SHOCKING!!! What Really Happened (Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor 2)

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Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 2 ended in a dramatic fashion, let's break this down. How did Poirier find his opening? How did Conor adjust? Where does Dustin go from here?

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Badd Boy
Badd Boy Pred 11 urami
Dustin great fighter but great is level below me😂😂😂😂
deano dog
deano dog Pred 21 uro
Everything is predicated on his left hand, remove the the right leg and....
Tommy Shea
Tommy Shea Pred dnevom
Hey Weasel conor mcgregor is best n hardest hitting 145...155 n 170 ever in UFC....the reason Dustin took his shot was because mcgregor wasn't loose he was stiff n also credit to Dustin....dustin rolled with mcgregor s punch instead of takin all of the shot he took 25% of mcgregor best punch so yes it didn't affect him....distin was prepared cuz they fought b4....wen u fight someone in rematch the loser in first fight has big advantage because the opponent been there b4 n knows everything....dustin had good game plan but weasel ur dead dead dead wrong....boxing mayweather absolutely ruined mcgregor....mcgregor abandoned hos southpaw fluid stance n movement and traded it for a plain ole Orthodox boxing stance which really really crippled mcgregor....mcgregor literally keeps hurting himself by switching shit up....this is only fight he abandoned his southpaw in n out boxing karate stance n traded it again for plain old boxing Orthodox stance....mcgregor lost because 1. Dustin took mcgregor best shot not cuz mcgregor didn't have ko power but because Dustin rolled away from his best shot so mcgregor best punch only felt 25% to Dustin...2. Mcgregor Orthodox stupid boxing stance he never used b4 n no other fighter ever could abandon there original style being away as mcgregor did n expect to have success n mcgregor abandoned hos southpaw stance stupidly....3. Mcgregor didnt check the leg kicks because of the stiff stance of Orthodox 4. Look at who mcgregor sparred with b4 this fight lol kids n only boxers Dustin shocked him by going to ground n leg kicking him.5. It is true mcgregor had ring rust but again biggest reason was mcgregor was stiff n not loose due to that stupid Orthodox boxing stance so he couldn't kick or move elusively he thought Dustin was going to not kick or wrestle n he was wrong plus mcgregor stupidly abandoned his southpaw stance n Dustin kept his if mcgregor kept his southpaw stance 1000000000% mcgregor easily wins..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe it or not mcgregor never not fought southpaw until rematch Dustin so y NIW yes boxing Floyd ruined mcgregor!!!
wreckim Pred dnevom
A lot of us like to dump on McGregor (McNugget), but he has given virtually all UFC fighters on his cards about a 30% raise. Poirier made a million off this fight, and of course Conor made much more. Overall, McGregor is one of the best things that has happened to the UFC in the last 10 years; it's just that he's a puzzle that's been figured out. Khabib is on another planet from these guys; it's everybody else for 2nd place.
Kingdom Citizenship
Kingdom Citizenship Pred 4 dnevi
Cage Warriors' Connor would destroy the current Connor. Alot of fighters plateau in their skills, Connor seems like he's regressed
Karl Danger
Karl Danger Pred 4 dnevi
Connor is stiff regardless. Poirier threw those in the first fight. Mcgregor countered with pressure, he hesitates now fucked his central Nervous system with cocaine and whiskey his timing was the same way vs khabib... now with the allegations his mind is fucked too
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson Pred 5 dnevi
if he tried to ko with his right hand it would catch em guard at this point
Ajit Gupta
Ajit Gupta Pred 5 dnevi
Why the hell he changed himself
Swipe it up with Jeff
Swipe it up with Jeff Pred 6 dnevi
This is the reason why mma is ineffective in self defense You never study your next opponent😂
Cam Era
Cam Era Pred 10 dnevi
Leg kicks hurt him badly at times of course but McGregor is definitely exaggerating the damage a little bit. Just give Poirier his due credit. He won fair and square. McGregor I feel will beat him in the rematch though....if he prepares correctly.
kim villaverde
kim villaverde Pred 13 dnevi
Conor got blinded by money trained different ways rather than perfecting his craft more he will b remembered as the guy who made most money in mma but at the cost of lossing being the goat
Taemeister Pred 15 dnevi
What really happened in this fight was that McGregor got his ass kicked by Poirier
Steven Daniels
Steven Daniels Pred 15 dnevi
Just for reference, The current rankings are 1.Poirer 2.Gaethje 3.Do Bronx 4.Chandler
Sherif Aliti
Sherif Aliti Pred 15 dnevi
Whats really happen? Mc chicken get ass kicked, thats happend 😁
Richard MacCarthy
Richard MacCarthy Pred 15 dnevi
He got his bell ring, all fighters are subject to it
Niallan Mc Keown
Niallan Mc Keown Pred 16 dnevi
Justin is a coolio dude 2
Niallan Mc Keown
Niallan Mc Keown Pred 16 dnevi
With em when he's winning, against em when he's losing!! , ye fans sitting in an armchair.. Have you ever been kicked in the head! Or choked out, would ye break like the spokes on a bike.
Paras Stone
Paras Stone Pred 16 dnevi
I bet poirer may have taken that interview seriously where conor said " My foot was a ballon" and went adter it.
Stephan Watson
Stephan Watson Pred 16 dnevi
3:44 Nah if Conor was fresh had his legs at 100% and hit him flush, Dustin would get knocked out. A drunk at a bar could ko him with a haymaker, just like anyone. An unbalanced punch with Conor's legs ate up? That he CAN take
Sully R
Sully R Pred 17 dnevi
Nothing really happened except Conor getting his ass laid out!!!
theboizee Pred 18 dnevi
How can you say Conor isn’t the hardest puncher when dustin said conor is the hardest puncher lol
John Loibl
John Loibl Pred 18 dnevi
He didn't use stool cos of leg
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick Pred 18 dnevi
Not stunning to those who know there is no better active LW in the world and one who gameplans better than the 💎
Canyon Palmer
Canyon Palmer Pred 19 dnevi
Conor just proved the boxer vs mma fighter debate. Kicks change the game
Nico Mie
Nico Mie Pred 19 dnevi
Big mouth got the leaon from new ufc king Dustin porier....hahahaha
B Cold
B Cold Pred 20 dnevi
Porier said in an interview that conor is the hardest puncher he fought against
theboizee Pred 18 dnevi
Not the first time he’s said it either
MrBag Pred 21 dnevom
Come on Conor, come back with the heart, not the money. You can do it. Show us your champion heart!
MrBag Pred 21 dnevom
Keep fighting Conor you’ve only got this one life to prove you’re the greatest.
MrBag Pred 21 dnevom
Don’t give in to yachts and money. That will always be there for you. Make sure you leave the ufc as a legacy! Not a cash cow...
ALek Xiz
ALek Xiz Pred 21 dnevom
mcgregor beast ufc career is over he accepts the fight not for winning the belt anymore but for gaining a big big money payment he receives...
MashUp Beatz
MashUp Beatz Pred 21 dnevom
Who do you think won the 1st round?
ChinyScents ForYou
ChinyScents ForYou Pred 21 dnevom
Dustin definitely too some notes from UFC 254 main even. Otumfour Kojo Agyemang
Gods God
Gods God Pred 21 dnevom
They should have a 3rd match, so Conor can get closer to achieving his Lucky 12 career losses.
Crypto Monster Mining
Crypto Monster Mining Pred 21 dnevom
i am glad he lost :) he is too cocky. he should retire now.
JOHN SCALES Pred 21 dnevom
Conar getting TKO by Dustin isn't a shocker Nate Diaz slap and tapped his ass out people act like that never happened and Dustin vs Conar trilogy fight for the strap what a insane joke give the West Coast Gangsta his respect and a shot at the strap or at leats the #1 contender vs Dustin. B4 you even say it Masvidal about got knocked out from the ground another round he was done
Ikken Hisatsu
Ikken Hisatsu Pred 22 dnevi
Excellent analysis for someone who’s got no background in real martial arts.
Future UFC champion
Future UFC champion Pred 22 dnevi
this mcgregor was a bit far off of what we seen. purely boxing heavy, mcgregor has never fought like that. dont even try to bring the diaz fight up. conor landed like 40 legkicks. the fight was mostly standing and in 2 rounds conor threw 4 kicks and you know yourself he used kicks to set up his punches and his knockouts against a lot of his opponents including dustin. not to mention a few times he had clear rooms for his signature counter left and not only he mistimed it, he unnecessarily threw a jab first. whats also unusual is staying in the pocket after the left hand. now dustin would have still won, maybe, but to say that this was much the conor like any other time we've seen him is a lie. anyway great performance by dustin, trilogy should be epic. imagine if they both have hair in the trilogy
Dexter Haven
Dexter Haven Pred 23 dnevi
1:06 very good point. Pat Barry could set up the head kick with a low kick. That would have crushed Conor. Chuck Liddell and Silva could do both kicks well also, same with Izzy. Yikes. Conor has a ton to work on in the gym and needs to bring a Thai specialist like Sponge to his camp, ASAP.
VIN Pred 23 dnevi
Pacman would destroy Connor in boxing with his high volume pressure
Tarissa Alicia
Tarissa Alicia Pred 24 dnevi
Comback Conor 3
Trent Ballard
Trent Ballard Pred 24 dnevi
Has anybody ever thought Henry Cejudo for Khabib? Like yeah Khabib is bigger but Henry is quicker....also its an olympic wrestler vs a dagastan wrestler. i just think its an interesting matchup
Ryder Omega
Ryder Omega Pred 24 dnevi
I'm not surprised Connor lost a year ago before his fight, he stared crying after he beat an already damaged cowboy. After cowboy got mulled by Tony and Justin then left for Connor in 1 year span.
O.G. Mann
O.G. Mann Pred 25 dnevi
Dustin changed distance. He didn't sit at the end of McGregor's punch. He jacked that leg, too, yes. He also won his mental battle getting out of round 1. He lost that round on points. He won it in his head.
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy Pred 25 dnevi
McTapper couldn’t beat anyone in the top 5 now.
Connor Winiata
Connor Winiata Pred 25 dnevi
I'm just glad that Conor was fighting very well until he lost so Dustin rlly did win the rematch against a very similar version of Conor.
Coenraad Deputter
Coenraad Deputter Pred 25 dnevi
Good fight thx guys 💪🏻
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia Pred 25 dnevi
Sick.. Jonesey you look sick at 240 bro.. Does does Adesanya even know what’s going on right now that wouldn’t even be a challenge.
David R
David R Pred 25 dnevi
Conor needs to start using his kicking game again. He used to be so good at it but he's kinda abandoned it.
hyte dude
hyte dude Pred 26 dnevi
King of ufc conor Mcgregor 👑❤❤
Whyare Youalllying
Whyare Youalllying Pred 26 dnevi
What really happend?? This useless weasel got his head knocked off. He got fooking whopped, mauled and smashed. Current McNugget is ALL TALK and no backing it up. Young and hungry Conor changed the UFC and MMA for good and no one has done what he has done for the UFC. He should have stopped before the fight against The Eagle cause this guy took his fighting soul and made him a second range fighter. That's why he so badly wants his impossible revenge on Khabib. Dream on I say.
aola wili
aola wili Pred 25 dnevi
World Class Happiness
World Class Happiness Pred 26 dnevi
World Class Happiness
World Class Happiness Pred 26 dnevi
Conor will become champ again IMO.
aola wili
aola wili Pred 26 dnevi
They said he'll look a beastwhen Dustin looked bigger. Conor had good photoshop in pics
aola wili
aola wili Pred 25 dnevi
The chicken got kod stiff inside 2
anatii_ m
anatii_ m Pred 26 dnevi
I think the last time i was this hurt was when Joshua lost to Ruiz :(
sprocket685 Pred 26 dnevi
Imagine Conor vs Edson Barboza in this fight :O conor would have been headkicked into space xD
legendary righteous
legendary righteous Pred 26 dnevi
they all talked how this is THE best version of Connor and there is no ring rust, for weeks.... so that excuse doesn't fly
aola wili
aola wili Pred 26 dnevi
Dustin happened Pred 26 dnevi
Who are you kidding, weird Connor performance. Like super weird.
leereturn2006 Pred 26 dnevi
lol shocking why? nothing to be shocked about? time comes and goes so do people.
Kawika Kon
Kawika Kon Pred 26 dnevi
Some one did not grow old enogh not your talk,i ant said any of of it. Comments on the bottom.soo im gussing .youre thee ass hole sum. Heal up .
stallion stallion
stallion stallion Pred 26 dnevi
Nothing really happened, Connor was defeated fair and squire . No excuses
Ruth Null
Ruth Null Pred 26 dnevi
Tell you what happened Dustin drop the hammer on his ass
Nikolay Tonev
Nikolay Tonev Pred 26 dnevi
Where did you forget Gaethje?!
Ryan Houghton
Ryan Houghton Pred 27 dnevi
What happened? Really? Ok Hillary,Dustin knocked out the tap machine. Video done.
Akshay Venugopal
Akshay Venugopal Pred 27 dnevi
What really happened? Conor got his ass wooped
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Pred 27 dnevi
All pilipino people full suport to dustin i love pilipino blood
Jose Andrade
Jose Andrade Pred 27 dnevi
Dustin won! 👍 Conor lost 👎. Just live it as that..
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Pred 27 dnevi
The Weasle's breakdowns are always a must after fight nights.
B Tulga
B Tulga Pred 27 dnevi
The chicken got kod stiff inside 2
Moments Pred 27 dnevi
Moments Pred 27 dnevi
Desmond Gonnoud
Desmond Gonnoud Pred 27 dnevi
Conor look terrible, this is what happens when you pick and choose your own fighting camp ... not coming out of your comfort zone
Javokhir Zoirov
Javokhir Zoirov Pred 27 dnevi
Conor never seemed to have the same fight style after his win over alvarez. He abandoned his foot work an quick stance change to avoid certain shots or kicks which cost his lost to Dustin
Keviv Tawar
Keviv Tawar Pred 27 dnevi
Dustin happened
First Last
First Last Pred 27 dnevi
WRONG! M took a dive on purpose. Telling me a 30 yr old is out of his fighting prime? That "fight" was FAKE
Brandon Luther
Brandon Luther Pred 27 dnevi
Conner just isnt good
Jankemba Drammeh
Jankemba Drammeh Pred 27 dnevi
Because he insulted islamic religion so I swear he can't make it again anytime he fight he will loose
Eric Laudenslager
Eric Laudenslager Pred 27 dnevi
That was some of the best fight commentary and analysis I have ever heard. I learned a lot. Well done.
Esteevan. Carranza
Esteevan. Carranza Pred 28 dnevi
Fookin head bounced off the canvas after doing the chicken dance Jaja foook um
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick Pred 28 dnevi
Dustin entered the “matrix/zone/flow” and was dodging the 1-2, had it timed and hurt Conor with a counter hook that hit the bottom of his chin moving upwards. Earlier in the fight he caught him clean with that same hook and pointed and smiled because he knew then he had a clear path to victory, chop his leg down then when he starts throwing wild counter him, Conor was going for lead uppercuts and putting his head in strange places, but just like all other punchers before him, Dustin clobbered him with a masterful right hand and knew when he went for a takedown (Conor) that he was hurt and a barrage would finish it. Just wish he would have waited another round for the insane +2000 odds I was getting on Bovada:(
Incognitive Distortion
Incognitive Distortion Pred 28 dnevi
Who needs an explanation? Dustin won fair and square. We already know Connor has a wide stance and dustin kicks his lead leg and counters. Those kicks did it. Don't count out the jabs dustin threw to throw Connor of timing. There's allot to Dustin's game that you're forgetting to mention. He went in on the inside and threw big hooks once he knew Connor was hurting and thrown off time and game with faints. Dustin faints the kicks and punches. Everytime connor throws a straight left hand he's opened to get countered every single time. Every punch he throws he leaves himself open, not just in this fight but ever since day one. Max Holloway can't be the best boxer in the UFC. Even if he was, it makes no difference at all considering the fact that he takes more damage than a heavy bag. He's slow as shit and and his boxing defense is terrible. So he has a great offense.. ? So what if you're taking that kind of damage.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Pred 28 dnevi
The Weasle's breakdowns are always a must after fight nights.
Junnel Angelo
Junnel Angelo Pred 28 dnevi
All pilipino people full suport to dustin i love pilipino blood
Marko Lumovic
Marko Lumovic Pred 28 dnevi
Connor is a drunk bum that's what happened
Marko Lumovic
Marko Lumovic Pred 24 dnevi
@misuyy fong When it I say it was TKO are you ok in a head dude?
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Pred 28 dnevi
That wasn’t a TKO it was a KO !
Thaysan Kean
Thaysan Kean Pred 28 dnevi
We're you not the one that said that Dustin looked nervous at the promo. That he looked mentally beat already.
Think for yourself.
Think for yourself. Pred 28 dnevi
The better man won. No need for a ten minute explanation video.
Domi B
Domi B Pred 28 dnevi
nice break down
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Pred 28 dnevi
At the end of the fight Connor was in "I want my mom" mood.
BMinus Pred 28 dnevi
Good video. The people needed this lol. From the start of the fight, connor came out strongly with a traditional boxing stance and left himself open every time he threw his left hand and I was scared for him. I honestly thought connor was gonna get knocked the F out by a hard right hook, but the leg kicks were the highlight
Jon Chippure
Jon Chippure Pred 28 dnevi
Shout out to Dustin Poiriers shins. In the fight you see conor sink down and put weight in the front leg to check almost every kick, yes he doesn’t turn his foot all the way out but Dustin is still directly hitting shin in most of them with the lower weaker part of his shin. The toughness to keep firing those despite the pain is incredible. I think conor was expecting Dustin to slow down on the calf kicks too as shin to shin collisions normally hurt both parties, especially when conor doesn’t lift the leg and it barely budges. Dustin Diamond Shins Poirier baby! Experience and toughness through battles with Jim Miller, Justin Gaethje and Dan Hooker payed off in this one.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Pred 28 dnevi
Dominic Cruz - "Conor's calves are trying to gas Dustin out."
Gabriel D'avila
Gabriel D'avila Pred 28 dnevi
I wonder what would happen if khabib fight Charles Oliveira
Tony Vance
Tony Vance Pred 28 dnevi
Props to Dustin for beating McGregor ass and shutting his big mouth I use to like McGregor until he became a conceded bully Dustin is a beast
Thecornerstone 33
Thecornerstone 33 Pred 28 dnevi
For a great fighter who's been in the game for so long he needs to fight for the belt.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Pred 28 dnevi
i heard of someone who bet their entire life savings on Conor winning never count out anyone
Holden Pred 28 dnevi
Just goes to show you how small the space is between fighters at the top. You can be on a huge winning streak like Tony and considered one the best, and then two losses and boom you're washed. Conor has one bad fight and people are already talking about retirement lol. But that's how it goes.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Pred 28 dnevi
paid his opponents to lose that is facts.
Luis Chay
Luis Chay Pred 28 dnevi
Conor is over
DirtyHairy Callahan
DirtyHairy Callahan Pred 29 dnevi
For Anyone that has never fout gtyou can stay in Mount laugh exchange on her broken leg that's why he went down.
mata air
mata air Pred 29 dnevi
Mcloser broken leg
Conzo🍺 Pred 29 dnevi
You can't say imagine if he versed a head kicker he'd be screwed , the reason his guard is so open is because he knows he isn't a head kicker haha
Tom Beckett
Tom Beckett Pred 29 dnevi
That wasn’t a TKO it was a KO !
hassan Waleed
hassan Waleed Pred 29 dnevi
They said he'll look a beastwhen Dustin looked bigger. Conor had good photoshop in pics
hassan Waleed
hassan Waleed Pred 29 dnevi
What really happened is he became a weasel
david ballard
david ballard Pred 29 dnevi
Card will be... Dustin vs Connor 3 Olivera vs Chandler Co main Winners meet 3 mos. after, injuries aside.
annag cocl
annag cocl Pred 29 dnevi
1st fight, Conor had hair and Dustin was bald, Dustin got K.Od 2nd fight, Dustin had hair and Conor was bald, Conor got K.Od Coincidence?? I think not!!
david ballard
david ballard Pred 29 dnevi
Gr8 comments... Told my wife, Dustin has to attack Connors legs... Beautiful... I made this comment about 2 weeks ago pointing out the Forest Griffin / Rampage fight. I think the reason a lot of fighters don't use this is because they don't want it done to them. Hurts for weeks. That aside, I think the rematch will be a dog fight or Connor will K.O. Dustin. Connor caught him early but didn't follow up..... ? That was maturity on both sides, except Connor should have followed up with body and head kicks. Dustin handled business and I'm so happy for him.... Big fan.
C J R Pred 29 dnevi
Dominic Cruz - "Conor's calves are trying to gas Dustin out."