Catchin' Up w/ The Cringe Fam

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Cody Ko

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Catchin' Up w/ The Cringe Fam
Cody Ko

Corbin Dingman
Corbin Dingman Pred 19 urami
My parents are actually split up and my dad heard this and said what the fuck is he on about😂
Emma Latham
Emma Latham Pred dnevom
I'm struggling to get through this cringe
Siya Sharma
Siya Sharma Pred dnevom
the fact that he LITERALLY speaks and sounds like a kid makes this so much worse.
eidorb 30
eidorb 30 Pred dnevom
this dude is real life clarence
Matthew Aguilar
Matthew Aguilar Pred dnevom
You gotta say your fake plug as often as possible so companies know to sponsor you
NEBEXHD Pred 2 dnevi
9:20 someone broke his neck from behind
Billie is my wife
Billie is my wife Pred 2 dnevi
The weird thing is that all these channels for “kids” are supposed to be for kids but they just end up being kinda inappropriate and also like kinda rude and uncomfortable. 🙈😂
Manuel Arriaza
Manuel Arriaza Pred 2 dnevi
is the lizzzzp on purpose to make it more appealing to kids?
Tirtharaj Sengupta
Tirtharaj Sengupta Pred 2 dnevi
Cody prolly had beef with hawk too
Quirrel Plush
Quirrel Plush Pred 2 dnevi
Lmao I was watching Matty Fucking Smokes interview with Cody and Noel click on this video and get a truth ad to stop vaping
Izzy G
Izzy G Pred 2 dnevi
My reccomendations are gunna be all messed up from looking for your comment on their video
Izzy G
Izzy G Pred 2 dnevi
8:31 I'm scared honestly
Aesher Pred 3 dnevi
Pyro lookin rough man
Aurimas Maldzius
Aurimas Maldzius Pred 3 dnevi
That dude is like Chris from family guy...
Allison Watts
Allison Watts Pred 3 dnevi
how did you not make fun of his lisp? the self-control on this guy.
Alex Donovan-Lowe
Alex Donovan-Lowe Pred 3 dnevi
On a real note, it's worrying that kids are being shown content like that. As a content producer, they have a responsibility to their viewers, and teaching kids that it's okay to abuse your partner as long as you "make it up to them after" is concerning. It's literally one of the forms of domestic abuse, and PERSONALLY, I don't think it's good for kids to see that. Other than that, love the vid, good job.
Rikkalina Pred 4 dnevi
His lisp makes me want to die
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards Pred 4 dnevi
Fuckin, my parents are divorced and my dad left and my mom does want a boyfriend😂😂😂😂
Josiah Lewis
Josiah Lewis Pred 4 dnevi
This iphone is gonna make up for me dragging her for hours guys * animal sounds* The gf: cut the cameras...deadass
Mariguana Pred 5 dnevi
The saddest part is they get so much money from these videos that $1000 isn’t that much. But she acts like she can’t believe
RIVERSIDE Productions RSP Pred 5 dnevi
RIVERSIDE Productions RSP Pred 5 dnevi
Addie Clock
Addie Clock Pred 5 dnevi
Im worried that cody isn't taking his parents separation well
Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams Pred 5 dnevi
“overthrow the government with a militia” didn’t age well
Lina Ortmann
Lina Ortmann Pred 5 dnevi
His acting is just 😚😚🤌🏼
Sasha Chapurina
Sasha Chapurina Pred 5 dnevi
probably THE funniest video of the year
Steele B
Steele B Pred 5 dnevi
not one mention of how that guy definitely loves the cock? Not a bad business strategy on their part.. just keeping it a buck.
김형만 Pred 6 dnevi
The marvelous canoe conjecturally save because mimosa phenotypically plant beside a quickest iran. motionless, decorous snowboarding
Anthony Bjo
Anthony Bjo Pred 6 dnevi
"I love that thqueal"
Insert cringe here
Insert cringe here Pred 6 dnevi
The boyfriend is like if the baby from the incredibles, grown up but still got that baby face.
Brimannn Pred 6 dnevi
he’s like an even more annoying Lance 210
Ultrauous Pred 6 dnevi
Skater_obsession Pred 6 dnevi
Why does his voice sounds like a 8 year old that eats his own dandruff?
Unripe Tomato
Unripe Tomato Pred 6 dnevi
imagine being so much of a plebe that you cant even afford the iphone pro x plus 256 GB XR max. poor people are so disgusting smh.
Matt Norwood
Matt Norwood Pred 6 dnevi
I can't with the fucking lisp.. thumone give thith guy an enthyclopedia tho he can choothe wordths that dont have tho many th's in them.
Diana Sanchez
Diana Sanchez Pred 6 dnevi
did not have to call out my divorced parents issues 😒🤫🤔
Nancy Hg
Nancy Hg Pred 6 dnevi
yes a horcrux
Lake Banners
Lake Banners Pred 7 dnevi
Didn’t even make fun of his lisp...
J Haffer
J Haffer Pred 7 dnevi
"AVARYBODY WANTSAN IPHOON12" as a zfold2 owner, I'm chillin homie
Kale Kale
Kale Kale Pred 7 dnevi
Watch it again im not playing fair
Nathan Leach
Nathan Leach Pred 7 dnevi
If I had young kids SLpost would not be a option
Mike Capasso
Mike Capasso Pred 7 dnevi
So much repetition it should be criminal
Ana Rosa Rodriguez
Ana Rosa Rodriguez Pred 7 dnevi
The guy sounds like Jimmy Jr from bobs burgers
Roux Harbour
Roux Harbour Pred 7 dnevi
This reminds me of that scene in the office where Michael says something rude to Pam. Pam leaves. He then goes "No, she's actually really talented, but I would never say that to her face." Like wuut xD
Hey Georgie3
Hey Georgie3 Pred 7 dnevi
I’m going to like the comment he put on the video 😂
Matt Styles
Matt Styles Pred 7 dnevi
Y this guy lisp. Most adults loose that not to mention there is speech therapy. Joe Biden has a studder but u wouldn't know it.
Arpegius Pred 8 dnevi
...Makes sense that you have to be a clown to appeal to children....
Rubydaysmith Pred 8 dnevi
This guy could be related to Elliot with two t’s they look so similar
kevski Pred 8 dnevi
I'm convinced this shit actually gives you brain damage. dropping your child on the head will be less detrimental than letting them watch this on their sticky ipad for two hours.
Botanical Vampire
Botanical Vampire Pred 8 dnevi
6:09 personal time stamp
Lindsay Ackerman
Lindsay Ackerman Pred 8 dnevi
"kids have half a brain" "that's why they'll watch anything if it's loud" collins key subscribers: *nervous sweating*
Melanie Sheldon
Melanie Sheldon Pred 8 dnevi
I want these toxic couples to all break up.
Zdogruss Zdogruss
Zdogruss Zdogruss Pred 8 dnevi
at 13:52 i almost cried. Cody should be an actor
LoW Davey
LoW Davey Pred 8 dnevi
Hes really advertising that iPhone 12, I wonder how many times he name dropped it this video lol.
Melanie Sheldon
Melanie Sheldon Pred 8 dnevi
Hugs bro. Sorry about your booboo eye.
Cocholatte Blanco
Cocholatte Blanco Pred 8 dnevi
how many views did that video get only from people looking for cody's comment...
DaliaCha Pred 8 dnevi
“Bees also make honey-OWWW” now that’s some dedication to your sponsor😂
João Ferreira
João Ferreira Pred 8 dnevi
laughed so hard
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Pred 8 dnevi
so be mean to someone then offer them a gift to make up for it? that's problematic
Vigarita Pred 8 dnevi
It's just so funny to me because you know these people were the "bullies" in high school, like I'd be embarrassed to have my bullies grow up and do kids content.
Leo L
Leo L Pred 9 dnevi
ZZZ Pred 9 dnevi
My S20+ was about $1200 you're telling me the iPhone is less?
Lily O'Hagan
Lily O'Hagan Pred 9 dnevi
I feel like I lost braincells watching this
ZZZ Pred 9 dnevi
Why are people allowed to release this content it brings the universal IQ down by 500
Drew Davis
Drew Davis Pred 9 dnevi
this shit had me dying
Banana Sandwiches
Banana Sandwiches Pred 9 dnevi
Cody reminds me of Spenser from I Carly, probably not the first one
Kevin Chicas
Kevin Chicas Pred 9 dnevi
Can someone ask him to say ‘seven sneaky swords’ 🤣🤣
FallenBlast Pred 9 dnevi
"I'm going to be toxic towards to you, but you'll get a brand new phone at the end of it... only if I do not break you. You will learn to live by these rules and expects gifts".... Sponsored by Apple Inc. iPhone 12... No women were harmed in the making of this video!
Raven Games
Raven Games Pred 9 dnevi
14:37 china is a good place to start not even trynna stereotype..theres a shit ton of fake iphones tho
David Fernández
David Fernández Pred 9 dnevi
The fact that their channel name is Cringe Fam makes it even more cringe.
T M Pred 9 dnevi
He struggles keeping his tongue in his mouth
garbage Pred 9 dnevi
chill diss was better than 6ix9ines whole carrer
Dom C
Dom C Pred 9 dnevi
Something wild is going on at caillou's house
George Tressler
George Tressler Pred 10 dnevi
how many ads can you have on one video?
ItsMeSneaky Pred 10 dnevi
This video hits different when you actually have divorced parents
Daniyel Denham
Daniyel Denham Pred 10 dnevi
I thought it would’ve been staged but it was hilarious to see “BRO ITS A PRANK I GOT YOU A PHONE” “no fuck you, you were a bitch” *”bye”*
STORM FRONT Pred 10 dnevi
Cody has the best transition from content ---> ad read. He flows from content to ad like a rapper.
Evan Ballard
Evan Ballard Pred 10 dnevi
I already used Noel’s honey code. Sorry not sorry.
Markus Bar
Markus Bar Pred 10 dnevi
All the gutteral screeches got me so good
Eli Pred 10 dnevi
i feel like youtube couples do these types of "pranks" just to get away with saying awful shit to their significant others
Lorenzo Doesn't Exist
Lorenzo Doesn't Exist Pred 10 dnevi
She totally cheats on him.
LJ Russo
LJ Russo Pred 10 dnevi
Is it just me or does it kinda sound like he’s got a lisp
Dom C
Dom C Pred 10 dnevi
He does
Zeph eter
Zeph eter Pred 10 dnevi
just you
Dartymissile Pred 10 dnevi
The message for kids is that you can fix issues in a relationship with material possessions.
Quincy Masters
Quincy Masters Pred 10 dnevi
The guy looks like someone took Dory and smooshed her face down
Parker Cole
Parker Cole Pred 11 dnevi
Am I trippin or did Cody just publicize a bunch of videos on his channel from like 2 months ago?
Jacob Wilkins
Jacob Wilkins Pred 11 dnevi
how to make fun of logan paul without actually making fun of logan paul
Mr boss dog7441
Mr boss dog7441 Pred 11 dnevi
you didn't comment :(
NoneWhatsoever Pred 11 dnevi
K but that track at the end actually slaps. The productionnnn
Depressed Otaku
Depressed Otaku Pred 11 dnevi
I don’t know how this guy isn’t embarrassed by his content 😭😭😭
bon bon
bon bon Pred 12 dnevi
Lol when Cody laughed at, “ you probably stunk off the cancer”
Anika The Awkward
Anika The Awkward Pred 12 dnevi
Lookin like Caleb from season one of Pretty Little Liars
Da Beast
Da Beast Pred 12 dnevi
The only person that is good at making over 20 minute videos is mrballen
TD45465 ghf
TD45465 ghf Pred 12 dnevi
Dont prank me like that cody i thought u were really dead not cool.
Rishon Solomon
Rishon Solomon Pred 12 dnevi
10:13 is literally perfection i rewinded so many times, i cant stop laughing help
Prescilla Sena
Prescilla Sena Pred 12 dnevi
How the fuck dose his girlfriend not hear him yelling on what hes going to do to her likee-
Gjn Hgf
Gjn Hgf Pred 13 dnevi
Crazy, when she was at 90k on insta she used to religiously respond to my comments lol
lilrebel 211333
lilrebel 211333 Pred 13 dnevi
8:11 looks like homer or bart simpson but in real life
Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson Pred 13 dnevi
Their parents must be so proud.
Samantha Frary
Samantha Frary Pred 13 dnevi
i have learned to not drink water while watching cody's videos, things just happen so unexpectedly.
Fellix Garcia
Fellix Garcia Pred 13 dnevi
Dude looked like pyroncinical for a sec
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