred 5 meseci
This is basically a VOD from his stream there would need to be another third party program that also films him and his screen just to not have the map covered. What you said would make sense if these were games where he wasn't streaming but here thats just not possible or if it is it would be a hell lot of effort just for that
Tmoron Pred 5 meseci
How would this be possible
black flower
black flower Pred 5 meseci
kazior Pred 5 meseci
more full league gameplay please
radar chii
radar chii Pred 5 meseci
riot pls delete yasuo
Enhbadrah Enhuush1
Enhbadrah Enhuush1 Pred 5 meseci
these songs so good
GrToS Pred 5 meseci
And that's why I like Pinoy cause now we can learn how to play Yasuo ty Pinoy :)
Eridu Pred 5 meseci
ITS BACK! *10 months later* : its not.
Ştefan Pred 5 meseci
0 48 music?
loco anal
loco anal Pred 5 meseci
why the streamers hide the jungle in the mini map ?
Jymy Nikkilä
Jymy Nikkilä Pred 5 meseci
loco anal so that the enemy team cant look where the jungler is, imagine just looking at enemies minimap through a stream do you think that would be fair
Marquis Alphonse Jayme
Marquis Alphonse Jayme Pred 5 meseci
love the content on this channel. wish theyd upload more love your videos Moe and Pinoy!
xLonehawk Pred 5 meseci
I just dont enjoy people who dont say nothin in their music thats it.
Hašekfan Pred 5 meseci
So you don't like EDM music?
xLonehawk Pred 5 meseci
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ exactly...
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Pred 5 meseci
ILilCookie Pred 5 meseci
This comment section be like No one: Absolutely not a soul: Literally not a single person:
Aerqophs Pred 5 meseci
Yasuo abuser
HinkMeJord Pred 5 meseci
This is more like the content i enjoy
Zapper Pred 5 meseci
Can we have some cod content?
TheShroomPH Pred 5 meseci
Moee love you
Adrian Dennis
Adrian Dennis Pred 5 meseci
Moe's laugh alone is content
Ian Smith
Ian Smith Pred 5 meseci
Good for the soul
Michael Ejlersen
Michael Ejlersen Pred 5 meseci
mark vandewifi facts
mark vandewifi
mark vandewifi Pred 5 meseci
Moe's laugh is fake and cringe
RNGSUS Pred 5 meseci
Oh he uploaded and a semi-dead channel
KingBlazeXYZ Pred 5 meseci
The fact that someone thought lil yachty was better than polo g concerns me
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un Pred 5 meseci
Same honestly
shade -iwnl-
shade -iwnl- Pred 5 meseci
Shiver MeTimberz
Shiver MeTimberz Pred 5 meseci
King Karti
King Karti Pred 5 meseci
so u got permission to bump polo g?
Mixed Matt
Mixed Matt Pred 5 meseci
another yasuo video *sign* :3
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