i am always sweaty

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Gus Johnson

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someone come dry me
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Thank you to @sabrina abelina for her help with this video! bit.ly/2yeNDLr
this is a video about how i am so sweaty now. why is this? someone on the internet diagnose me. i refuse to be healthy though so let's get that out of the way right now.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast please. Eddy Burback and I make it and it's ok.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred 9 meseci
follow me on twitter or you will be cursed with a long and sweaty life @Gusbuckets.
Cole phillips
Cole phillips Pred 12 dnevi
Bruh ur beard make u look waaaayy different
Brenden Mahan
Brenden Mahan Pred mesecem
So if I follow I will have a short life... done.
MrSquishy Ø
MrSquishy Ø Pred mesecem
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries Pred mesecem
Ok you got me bud.
Matrix Mirage
Matrix Mirage Pred 2 meseci
I thought this was Ralph Cifaretto from the Sopranos
J B Pred 5 urami
Dan Rodriguez
Dan Rodriguez Pred dnevom
Diabetes thats why
HumanNeutral06 Pred 3 dnevi
got reccomended this after a getting the sweats after i woke up
JD Pred 9 dnevi
this guy just described my environment in a song
2-Elisabeth Audet
2-Elisabeth Audet Pred 16 dnevi
*thank god im not the only one*
Clovis Pictures
Clovis Pictures Pred 17 dnevi
"Guys I swear that distinct 'not wearing antiperspirant' smell is not coming from me"
ShadyOdd Pred 19 dnevi
same here brother.
Alex Zer0
Alex Zer0 Pred 20 dnevi
Cleanly Hobo Gus is the hottest Gus.
Maximillius Pred 20 dnevi
Botox jab your armpits
ArKane EGO
ArKane EGO Pred 23 dnevi
No but for anyone who doesn't experience this.... will never know true pain. I typically gotta get dressed with me putting paper towels under my pits
Tony Pred 23 dnevi
that bass is unironically mixed extremely well
Muhammed Eniodunmo
Muhammed Eniodunmo Pred 25 dnevi
Hi always sweaty, I’m dad!
billwip Pred 29 dnevi
Dat beat doe
billwip Pred 29 dnevi
Dat beat doe
Aaron Orsolini
Aaron Orsolini Pred mesecem
This is me irl
Jadenyeets 420
Jadenyeets 420 Pred mesecem
i think he is a smash player
Luke Brooks
Luke Brooks Pred mesecem
*this is too relatable to me....*
Alex Schmidt
Alex Schmidt Pred mesecem
Just saved me a trip to the doctor's for a diagnosis. Thanks gus👍🏻
CatcherCam Pred mesecem
Every Man's True Song
Salmonellq Pred mesecem
I probably have a disorder and sleep fully clothed under a blanket without air conditioning and am barely in shape... fuck I wonder why I'm always sweating
Jasper Matthew Bunch
Jasper Matthew Bunch Pred mesecem
i feel EXTREMELY called out.
Hajnal Endot
Hajnal Endot Pred mesecem
Protip: the roll-on gigastrong antiperspirant is a fucking lifesaver.
Tigrr Pred mesecem
Im always sweaty too:(
goofball productions
goofball productions Pred mesecem
Why this a bop tho🤣
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan Pred mesecem
gracefulgracie Pred mesecem
My hands are always sweaty, it sucks but I'm glad it's not my pits. 🤣
Mr Random
Mr Random Pred mesecem
This feels like a personal attack
Ellis Westbrook
Ellis Westbrook Pred mesecem
HolyMuffins Pred mesecem
CoD players:
theofficial_bobtheplayer Pred mesecem
Story of my life
ID 0
ID 0 Pred mesecem
I can relate
CupOfIceTea Pred mesecem
Gus looks like he covered himself in gorilla glue and rolled in hair
Mask Master
Mask Master Pred mesecem
The song that describes my life
B.D. Pred mesecem
Toni Beckham
Toni Beckham Pred mesecem
Wear a singlet
Don'tSpikeMyDrink Pred mesecem
nice, youtube fucked up the end of the video
Justin Case
Justin Case Pred mesecem
Gus: AnD I aM aLsWaYs SwEaTy F1 drivers: Am I a joke to you?
Swirly Art
Swirly Art Pred mesecem
"I blow" got me
Someone Pred mesecem
0:09 the way he walks out of the bathroom looks so unreal
IstartInternetWars Pred mesecem
Bass Tabs?
Sad Mani
Sad Mani Pred mesecem
I feel this
P U G Pred mesecem
When I went through puberty I was expecting to grow into a adult instead this is basically what I got
Just Games
Just Games Pred mesecem
...why'd you tell everyone about my lifestyle?
Cactus in a jar
Cactus in a jar Pred mesecem
I like the vid but I hate the thumb nail
Toby T
Toby T Pred mesecem
Toby T
Toby T Pred mesecem
Tyler Joseph Schommer
Tyler Joseph Schommer Pred mesecem
Ghost written by Jacksfilms
Raven Fritz
Raven Fritz Pred mesecem
Кшцц улущ вщыькоз вжжызцудте
plip plop
plip plop Pred mesecem
his arm tucked walk out of the shower brings me pure joy
Usb Snake
Usb Snake Pred mesecem
Wow you're really calling us Gamers out like that damn
SkiLxrd Pred mesecem
I feel lucky now
Ryan Molstad
Ryan Molstad Pred mesecem
*B* *R* *A* *S*
Mike Alinan
Mike Alinan Pred mesecem
Why did you make a video on me
BoldAndBrash Pred mesecem
Why do i relate.
Luke - Comedy And Crap
Luke - Comedy And Crap Pred 2 meseci
I watched a whole ass ad for this
ohurley11 Pred 2 meseci
The best advice I can give is just don't let it bother you. Also, don't use anti-perspirant. It just makes things worse. Find a deodorant you like and try your best to not think about it. Most of the people with this problem are men. And you know what? Being a man is awesome. We're not expected to be perfect so don't try to be. Just be confident and who gives a fuck if you sweat. Own that shit and it will get better.
Why Peanuts
Why Peanuts Pred 2 meseci
My room is to hot
Beth K
Beth K Pred 2 meseci
*cries in hyperhydrosis*
LostDonkeyEnt. LLC
LostDonkeyEnt. LLC Pred 2 meseci
Thompson tees work pretty well.
Colonial American
Colonial American Pred 2 meseci
Shaving your pits helps.
daniel villanueva xia
daniel villanueva xia Pred 2 meseci
Dimizef Pred 2 meseci
serious hack: shave and use alcohol when you are sweaty so you dont smell
Henrik Pred 2 meseci
No matter if in or out of shape in hot or cold weather that's me.
Ty Pred 2 meseci
Quit calling me out.
APM Aaron
APM Aaron Pred 2 meseci
My old science teacher could probably relate to this
Random Crap Central
Random Crap Central Pred 2 meseci
You just explained me
TrinkBruder Pred 2 meseci
Dude I have the same problem past 60 fahrenheit I could rehydrogenate Africa
Francis Karl E. Ceniza
Francis Karl E. Ceniza Pred 2 meseci
Ice Bear
Ice Bear Pred 2 meseci
If I don't put deodorant on then I always perfusely sweat out of my pits
Owen C
Owen C Pred 2 meseci
@Ice Bear thank you i gained 42 iq points bringing me up to an iq of 43
Ice Bear
Ice Bear Pred 2 meseci
@Owen C you're welcome for enlightening you with my poetic comment
Owen C
Owen C Pred 2 meseci
Wow i would of never know that deodorant stops sweating
David Emes
David Emes Pred 2 meseci
I feel personally attacked hahahaha
lity fity
lity fity Pred 2 meseci
bruh bruh bruh
Thomas Shannon
Thomas Shannon Pred 2 meseci
Fun fact on why SLpost sucks, when you hit replay the "why" at the end is cut off
Sulaxo Pred 2 meseci
Is this a new Why? song?
HeinrichDerTote Pred 2 meseci
Just shave!
Rikka Takanashi
Rikka Takanashi Pred 2 meseci
I completely agree
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert Pred 2 meseci
I thought the beginning was gonna go like “I am always sweaty and I don’t know why, it doesn’t even matter how hard I try, keep that in mind” etc if you know than you know
Alex Pred 2 meseci
Ah yes sounds like an Australian summer
Random Guy
Random Guy Pred 2 meseci
Tim Hansen
Gijs Hagenaars
Gijs Hagenaars Pred 2 meseci
Well actually when you get a cold shower your body is going to warm itself even more. Best thing is taking a medium heat/cold shower. Just a tip from one sweaty fucker to another.
DoctorScrimguard Pred 2 meseci
This is outrageous.
Sturges Pred 2 meseci
@DoctorScrimguard how can you be on the council and not be a Master?!
DoctorScrimguard Pred 2 meseci
@Logan Parker It's unfair!
Logan Parker
Logan Parker Pred 2 meseci
SirCoughsalot Pred 2 meseci
I had the same problem until I went to the store before work to pick up deodorant and they were out of everything except women's antiperspirant. An eight-hour shift later and my pits were bone dry.
ChanDollar Pred 2 meseci
Man I could watch Gus Johnson once every three days for an hour for the rest of my life!
Atilla Cook
Atilla Cook Pred 2 meseci
God dammit 😂😂😂
Michael Breslow
Michael Breslow Pred 2 meseci
I have never felt so attacked by yet so connected with a video ever
Free Mind Energy
Free Mind Energy Pred 3 meseci
You're detoxifying through a major excretion route for the skin.
Radhia Deedou
Radhia Deedou Pred 3 meseci
Shave your armpits it'll help
Luke Boisen
Luke Boisen Pred 3 meseci
its australian summer and you always wake up with a dry mouth, sweaty neck and flies find their way into your house no matter what. so this is a relatable video
KM Cadet
KM Cadet Pred 3 meseci
Skidoo skidaa if it’s under a minute I’m on my way
Haiden Powers
Haiden Powers Pred 3 meseci
gus johnson is like onision but not toxic or a narcissist
The Fullstop Aadyot
The Fullstop Aadyot Pred 3 meseci
Watching this wrapped in a blanket in November when it's practically winter... "I wanna sweat so hard RN!!!"
Brounwyn Smith
Brounwyn Smith Pred 3 meseci
Me too:(
Nomad Pred 3 meseci
Reason for report: this is about me and i don’t like it
Joel Martinsson
Joel Martinsson Pred 3 meseci
I had this problem due to anxiety. Gone now. Don't underestimate the power the subconcious has to create physical problems.
456puff Pred 3 meseci
This is why I wear a lot of black. You can’t see the sweat.
Ciro Ascarelli
Ciro Ascarelli Pred 3 meseci
...knees weak, arms are heavy There"s vomit on his sweater already...
lilmonkeysplay4 Pred 3 meseci
Who is the producer of this hit song
Ian Spiro
Ian Spiro Pred 3 meseci
Who else here has hyperhydrosis?
Flamboyant Warlock
Flamboyant Warlock Pred 4 meseci
This video is too short. I want a full length song.
German Wojtek
German Wojtek Pred 4 meseci
Hyperhydrosis is a fairly common condition. It affects roughly 10% of the population each year . I had that where I wouldn’t sweat ANYWHERE BUT my armpits .
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