Nobody Ever Buys Salt

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Gus Johnson

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It's always just there.
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Nobody ever buys salt. This is a song about salt.
I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred 3 leti
If you would like a healthy dose of virtual salt, check out the description to follow me on my pointless social media pages. Also welcome to the channel, big new batch of people. I hope you brought a dish to pass. Stick around for a while, if you will.
crsmith56 Pred 24 dnevi
Video Idea: Children at Chuck E Cheese. Impersonate their pure evil and their ability to be untamed!
IFA Incorporated
IFA Incorporated Pred mesecem
All employees if this office agree that nobody bought the salt that's in our cupboard.
Kiwo Pred mesecem
fuck you
Ms. Steal yo waifu
Ms. Steal yo waifu Pred mesecem
I ruined your 69 comments
opinions Pred 5 urami
Karlwayne petalcorin
Karlwayne petalcorin Pred 5 urami
I have bought salt Sometimes people buy salt from me
Dylan G
Dylan G Pred 9 urami
I bought salt once, but I didn't finish the whole thing, I'm not sure where it is right now
Jr Truong
Jr Truong Pred 11 urami
He had to buy more salt because he used it all in this video
E Henrie
E Henrie Pred dnevom
This is oddly sweet.
Ashe Suoivilbo
Ashe Suoivilbo Pred dnevom
I haven't watched this video in years, but it was going through my head this morning.. Guess what was in my recommended.
Sindre Hanssen
Sindre Hanssen Pred dnevom
IDO MIZRACHI Pred dnevom
Heck so true
Marc Radcliff
Marc Radcliff Pred 2 dnevi
I use salt for tanning hides, I’m the fucker who buys the entire store’s stock... for like $10 shits cheep as fuck
Eli the Nugget
Eli the Nugget Pred 2 dnevi
*starts pissing salt*
Serena Jones
Serena Jones Pred 2 dnevi
0:13 that’s why I’m depressed
A_True_Generic_Gamer Pred 3 dnevi
Just bought some salt
Ethan Bulot
Ethan Bulot Pred 3 dnevi
Verbal Vertigo
Verbal Vertigo Pred 3 dnevi
i just bought salt today actually
L Hats
L Hats Pred 4 dnevi
I god I never realized my whole life so far we got only 2 things of salt
SlyHikari03 Pred 4 dnevi
Default Salt
Warded Mirror
Warded Mirror Pred 4 dnevi
how could 2.5k people dislikethis
Dragos Pred 4 dnevi
When you buy a house you usually have salt already there
Alexander Cort
Alexander Cort Pred 5 dnevi
The end when he said salt I said ty
Alexander Cort
Alexander Cort Pred 5 dnevi
Paraskevas Mourikis
Paraskevas Mourikis Pred 5 dnevi
I actually purchased salt the other day.
Paraskevas Mourikis
Paraskevas Mourikis Pred 5 dnevi
I actually purchased salt the other day.
Blake Thompson
Blake Thompson Pred 5 dnevi
When my friend rages in a cod lobby:
ImpactedPlayz Pred 5 dnevi
Can we get an f in the chat for the salt
jackson sanders
jackson sanders Pred 6 dnevi
Make a song
Withered Pred 6 dnevi
Tf I actually never noticed that salt legit teleports In my fucking house... Ive never bought salt In my WHOLE LIFE I Legit never been asked to buy salt or grab salt Its just fucking there
reset.undone Pred 6 dnevi
hey hello, yeah this comment is gonna get lost in the sea of others, but I had to buy salt today and my first thought was is that I need to tell people here this.... the simulation has been updated.... the dreaded salt patch
oliver taylor
oliver taylor Pred 7 dnevi
are you serious ? i buy a pound of salt every month somebody needs to live alone on his own
mincraftmonalisa Pred 7 dnevi
The last time I bought so it was a good 3 million years ago
Nathaniel Warnack
Nathaniel Warnack Pred 7 dnevi
Four Lights Orchestra
Four Lights Orchestra Pred 7 dnevi
I think this means you’re the roommate that never buys salt.
Spiral Pred 8 dnevi
Day 3 of living on my own: I opened my cabinets and their was 13 cans of salt *SEND HELP*
Pau Gironès
Pau Gironès Pred 8 dnevi
I've bought salt, it just takes 15 years to finish it.
Leosam Meah
Leosam Meah Pred 8 dnevi
So true
Phrenic Pred 8 dnevi
Da Rattlesnake clan
Da Rattlesnake clan Pred 8 dnevi
Yeah nobody does buy salt I always liked to think a monkey came at night and put salt there
Tony D'Annunzio
Tony D'Annunzio Pred 8 dnevi
People do buy salt
Jake Dempsey
Jake Dempsey Pred 9 dnevi
when this pops up... i always click it.... by default
oWcHi アーティスト
oWcHi アーティスト Pred 9 dnevi
this is like how people say "Lego sets weren't as expensive and were better when I was a kid" They weren't as expensive because you weren't the one buying them.
Tom LeBlanc
Tom LeBlanc Pred 9 dnevi
I just checked, why isn’t this on Spotify?
Matthew Becket
Matthew Becket Pred 9 dnevi
I have bought salt
Roland Deschein
Roland Deschein Pred 9 dnevi
sending a hug from Toronto n,3.
Kerem Yıldırım
Kerem Yıldırım Pred 9 dnevi
I do buy salt indeed
AngryPomeranianTrainer Pred 10 dnevi
There is so much damned salt everywhere
I_uKe Pred 10 dnevi
Eddard Stark
Eddard Stark Pred 10 dnevi
I buy salt, not regularly, just when I run out of it cause, I like, cook and stuff.
Name Here
Name Here Pred 10 dnevi
That deadpan stare at the end was beautiful 🤣
CoolConman Dude
CoolConman Dude Pred 10 dnevi
why is this so accurate
Devin Brown
Devin Brown Pred 10 dnevi
Gus. McDonald’s forgot to salt my fries whike I was at work and I remembered this song and looked in the cabinet and there was some salt.
Ffin Sullivan
Ffin Sullivan Pred 11 dnevi
I bought salt the other day and thought of this video
itsCookie Pred 11 dnevi
nobody ever gets salt cause they already have it in them
Mr.BreadStick Pred 11 dnevi
The Irony is he had to buy salt to make this video
bread sheeran
bread sheeran Pred 11 dnevi
people back in the day watching this thinking this guy is the richest man ever
Olle Hellberg
Olle Hellberg Pred minuto
Nah, salt was never THAT valuable
Tosh Jones
Tosh Jones Pred 11 dnevi
I keep on watching it and cant get enough :)
Poppin' Loch Ness Hopster
Poppin' Loch Ness Hopster Pred 11 dnevi
Regular shitty salt, but if you want good flake salt for steak you'll run out of that constantly.
Jacob Channel
Jacob Channel Pred 11 dnevi
Please make more crap
Mr Doge
Mr Doge Pred 11 dnevi
0:20 thumbnail
It’s Bob
It’s Bob Pred 11 dnevi
my salt has been here for 5 years
Charles Dahmital
Charles Dahmital Pred 11 dnevi
So, where are you keeping your Grammy? That's right. In the cupboard next to the salt.
IssaHolyMan Pred 11 dnevi
80’s singer for no reason: 0:14
Fat Foot
Fat Foot Pred 12 dnevi
Best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The gaming Seal
The gaming Seal Pred 12 dnevi
I already baught salt yesterday
Jcherald Pred 12 dnevi
at least that wasnt salty :)
Pluto Pred 12 dnevi
its been almost 4 years, have you purchased salt yet?
【 ·N E K O· 】
【 ·N E K O· 】 Pred 12 dnevi
I like to eat salt.
Erwinbrothertubers Film gallery
Erwinbrothertubers Film gallery Pred 12 dnevi
I have boughted salt
Tubbyie Pred 12 dnevi
I eat paint
Annelieke Sars
Annelieke Sars Pred 12 dnevi
Im the person who always buys the salt, eventho nobody asked, and i just dont tell...
l o
l o Pred 12 dnevi
thats the happiest sad song ive heard in my life
chaotic neutral
chaotic neutral Pred 12 dnevi
this has a bored at grandparents house vibe
Melissa Thorn
Melissa Thorn Pred 12 dnevi
Anybody have the captions on? The last one killed me😂
Gravity Bricks
Gravity Bricks Pred 13 dnevi
Yet I just bought salt
Felix Palmberg
Felix Palmberg Pred 13 dnevi
I just bought salt 😎
Beanman745 Pred 13 dnevi
This made me appreciate salt way more
Sedanur Türker
Sedanur Türker Pred 13 dnevi
Answer : MOMS
Minty Nickk
Minty Nickk Pred 13 dnevi
Ironically enough I bet he had to buy salt after this video
Wolram Pred 13 dnevi
Ironically he probably had to buy salt for this video
Cat Bot
Cat Bot Pred 14 dnevi
you know you're a broken man when someone points out the constant presence of a seasoning and you're genuinely comforted by it
Austin Fleming
Austin Fleming Pred 14 dnevi
this song is beautiful
Shrecked TO
Shrecked TO Pred 14 dnevi
Just play ranked in any game ever, and you can get a lifetime supply of salt for free in under 10 minutes!
Joshua Caicedo
Joshua Caicedo Pred 14 dnevi
Did he buy salt for this video tho
Ellis Anderson
Ellis Anderson Pred 14 dnevi
It’s because bakers buy all the salt before anybody else can
Angery Noot
Angery Noot Pred 14 dnevi
No, no, he's got a point
Balisong_bois Pred 14 dnevi
I find comfort That there will always be salt nearby me
Thair Afaneh
Thair Afaneh Pred 14 dnevi
Salt won't leave you like that bastard oregano.
Some Rando
Some Rando Pred 14 dnevi
Sad salt :(
T1mm Plays
T1mm Plays Pred 14 dnevi
I literally have no clue where my salt comes from
Tyler Brunelle
Tyler Brunelle Pred 14 dnevi
he said ASSALT
Kira ʔ•̫͡•ʕ
Kira ʔ•̫͡•ʕ Pred 14 dnevi
Why is this true
Nuhunla Pred 14 dnevi
When was the last time you stumbled upon the salt aisle at the grocery store
Duffton Animations
Duffton Animations Pred 14 dnevi
This made salty
Foggy Pebble
Foggy Pebble Pred 14 dnevi
Salt is sometimes used in baking though
Felix Palmberg
Felix Palmberg Pred 13 dnevi
It’s used to make basically anything in the kitchen
SirDurtle Pred 14 dnevi
If you replace the word salt with spiders it still works
Calvins Carvings.
Calvins Carvings. Pred 14 dnevi
No no, he's got a point.
Peter T
Peter T Pred 14 dnevi
ok im 7 seconds in and just gonna stop here- your mom bought it and is aware that she bought and it costs money. haha im a kidder
Cat Quality Productions
Cat Quality Productions Pred 15 dnevi
I buy salt
Calvins Carvings.
Calvins Carvings. Pred 14 dnevi
Nerd_co Pred 15 dnevi
d Know property
Eriandel Pred 15 dnevi
Rocking up to any gamer forum like 0:20
madkatt333 Pred 15 dnevi
You can tell he doesn’t cook if he’s never bought salt.
Felix Palmberg
Felix Palmberg Pred 13 dnevi
A big salt container can last easily over a year
Joni S.
Joni S. Pred 15 dnevi
Why can't I give more than one like?
Fredric Hohenstein
Fredric Hohenstein Pred 15 dnevi
old people logic
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