the BEST bad movie I've ever seen

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Cody Ko

Pred 8 meseci

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Bud. E
Bud. E Pred 8 meseci
* Cody starts sniffing * “I hear something” Me: I don’t think that’s how that works
Raha Safdari
Raha Safdari Pred mesecem
Radcoon Pred 7 meseci
@Gabriella Rivera but it isnt
Gabriella Rivera
Gabriella Rivera Pred 7 meseci
but it is
Radcoon Pred 7 meseci
@Color Cloud nah would be to obscure of a reference
Slashy Pred 7 meseci
Lauren Petchar what’s a ghostbusters?
SUGAS ARMYYY Pred dnevom
I just KNOW this was written as they went along. It’s like they just gave up halfway through the filming process.
Doe John
Doe John Pred 2 dnevi
Papa don't priest.
Phoenix Person
Phoenix Person Pred 3 dnevi
cody the cinema cat
Sin Scope
Sin Scope Pred 3 dnevi
That raptor costume tho 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣
Berto Rivera
Berto Rivera Pred 7 dnevi
I’m so excited to see this mans wife blow to bits on him in the battle field and your SIMP ASS had the audacity to put an ad right before it happens lol
Cahlia Allen
Cahlia Allen Pred 9 dnevi
Cody kinda looks like soft-boy Shane Smith
trizza Pred 9 dnevi
cody the cinema cat is the best title ever
Jimmy D
Jimmy D Pred 9 dnevi
You gotta watch dead sushi man. Way better
Aaron Vector
Aaron Vector Pred 10 dnevi
This movie ismso sacreligious🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Skinniest Kween
Skinniest Kween Pred 13 dnevi
"And why is my NAME Frankie Mermaid?" "'cause you're swimmin' in bxtches." 💀💀💀💀
Jack Swearingen
Jack Swearingen Pred 14 dnevi
“The head ninja” that’s what people called me in high school.
Ok Nice
Ok Nice Pred 14 dnevi
I got an add the second papa priest's wife stepped on the mine
Aenea Little
Aenea Little Pred 15 dnevi
“Papa Preist”™️
Tyler Bruno
Tyler Bruno Pred 15 dnevi
Cody watch the 2nd one they are making
Impressiv Pred 16 dnevi
I doubt being 3 feet from a land mine would do nothing to you physically
Tornater Pred 16 dnevi
I love how obviously bad they were tryna make this
Caitlin Denney
Caitlin Denney Pred 21 dnevom
Swimmin in bitches
Aarash Rahman
Aarash Rahman Pred 22 dnevi
cody kologesic
cigarette Pred 23 dnevi
11:23 for those of you who want to see papa priests peoppe die
Rhet Cotter
Rhet Cotter Pred 24 dnevi
this whole movie is like a bad fever dream
Water God
Water God Pred 25 dnevi
yeah this is definitely comedic, look at the blood
Ben Pred 25 dnevi
15:36 thats not a raptor, thats a dwarf t-rex
Volatility Pred 26 dnevi
Lmao halfway through I just noticed a favourite musician of mine was in this. Had your vid on in the background, took a glance, said “What the fuck, is that Voltaire?!”, looked it up, and yep; it’s him. That’s so awesome
Stella monika11
Stella monika11 Pred 27 dnevi
How many deaths are in this movie? Like seriously?
Ben Pred 25 dnevi
Elizabeth Page
Elizabeth Page Pred 27 dnevi
watch ZOOMBIEs
Corban Czap
Corban Czap Pred 28 dnevi
The cigarette in the dude's mouth when he died was OP
Pedro Castellanos
Pedro Castellanos Pred 29 dnevi
You have made me a spoiler of a film that i didnt want to whatch, thank you 😉
Germs Slick
Germs Slick Pred 29 dnevi
I'm so glad he covered the whole movie I was interested but not enough to watch it and. but his video saved me time and was entertaining
Rammo Ya salame
Rammo Ya salame Pred 29 dnevi
Why does this film gave me power ranger vibes
Lukas Fälldin Beatz
Lukas Fälldin Beatz Pred mesecem
Lowkey Im bout to pay for Amazon prime to watch this
OhNoItsNoe Pred mesecem
I wonder what the actors thought while watching this
shaggy_porpiose Pred mesecem
the velociraptor costume looks like those dogs with no necks
woodsy Pred mesecem
9:57 the reason he wants him dead is because in the beginning when the girl who said destroy it or they will hunt you, she was probably referring to him and his group
em elizabeth
em elizabeth Pred mesecem
35,000 bucks can't even get shitty CGI? Damn it looks like a mascot
96Uffer Pred mesecem
Fun Fact: the exorcist character’s the same guy who sang the brains song from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy!
Arvinder Singh
Arvinder Singh Pred mesecem
The main character looks like a mixture between ben stiller and benedict cumberbatch
Aidan Armstrong
Aidan Armstrong Pred mesecem
Please god review llamagedon. It seems like a normal garbage movie. But it was the worst and best movie I have ever forced myself to witness
All by my shelf
All by my shelf Pred mesecem
Being a velociraptor in a god honouring way.
Spears Pred mesecem
Papa priest has been through the shit
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz Pred mesecem
I’m swimming in bitches and I know that because that’s what parents do. They die on you. Why did the actor who plays Ollie have to die with the cigarette still in his mouth? You know he’s still alive because he’s still puffing on the cigarette.
Emanuele Petrino
Emanuele Petrino Pred mesecem
11:55 = one of the greatest moments in cinema
African Kung Fu Nazis
African Kung Fu Nazis Pred mesecem
Please check out African Kung Fu Nazis next. 😁
Tom The spectator
Tom The spectator Pred mesecem
Pasturapter a volosirapter who found a human tooth with great ability he started bleeding as it slowly invaded him in plac that turns to sto one killing him forever but I don’t fucking care
Sophia Pred mesecem
hands down should react to the movie The Room
Meghan F
Meghan F Pred mesecem
This whole thing feels like a fever dream
J Gray
J Gray Pred mesecem
Saw the thumbnail and thought it was Jurassic park 4 💀
icky cat
icky cat Pred mesecem
Michael Efstathopoulos
Michael Efstathopoulos Pred mesecem
dude the final fight was funny asf
Luke Marquis
Luke Marquis Pred mesecem
I have serious theological problems with this movie
Maurice Perez
Maurice Perez Pred mesecem
3:42 You missed the fact that she’s also a white belt in Karate
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson Pred mesecem
2:43 or, for my fellow Latin speakers, “pope priest”
Robenson Dabeck
Robenson Dabeck Pred mesecem
Honestly the sharknado movies are some of my favorite terrible movies😂
Natrix4Life Pred mesecem
The whole thing about being bitten by a tooth and turning into a dinosaur is cool. The rest of the movie, including the title, needs work though
Daniel Howell
Daniel Howell Pred mesecem
Yo, the arrow that killed the Chinese lady in the beginning is the same one that killed Papa Pastor. She was right all along. They WOULD come after him. Now THATS foreshadowing.
Jessica Pacifici
Jessica Pacifici Pred mesecem
hahaha the friend who gets killed in front of papa is still smoking his cigarette on the ground.
Maddie Willett
Maddie Willett Pred mesecem
Next watch Llamageddon
sophia ryan
sophia ryan Pred mesecem
Big goth alagações tites 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lil Cablebox
Lil Cablebox Pred mesecem
cody gives me heavy andy bernard vibes
Vee Barrowes
Vee Barrowes Pred mesecem
the ninjas want doug dead because they want their stone back
Grabsackweednut Pred mesecem
another one of these types of movies is swamp ape
Lucy K
Lucy K Pred mesecem
when papa priest's friends dies, his cigarette is still puffing out smoke lmao
Marcus Carpenter
Marcus Carpenter Pred mesecem
“Only through the elimination of violence, will we finally be able to achieve world peace.” Is the exact quote I expected after a mutant man rips someone’s head off
Aabesh Ghosh
Aabesh Ghosh Pred mesecem
yo I thought that prosti was Jennifer Lawrence at first!
Lalabunny Bunbun
Lalabunny Bunbun Pred mesecem
Bro the guy that says “china” is your fucking doppelgänger Cody
Sarah Ailstock
Sarah Ailstock Pred mesecem
My dad always says- “That’s what old people do, they die.” Lmao
Morfrikel Pred mesecem
You forget to say that there are several times where the tone is muted
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae Pred mesecem
so youre telling me this isnt an snl skit
Arvid Herngren
Arvid Herngren Pred mesecem
4:14 its a velocirapors tooth
StyxandBones Pred 2 meseci
The lead guy looks like someone vertically scaled Benedict Cumberbatch's face down to a normal length
David Farrier
David Farrier Pred 2 meseci
That Gandhi quote that appears on screen is directly pulled from the movie Miami Connection, which RedLetterMedia reviewed a long time ago.
SomeBallerKid Pred 2 meseci
Cody Cody Cody, you’re not listening man. The Chinese women told him that they would come for the bone man. The Ninjas are not out of the blue, the storyline perfectly ties back to his origin story. Shameful you’d miss this masterpiece of a call back.
benjasmend Pred 2 meseci
I’m going to get my car ready to get ready for the game to go eat lunch and then go eat dinner then eat lunch and then go eat dinner then eat lunch and then go eat dinner then eat lunch and then go eat dinner then eat lunch and then go eat dinner then eat lunch and then go eat dinner then eat lunch and then go eat dinner then eat lunch
kerrystolcenberg Pred 2 meseci
rickiereese Pred 2 meseci
I can't wait to go down the velocipastor rabbit hole again
Tiny Girl
Tiny Girl Pred 2 meseci
You notice the blood is like an orange popsicle? When the brother gets offed its straight up orange. You can buy better fake blood from Walmart . Did they buy the blood from the dollar store, or use orange koolaid. 😂😂😂
Sam x
Sam x Pred 2 meseci
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson Pred 2 meseci
Why does “Doug” lowkey look like a discount Benedict Cumberbatch?
killie Pred 2 meseci
Who else typed in "velociraptor" to see if it autocorrected? 😄😄😄😄
Nick Barker
Nick Barker Pred 2 meseci
The raptor looks like that one deformed Dino nugget on your plate
Garrett Weiss
Garrett Weiss Pred 2 meseci
I'm gonna go somewhere God wont follow. Ten seconds later: CHINA
Abbygale Hockenberry
Abbygale Hockenberry Pred 2 meseci
Why is Cody’s acting better, and he’s just impersonating
Louisbcr _
Louisbcr _ Pred 2 meseci
5:00 😂😂
gayathri Pred 2 meseci
this movie cost less to make than how much student loan debt i have
King Dino
King Dino Pred 2 meseci
As a dinosaur I kinda like this
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Pred 2 meseci
Just watched that lord of the rings last night and was literally thinking that
It's a Mystery
It's a Mystery Pred 2 meseci
My almost 50 year old father is trying to make it as an actor, doing these kind of movies.... honestly it’s a wonder I can tie my own shoes
1212 dean
1212 dean Pred 2 meseci
You have to watch diamond cobra vs the white fox
A man turning into a velociraptor, and a guy getting his powers from getting cut on an ancient artifact? Sounds like another Bizarre Adventure I’ve heard of before....
Callum Horspool
Callum Horspool Pred 2 meseci
Bro, the ninjas are the ones who she warns him about in the Chinese forest
Catalina Varela
Catalina Varela Pred 2 meseci
why is nobody talking about frankie mermaid looking like the dude in pocahontas
Marisa Hensch
Marisa Hensch Pred 2 meseci
i can’t get over the “a man of the claw” pun on the movie poster
Grail Montgomery
Grail Montgomery Pred 2 meseci
anna sanchez
anna sanchez Pred 3 meseci
I feel like this is supposed to be a Christian movie but a Christian comedian
Vivek Raj
Vivek Raj Pred 3 meseci
Ok so the review of the "BEST WORST MOVIE", was published on my birthday 😑
Just that guy
Just that guy Pred 3 meseci
11:55 this new season of the boys is looking frictionless
Lovey buggy
Lovey buggy Pred 3 meseci
how many times this had me w h e e z i n g
Richard Bubb
Richard Bubb Pred 3 meseci
Director is full of shit, there's no way auto-correct would make a up a word without it already being used and added to the dictionary....if auto-correct just made up words it would be sorta useless.
Griffin V
Griffin V Pred 3 meseci
The movie is a banger
Victor Manrique
Victor Manrique Pred 3 meseci
I remember watching this video, 6 years ago when Daniel Tosh did it on Tosh.O
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