Dana White reacts to Conor McGregor’s loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257

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Daniel gemdpr
Daniel gemdpr Pred 5 urami
What he drink please
Muhammad Yousef
Muhammad Yousef Pred 6 dnevi
Ya, good question 🤣🤣🤣
Jay Ali
Jay Ali Pred 8 dnevi
Next for khabib is middle weight, can he do it? #Roy Jones
gar beal
gar beal Pred 12 dnevi
He looks like hes about to cry everytime mcgregor loses.
J Pred 20 urami
@gar beal Thats not how rich people think my friend.
gar beal
gar beal Pred 22 urami
@J if I was worth his amount of money I doubt I would he'll never spend the money he's already got in his lifetime
J Pred dnevom
So would you if you thought you lost a billion dollars.
Zac Pred 16 dnevi
LOL the dude asks Dana if he’s seen Connor after the fight and the dana replies “I haven’t seen anyone”. He must be REAL sad right now.
Christopher Hawnt
Christopher Hawnt Pred 16 dnevi
Does Dana White know anything? Such lazy opinions ....
Наталья Сичевая
Наталья Сичевая Pred 18 dnevi
Дана зачем етотот цырк? Продай уже Конору пояс, а то он до конца недотянет.
Dave MUFC Whitehead
Dave MUFC Whitehead Pred 19 dnevi
Think dana was hoping on a conor khabib rematch. Knows its gone. Rather see the rematch with Dustin. Pressure is on conor. Needs a big win his next fight.
MRM Pred 22 dnevi
"Dana be honest with yourself..im so many levels above these guys" 😑 Says Dana after no hope of his boy's rematch with Khabib🤦‍♂️ Even though Dustin had a phenomenal performance. Dustin is so overlooked. He should have the belt right now.
David Belitz
David Belitz Pred 22 dnevi
Put a Don King wig on that head Dana. Show your true colors
David Belitz
David Belitz Pred 22 dnevi
Caucasion Don King
David Belitz
David Belitz Pred 22 dnevi
Dana Caucasion Clown Show.
David Belitz
David Belitz Pred 22 dnevi
Dana robs the fighters while not allowing the real champions to fight because he doesn't like them. Ryan Hall can beat anyone in the lightweight div.
Rock girl
Rock girl Pred 21 dnevom
performance. Dustin is so overlooked. He should have the belt right now.
David Belitz
David Belitz Pred 22 dnevi
Dana(Don King) clown show.
David Belitz
David Belitz Pred 22 dnevi
Dana, the caucasion Don King
OneCupOfCoffee204 Pred 24 dnevi
How do we not know what was in the bag? Someone must have looked inside...
Eden Shitz-hard
Eden Shitz-hard Pred 24 dnevi
Dana’s still a roided up little prick
Johny Walker
Johny Walker Pred 25 dnevi
Go conora
Leandro Antelo
Leandro Antelo Pred 24 dnevi
bawse13 Pred 25 dnevi
They all won 50 thousand? Fuckin come again ? So your telling me conor got paid millions of dollars to fight a guy getting paid fifty grand ? I'm so confused
Gregory Papadopoulos
Gregory Papadopoulos Pred 25 dnevi
Illegal streaming with covid 19 most pubs and sports Venues are closed. Yer. So we're do we watch the Fights ..
Gregory Papadopoulos
Gregory Papadopoulos Pred 25 dnevi
Mr Dana white please give that Kid Hamzat Chimaev a go let him fight Chandler.? its a none title fight YER. I no u have Rankings . ok u have others in line. Let the kid get smashed if his not good enough. YER. That change the lightweight division
Joe Kilgallon
Joe Kilgallon Pred 26 dnevi
Tell Khabib to fight at 170 then!
Libra66 Pred 26 dnevi
Daddy Dana should said this is happening when conie mc chicken failed to paid his opponents to lose he failed to makes a deal with Dustin you knows conie only good at barking all the way to octagon selling fix fights he got expose for the 3rd time I think I should strip his fake belt which is he never defence his titile not even once be honest to you guys conie is disgrace to mma sport history again and again that is facts 🤣
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Pred 26 dnevi
You can tell Dana is crying on the inside
MMA Enthusiast
MMA Enthusiast Pred 26 dnevi
Honestly, Dana looks more affected than McGregor himself
tiago lopez
tiago lopez Pred 27 dnevi
Its me or danna saying connor lose is like a father see his son lose?
Terrafirma Training
Terrafirma Training Pred 27 dnevi
Taylor Talbert
Taylor Talbert Pred 27 dnevi
I wouldnt pay for a ufc fight if you paid me, they are disgustingly over priced
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Pred 26 dnevi
terrible performance by McGregor
Michael Rudisill
Michael Rudisill Pred 27 dnevi
ESPN is dog shit. 3rd time I have paid good money for a PPV and ESPN has had issues. Locked out of my account, can't log in, zero response from 6+ times reaching out to customer support. Tried streaming from my phone, chrome casting, Microsoft edge, firefox, chrome, 2 different laptops. I get locked out of account for no apparent reason, looped into constantly being asked to log in over and over. Over 200$ for nothing... I bootlegged no problem though. So congrats the bootleggers are more reliable than ESPN and their stream service and reliability. Maybe I will try again in a few years, until then will watch the next day or bootleg. Unbelievably frustrating.
Peter Kenton
Peter Kenton Pred 27 dnevi
Dana looks covidy
Jacob Elwood
Jacob Elwood Pred 27 dnevi
I just had some food from Devour Frozen Foods. Good stuff
Austin Stewart
Austin Stewart Pred 27 dnevi
Fucking love dana i would love to get a shot to fight because i know i could be matched with anyone
joshuwha Pred 27 dnevi
What a load of crap! Dana is for cannabis but fires his fighters if they use in a LEGAL state. BS
Steve Delaney
Steve Delaney Pred 28 dnevi
Dana looks so unhealthy
Jshredz Pred 28 dnevi
Looks like it hurt him to say Dustin won the 50k bonus 🤣💎
GFB Pred 28 dnevi
Hes so sad that conor lost that he cant breathe and talk anymore 😂
hen ko
hen ko Pred 28 dnevi
Conor: This is the best version of me ever Also conor: inactivity is what affected me
Wayne Patrick
Wayne Patrick Pred 28 dnevi
Quite funny how he doesn't really mention Dustin....oh yeah, Dustin KOd his cash cow 😄🤣👍🏻
Quran channel
Quran channel Pred 28 dnevi
hen ko
hen ko Pred 28 dnevi
I’m getting very bored of Dana now. I think it’s time for him to step down now. It’s so tiring. So so tiring. He did so much for the sport and I love him for that. But come on.... it’s ti
Hove 201
Hove 201 Pred 28 dnevi
Just give Khabib the fucking GSP fight man. Lol
Local Authority Official
Local Authority Official Pred 28 dnevi
Oliveria fights for at least interim title....... if not then the ufc r at it!
RICH TV LIVE Pred 28 dnevi
terrible performance by McGregor
a1 deets
a1 deets Pred 28 dnevi
CrackStreams 100% got paid off by Dana to stop streaming 😂😂😂
Jimmy Barnett
Jimmy Barnett Pred 28 dnevi
Khabib should go up a weight then
KENNY Pred 28 dnevi
Dana saw his money bag go up in flames 😂
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean Pred 28 dnevi
Fuck Dana let the illegal streams THRIVE :) ;)
Lebepe Pred 28 dnevi
Love the ticking, i wish i had somewhere to tick. *Hic
Jerry L
Jerry L Pred 28 dnevi
He didn't have nobody!! He never had nobody, you can stream in 1040p or 4k!! You can ask any real pirate streamer out here streaming is Streaming!!
The Clips
The Clips Pred 28 dnevi
thats what dana gets for trying to go after streamers lol
Kevin Bush
Kevin Bush Pred 28 dnevi
The Covid hoax has been exposed.. the election is over... Grow up people!!! We all had it...you sheep will be fine
Kevin Bush
Kevin Bush Pred 28 dnevi
No way I will pay ESPN plus a f****** dime... I don't support liberal sheep
harry brown
harry brown Pred 28 dnevi
Dana tryin so hard to hide his tears for mchicken
Kane Arron
Kane Arron Pred 28 dnevi
He always looks coked up
Jo Stopwithads
Jo Stopwithads Pred 29 dnevi
“No I haven’t seen anybody.” Bam there you go, doesn’t wanna give his fighters COVID
Jonathan Lees
Jonathan Lees Pred 29 dnevi
I’m getting very bored of Dana now. I think it’s time for him to step down now. It’s so tiring. So so tiring. He did so much for the sport and I love him for that. But come on.... it’s time
Jonathan Lees
Jonathan Lees Pred 29 dnevi
Stop calling people kid Dana it’s creepy
#CatskillYeti# Pred 29 dnevi
Lol got one guy 🤣🤣 I watched it for free.Judge me if you like but there’s no way I’m paying $70 for a fight they don’t charge Super Bowl
DavidGriffiths BJJCoach
DavidGriffiths BJJCoach Pred 29 dnevi
Maybe if the events weren't so expensive then streaming would be less of an issue...
MicP - Scientific Mystic
MicP - Scientific Mystic Pred 29 dnevi
rubber match for the belt in a FULL ARENA! it's going down
DRXxUziixX95 Pred 29 dnevi
conors calf > achilies heel
Charles Edwards
Charles Edwards Pred 29 dnevi
Loved the match, Conor and Poirier put on a great show and Chandler is the up and coming lightweight champion of the world 💪🏻 #Teamchandler
Trutroops Pred 29 dnevi
chandler vs khabib
Cassie Pred 29 dnevi
Dana talking about illegal streams while I just got done watching the full fight on SLpost lmao. Drop the price tag and more people will buy it. People are broke nowadays.
Curt Young
Curt Young Pred 29 dnevi
Love dana but he is old school and because he has ego problems he shelved Conor and paid for it on this night. Conors not the only one GSP Edward's Both Daiz brothers were on his shit list too there all shelved because dana dose not like them. The owners need to replace him to move the sport forward.
Cassie Pred 29 dnevi
Dana White supported that racist and liar, trump....he lost.....Conor, his cash cow, lost.....toooooooooo bad, soooooooooooooo sad.
Drew S.
Drew S. Pred 29 dnevi
This is just proof! Money can't hide age. Dana has been incredibly successful but fuck he's getting old. Definitely a legend
Sergiu Toma
Sergiu Toma Pred mesecem
Where da fook is Connor mate?
Dustin Fowler
Dustin Fowler Pred mesecem
#DANAWHITEFORPRESIDENT #DANAWHITEFORPRESIDENT2024 (OR WHENEVER) Seriously though, look what Dana did and still does for the UFC. He pretty much by himself (with his homies money) built it from nothing and turned it into one of the biggest sporting industries in the world and it's just one fairly small(yet HUGE) company more or less. His demeanor, and no give a fuck's what people think or feel about him he's gonna give it to you straight like it or not IF it is what it is, it is what it is personality is EXACTLY what this country needs right now more than anything. I think if anyone can bring us out of this shitty time we're in and actually MAGA, It's @DanaWhite. I truly was a believer in Trump. But that dude didn't do a damn thing he said or we thot he was gonna do to end the corruption in DC and get those pieces of shit bought and paid for by China like fucking Joe Schmo Biden and that tramp Shamala. Save us Dana, and actually MAGA, I KNOW IF ANYONE COULD, YOU CAN!! #DANAWHITEFORPRESIDENT2024 GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich Pred mesecem
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Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich Pred mesecem
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John Phelan
John Phelan Pred mesecem
Dana should lay off the pies 😩
Joshua Mills
Joshua Mills Pred mesecem
Watched the whole fight illegally 🤣
CreatedFast Pred mesecem
Same and I'm proud of it. The entire event was shit
Ricky Daruber
Ricky Daruber Pred mesecem
We found the guy 😂
Believe It Landscape & Maintenance
Believe It Landscape & Maintenance Pred mesecem
God said the proud and haughty in spirit will be humbled
Jamie Merrick
Jamie Merrick Pred mesecem
Dana’s bluffing about “the streamer” Desperate tactics
icandodgebullets Pred mesecem
Greedy Dana
Noneaya Bizzness
Noneaya Bizzness Pred mesecem
It's close enough to perfect as far as you can see huh
Noneaya Bizzness
Noneaya Bizzness Pred mesecem
A lot of people Don't Like Mcgregor, That's How It Is When Your A Legend 💯
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Pred mesecem
"we found the guy" lmao one streamer lmfao
Thomas Liccardi
Thomas Liccardi Pred mesecem
Mcgregor wins he beat all them got more money the all of them any fight he’s in over 5mil
C L Pred mesecem
He lost cuz he don’t lift his leg to get out the way of an incoming blow. Karate stance to wide, mma fighters don’t lift legs just gets checked over and over (Salty o Mally, Uriah got it bad!) No Kung Fu in mma.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Pred mesecem
Mcgregor is the most overrated fighter in the game
Lord Burlap
Lord Burlap Pred mesecem
Dana White supported that racist and liar, trump....he lost.....Conor, his cash cow, lost.....toooooooooo bad, soooooooooooooo sad.
Ger Bear
Ger Bear Pred mesecem
Comon fuck trilogy fights.....we all know the BIG. One is CONOR+KHABIB REMATCH..... Dana do whatever it takes to get KHABIB back to face CONOR.......IF a trilogy fight was to happen i think most of the fans would agree that Conor+Diaz is the one that makes more business sense!
[Pz] chiu
[Pz] chiu Pred mesecem
Always love to see the underdog win along with Dana sad face 👏👏 Been a fan of Dustin and Michael. Awesome win
jay schoeller
jay schoeller Pred mesecem
🤣🤣🤣 here in holland its free to watch. No F ppv!! Its on cabel tv...
Ulises David Moreno
Ulises David Moreno Pred mesecem
All that blow hahaha
Dan Greco
Dan Greco Pred mesecem
Nope my cash cow will be back lol
Todd Hollywood
Todd Hollywood Pred mesecem
Dana is so full of shit. He has no clue on the technical details of catching streamers. He's taking credit, where other WAY MORE talented people are doing the work. Also, anyone else think he sounds like he has the COVID, just drinking and breathing in ways to hide it?
Sarah Breaux
Sarah Breaux Pred mesecem
Glad he thinks the streaming was fixed on the West Coast.... my son didn't get to see ANY of that fight in California
Fred Roehl
Fred Roehl Pred mesecem
Some rip off bonus pay , Dana is a douchebag and they let him get away with it , shameful stuff them fighters should give him a 2 piece and a soda LOL 🤤
Firth Long
Firth Long Pred mesecem
Conor will bounce back. No doubt.
senni bgon
senni bgon Pred mesecem
owns a cage fighting promotion “These backflips are gonna hurt somebody.”
Ashanta Purnell
Ashanta Purnell Pred mesecem
Tony Spriggs
Tony Spriggs Pred mesecem
get better 3rd party to play
senni bgon
senni bgon Pred mesecem
Orlando Cabrera
Orlando Cabrera Pred mesecem
He just cares about a check. Fight now days is not proving of who is top tier. Just chasing that big check. Getting REALLY boring.
richard owens
richard owens Pred mesecem
I call BS on the streaming guy.
Keegsbro Pred mesecem
Mcgregor is the most overrated fighter in the game
NaySay Network
NaySay Network Pred mesecem
Dana sounds high and drunk. Looks it too.
Maybe I Overreacted
Maybe I Overreacted Pred mesecem
Tell Dana to quit drinking that Boone's Farm
Sean Paul
Sean Paul Pred mesecem
I ordered the fight for a whooping 89.99 for some horseshit bundle I didnt even want I just want to watch the fight. I checked my statement and they charged me 101.37. Socksuckers tried to steal money from me they said sorry we had technical issues. Thats a load of crap its never a technical issue where the price is less. I'm pissed about that they had no explaination other than that. Never again will I order a fight.
Thomas Paiva
Thomas Paiva Pred mesecem
Dana definitely put about 10 million on conor lol
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