Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

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Listen to ‘drivers license’ out now: smarturl.it/driverslicense
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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

Frida Abad
Frida Abad Pred uro
This song hurts me, it’s such a masterpiece
Jeric Lester
Jeric Lester Pred uro
the new Lorde😂😂😂
Amaya Pred uro
The music you hear in T.J Maxx...
Arturo Tyrell
Arturo Tyrell Pred uro
Que som lindo...
Jansel Louise
Jansel Louise Pred uro
i cant stop listening to this song someone help me...i think i have a problem
Rat Eye
Rat Eye Pred uro
I’ve listened to it like 9 times rn while doing my work
Epeshika Khadka
Epeshika Khadka Pred uro
Idk if I am really sad or I've been listening to Driver's license for the whole day.
Light Xnvy
Light Xnvy Pred uro
I cried 😢😢😭😭🥺
SIM Card
SIM Card Pred uro
this song is to die for
Jerry Eubanks
Jerry Eubanks Pred uro
I like it.
Brisa RZ
Brisa RZ Pred uro
Joseph Ople
Joseph Ople Pred uro
Love it ☺
Emanuelly Beyer
Emanuelly Beyer Pred uro
HINO!!! ❤🇧🇷
Boris Leiva González
Boris Leiva González Pred uro
Her voice reminds me of Birdy. Anyone?
Mateus Fonseca
Mateus Fonseca Pred uro
#1 Hot 100
Malto, Jerome
Malto, Jerome Pred uro
Sounds like an OST of a best selling movie, this is perfect
Muhammad Fathan
Muhammad Fathan Pred uro
I got a drivers license last week and I watch drives license video
Matilda Belbey
Matilda Belbey Pred uro
soy la única q cada vez q ve este video llora? ;(
Evelin D
Evelin D Pred uro
Someone explain how this got so popular in a short time? Olivia is immensely talented with her own lyrics and all. But the sound of the music itself doesn’t sound like anything special. It’s average. That’s not bad though and the song is nice to listen to but then why did it get THIS much hype?
Robert Stubbs
Robert Stubbs Pred uro
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smartaxx Pred uro
whoever broke this girls heart..🤜💥
Its Me OFFICAL Pred uro
My God I'm Still Single :(
Ethan Cabral
Ethan Cabral Pred uro
lil specific no????
Aaron Diaz
Aaron Diaz Pred uro
WOW Ive been a fan eveR ScencE u were in bizzardvark
Morgan M
Morgan M Pred uro
I’m 30 damn years old and I’m bawling to a song referencing getting your drivers license
XxTitaniumMøønxX 3
XxTitaniumMøønxX 3 Pred uro
🎵This song...is so dramatic🎵~if ykyk. (NO HATE BTW!!❤️)
No more of the Disney Olivia, we got the more explicit Olivia now
Olivia Sanchez
Olivia Sanchez Pred uro
this song is my life story... :|
EricaIsabel Pred uro
Love the song but we be dope if it was a manual car 😂🤙🤙
trang dao
trang dao Pred uro
I’m going to play this song on repeat, turn on a hot shower, sit down hugging my knees, and rock back and forth drowning in emotions
Viles rr
Viles rr Pred uro
센스있는고라니 Pred uro
한국인 없나 hoxy?
Abigail Quezada
Abigail Quezada Pred uro
Ann Vae
Ann Vae Pred uro
Girl, you motivate me to learn how to drive now. 😊 😇 Love this one.
Kyle Sabarita
Kyle Sabarita Pred uro
there was a tik tok of a girl listening to your song and broke the 8 year realationship
wearejemkianpia _
wearejemkianpia _ Pred uro
JJ Queen
JJ Queen Pred uro
Do anyone else feel her pain while listening to this cause I know I do
꧁ Thecowinspace ꧂ You sus
꧁ Thecowinspace ꧂ You sus Pred uro
Anyone up at 3 AM listen to the song and crying
Aditya Novayanta
Aditya Novayanta Pred uro
Camila Torres Nunez27
Camila Torres Nunez27 Pred uro
I can so relate to this song it’s so sad
Vienna Baker
Vienna Baker Pred uro
She just said the F word
ThePrimeMan11 Pred uro
How many of you here are guys w/o girlfriends still listening to this good ass song because you think she’s cute and this song puts you in your feels
Greta Nothing
Greta Nothing Pred uro
I just cried during this song, it’s to real.💧
Thegtha Thegtha
Thegtha Thegtha Pred uro
Gucci gang
tks 77
tks 77 Pred uro
My ex texted me while listening to this
Pablo Vallory
Pablo Vallory Pred uro
El primer gran tema soft de este 2021!!!
Daniela Ramos
Daniela Ramos Pred uro
she's kinda look like catriona gray
Evelin Luciano de Olivera
Evelin Luciano de Olivera Pred uro
Necesito darle más me gustas a esta canción 💞💞💞
Camille Canada
Camille Canada Pred 2 urami
This song hits hard for me. My ex left me for another girl. We had our song and it hurts every time I hear it. My friends are tired of hearing about the breakup. So for all the girls that are going through a breakup let me tell you you are much better off without him. You are a beautiful, strong, independent woman
IZZIE Lamboy
IZZIE Lamboy Pred 2 urami
Ppl who are listening tothis in 2021
Gigi mar e sol
Gigi mar e sol Pred 2 urami
Alguém brasileiro aqui????
Brooke the Crook
Brooke the Crook Pred 2 urami
Man I failed but drivers test 😓😂
Gerald Mahapranaja Pillian
Gerald Mahapranaja Pillian Pred 2 urami
Heartbreak produces the best art
Best Kazooist
Best Kazooist Pred 2 urami
i was gonna say something funny/negative but i realized it's not worth the energy when i only think it's overhyped. this song's rlly good.
cR4cky jUnGsH00k
cR4cky jUnGsH00k Pred 2 urami
Pilipino pala toh?
Almera Lipuas
Almera Lipuas Pred 2 urami
Thissss issss.
Daniel Espinosa
Daniel Espinosa Pred 2 urami
Damn!!! She can sing, and we’ve all been there. Lol I’m happily in a relationship of six years. And I’m all sad! Hahaha
Holly Madeline
Holly Madeline Pred 2 urami
Do you need a hug
olivia rodrigo fandom
olivia rodrigo fandom Pred 2 urami
I love this 💚
Wishlist MK
Wishlist MK Pred 2 urami
Who’s waiting for Joshua’s remorse song coming anytime soon now?
Robert Pred 2 urami
Wow can’t believe i never heard of her until now😨. Apparently she was on Disney lol. Well wow pretty good single to start her career😁
How To Kid
How To Kid Pred 2 urami
I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Columbo
Jessica Columbo Pred 2 urami
When you army and see the BTS symbol 2:22
xoxo Pred 2 urami
she went from bizaardvark to this. damn.
Maëlla Lafrance Shah
Maëlla Lafrance Shah Pred 2 urami
Am I the only one who was listening to the song and the video and realized I know that girl from a show I used to watch? Bizaardvark
Fiona Chenault
Fiona Chenault Pred 2 urami
First she was grace Then she was Paige After that Nina And now she's a music artist Love her ❤️
Dakota Wolford
Dakota Wolford Pred 2 urami
I cried because of what happened with me and my friends 😭😭
Liyana Baltazar
Liyana Baltazar Pred 2 urami
The sadness in her voice
fucking bob
fucking bob Pred 2 urami
i love this
putri aisyah
putri aisyah Pred 2 urami
Ella Schulte
Ella Schulte Pred 2 urami
Anyone else having flashbacks about your ex that you miss and want back.....
andrielly souza
andrielly souza Pred 2 urami
A música é o melhor remédio pra curar a alma ❤😭 (acabei de criar essa frase ) tô tão inspirada 😭
Jakob Mulder
Jakob Mulder Pred 2 urami
Hmtmts vibes
wht r u doin
wht r u doin Pred 2 urami
bastian steel (SIM) gang wya🙄🤛⁉️
Mariane Ericka
Mariane Ericka Pred 2 urami
the next taylor swift, she speaks pain through music love it!! ❤
Luryia Pred 2 urami
This song is just everything!❣❣❣❣🔥
virtuoso 69
virtuoso 69 Pred 2 urami
devika. feb
devika. feb Pred 2 urami
Never bored to hear this masterpiece songgg
Ruth Blane
Ruth Blane Pred 2 urami
His BF is surely regretting everything he did to her now... 🚘🚗🚘🚙
Reagan Miller
Reagan Miller Pred 2 urami
Who else just doesn't think it's worth the hype?
`ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-
`ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́- Pred 2 urami
You haven't had a messy breakup have you?
Krizia Bardinas
Krizia Bardinas Pred 2 urami
Why do we think of someone while listening to this?
Amber Mason
Amber Mason Pred 2 urami
i love your singing
alfredo Lòpez
alfredo Lòpez Pred 2 urami
I love this song
Amber Mason
Amber Mason Pred 2 urami
you should make more videos please
Lydia Vanderbilt
Lydia Vanderbilt Pred 2 urami
When I’m listening to this in the bathroom for the first time and I start balling thinking about that one person
Anaid_ Alexis_ Beltran_ Sanchez_exo
Anaid_ Alexis_ Beltran_ Sanchez_exo Pred 2 urami
I love this song
Javiana S Martínez B
Javiana S Martínez B Pred 2 urami
Esta canción es simplemente adictiva
Jojo Lam
Jojo Lam Pred 2 urami
this video is going viral!!!!!!!
Stranger Things Lover
Stranger Things Lover Pred 2 urami
You know it’s an amazing song when u haven’t see a single negative comment on it
Kirrily Vlogs
Kirrily Vlogs Pred 2 urami
Laykn Dennis
Laykn Dennis Pred 2 urami
I didn't go to school for a month because one of myy bestttt friends who is a girl got a boyfriend and little did she know i liked her.
Sergio Angulo
Sergio Angulo Pred 2 urami
What a beatiful song! I love her!!
Katress Official
Katress Official Pred 2 urami
Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Lana del Rey summoned her can we please not fuck her up. Thanks. :)
Katress Official
Katress Official Pred uro
@Damia Azzahra what? I don’t think you understand my comment
Damia Azzahra
Damia Azzahra Pred 2 urami
Why you say like are can sing
Chadymond Comery
Chadymond Comery Pred 2 urami
Here for the 100th time today!!!
afinanovyati 05
afinanovyati 05 Pred 2 urami
I like this song
Kimberly liriano
Kimberly liriano Pred 2 urami
Åñgël Pred 2 urami
You would think most Disney stars would be good friends I’ve loved Olivia from bizzardvark and Sabrina from girl meets world A banger tho POP OFFFF
LEG3NDARY_ MIST152 Pred 2 urami
Downloading on Spotify Asap
Priscila Catrinacho
Priscila Catrinacho Pred 2 urami
vim pelo tik tok
Cherilyn Legaspi
Cherilyn Legaspi Pred 2 urami
holy smokes its already at 53 mil views, i first watched it with only 200k views and kept replaying it. So proud of her and I love this song sm!!!
Bruna Silva
Bruna Silva Pred 2 urami
Parabéns você achou um comentário em português, que você tanto procurava !
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