WATCHING THIS VIDEO IS ILLEGAL!! | There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension - Part 3

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There is no game here! It's already over! You're too late, you missed it! Just shoo and support the developer of this amazing not-game!
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dionysus. Pred 3 urami
the unus annus..
Jack Zabramski
Jack Zabramski Pred 4 urami
This reminds me of unus annus
Aalyiah Homan
Aalyiah Homan Pred 4 urami
13:19 - 17:02
MaxTheApple Pred 5 urami
Mark making up a song...beautiful
ZephyrPyre Pred 5 urami
Uh oh- I’m getting arrested... I watched this video...
Hk Moment
Hk Moment Pred 5 urami
YOU never deleted it...
Blury Sundae
Blury Sundae Pred 6 urami
20:38 I fucking lost it when mark made that ripping noise effect.
Jaden Lee
Jaden Lee Pred 6 urami
Illegal to watch? so 3 million people broke the law? ... okay.
Anonymous Pred 8 urami
Don't mind me, just putting a time stamp for myself so I can watch it later 29:58
ko zawe
ko zawe Pred 8 urami
Game: You can still watch TV... with someone. You can go outside... to see someone. You can read book... for someone Me: *cry in my blanket tent*
Hahahaha Hahahaha haha Ha
Hahahaha Hahahaha haha Ha Pred 9 urami
Wait... so glitch was “born” when GiGi disappeared from whatever? Then there was no game but does that mean global gameplay globalxgame... when she disappeared she GAVE BIRTH TO A GLITCH GLITCH IS THERE CHILD OMG 😧😦🙃 Their sons an idiot 😞😒
Anne Pred 10 urami
I really thought that my saved game were deleted. I was so shocked. HAHAHAHA. I love this game. It made me laugh, made me use all of my brain cells left and made me feel emotional. 😭💖 Great game. Well, there is no game game is a game. Hahahaha.
Eri Alonzo
Eri Alonzo Pred 10 urami
꧁ᑕᕼOᑭᔕTIᑕKᔕ꧂ Pred 10 urami
“I’m not love you” -Mark 2020
Makenzie Wilson
Makenzie Wilson Pred 11 urami
That was a good not-game.
Agorok Doomingtonn
Agorok Doomingtonn Pred 12 urami
20:23 hits different after November 14th
john kyle namora
john kyle namora Pred 13 urami
I never should cry after a year but in this game makes me cry
ThatGuyFromMarz Pred 13 urami
Great great game.
kitty the robloxer cat
kitty the robloxer cat Pred 14 urami
him:leave his fans:no how many ppl saw ths in total:3,024,807
BirdSandwich Pred 21 uro
Mr. Glitch's real name is actually skynet
Jazmine The cat
Jazmine The cat Pred 21 uro
When the creator got attacked by his vaccume cleaner It jump scared me
whatucker Pred 22 urami
MFÖ - Yalnızlık Ömür Boyu
identity gacha
identity gacha Pred 22 urami
identity gacha
identity gacha Pred 22 urami
Jazlynn’s random Channel
Jazlynn’s random Channel Pred 22 urami
When Mark turned on his flashlight during Gigi song I actually paused the videox went to go get my church candles, and turned my lights off them lit the candles...❤😭😂😁🤦‍♀️👉👈
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima Pred 23 urami
Also... did the glitch just rickroll the whole country
DestroyingNoobler Pred 23 urami
48:42 Hey Vsauce! Michael here.
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima Pred 23 urami
Me: depressed because of the end of unus annus... Me: comes here for laughs (Not) Game: “momento mori” Me: welp.. fuck.... let’s go back to sadness huh?
Zalzoriano Pred 23 urami
Dude the first you tubers I see play this (Gtlive and Markiplier) krzzzzzz are doing their own lyrics from the beat from the /////....... from Mr zzzzz and I find that really creative because I would not be able to make my own. At least ... not yet ;)
Zalzoriano Pred 23 urami
Also, anyone else swing their phones too?
Zoe From Somewhere
Zoe From Somewhere Pred dnevom
What's Unus Annus? Sounds like something important- for legal reasons this is a joke, I was there since day one lmao
Mechanic Gopher
Mechanic Gopher Pred dnevom
23:12 holy shit that memorization
Fayeble Pred dnevom
Roxas!!! ❤️😂
Brock Randall
Brock Randall Pred dnevom
I like how in the end, Game and Mr.Glitch are voiced by the same person.
HACKKER Pred dnevom
31:39 wait, video timeline says im bamboozeled
Jakov Maric
Jakov Maric Pred dnevom
This was the best not-game game i have ever seen
Yest Pred dnevom
This is the greatest ungame ever made.
Iara Relvas
Iara Relvas Pred dnevom
07 YouT00b!
07 YouT00b! Pred dnevom
Man that was a great non ending
Freckles Dap
Freckles Dap Pred dnevom
19:50 to 23:50 11:56 to 17:10 Both songs by Gigi and game Top is GiGi and bottom is Game
Faisal Alk
Faisal Alk Pred dnevom
20:22 Unus annus is now dead I’m sad when I saw it 😔
Alexx Casanova
Alexx Casanova Pred dnevom
Anyone else kinda not satisfied with the ending? Just me?
A I Pred dnevom
GiGi: Delete Function Is Our Momento Mori Mark: *Visible Cult Frustration* Me: *Visible Unoriginal Dumness*
Marian Chiroi
Marian Chiroi Pred dnevom
Ladies and gentlemen. I am proud to present. Roooh queeez
music Muriël
music Muriël Pred dnevom
20:24 Everyone felt that
Evan Caputo
Evan Caputo Pred dnevom
41:57 best moment 😂
Matthew 2400000
Matthew 2400000 Pred 2 dnevi
This is such a cool game
Matthew 2400000
Matthew 2400000 Pred 2 dnevi
Memento mori. Pain.
TimTheMindful Pred 2 dnevi
"I want to try something else quick but I cant so I will grab my 😳" Markiplier 2020
teeohfancy Pred 2 dnevi
Gigi sound an awful lot like Clem 👀
Benjamin Green
Benjamin Green Pred 2 dnevi
The _Burgerman
The _Burgerman Pred 2 dnevi
I’d never thought I’d laugh so hard in the ending😂😂😂
Sarah Curran
Sarah Curran Pred 2 dnevi
GreatMemories Pred 2 dnevi
I broke the law! I watched
ladybeee14 Pred 2 dnevi
Watching this after Unus Annus is over 😭
VIANEY Rainbow ,la creadora de personajes
VIANEY Rainbow ,la creadora de personajes Pred 2 dnevi
52:06 this is so FUNNY!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mickey Olivas
Mickey Olivas Pred 2 dnevi
What would have happened if he chose to exit instead of play would it turn off Gigi and game and glitch and the world would be saved or what would happen
callisto bearu
callisto bearu Pred 2 dnevi
holy shit my heart
iMatterhorn 7
iMatterhorn 7 Pred 2 dnevi
Okthisisnew Pred 2 dnevi
How dare a non-game make me feel things 😤 😔
Minehunter Pred 2 dnevi
Well I came here after unus Annus died and let me say not happy
jord8670 jord8670
jord8670 jord8670 Pred 2 dnevi
My friend showed me your channel and now that I’ve watched it i think it is the funniest channel I’ve ever seen, keep going
HighVoltage Boi
HighVoltage Boi Pred 2 dnevi
This is one heck of a documentary.
The Skelebot
The Skelebot Pred 2 dnevi
Someone should make a song about Mark's laugh at 1:03:15
Yelisey Pred 2 dnevi
Memento Mori Mark: **mouthing** Memento Mori Memento Mori Me: Unus Annus
holy cookie
holy cookie Pred 2 dnevi
Ah! Ah! Kill me ! I wanna die! Gets me every time I need to stop this rhyme Im not someone who likes to hippity hiphop You dont wanna get into a game match with this rappity brat Never get back to my to old hag Ok ill stop now or should i continiue?
אמה קדמי
אמה קדמי Pred 2 dnevi
God this got me lugthing so many times
Md daud Lebai husain
Md daud Lebai husain Pred 2 dnevi
Mark singing like dj game or more like dj mark
MrPumpk1n Pred 2 dnevi
m e m e n t o m o r i
Josh M
Josh M Pred 2 dnevi
I'm surprised Mark didn't point out the Goat more. After all, THERE IS A GOAT. Remember that? From five years ago, as it turns out. Wow. 🐐
꧁Scarlet Quartz ꧂
꧁Scarlet Quartz ꧂ Pred 2 dnevi
11:35 DJ Game 19:25 GiGi's Song
Annabelle Rash
Annabelle Rash Pred 2 dnevi
I wanna hug the disembodied voice- Let me hug Game-
jesi norelle roxas
jesi norelle roxas Pred 2 dnevi
Everyone gangsta till mark gets all the cards right
Karma geddon
Karma geddon Pred 3 dnevi
It'd be really cool that it could be two games. You play this entire game, and then at the end, you get to play a multiplayer/online game that can have narration from both GAME and GiGi. THAT would be cute.
Grayson Maxwell
Grayson Maxwell Pred 3 dnevi
I just realized Tim elfmen it’s just a play on words for Tim Burton
Dani Starlight
Dani Starlight Pred 3 dnevi
I cried when Mark got his phone flashlight out and started waving it to the non-game music....I love it
hazz4rd Pred 3 dnevi
Can we just talk about the fact that glitch rickrolled the world
glenwo2 Pred 3 dnevi
52:13 The Creator does the WADE Goofy Run like he did in The Fall Of Slenderman. lol
glenwo2 Pred 3 dnevi
Came back to watch Mark The Rapper(which was hilarious) and GiGi singing (which was Epic).
Adriana Frank
Adriana Frank Pred 3 dnevi
“Momento Mori” Me: *sadness intensifies*
Gray Draws?
Gray Draws? Pred 3 dnevi
At 16:30 Mark: "Looks like his shoes are filled with Roxas." Me: causal Kingdom Hearts Noises in the distance. I'm sorry for my lack of originality with this comment
Mohammad amin Hafezabadian
Mohammad amin Hafezabadian Pred 3 dnevi
Game is a simp
Blue Kuri
Blue Kuri Pred 3 dnevi
Never thought I'd get sympathetic for a game
hazz4rd Pred 3 dnevi
marks rap was amazing
Yeeter Son
Yeeter Son Pred 3 dnevi
26:35 h e h a s r e t u r n t e d t h e g o a t
Charlotte Bath
Charlotte Bath Pred 3 dnevi
I hate that I feel called out by a random came tf
Joao Vasco
Joao Vasco Pred 3 dnevi
description of the vídeo: "WATCHING THIS VIDEO IS ILLEGAL!! 2.980.027 people violated the law
PANDA ADOF 2007 Pred 3 dnevi
If this is what i get if i dont have game... ill throw to trash all of mine !!!
Sarcasm User
Sarcasm User Pred 3 dnevi
"Game's" bars are fucking insane, to be honest. It's supposed to be dumb and cheesy, yet here I am, just straight vibin'.
Rossco & Co.
Rossco & Co. Pred 3 dnevi
So what happens if you pressed the other button to reset them instead?!
Kaio Állan De Souza Costa
Kaio Állan De Souza Costa Pred 3 dnevi
GiGi: **sings** Programers: **cries in 0 and 1**
Zachary Zodiac
Zachary Zodiac Pred 3 dnevi
Rusty lake is a great multi part mobile series of extremely odd most mortem seeming puzzles. There's about 11 free ones (samara room & the cube escapes) as well as 3 cheap ones. Overall there's a story to figure out, achievements etc. N features the butterfly affect
Bri G
Bri G Pred 3 dnevi
25:25 why is this non game making me cry... oh wait I’m on my period and am extremely hormonal so everything makes me cry
• Vinnie•
• Vinnie• Pred 3 dnevi
:( Its so sad but so happy
Subpixell Pred 3 dnevi
47:31 This looks like how mark stands.
Mateo Parra Correa
Mateo Parra Correa Pred 4 dnevi
58:39 the what
Fi Fi
Fi Fi Pred 4 dnevi
This game is so amazing and the characters and art style are so endearing.. I wish it got the money but at the same time it wouldn’t have taken this path if it did. My heart goes out to the characters and creator, and I hope they do well.
Fi Fi
Fi Fi Pred 4 dnevi
Fi Fi
Fi Fi Pred 4 dnevi
Fi Fi
Fi Fi Pred 4 dnevi
It was raining 1s & 0s when they split up again! This game is amazing omg
Fi Fi
Fi Fi Pred 4 dnevi
Gigi seems like Glitch’s mom the away Glitch explained where it/ he came from
Fi Fi
Fi Fi Pred 4 dnevi
I’m not gonna cry over this I’m not gonna cry over this I’m not gonna cry over this I’m not-
jgkronos Pred 4 dnevi
13:33 - e 51:12 - a 1:03:25 - sports
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