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Our most mind-blowing trick shot video EVER!
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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Pred 9 meseci
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Joshua Slater
Joshua Slater Pred 3 dnevi
@Yakidon Warren tbbyvf ft k
Bharani Jayanthan ks
Bharani Jayanthan ks Pred 10 dnevi
Chandrakala Vutukur
Chandrakala Vutukur Pred 13 dnevi
Kathleen Pooley
Kathleen Pooley Pred 17 dnevi
@Jonah Mattingly Run
Kathleen Pooley
Kathleen Pooley Pred 17 dnevi
Presles EE
Gouni Thippa Reddy
Gouni Thippa Reddy Pred 2 urami
U used thread for the dart👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😷👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
Nicole Falke
Nicole Falke Pred 3 urami
Guys vids
Guys vids Pred 5 urami
The darts were are on strig
Sian Tyler
Sian Tyler Pred 15 urami
Sian Tyler
Sian Tyler Pred 15 urami
Μερσίνα Δαμπαλάκη
Μερσίνα Δαμπαλάκη Pred 16 urami
Kiyoken2 Pred 20 urami
Look at 2:26 cuz there is a string u just have to look closely
Ghaith Gaming
Ghaith Gaming Pred 23 urami
When it was he dart there was a string
The Shot Legends
The Shot Legends Pred dnevom
The funny thing is the day before this video came out, I predicted that this song would be on the video, and I was right!
The gaming ocelot
The gaming ocelot Pred dnevom
On the dart one it was attached to a string
Jakob Soper
Jakob Soper Pred dnevom
2:05 even when I rewind I don't see it
Sean Andre Makaveli Perez
Sean Andre Makaveli Perez Pred dnevom
its not a bulleye there is a string in it 2:24
Josh Russell
Josh Russell Pred dnevom
Rayan Kabir Rakhshan
Rayan Kabir Rakhshan Pred dnevom
2:34 was so funny in the first
Impactando Las Naciones
Impactando Las Naciones Pred dnevom
I expected the unexpected so it doesn’t count
Grant Abernathy
Grant Abernathy Pred dnevom
arenaslap 35
arenaslap 35 Pred dnevom
Who els got scared when the baseball came at you
Anirudh Pred dnevom
0:41 I thought he was gonna throw the game disc into another room behind him and make it into the console lol
Ethan Muir
Ethan Muir Pred dnevom
You should do the song called watch me BUT by the phantoms
Advik Alphanet
Advik Alphanet Pred dnevom
I found your secret 😃
Leafy Pred 2 dnevi
Fun Fact:You took lots of tries
rafi usmani
rafi usmani Pred 2 dnevi
There was string attached to the dart of garret
Logan Davis
Logan Davis Pred 2 dnevi
You did not do all these fist try
Carma 56
Carma 56 Pred 2 dnevi
That first shot still hurts my brain
AKS YT Pred 2 dnevi
2:25 we can see the thread
Connor Vlogz
Connor Vlogz Pred 2 dnevi
Zack King Comment on this?!
TrickTastic! Pred 2 dnevi
1:12 When you pick number 6...
Itsyaboispeciousmage 386
Itsyaboispeciousmage 386 Pred 2 dnevi
That’s amazing: my trick shots are the best Dude perfect: well we can to a triple sow cow into a basketball hoop That’s amazing:........... your insane
Jilliann Ringel
Jilliann Ringel Pred 2 dnevi
if u didnt catch the dart shot its on a string
Julianna Ayala
Julianna Ayala Pred 2 dnevi
Thomas Snow
Thomas Snow Pred 2 dnevi
The most funny part was when he was on a camal
Mohamed Gueddah
Mohamed Gueddah Pred 2 dnevi
In 2:30 trick i see the cabel
Jamie Read
Jamie Read Pred 2 dnevi
Muzan Kibutsuji
Muzan Kibutsuji Pred 2 dnevi
wait the dart was connected to a string...
Kristen Martin
Kristen Martin Pred 2 dnevi
Garret had a string on the dart trick shot I saw it👎🏻👎🏻
NinjaZak&Amir Pred 2 dnevi
At the beginning I noticed that the ball was a balloon
Wilson Zi En
Wilson Zi En Pred 2 dnevi
Can anyone of you can tell me what's the sound effect on 3:13,thank very much
Shahed Hussain
Shahed Hussain Pred 3 dnevi
2:30 you can see the string
Anna Khans
Anna Khans Pred 3 dnevi
You are cheaters
Hack’n Allen
Hack’n Allen Pred 3 dnevi
2:34 now that is what you call unpredictable
Cayden Collier
Cayden Collier Pred 3 dnevi
The dart board Garrett did there was a string on the dart and someone was no wing the dart, you can see it if you look closely
Bonk Dawg
Bonk Dawg Pred 3 dnevi
Umm i was a fan since 2 years ago and now i will subscribe and 🔔 icon
Imogen Young
Imogen Young Pred 3 dnevi
The dart was on a string
TitanDrimillion SoD
TitanDrimillion SoD Pred 3 dnevi
So apparently it IS possible to walk on the roof
Xx_Wrath_YT Pred 3 dnevi
I thought this title should be called trick trick shots
Nick Wood
Nick Wood Pred 3 dnevi
So cool!!,
Noal Korman
Noal Korman Pred 3 dnevi
Nick M
Nick M Pred 3 dnevi
2:30 you can see the wire
J Ca
J Ca Pred 3 dnevi
Jesus loves whoever reads this
Aden Fishi Boi
Aden Fishi Boi Pred 3 dnevi
i picked 5
DinoBoy Ángel
DinoBoy Ángel Pred 3 dnevi
Lest go mlg son
Mark Yohana
Mark Yohana Pred 4 dnevi
2:30 the dart was on a string lol
Hack’n Allen
Hack’n Allen Pred 2 dnevi
That the point bro
Y.M.E.R 1708
Y.M.E.R 1708 Pred 4 dnevi
3:A.M bro you walking at the up lol
Wimbo Play
Wimbo Play Pred 4 dnevi
WOW! this is impossible! Nice job😎
Shofiyah Athaya Hr
Shofiyah Athaya Hr Pred 4 dnevi
Fenn Hamilton
Fenn Hamilton Pred 4 dnevi
You guys are the best SLpostrs on Earth
Peterson Charlie
Peterson Charlie Pred 4 dnevi
The bite-sized period expectantly excuse because swiss principally appear atop a wacky authority. succinct, long-term station
Chelsea Mead
Chelsea Mead Pred 4 dnevi
Cool Cody
Cool Cody Pred 4 dnevi
What if we didn’t pick 5
Enzo Massuda
Enzo Massuda Pred 4 dnevi
Jesus loves you very much, don't give up, stay on him, please don’t give up, believe me, Jesus is alive He resurrected !!!! He died for you !!!!
Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark Pred 5 dnevi
Ann Marie Blando
Ann Marie Blando Pred 5 dnevi
That first trick shot that room was up side down
thesavage_ beast27
thesavage_ beast27 Pred 5 dnevi
I saw the string that was holding the dart you can’t fool me
destroyer 911
destroyer 911 Pred 5 dnevi
Im confused by the first trick shot...?
Lucas Meas
Lucas Meas Pred 5 dnevi
Von Bryan
Von Bryan Pred 5 dnevi
Haylea Sanchez
Haylea Sanchez Pred 5 dnevi
That Kamol is so cute
Akshith Pred 5 dnevi
2:30 totally we did not see the thread.
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Hashir Butt
Hashir Butt Pred 6 dnevi
Sef Wayne Cabrejas
Sef Wayne Cabrejas Pred 6 dnevi
fake it's just string when you do the dart I saw it
FCR _BroKid39
FCR _BroKid39 Pred 6 dnevi
There was a string attached to the dart on the first trick shot I still love perfect today though
Kalan Wood
Kalan Wood Pred 6 dnevi
If you do the first trick but with helium in the basket ball
Zeynep Belgi
Zeynep Belgi Pred 6 dnevi
Tim O'Regan
Tim O'Regan Pred 6 dnevi
I subscribe
jonny myers
jonny myers Pred 6 dnevi
I got 5
Indio Sanchez
Indio Sanchez Pred 6 dnevi
Dude perfect the bowling one actually got me
YUM TSZ HIN 2020-2C Pred 6 dnevi
mahomes clutch1234
mahomes clutch1234 Pred 6 dnevi
Please do a part 2
Masterjaninosaurus the one
Masterjaninosaurus the one Pred 6 dnevi
2:29, is that a rope?
Lydia Alpert
Lydia Alpert Pred 6 dnevi
2:08 did any one see the string
TFerrell95 Pred 6 dnevi
How was there a fan on the ground XD
Alex Pred 6 dnevi
Tanmay Jain
Tanmay Jain Pred 6 dnevi
2:31 u can see the rope on the dart if u see properly
Rooniesop Gamer
Rooniesop Gamer Pred 6 dnevi
Ayan Ahmed
Ayan Ahmed Pred 6 dnevi
Dude perfect do not use this trick shots in challenges
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