Awkward Dating Show (pt. 4)

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Cody Ko

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"don't cry because its over. smile because it happened." - cody ko
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FriendlyTingles Pred 4 urami
i was hoping she would slip her hand out and hit the button
K Milkerson
K Milkerson Pred 10 urami
This is bruuuuutal.
K Milkerson
K Milkerson Pred 10 urami
So the first guy is GAY not bi
JS Pred 12 urami
lmao Carter was being hella passive aggressive
ellie dahms
ellie dahms Pred 14 urami
i just wanna get high with carter and paint shit
ellie dahms
ellie dahms Pred 15 urami
i need more of these but... pandemic
Joey Boes
Joey Boes Pred 19 urami
That’s an awesome hat👍
Leenah Audio
Leenah Audio Pred 23 urami
3:41 7-8 months ago is a long time?????? Lol I've been single since 2014. 2014 my dude. That's 7 YEARS.
Leenah Audio
Leenah Audio Pred 23 urami
But she said she hasn't been in a serious relationship since 2013 so why did she think 8 months was long?, also did he reject her because she hadn't been in a relationship since? I'm confused??
Calvin Butler
Calvin Butler Pred dnevom
So are all these people bi sexual or what
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade Pred dnevom
Lol Tbh the bald guy was pretty good looking and seemed a good guy .. that girl’s loss😂
Hayden Garrett
Hayden Garrett Pred dnevom
why does Cody sound like Squidward yelling "LA LA LA"
A A Pred dnevom
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amanda trimm-thorns
amanda trimm-thorns Pred 2 dnevi
Carter is my type 100% Come find me, boo
Shotgun_Gospel Pred 2 dnevi
I bet the button's rigged to pepper-spray you if you mention Buzzfeed.
Contributron Pred 2 dnevi
Carter was a real one. Didn’t deserve that.
Contributron Pred 2 dnevi
Is everyone on this show bi or what? I feel like you’d run into some logistical issues otherwise.
Hanna Miller
Hanna Miller Pred 2 dnevi
Hear me out: in the next awkward dating show they should have them wear masks (for COVID you know) & then at the end of the date, have them take it off & see if they like both their personality & looks.
HANAN - Pred 2 dnevi
Ezekiel Smith
Ezekiel Smith Pred 2 dnevi
Nasty imposter fake man
Sequoiah Dreams
Sequoiah Dreams Pred 2 dnevi
Jane was picky but the only true psychopath vibes at 5:12 yikes...
tomathon _
tomathon _ Pred 3 dnevi
Sheryl Yaseen
Sheryl Yaseen Pred 3 dnevi
Yo, Jane broke *my* heart
Savannah Joy
Savannah Joy Pred 4 dnevi
These videos never fail to make me laugh 😂
VMYeahVN Pred 4 dnevi
Jane did Carter sooooo dirty. This is all cringey fun and games but that one legitimately hurt to see lol.
Reeky Cheeky
Reeky Cheeky Pred 4 dnevi
4:47 that’s what I thought lol lel
Lara Lappa
Lara Lappa Pred 4 dnevi
The chinese girl had a rejection insecurity, as clear as day
Zack Kluver
Zack Kluver Pred 4 dnevi
The button sounds like Cody in that blackbear song
Omar Ahmad
Omar Ahmad Pred 4 dnevi
Magicales718 Pred 5 dnevi
I’m so high right now and Cody impersonating jane/the button was way too much for me
Grace Hosey
Grace Hosey Pred 5 dnevi
I just wanna see Cody and the button go on a date already
Brenna Caffrey
Brenna Caffrey Pred 5 dnevi
i have the same name as the girl Jane chose, it tripped me out to hear that button say my name
Maya# Cøökîę
Maya# Cøökîę Pred 5 dnevi
If i was a guy i would have picked carter👌🏾💖
Jamie Bennett
Jamie Bennett Pred 5 dnevi
The last girl was too good for Jane. I thought she was super cute and a wonderful personality. Screw you Jane.
Gideon Spencer
Gideon Spencer Pred 6 dnevi
anyone else almost have a panic attack when cody made fun of the button singing
Kay Gee
Kay Gee Pred 6 dnevi
Jane just wanted the most camera time. Also, I'm currently in love with Carter. NBD.
ash Pred 6 dnevi
jane going "i'm sorry! i'm sorry!" was so fucking annoying to listen to over and over
_____ Pred 6 dnevi
Carter is chill and shit man
Dani T
Dani T Pred 6 dnevi
Carter is the fucking best. Jane didnt deserve her😤
Heather Carmody
Heather Carmody Pred 6 dnevi
this is for sure one of cody’s funniest videos 😭😭
Inês Fernandes
Inês Fernandes Pred 7 dnevi
Cody : "that hurts my soul" Also Cody : one more ( 4 x )
Oatmealcookie Pred 7 dnevi
Rooda rola
Ellie Cooper
Ellie Cooper Pred 7 dnevi
i got so mad at jane when she rejected carter but i think that’s just cause carter is exactly my type 😭😭
Malte Beri
Malte Beri Pred 7 dnevi
to put it in simple words: I dont like Jane
Malte Beri
Malte Beri Pred 7 dnevi
can somebody pls explain to me how the heck this weird ass shit concept works? why are they rejecting ppl so fast and for no reason??
NerdWithAWord Pred 7 dnevi
I'm straight but carter was really cute not gonna lie
Daniel Frey
Daniel Frey Pred 7 dnevi
In all honesty, I cannot tell if Caden is a guy or a chick. Any help?
Daniel Ramsey
Daniel Ramsey Pred 7 dnevi
Jane is waaaaay out of her league
Huw Lloyd
Huw Lloyd Pred 7 dnevi
You can tell Jane is an avid follower of Girl defined when she rejects Scott as he talks about his problems because she doesn't want to be with Mr problem. DAMMMMMNNNN COLD
Ken A
Ken A Pred 8 dnevi
I was waiting for Jane to just headbutt the button while she was holding that chick’s hands
JuliaBug Pred 8 dnevi
Carter if you’re in here hit me up, no cap
Justin Marchessault
Justin Marchessault Pred 8 dnevi
Am i the only one that would not say a fucking word at the momemt a man sat in front of me
system32 Pred 8 dnevi
i guess she has a type
Da gamer
Da gamer Pred 8 dnevi
Stairs into her eyes and then head-butts the button
The Guy Who Really Likes Musicals
The Guy Who Really Likes Musicals Pred 8 dnevi
I would so much rather date Carter than Jane tbh. Carter seems like the coolest person ever.
Gabriella De Biase
Gabriella De Biase Pred 8 dnevi
The fact that Im also super attracted to jane
Justin Tan
Justin Tan Pred 8 dnevi
jane is clapped
HayHayASMR Pred 9 dnevi
I’d 100% date Carter or be her friend either one is fine w me she’s so cool
isigo Pred 9 dnevi
the show just gets worse/better as the episode goes on lmao
Common Sense
Common Sense Pred 9 dnevi
I feel like people that press the button right when they can, it's fear of rejection.
First name Last name
First name Last name Pred 9 dnevi
why does the button have more personality than most people on this show
SillyOtter Pred 9 dnevi
That first girl really reminded me of Lele pons. The "quirky" awkward gibberish.
Amy Bass
Amy Bass Pred 9 dnevi
that barista girl owns my heart she’s so fuckin cool 😩😭
Caleigh Dickson
Caleigh Dickson Pred 9 dnevi
That Jane chick seems like a pathological liar. Like she just gets everyone to like her, which they would just like her based on looks but she acts so interested. And then says she has ADD too and rejects this man like wtf
Harry Fox
Harry Fox Pred 9 dnevi
she was playing the game to win
Moira Croft
Moira Croft Pred 9 dnevi
i HATE jane.
Cody Klews
Cody Klews Pred 9 dnevi
Of course they were vibing with Carter, Carter’s a whole vibe in and of themself
Kaia Frantz
Kaia Frantz Pred 9 dnevi
5:32 linus from sharkboy and lavagirl is all grown up and ready to break some hearts
Kaia Frantz
Kaia Frantz Pred 9 dnevi
over relating to jessi's pig latin ;n;
Nolan Maddox
Nolan Maddox Pred 9 dnevi
7:55 martial arts master cody ko
JustSeb Pred 9 dnevi
is everyone on this show bi or pan?
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Pred 10 dnevi
So everyone is bisexual in this show?
Matt Brown
Matt Brown Pred 9 dnevi
I mean, thats quite the assumption. They probably ask before pairing them.
Jeremy Catches
Jeremy Catches Pred 10 dnevi
They had to use the song that oculus used on its quest 2 commercial. Push tha button!
Mel Rose
Mel Rose Pred 10 dnevi
That super cool chick looks so much like Billie Eilish. Body language, face, mannerisms...ITS BILLIE
Chase Pred 10 dnevi
The guy with ADD shouldnt have explained it considering she has ADD, that’s like a ginger telling me( a ginger) what it’s like being a ginger.
Maddie Mai
Maddie Mai Pred 10 dnevi
I thought carter and Jane were going to fucking get married fuck
QUEENDOM Pred 10 dnevi
Carter best one. So cool
K Pred 10 dnevi
Holy shit I’m rewatching Cody’s videos, and seeing his hair so short is so weird
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn Pred 10 dnevi
yes i just sat here and watched all four episodes at once, and yes I'm in love now
Ashley Altenbern
Ashley Altenbern Pred 10 dnevi
I don’t think I’ve ever wheezed so many times in one video. Thanks chode 😂
Cashen Pred 10 dnevi
At 8:15 I thought Kid Rock was gonna bust out and start singing "Cowboy" lol that damn button
Isaiah Something
Isaiah Something Pred 10 dnevi
the only reason jane chose her was because she was getting tired of talking to people and i feel like we all know this
Rachel Gammon
Rachel Gammon Pred 10 dnevi
I'm sure. that those two girls had a deal going like the Jane one was a absolute bitch to everyone for NO reason
BethanyMay Pred 10 dnevi
Hhahahah fuck I actually laugh out loud watching your videos 🤣
Hey Jamie
Hey Jamie Pred 10 dnevi
It’s funny to see the way people try to hover over or near the button - like the way the Asian chick was looking at the tattoos on barista’s arm... she didn’t give af about the tattoos she just wanted her hand close to the button
Hey Jamie
Hey Jamie Pred 10 dnevi
That barista gives me female Ethan Dolan vibes I love her
Daniel Covington
Daniel Covington Pred 11 dnevi
when the button said "scott has ADD" i thought it said "scott has AIDs"... was bouta get real awkward
Riptik Spider
Riptik Spider Pred 12 dnevi
8:42 i want to cry what a horrible bitch
Blue Collar Bad Boys
Blue Collar Bad Boys Pred 13 dnevi
I really thought she was gonna hit it with her head at 15:42
Shaye Strickland
Shaye Strickland Pred 13 dnevi
"I think I just condoned bullying... by accident"
Mike Stark
Mike Stark Pred 15 dnevi
The simplistic flesh additonally jail because editor typically fold of a delicious gate. cute, steep land
Papa Beetlejuice
Papa Beetlejuice Pred 15 dnevi
Jade is like a guidance counselor that’s just there for the paycheck
Chase Sutherland
Chase Sutherland Pred 15 dnevi
8:45 yeah those tattoos are cool but do you know what's cooler? This fucking button!
Frances Forte
Frances Forte Pred 15 dnevi
This man is so fucking funny
Limit Torn
Limit Torn Pred 16 dnevi
When he realized that he condoned bullying 😂
tara. b
tara. b Pred 16 dnevi
kaydens laugh is so cuteeee
Selena Pred 16 dnevi
I wanna talk about tattoos with carter :(
Ryan Perkins
Ryan Perkins Pred 16 dnevi
The weary committee pivotally heap because government demographically tie barring a juvenile bay. foregoing, dear taxi
Ishita Sharma
Ishita Sharma Pred 16 dnevi
jane has won the hunger games guys
Rylee Kokinis
Rylee Kokinis Pred 17 dnevi
ITS THE MULLET GUYS ... its the mullet... 😂😂
Rylee Kokinis
Rylee Kokinis Pred 17 dnevi
Carters like “ur loss tho no stick and pokes for u” lol
Rylee Kokinis
Rylee Kokinis Pred 17 dnevi
I wanna be carters friend😂
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