Harden Game Winning Flop? vs Clippers! DeAndre Jordan Game Winner! 2020-21 NBA Season

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Chris Smoove

Pred 2 meseci

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james airo manong
james airo manong Pred 17 dnevi
Hahaha..harden best actor ..hahaha still khawi my idol
Mandingo _
Mandingo _ Pred 2 meseci
It was a flop but its executed well during the light push.
Ivan Leon
Ivan Leon Pred 2 meseci
WTF with that flop, harden floping in defense now as well.
Draxler5677 HD
Draxler5677 HD Pred 2 meseci
Donavan Seamster
Donavan Seamster Pred 2 meseci
FINITI Pred 2 meseci
I haven’t watched the vid yet but who got the game winner harden or Jordan?
Luiz Eduardo Caires Muller
Luiz Eduardo Caires Muller Pred 2 meseci
Giga flop 😢
2k Michael Jordan
2k Michael Jordan Pred 2 meseci
No ones gonna talk about kyrie dunking?
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Pred 2 meseci
Ngiks Covers
Ngiks Covers Pred 2 meseci
That was a clean FLOP
The Saint
The Saint Pred 2 meseci
Harden flopped when kawhi choked, end of story.
Mitch Usner
Mitch Usner Pred 2 meseci
Simp Police
Simp Police Pred 2 meseci
Flopping *is* defense!
ChaosFilms Pred 2 meseci
Ref needs to be fined 100K a game winning bucket Na they violated
moh hama
moh hama Pred 2 meseci
So ugly
Jamaur Harris
Jamaur Harris Pred 2 meseci
Chris u gotta make these highlights 5/6 mins
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred 2 meseci
Harden’s beard is a cheat code 🧀
RONNIE S Pred 2 meseci
Tyler Liu
Tyler Liu Pred 2 meseci
Fine the Refs
ZelB84 Pred 2 meseci
thanks ref
JACOB VIKI Pred 2 meseci
that is a flop from harden also harden is getting fatter
zakuranay padilla
zakuranay padilla Pred 2 meseci
Give the best record flop of the year james harden & lebron james wrong call wtf ref..
sako demirjian
sako demirjian Pred 2 meseci
Hel Jorge
Hel Jorge Pred 2 meseci
shame always shame
Darnell Pointer
Darnell Pointer Pred 2 meseci
Chris Smoove: I told that girl... JAMES HARDEN IS GOING TO FLOP
IndomitusGaia Pred 2 meseci
Baba Wague
Baba Wague Pred 2 meseci
🤣🤣🤣 Kyrie was the one talking bout game winners already missed two
Jonathan Moreno
Jonathan Moreno Pred 2 meseci
That is why i never liked Nets, a flopper, a glass ego, and a flat earther.
xFlow777 Pred 2 meseci
definitely not a flop, sure harden sold i but rules are rules.
joselito paolo
joselito paolo Pred 2 meseci
PG with minute restriction still dropping 34.
reza s
reza s Pred 2 meseci
Flop of the year
hihiroroman Pred 2 meseci
Oscar level flop
Austin Li
Austin Li Pred 2 meseci
That’s a flop ;-;
jepoy l
jepoy l Pred 2 meseci
Ale Demeter
Ale Demeter Pred 2 meseci
Kawhi choke? He literally lays it in🙃 harden just flew man lol
Ruben Pachecano
Ruben Pachecano Pred 2 meseci
If that was the other way around that’s an and 1 for Harden
Jimmy Zavacki
Jimmy Zavacki Pred 2 meseci
Flop 4 points ok Chris
Jimmy Zavacki
Jimmy Zavacki Pred 2 meseci
to New Orleans Brooklyn finals
Lau Prayer
Lau Prayer Pred 2 meseci
Lebron move nicee.
MalRulesAll Pred 2 meseci
What is that title 😂😂😂
Kawhi Kooljie
Kawhi Kooljie Pred 2 meseci
Thats clearly a flop man
Sharkboy 200
Sharkboy 200 Pred 2 meseci
That was a flop
Deleted Videos
Deleted Videos Pred 2 meseci
Kyrie can actually dunk unlike curry😂
Mr Savage
Mr Savage Pred 2 meseci
Does flopping mean getting fouled
Zeon Razer
Zeon Razer Pred 2 meseci
Harden knows his angles because he draws so many fouls. That ref on the sideline just saw harden’s head flop and that’s all he needed.
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Pred 2 meseci
Yes, Yes, Yes. Nets in 4
G2KPOAT Pred 2 meseci
I was saying all game should’ve have zubac in instead of batum or Morris and then deandre tips it in
YJSAVV Pred 2 meseci
James: "Flops" Refs: "Mom, stop calling me at work ok bye I love you"
Veteran_Influencers Pred 2 meseci
What a fuckin joke. Harden flopped his ass off
Arehouze 21
Arehouze 21 Pred 2 meseci
William Brown
William Brown Pred 2 meseci
Also a super flop from a flopping ass player in Harden
Eliza Kallis
Eliza Kallis Pred 2 meseci
NBA refs are deciding games very day now
Conor McFadyen
Conor McFadyen Pred 2 meseci
Harden with the game winning flop It’s enough to make a grown man cry, it’s so beautiful
Dharmik Patel
Dharmik Patel Pred 2 meseci
Man harden trash
Jason Vela
Jason Vela Pred 2 meseci
Why not NBA give warning to harden for FLOPPING,
John Dave
John Dave Pred 2 meseci
John Dave
John Dave Pred 2 meseci
John Dave
John Dave Pred 2 meseci
Caller botsaid
CrimDela Crim
CrimDela Crim Pred 2 meseci
That was a clear foul from kawhi
REAL TALK Pred 2 meseci
RG4 Demon
RG4 Demon Pred 2 meseci
Flop city😑😂😂😂
Andrew Yamasaki
Andrew Yamasaki Pred 2 meseci
Jovany Bautista-Williams
Jovany Bautista-Williams Pred 2 meseci
yesssssir Kyrie dunked
dusten rodrigues
dusten rodrigues Pred 2 meseci
It was a flop foul travel lol
Nico Casanova
Nico Casanova Pred 2 meseci
What kind of question is that? Did harden flop or kawhi choke? First off, obviously harden flopped and second how tf did kawhi choke?
Stretch Gamingg
Stretch Gamingg Pred 2 meseci
Refs keep that same energy when lebron puts his shoulder into the defender chest. Truck sticking them and no offensive foul
Omar El-Barbary
Omar El-Barbary Pred 2 meseci
bad call
Jesse De Santos
Jesse De Santos Pred 2 meseci
Basically Harden has a big hit box...
Gabriel Carlos
Gabriel Carlos Pred 2 meseci
He flopped, let’s be honest
King AlphA_
King AlphA_ Pred 2 meseci
great game! but give HARDEN AN OSCAR!
Isatu Odutuyo
Isatu Odutuyo Pred 2 meseci
I'm a big harden fan but come on. That flop was cheap from harden
Collossus The Great
Collossus The Great Pred 2 meseci
Flop of the year, some bs for sure
Drew Mow
Drew Mow Pred 2 meseci
Flopping on D dang. Not cool ref. That should have went to OT
coreen James
coreen James Pred 2 meseci
doodle Bob the second
doodle Bob the second Pred 2 meseci
Thanks ref
Im Charles
Im Charles Pred 2 meseci
Flop of the Year
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith Pred 2 meseci
The Refs: "Oh, wait, I saw movement, so I'm calling a foul even if it wasn't, just because I saw movement." People joke about nba refs all the time. We refer to them as the laughing stock of refereeing lol
SideShowNiles Pred 2 meseci
ZellWellFR Gaming
ZellWellFR Gaming Pred 2 meseci
Harden is the ultimate foul taker I’ve ever seen
TyJamar Pred 2 meseci
A little flop an a little push.
Yxnghvn Beats
Yxnghvn Beats Pred 2 meseci
Kawhi should have pressed his case to the refs. He casually walked away signaling for a review instead of making his case heard which can put the refs in position to review the replay. These referees are literally robbing us from great basketball games...
Jie Pred 2 meseci
“James Harden.... doing what he does best , getting fouled” we need smoove as an NBA commentator lmaooo
riedstep Pred 2 meseci
they call that a foul pretty regularly. in my opinion its not a foul, but if they are gonna call it 90% of the time, i guess it is.
Domo Pred 2 meseci
Clippers vs refs
Black Carbon
Black Carbon Pred 2 meseci
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes Pred 2 meseci
The NFL should really make a rule to where they see a player flop they have to automatically review. If it was indeed a flop the player gets ejected. (I know it seems very harsh but it means that players are less likely gonna flop in a game)
Joey Cabrera
Joey Cabrera Pred 2 meseci
It's bs it's bs it's bs🎶
Jason Placeres
Jason Placeres Pred 2 meseci
What type of call is that smh
Kurt Pred 2 meseci
Touch the beard and it's an easy call when it's 💾
Ryan Ostendorf
Ryan Ostendorf Pred 2 meseci
Bro that’s so bad..😑
Rico Delatorre
Rico Delatorre Pred 2 meseci
Flop man
Jon Recinos
Jon Recinos Pred 2 meseci
The maniacal wool phytochemically reflect because drum architecturally interest despite a worried egypt. murky, verdant ceiling
John Kruzel
John Kruzel Pred 2 meseci
Terrible call
Thin Jay
Thin Jay Pred 2 meseci
Harden doesn’t flop, come on man
Spillz Pred 2 meseci
100% flop
ax c.
ax c. Pred 2 meseci
Kawhi is allowed to reach for the ball because it's in his possession James Hamburger flopped. 🗜️🖤🎭
BKNY Pred 2 meseci
It doesn't matter haters cause NETS in 6
indynator Pred 2 meseci
I wouldn't have been surprised if the refs suddenly called a technical for Draymond Green after that, just because...
AJCam_TTV Pred 2 meseci
That’s a flop from harden
AT - 06HK 782597 Sunny View MS
AT - 06HK 782597 Sunny View MS Pred 2 meseci
its a flop
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