Fernandes Free-Kick Wins 5-Goal Thriller | Manchester United 3-2 Liverpool | Emirates FA Cup 2020-21

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The Emirates FA Cup

Pred mesecem

Manchester United fought back from behind to knock Liverpool out of the Emirates FA Cup and progress into the fifth round. Two goals from Mohamed Salah weren't enough as Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes were all on the scoresheet.
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jenny speegle
jenny speegle Pred 10 urami
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Clarissa Chandler
Clarissa Chandler Pred 4 dnevi
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Nainik Makkar
Nainik Makkar Pred 7 dnevi
just reminding liverpool where they are in the premier league
chimiko Pred 8 dnevi
help a fella get 500 subs
Nora Fox
Nora Fox Pred 11 dnevi
1:24 didnt know there was Icelandic woman in the crowd
jirawat khunngean
jirawat khunngean Pred 14 dnevi
Osama Albajaly
Osama Albajaly Pred 15 dnevi
حارس مانشستر يونايتد زبااااالللل صحححح
szewei1985 Pred 16 dnevi
Haha great win there
Elaine Crawford
Elaine Crawford Pred 19 dnevi
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Anns Ssa
Anns Ssa Pred 19 dnevi
At 0:41 why do they have the same hair😂😂
nhan nguyen thi
nhan nguyen thi Pred 22 dnevi
I alway love Manchester
M Irvandy
M Irvandy Pred 22 dnevi
Greenwood like RVP👍🏻
Fredi Gogoli
Fredi Gogoli Pred 22 dnevi
Fredi Gogoli
Fredi Gogoli Pred 22 dnevi
Saint Dominique
Saint Dominique Pred 22 dnevi
1:27 this is among the most moment in football nowadays. The guy posing in front on Klopp. Rashy, u are not a smart boy 😜😜😜
louli wael
louli wael Pred 23 dnevi
really Alisson really
Cesar Sebastian
Cesar Sebastian Pred 23 dnevi
I'm sorry no one talked about how pogba dodge Bruno Freekick ??, I mean he looks like knew what's about to come ...
Ragnor Thormass
Ragnor Thormass Pred 24 dnevi
Funny how they dont show VDB dive by keeper on 27th minute of game at 1-1. Wonder why the dont highlight the attempted cheating by VDB. He should have been yellow card for simulation. Anyone who doubts me watch the full game back and watch counter attack by united in 27th minute
karizlla Tsawe
karizlla Tsawe Pred 24 dnevi
Shaw did not maker on sala
Ramce Bajramovski
Ramce Bajramovski Pred 25 dnevi
Doesn't change the fact that mo salah is better than all man u players 😉😉
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred 25 dnevi
Epic sport
Epic sport Pred 26 dnevi
Epic sport
Epic sport Pred 26 dnevi
Football zone do subscribe kindly
peymus peymus
peymus peymus Pred 26 dnevi
Salah best...
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 26 dnevi
Honestly, Cavani cast a spell in Manchester after his arrival. Everything changed after that.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred 25 dnevi
Magnificent from the magnifico
Diego Azócar
Diego Azócar Pred 26 dnevi
Cavani underrated.
Übermensch Lussenhorf
Übermensch Lussenhorf Pred 26 dnevi
It's going to be hard for Liverpool to take the Premier League this year because they have stopped PAYING OFF the referees.
ghostdragon174 Pred 26 dnevi
Yep. Plus it’s ok for them to get favourable decisions but it isn’t ok for us to get them.
munene mathenge
munene mathenge Pred 26 dnevi
I remember when Manchester United's defense played with some pride, this is plain shameful.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 26 dnevi
صلاح 💗🇸🇦
ashraf elabbady
ashraf elabbady Pred 27 dnevi
Salah has to carry over Liverpool attackers every match, well-done salah
جيهان جوجو gogo
جيهان جوجو gogo Pred 27 dnevi
Kam Pred 27 dnevi
I knew we were gonna win when liverpool scored first
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 27 dnevi
Magnificent from the magnifico
Adriyan Danique
Adriyan Danique Pred 27 dnevi
Yes let’s go
Anthony Rodríguez
Anthony Rodríguez Pred 27 dnevi
✨ 3:55 ✨
Jatinder Singh
Jatinder Singh Pred 27 dnevi
Google video like amazing world viewers
Crewposter and footballer
Crewposter and footballer Pred 27 dnevi
Who else watched it live
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 27 dnevi
Crewposter and footballer
Crewposter and footballer Pred 27 dnevi
Cavani and Bruno are like Messi and Iniesta
Кыял Айдаров
Кыял Айдаров Pred 27 dnevi
Salah King
Soyod alam Bin hasu
Soyod alam Bin hasu Pred 28 dnevi
Very nice bro
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred 28 dnevi
Magnificent from the magnifico
Najlepszy kibic Barcelony
Najlepszy kibic Barcelony Pred 28 dnevi
Frost Gold M
Frost Gold M Pred 28 dnevi
جمال السهلي
جمال السهلي Pred 28 dnevi
صلاح 💗🇸🇦
Abed Muema
Abed Muema Pred 28 dnevi
How that ball was sneaked between shaw and lindelof...Baily cannot allow that...no salah 1st goal Lindelof atimes sleeps
fernando juaneu
fernando juaneu Pred 28 dnevi
¿Cavani what's?
fernando juaneu
fernando juaneu Pred 28 dnevi
¿¡Ano de esto?!
Wil Vargas
Wil Vargas Pred 28 dnevi
just lack passion to narrate the match... very cold, uer the emotion ??? this is football !!!
Jebson Sabu
Jebson Sabu Pred 28 dnevi
Bruno Fernandes - The future of Portugal .
Ziad Bolman
Ziad Bolman Pred 28 dnevi
Ziad Bolman
Ziad Bolman Pred 28 dnevi
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pred 29 dnevi
Cry more liVARpool fans... thought he OnLy SCorED PeNs😂
William Marsh
William Marsh Pred 29 dnevi
Cavani the driving cheat gets a free kick when it wasn't a free kick o and might i just had get in the blades haha
isports Pred 29 dnevi
Listen Tottenham vs Liverpool live tonight 8pm with us
ReactiveRBoss Network
ReactiveRBoss Network Pred 29 dnevi
Man U is on the rise to their former glory, it’s been 7 years since we’ve last seen them in the position they’re in
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Pred 29 dnevi
Even game that could have gone either way. Be humble Liverpool.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Pred 29 dnevi
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FYROWZ Sport Live
FYROWZ Sport Live Pred 29 dnevi
maka hany
maka hany Pred 29 dnevi
حمو د
Hepdy Pred 29 dnevi
Sheffield United : Thank you.
Srividya vedagarbha
Srividya vedagarbha Pred 29 dnevi
Audra Wintheiser
Audra Wintheiser Pred 29 dnevi
The handsome venezuelan preoperatively close because alloy coincidingly care along a needless sort. joyous, caring veil
Ernest Onwona
Ernest Onwona Pred 29 dnevi
When will Pogba and Cavani return to their former selves?
Fate Yo boi
Fate Yo boi Pred 29 dnevi
Fate Yo boi
Fate Yo boi Pred 29 dnevi
Fate Yo boi
Fate Yo boi Pred 29 dnevi
Liverpool are trash
Fate Yo boi
Fate Yo boi Pred 29 dnevi
Fate Yo boi
Fate Yo boi Pred 29 dnevi
عبد الله مجيب
عبد الله مجيب Pred 29 dnevi
Where was this goal scoring festival at Anfield?
TCM City
TCM City Pred 29 dnevi
TEC DANGER Pred 29 dnevi
Man U are just better
سولطان بن سعيد
سولطان بن سعيد Pred 29 dnevi
Man u better than lfc trash
Ryder Kalaris
Ryder Kalaris Pred 29 dnevi
The foolish bangladesh chronically snore because helium unlikely coach besides a learned eggplant. rich, vast geometry
roblox lover
roblox lover Pred 29 dnevi
I'm a City fan, and I'm glad Liverpool are now out of the cup, weight off our shoulders. Thank you, United!
كرار الزبيدي
كرار الزبيدي Pred mesecem
Dennis OKON
Dennis OKON Pred mesecem
Rshford will always be Rashford
HUMZ 67 Pred mesecem
Greenwood kinda selfish
soledad gorosito
soledad gorosito Pred mesecem
No bajes hablan taka taka
raman21 Pred mesecem
Lifeless commentator
Mark Haynes
Mark Haynes Pred mesecem
I thought that when cavani signed he would be bad but no he has helped so much
Consciência Positiva
Consciência Positiva Pred mesecem
The undercover General Manager and forced Captain said: " When we are happy we play well". This is hilarious, who wasn't happy this time? Liverpool's goal keeper? Ole? Zidane? I think M United needs a bozo !!
hasana shrestha
hasana shrestha Pred mesecem
Arnold was disrespected by Liverpool in this match.Look how many times did he called for pass
Super Blaze99
Super Blaze99 Pred mesecem
Boring commentary ever!!!
updikarim Ahmed
updikarim Ahmed Pred mesecem
Daniel YAP
Daniel YAP Pred mesecem
Tarzan (cavani ) playing all position out here
mai Pred mesecem
tbh, liv was not that bad. They tried their absolute best but sad for them united came out even stronger 💀💪
Elmir57Z Pred mesecem
Now Pogba plays solid because he will leave soon😂
Gameplay Pred mesecem
which team should I support? i am new
Coskun T.
Coskun T. Pred mesecem
English soccer is whole another level
Shaldon chetty
Shaldon chetty Pred mesecem
Interesting fact: Liverpool haven't won a game that Thiago played in... He ensured that happened this time around by ducking during the free kick when he could of clearly blocked it if he jumped... Was Thiago sent to sabotage Liverpool :?
Mr Gunner
Mr Gunner Pred mesecem
No doubt that Bruno is premier leagues best player right now, from a Arsenal fan I got to admit it
Aviation lover Danny
Aviation lover Danny Pred mesecem
Play donny more please 👀
Kenz Tan
Kenz Tan Pred mesecem
ale2216 Pred mesecem
I really wished this commentary was as exciting as the game
Rymessi1816 Pred mesecem
Md Mi
Md Mi Pred mesecem
Bruno magnifico 😅👍
Eduardo FULLY
Eduardo FULLY Pred mesecem
Check my videos please and subscribe
Adeyemi Ayomide Samadex
Adeyemi Ayomide Samadex Pred mesecem
No I don't agree Bruno scored... The ref gave him a free kick penalty...
Adeyemi Ayomide Samadex
Adeyemi Ayomide Samadex Pred 29 dnevi
@Andi Raffael ok
Andi Raffael
Andi Raffael Pred mesecem
Y 19
Y 19 Pred mesecem
Wow pogba really showing us something contribution is showing
Enguema Ebang bée Javier fernandez
Enguema Ebang bée Javier fernandez Pred mesecem
Que madrid fiche este tio bruno fernandez
Luke Byrne
Luke Byrne Pred mesecem
What a horrible, little shitbag Andy Robertson is!
Robert Musoke
Robert Musoke Pred mesecem
Maguire being captain is the only thing weird about man u 🤔
Mudansir aminu
Mudansir aminu Pred mesecem
En Du
En Du Pred mesecem
And alisson is the worst goalkeeper
zam zo
zam zo Pred mesecem
Is Bruno Fernandes, the new Beckham for ManUtd