Bad Tik Tok Pranksters

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Mariguana Pred uro
I hope some victims saw this and found peace
Mariguana Pred uro
Wait I wanna hear more about the phases
fallon carrington
fallon carrington Pred 2 urami
Wtf does “munyenyo” even mean
Dylan DeMarco
Dylan DeMarco Pred 16 urami
Can we have more of Cody's Respectful Prank Show
PingPongChicken Pred 16 urami
these all look staged to me
John Cadman
John Cadman Pred 19 urami
That man literally created a Karen.
jesse Waldron
jesse Waldron Pred 20 urami
the second lady isnt even like a karen, i KNOW people in the comments called her that. that behavior literally warranted all the stuff she was threatening.
s f
s f Pred dnevom
respectful pranks had me dying
jeff li
jeff li Pred dnevom
wheres noel bruh?
Dawson Myres
Dawson Myres Pred dnevom
12:30 If you watch the whole video you’d understand
dave s.
dave s. Pred dnevom
I love that in the 2nd video homie looks 5'2" Karen could probably punt his ass
Bri Prieto
Bri Prieto Pred dnevom
agree w u on everythin.. except for when u come after hooligan christian 😭
Project Ren
Project Ren Pred dnevom
First time I’ve seen this guy I’m not disappointed
haydar yilmaz
haydar yilmaz Pred dnevom
The tender tense jump habitually trot because tire internationally grate apropos a ceaseless cocoa. windy, defeated drain
brianna quezada
brianna quezada Pred 2 dnevi
Not to mention the guy flipped over the cart and the people behind him didn’t get to see the beginning, so he just looks like a angry man when he was legit minding his own business ..
Watching codyko always makes my day better.🙏
Broadway Boy
Broadway Boy Pred 2 dnevi
there needs to be an amendment to the constitution that says “If a stupid motherfucker is being an absolute nuisance then you have every right to lay their ass the fuck out” On the other hand, carry pepper spray and just spray the “prankster” in the face
Theo Forney
Theo Forney Pred 2 dnevi
that piece at the end was literally the most genius thing ever i was dying the from like 2 pranks in
FlaggleClaggle Pred 2 dnevi
is it just me or does cody look like wayne from Wayne's world
Bravewryy Pred 2 dnevi
😂😂😂 You really gotem there Cody!!! 😂😂😂
Aishra :p
Aishra :p Pred 3 dnevi
8:03 she wanted to hit him with the chancla 🩴
Juan Santiago
Juan Santiago Pred 3 dnevi
I hope the next time he tries to prank someone they just beat the fuck out of him . God this is the most annoying person i ever seen -
Yo Pred 3 dnevi
I couldn't watch past the second video
J Palo
J Palo Pred 3 dnevi
Cody’s camera is dope tho!
Annie Yu
Annie Yu Pred 3 dnevi
At first I thought Cody was asking if the dude has time for him. To which he kindly turned him down by telling him the time.
JettBlackheart83 Pred 4 dnevi
Its Wayne's World, Wayne's World. Its party time, its excellent.
Memorykillz 22
Memorykillz 22 Pred 4 dnevi
It’s like they don’t understand the concept of a prank?!
skkat for good
skkat for good Pred 4 dnevi
13:31 that guy
V Pred 5 dnevi
There was a prank channel like this in my country and he got his ass beat, and now there's no prank channels like this in my country
RIVERSIDE Productions RSP Pred 5 dnevi
There should be a group of new TikToker's that go out pranking these cringe ass "Pranksters" in the most irritating way tho🤞.. That shit will be satisfying AF and it will fo'sho go viral AF as well 🤞 🔥
Adam Goerz
Adam Goerz Pred 5 dnevi
Those were all fake reactions 💀💀💀
Frank McGovern
Frank McGovern Pred 5 dnevi
I wanted to have Cody's back about the early pranks not being paid but... the first guy and the woman who says "Stay," repeatedly... I could be wrong but that felt pretty faked.
L R Pred 5 dnevi
dont do pranks with nelk, do em with vlogcreations
Slav Squat Girl
Slav Squat Girl Pred 5 dnevi
Prank where? These were low-key bullying.
scaf Pred 5 dnevi
Cody looking like Mike Myers in Wayne's world.
MrKrabsKillaGuy Pred 5 dnevi
My poor cousin had to go to high school with jay kinda funny and hated every minute of it
angryanimations Pred 6 dnevi
bro be looking like matt ridle
Logan Marcakis
Logan Marcakis Pred 6 dnevi
It’s funny that Cody thinks la is the epicenter of the world
Jason Krantz
Jason Krantz Pred 6 dnevi
im halfway through this hoping the last vid is him getting knocked out
jase n jo jase n jo
jase n jo jase n jo Pred 6 dnevi
Cody stop being respectful you know you wouldn punch them straight in the nose
SquareFungus Pred 6 dnevi
I wonder if this kid will look in the mirror one day and be proud of saying "Choopapie muniano"
Phintix Pred 6 dnevi
This video is messed up. The TikTokers are trying to make a living and you’re over here acting like you have control over their actions
Cameron K
Cameron K Pred 6 dnevi
Came here to laugh but just left sad
danis k
danis k Pred 6 dnevi
Perhaps the best way to combat this is to go after the cameraperson
MrSwoopey Pred 7 dnevi
The respectful pranks were alot funnier, you're a monster
Larry Lovestein
Larry Lovestein Pred 7 dnevi
Billy on the street sucks. Have to constantly block accounts that post him. He's too loud and in your face
T M Pred 7 dnevi
8:36
gibr1el Pred 7 dnevi
is it bad i find the shopping cart ones funny
Maja BRIGGS Pred 7 dnevi
why does cody look like a bobble head in this
Connor Burns
Connor Burns Pred 7 dnevi
These are fake. We know that right??
shah bajwa
shah bajwa Pred 7 dnevi
"It wasn't a nice shot, at all" "... It was great"
Mitch Engebretson
Mitch Engebretson Pred 7 dnevi
You're starting to look like Wayne from Wayne's world
Dewey Bokil
Dewey Bokil Pred 7 dnevi
Munano is not a made up word. It’s Spanish for “I’m a moron who bothers people in public. Also I’m probably infected with COVID.” Spanish is a beautiful language
DOM Pred 6 dnevi
Am Spanish, can confirm
Yawning Lion
Yawning Lion Pred 7 dnevi
I've never thought I'd end up supporting the Karen, but that women doing Christmas Shopping- she was a fucking badass
Gabe DiPippa
Gabe DiPippa Pred 7 dnevi
TJ actually makes good content
Not_Zameer Pred 7 dnevi
Your salty but I like it.
shrimpcake Pred 7 dnevi
the second hand embarrassment is crippling
alex hellacaster
alex hellacaster Pred 7 dnevi
the person @ 10:52 is a complete piece of shit. he really instigated a problem with this man and then tries to claim that he’s threatening them??? potentially having him lose his job or WORSE??? as if black ppl don’t face enough smdh
Charlie Durnell
Charlie Durnell Pred 7 dnevi
Party on Wayne
Alyssa Farina
Alyssa Farina Pred 7 dnevi
Bro when the Home Depot music started playing PLEASE LMAO
Sozinho Pred 8 dnevi
The second hand embarrassment with that guy is just off the charts. Not even a little bit funny, just obnoxious and cringy. It was physically painful to watch.
Atticus Kayser
Atticus Kayser Pred 8 dnevi
Sociopath kids watch this so that we can watch people like Ross Creations
Atticus Kayser
Atticus Kayser Pred 8 dnevi
It’s not gonna be global warming that causes the apocalypse its going to be the kids that grew up with munyanyo as their source of humor
Oscar Munoz
Oscar Munoz Pred 8 dnevi
Is he really that blind the guys pranks are fake and the fact that Cody thinks they are real is funny.
Ori Ori
Ori Ori Pred 8 dnevi
he is the neighbors kid
WindowwasheRxxXdad Pred 8 dnevi
That shopping cart video is 100% on the same plane as Eric Andre level of “tact” and “respect” though. You just like Eric Andre and don’t like that kid
Kaitlyn Woods
Kaitlyn Woods Pred 8 dnevi
it’s just so painfully unfunny
lelouchzero7 Pred 9 dnevi
"it wasn't a nice shot, at all!" PRANKED! lmao
Banana Sandwiches
Banana Sandwiches Pred 9 dnevi
If I could describe a guy I don’t want to fuck with, it’s the one who flips the cart....but yet.
Bloody Boz
Bloody Boz Pred 9 dnevi
Most of those “pranks” are fake...the people getting “pranked” are 100% in on it.
Charlie Fowler
Charlie Fowler Pred 9 dnevi
The fact he thought the first one was real... man Cody. Man.
Cleophatt Pred 9 dnevi
The third one was hilarious idk why
Claire Bee
Claire Bee Pred 9 dnevi
batman likes pizza
batman likes pizza Pred 9 dnevi
She’s not even close to being a “Karen”.
Columba Gonzalez
Columba Gonzalez Pred 9 dnevi
The laughing emojis edit made me laugh 😂😂😂😂
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Pred 9 dnevi
ok that lady with the shopping cart what was she talking about her lawyer and getting charges? charges for what?
jade nicole
jade nicole Pred 8 dnevi
Charges for harassment (:
Owen Vaughn
Owen Vaughn Pred 9 dnevi
Cody respectfully planking people at the end was like if girl defined wrote a prank show
Chloe Soles
Chloe Soles Pred 10 dnevi
Bro who RAISED these nightmare children?
ishmyboy Pred 10 dnevi
Had to watch a compilation of people getting knocked out after this, just to feel normal.
Real Thanos
Real Thanos Pred 10 dnevi
I just think it's funny that he thinks hes "all that" when hes just a very tiny dude who can hardly speak for himself in a "prank"?
PiMp RoOsTa
PiMp RoOsTa Pred 10 dnevi
Covid is the prank and the government is the ultimate prankster
B0as cs
B0as cs Pred 10 dnevi
I want to punch
Tom Starbuck
Tom Starbuck Pred 10 dnevi
I want to live in t he alternate timeline where these kids get beaten and world peace is restored
İrem Baskan
İrem Baskan Pred 10 dnevi
Can they just getting arrested
S Pred 10 dnevi
Women are called Karens when they call the manager. And sometimes they are. But in instances like this (when someone aggressively encroaches on their personal space) it’s because they don’t feel physically safe enough to combat the situation own their own without the help of a third party/authority.
Andrey Mishuk
Andrey Mishuk Pred 10 dnevi
I feel bad for these idiots I'm shocked he hasn't been beet up yet
ShockX10 Pred 10 dnevi
cody shut the fuck up about the mask quit being a pussy
the anxious equestrian
the anxious equestrian Pred 10 dnevi
okay but like if i were alone in public & a guy came up to me to prank me i would be actually terrified. i doubt they think about this but when youre a woman alone in public & a man approaches you, especially to antagonize you, its so scary.
kuban mangos
kuban mangos Pred 11 dnevi
Dude lol that was a good one
Rosetta Drone
Rosetta Drone Pred 11 dnevi
5:25 It shouldn’t restore your faith in humanity, because as understandable as it was to flip that d-bag’s cart over, some poor minimum wage retail employee then had to pick up afterwards. Edit: you said this almost word-for-word 5 seconds later. I appreciate that a lot
Epicsnail46 Pred 11 dnevi
Seeing him breath moistly on the random guy just trying to eat reminded me of when I was at a charity fundraiser 1 week before lockdown started where I am from and this one guy behind me coughed but didn’t cover his mouth and i just got this huge spit all over the back of my neck.
chocolat13angel Pred 10 dnevi
André Ramos
André Ramos Pred 11 dnevi
bro i swear to go this makes me feel like a boomer and im fucking 19 and a karen is when some1 is not doing anything annoying, just minding their own business and they go all berserk, that lady wasnt a karen at all, she just didnt know how to deal with the situation and was nice at first, if you are being annoying to some1 you cant go around calling them karen after... just saying
Azul Leiva
Azul Leiva Pred 11 dnevi
I feel an actual weight in my heart after watching these videos... Like, it's bad for my health 😭
Joaquin Duchesne
Joaquin Duchesne Pred 11 dnevi
5:10 (flips cart) me: oh damn
joel gondwe
joel gondwe Pred 11 dnevi
munyenyo in my country of Zambia meanings.... ha... its bad and its a body part and its not to be said because its really bad and offensive
I’m Uncomfortable
I’m Uncomfortable Pred 12 dnevi
Yoo Cody the prank u did was EPIC bro I’m gonna do it too
E.J. Elliott
E.J. Elliott Pred 12 dnevi
Sincerely, respectful prank show is soo funny, that's exactly my humour ✌️
zay lols
zay lols Pred 12 dnevi
cody is officially the best youtuber
Bossyq 67
Bossyq 67 Pred 12 dnevi
Ross creations does a good job of not going too far
icedbannanas Pred 12 dnevi
So fake pranks are on Tik Tok now as well, nice. Also, love that you're bringing back the H3H3 commentary vibes to video again, much appreciated!! It's needed in this sea of cringe.
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