Every Episode Of America's Got Talent

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Actual footage from America's Got Talent.
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Here is every episode of America's Got Talent.
I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.
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Sapo Sapo30
Sapo Sapo30 Pred 3 dnevi
0:27 Am I the only one who feels like something in his mouth is wrong but doesn't know what?
SlyHikari03 Pred 4 dnevi
These shows are completely rigged
Soviet Union
Soviet Union Pred 4 dnevi
Holy crap it’s so true
Grandpa diarrhea blast
Grandpa diarrhea blast Pred 7 dnevi
Song name?
The Bois
The Bois Pred 7 dnevi
Judge: Whats your name? Contestant: Once my hamster died Judge: welcome to hollywood
Anynonymous Pred 8 dnevi
"I was born at a very young age." *GOLDEN BUZZER*
[redacted] Pred 8 dnevi
I just noticed the microphone is an electric razor with a rolled up sock on the end
ArchAngel Pred 8 dnevi
you forgot the sad story
Manny MM
Manny MM Pred 9 dnevi
If you have a sad backstory and your performance is singing, that’s pretty much a guaranteed ticket to move on. Literally anything else is not a talent and you should be punished for it with shame for thinking it is.
Recaredo Rios
Recaredo Rios Pred 9 dnevi
I have to acknowledge that the host’s mic is a sock
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Pred 9 dnevi
"Im 7 and a half, my dad left when i was 9, my mom got ptsd from being a Vietnam vet. My sister and I got to raise our baby Cleetus, not easy being a single mother of 2." Golden buzzer intensifies
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Pred 10 dnevi
Thought this would be a kid with a sad background
Jonathan Rutan
Jonathan Rutan Pred 12 dnevi
This made me laugh way harder than anyone else has ever laughed.
FaZe_ CosM1c_
FaZe_ CosM1c_ Pred 12 dnevi
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Pred 12 dnevi
0:27 you’re welcome
Abdullah Yildiz
Abdullah Yildiz Pred 12 dnevi
Don't forget the tragic back story!
Spiders Are People Too
Spiders Are People Too Pred 12 dnevi
You forgot the sob story part. 2/10
Radioaktiver Müll
Radioaktiver Müll Pred 12 dnevi
what was the song tho? xd
Putty Puke
Putty Puke Pred 12 dnevi
Those videos actually are the most accurate ones on the internet
TkSharma Pred 13 dnevi
lbrown21494 Pred 14 dnevi
What is that song?
harrison johnson
harrison johnson Pred 15 dnevi
You forgot about the people with a sad backstory. And they go further than actually talented people.
Red Grapes
Red Grapes Pred 15 dnevi
Ok but why that sound like Gus is actually singing?
Cursed Milk
Cursed Milk Pred 15 dnevi
Hell Crow
Hell Crow Pred 16 dnevi
Yup spot on 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Connor Gooderl
Connor Gooderl Pred 16 dnevi
Also I was bullied a lot and I’m homeless or something.
Literally Veemo
Literally Veemo Pred 16 dnevi
sounds about right
Mad_ Hunter_
Mad_ Hunter_ Pred 16 dnevi
hold down the 9 button for a good time
James Barnousky
James Barnousky Pred 16 dnevi
"What's your talent" "iii am pooOOOOOR"
RTV ES Channel 13
RTV ES Channel 13 Pred 17 dnevi
Someone playing an instrument on agt in a nutshell: *plays classical music* Simon: *no.* Plays gummy bear and axel f Crowd:
ChuckyMcDucky Pred 17 dnevi
Wrong she didn’t have a good backstory.
dReliq Pred 17 dnevi
Reaper 3000
Reaper 3000 Pred 18 dnevi
I only had 5 chicken strips in my supposed "6 chicken strips" Salad... GOLDEN BUZZER
Questinator 485
Questinator 485 Pred 19 dnevi
Contestant: "I was born at a very young age which led to learning disabilities throughout my childhood." **Golden buzzer**
XvAvX Pred 19 dnevi
Mind blown, literally, My headless corpse is typing this while the blood still pumping out my neck.
Asha'man Sedai
Asha'man Sedai Pred 19 dnevi
Wow, people going to a talent show. Could it be they are talented?!?! Naaaah
Gabriele Novarini
Gabriele Novarini Pred 20 dnevi
Yesterday was the finals of italia's got talent and I just realized how accurate this video is.
heh Pred 20 dnevi
If you think America’s Got Talent is bad you should see American Idol
It’s Meme time
It’s Meme time Pred 21 dnevom
Guy:I can swallow swords, use telekinesis and become immortal Judge: I’m sorry it’s a no for me Little girl: I died at age 6 and I’m going to sing a Billie eilish song Judge: *Golden buzzer*
HappyDude Pred 21 dnevom
I got cancer Judge: don't sing you allready won
jurassic tutorials
jurassic tutorials Pred 21 dnevom
Ya forgot the emotional story that basicly guilt trips the judges
Jack Marsden
Jack Marsden Pred 22 dnevi
I swear Gus has the same range of expressiveness in his face as Jim Carrey.
Airsled Pred 22 dnevi
You forgot the crying and over exaggerated backstory
Loganator HD
Loganator HD Pred 22 dnevi
0/10, gus. You forgot to mention they lost to a kid with no talent and a dramatic backstory
flouny floa
flouny floa Pred 22 dnevi
ALslata _
ALslata _ Pred 23 dnevi
Still won’t get accepted, they need a dead family member so the judges feel bad rejecting them
Mr Mediocre
Mr Mediocre Pred 24 dnevi
"and what brought you here" "Well, I was born at a very young age, life wasn't always so easy for me"
Ethan Brandt
Ethan Brandt Pred 25 dnevi
It do be like that don't it?
Franek Pyzel
Franek Pyzel Pred 26 dnevi
You forgot "so i was an infant when i was born" and the crowd starting crying
vibhav Pred 26 dnevi
I got the weird looking part at least
gooseboy Pred 26 dnevi
contestant: i was born at a very young age judges: golden button oh my GOD
Quinn Kneale
Quinn Kneale Pred 26 dnevi
Boats and hoes
I'm Me
I'm Me Pred 27 dnevi
Please make more. You have talent.
TheBowgart 345
TheBowgart 345 Pred 28 dnevi
you forgot to mention their dead relative
Arian hmn
Arian hmn Pred mesecem
Sometimes they're not even that weird, they are just like average looking people in unimpressive clothes and the judges act like they're aliens or some shit.
Lee Jay
Lee Jay Pred mesecem
This is true
clips to oblivion
clips to oblivion Pred mesecem
EX E Pred mesecem
Missed the whole "my pet goldfish died *starts sobbing*" from every contestant.
Plaque Pred mesecem
when you include the fact that they sit there for about 7 hours watching shit people do shit stuff, their reactions are quite appropriate
Mikal Lyngbø
Mikal Lyngbø Pred mesecem
0:27 that face
Deathcall777 Pred mesecem
You forgot the part where his act is totally mediocre and unoriginal but then he says his wife died or he has a disease so he gets pity points and wins. AGT fucking sucks man
Sloppy Phart
Sloppy Phart Pred mesecem
Don't worry, even the original, Britain's Got Talent, is the fucking same. Its honestly so stupid, I've stopped watching it at this point.
Kai Park
Kai Park Pred mesecem
the song is con te partiro by andrea bocelli.
Sam Mackerras
Sam Mackerras Pred mesecem
I am still not amused that SNL basically stole this and did it worse
Noah Gamer
Noah Gamer Pred mesecem
Subscribe to me
The AViator
The AViator Pred mesecem
Did he just put a sock over an electric razor and try to pull that off as a microphone?
The AViator
The AViator Pred mesecem
Watching 0:25 in slow-motion is hilarious
Euphonious ASMR
Euphonious ASMR Pred mesecem
Usually contestants babble on about bad things that happened in their life and the judges just can't say no.
dippy trippy
dippy trippy Pred mesecem
Mr Fish
Mr Fish Pred mesecem
Uh you forgot the part where they talking about how their mom was hit by a train while carrying their crippled little brother to the hospital because was shot by her dad who was a abusive drunk.
Ian Foley
Ian Foley Pred 2 meseci
Me:a person who can do a legitimate talent with actual personality. The judges:not really what we’re looking for right now. Some kid:I cut my finger once.and then does a pretty bad dance. The judges:*GOLDEN BUZZER*
Will Vanier
Will Vanier Pred 2 meseci
“My grandpa died a hundred years ago” *golden buzzer*
Kaleb Biddle
Kaleb Biddle Pred 2 meseci
Reynolds Reels
Reynolds Reels Pred 2 meseci
boats n hoes
Doughboi_ Bigboi
Doughboi_ Bigboi Pred 2 meseci
Agt is just the voice change my mind
Olly Osborne
Olly Osborne Pred 2 meseci
“And I’m homeless”
SoupCanMan Pred 2 meseci
Unrealistic. They don’t play the violin
FBI Pred 2 meseci
I like how the mic is a trimmer with a sock on it.
The Pez Dispenser
The Pez Dispenser Pred 2 meseci
"also my dad had erectile dysfunction and could not walk until he was 46. My mother was a rhino who was killed by poachers while she was pregnant with me. I got kidnapped out of the fetus and and was placed in an orphanage in the USSR with kids who were blind, deaf, and couldn't feel. I couldn't interact with them so I took up singing to pass the time even though I don't have lungs or vocal chords. I ran away at the age fourteen, swam across the Atlantic, turned back around, swam across the Atlantic again, and then a third time. I got ran over by two ships while swimming and my intestines were eaten out of my stomach by sharks. And now, here I am."
lxurx Pred 15 dnevi
So touching
mr. thug
mr. thug Pred 25 dnevi
@Brad Leon nah, DIAMOND BUZZER!!!!!
Brad Leon
Brad Leon Pred mesecem
Golden buzzer
freedom Olejniczak
freedom Olejniczak Pred 2 meseci
stolen idea
Rubs Pred 2 meseci
You forgot the part where the crowd is on their feet.
Luke 94
Luke 94 Pred 2 meseci
Don’t forget the cut to the VT interview with somber music where they talk about how much their goldfish dying has effected and inspired them
Dylan Crespo
Dylan Crespo Pred 2 meseci
you forgot the "im doing this for my mom..... she died before i was born"
• Squidhoodii •
• Squidhoodii • Pred 14 dnevi
Hold up-
Mynameisnotjoshua Pred 2 meseci
What’s the song called?
Leo Tiritilli
Leo Tiritilli Pred 2 meseci
Contestant: I was born at a very young age Judges: *crying*
Sunnishine Sky
Sunnishine Sky Pred 2 meseci
Person: literally swallows fire and folds themself in half Judges: eh Another person: my pet cat binky died when I was 3 Judges: 🎊👏🏽👏🏻👏🏾👏🏼🎉
Nate Sarver
Nate Sarver Pred 2 meseci
You forgot the part where none of them are Americans.
TheHmmer Pred 2 meseci
Suzan boiled
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Pred 2 meseci
All the jokes I see about AGT, but I think there's a reason they do it that way. The terrible singer with a "tragic backstory" definitely won't get a record deal or get renowned for their lack of talent. The original, talented individuals they tell to fuck off on the show, very likely will still go on to succeed because of their talent. Better give some average joe a lucky break instead of someone who actually has the talent to make something happen.
axnjxn9 Pred 2 meseci
“my mom didnt get me the red and blue joycon switch” *golden buzzer intensifies*
Wyatt Whittaker
Wyatt Whittaker Pred 2 meseci
what is this song i need it
silly goose
silly goose Pred 2 meseci
Judge: So why did you decide to audition today? Contestant: I had cancer
Jade Dragon
Jade Dragon Pred 2 meseci
Puddles the clown should have won AGT.
You forgot the dead-eyed-wide-smile that Simon Cowell does before someone slams the golden buzzer
Nathan Andecker
Nathan Andecker Pred 2 meseci
I am just gonna timestamp this to the end you are welcome 0:27
emi grace
emi grace Pred 2 meseci
I knew exactly where this was going yet I still laughed out loud
Patrick Obrien
Patrick Obrien Pred 2 meseci
Judge: Ok, what are you going to do for us? Contestant: ummm, actually did you know when I was 4 years old I stubbed my toe. Judges: you win the entire competition😭😭 plus a brand new tesla
Áliefr Pred 2 meseci
Nobody gonna mention that his mouth is wider than the mariana trench?
James Sisttie
James Sisttie Pred 2 meseci
:what will you do?" i will sing a billy e- GoLdEn BuZZer ImMedIaTeLy
Henry Christensen
Henry Christensen Pred 2 meseci
what was the song?
MatthewPlays_YT Pred 2 meseci
steve harvey's talk show in a nutshell
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