*NEW* MOD UPDATE in Fortnite! (New MYTHIC, Leaked Skins + MORE)

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Fortnite Car Mod Update - New Mythic, leaked skins + MORE!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

Ali-A Pred 27 dnevi
LOADS of new stuff - Thank you everyone using code "ALIA"! Enjoy the vid! 💙
cohen brough
cohen brough Pred 19 dnevi
@Deroroster you like it too
Tennie Crieghton
Tennie Crieghton Pred 20 dnevi
The car glitch again😂🤣 2:31 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from : 𝕗𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕖.𝕦𝕤 🔥 ପାଇଁ
Catarina Lazzara
Catarina Lazzara Pred 20 dnevi
Yes boyyyyy 0:32 so many people have claimed their 𝟻𝟶𝟶𝟶𝚟-𝚋𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚜.from : 𝕗𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕖.𝕦𝕤 🔥
Luna Zack
Luna Zack Pred 20 dnevi
Red arcade best chanel 2:20 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from : 𝕗𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕖.𝕦𝕤 🔥 ପାଇଁ
Jac Duffy
Jac Duffy Pred 20 dnevi
Hi can you add me on Fortnite my uses little paws
Jonah Young
Jonah Young Pred dnevom
The soul man
Holmes Louie
Holmes Louie Pred 12 dnevi
Hi Ali an
The Dark Ruby
The Dark Ruby Pred 15 dnevi
Zombie Z
Zombie Z Pred 17 dnevi
Soul dude
CannyCaesar60 Pred 17 dnevi
The first 10 comments on my videos will get hearted and pinned
CannyCaesar60 Pred 17 dnevi
The first 10 comments on my videos will get hearted and pinned
Kumar Kanishk
Kumar Kanishk Pred 19 dnevi
You are wearing Tommy in it shirt
YT kids fun
YT kids fun Pred 19 dnevi
Hi ala
Johan Singleton
Johan Singleton Pred 20 dnevi
Wen are you gana use kybord
Johan Singleton
Johan Singleton Pred 20 dnevi
Wen are you gana use keyboard and mouse
Jonathan Mccafferty
Jonathan Mccafferty Pred 20 dnevi
What is the return date for marsh
red pandaz
red pandaz Pred 21 dnevom
43K High fives? Dang iron mans hand is broken😂
Ayokunmi Babalola
Ayokunmi Babalola Pred 22 dnevi
New words today kids SPEEDY
Harper Kilcoyne
Harper Kilcoyne Pred 22 dnevi
The Amazing Art
The Amazing Art Pred 22 dnevi
Last gun was best 👍
The Amazing Art
The Amazing Art Pred 22 dnevi
Marshmallow is mine favorite
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson Pred 22 dnevi
Eco should be in the 7
Banana Bro
Banana Bro Pred 22 dnevi
I like the Grimey skin and I am gonna try to get it when it comes out
Ahmed Assem
Ahmed Assem Pred 22 dnevi
are use code Alia
cohen brough
cohen brough Pred 22 dnevi
Ali remember cod ww2 well it was awesome you should do it again
b16rdw Pred 22 dnevi
I need to backflip
MrMeowMeow bruh
MrMeowMeow bruh Pred 22 dnevi
haha darksouls go BBBBURRRRRRRR
Jasmine Johnston
Jasmine Johnston Pred 23 dnevi
My user name is flash -socks seven
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Pred 23 dnevi
I'm crying
DVONTE Flanders
DVONTE Flanders Pred 23 dnevi
fortnite kid
fortnite kid Pred 23 dnevi
Caleb Shark
Caleb Shark Pred 23 dnevi
The first copy of the bat man zeropoint comic book comes out in September 7
Dane Shex
Dane Shex Pred 23 dnevi
You can't high-five Iron Man you will die because of the Iron Man glove
Vanessa Frausto
Vanessa Frausto Pred 23 dnevi
Look at the cars weals
Maung Than Tin
Maung Than Tin Pred 23 dnevi
ali a i dat your code ali a
Maung Than Tin
Maung Than Tin Pred 23 dnevi
alia how to gat the free skins
Olaf Holownia-czarny
Olaf Holownia-czarny Pred 23 dnevi
I wil
Mel Larson
Mel Larson Pred 23 dnevi
alia has really changed i watch him more
Jake Cam
Jake Cam Pred 23 dnevi
U deserve a icon series skin and 20 million subs
RivalXPilo Pred 23 dnevi
Melvin The best
Melvin The best Pred 23 dnevi
You’re bad at Fortnite
Bulls Tc
Bulls Tc Pred 23 dnevi
The cars float on water
Bobby Dhakal
Bobby Dhakal Pred 23 dnevi
puttsville Pred 24 dnevi
Well everyone to me I think grimey right
Julian Reese
Julian Reese Pred 24 dnevi
3 days 41 k likes iron man has a lot of high fives
Milo Barnett
Milo Barnett Pred 24 dnevi
eco 100%
Kaleb Reed
Kaleb Reed Pred 24 dnevi
man iron man has high fives
Reuben Ladipo
Reuben Ladipo Pred 24 dnevi
The 7 and season 7 such a coincidence 🧐😱😨
Ryan Grabarski
Ryan Grabarski Pred 24 dnevi
Did you see when you look directly at the car mods they say :Off road mod? I bet there will be different mods!
Courtney Ransom
Courtney Ransom Pred 24 dnevi
Stop playing fortnite play destiny 1 or sumthing
Iflick Game
Iflick Game Pred 24 dnevi
Pls don’t put marshmello in the shop it was a rare skin It’s my only rare skin pls
Hunter Olsowy
Hunter Olsowy Pred 24 dnevi
Me and my brother tried the Box fight can we use Trisha Porter and created a code on Playstation PS5 we love you Ali-A
greg singer
greg singer Pred 24 dnevi
Gift. Me. The. Anime. Bundle. Please Username. Jasonthegirafe.
Ali DIAB Pred 24 dnevi
Can I get a own owa
kamal gaming tv
kamal gaming tv Pred 24 dnevi
Bro infinite has 17.6million subs u need to catch up because sometimes I wacth u every day!
Kharn Tamatea
Kharn Tamatea Pred 24 dnevi
Can you play pokemon ark ark survival but use pokeballs instead of knocking them out
A 2009
A 2009 Pred 24 dnevi
Galaxy ninja 1
Galaxy ninja 1 Pred 24 dnevi
How did I miss everything
Logan Quinn
Logan Quinn Pred 24 dnevi
I used your code
Marc Hall
Marc Hall Pred 24 dnevi
Hellohellohellohello hello
MiloApianCat099 Gamer
MiloApianCat099 Gamer Pred 24 dnevi
FYI you could just break tire stacks to get them as well
ASosaGamerTV Pred 25 dnevi
If you use drift there is secret dialogue
ASosaGamerTV Pred 25 dnevi
I just fount it
you tube
you tube Pred 25 dnevi
Hey Alia can you frend me on fortnight
samuel tremblay
samuel tremblay Pred 25 dnevi
I use your code
Faustos Universe
Faustos Universe Pred 25 dnevi
It's my theory that throughout the months of season 6 is that the spire will glow more and more and soon the foundation will be free
Springyboi Pred 25 dnevi
The Robo-Ray skin 3:04 reminds me of that robot in portal
Razor Pred 25 dnevi
Do you get save the world if you buy the save the world bundle
ToughJEO ;-;
ToughJEO ;-; Pred 25 dnevi
i used code alia my user is ToughJEO i also have a trash yt channel
Jrasic Geo
Jrasic Geo Pred 25 dnevi
Wait... it says Viecle mod: Of road tiers Dose that mean we will get more?!!!!???
Jrasic Geo
Jrasic Geo Pred 25 dnevi
Get your Chonkers tiers for 69 dollars!!! You can do hill racing DESTROUE AND RAM PLAYERS
Ethan Hodge
Ethan Hodge Pred 25 dnevi
I used code ali-a
mohammed salama
mohammed salama Pred 25 dnevi
ansd we love him
mohammed salama
mohammed salama Pred 25 dnevi
alia is litrelly my fav youtuber hope he ads me my acoount name is salama 2019 for anyone wants to add btw he loves all fans
George Godfrey
George Godfrey Pred 25 dnevi
Code AliA
Sukhii Kaur
Sukhii Kaur Pred 25 dnevi
Can you add me plz QUEEN_SUKHII
Mushmellow Badang
Mushmellow Badang Pred 25 dnevi
Is just me or Ali-A voice is changing
damien galindo
damien galindo Pred 25 dnevi
6:19 mine is eco and grimey
charlotterome Pred 25 dnevi
I use your code
charlotterome Pred 25 dnevi
I love your vids 😎
Chase Heritage
Chase Heritage Pred 25 dnevi
Real cars are in cravtive
IRN TRE Pred 25 dnevi
Anybody else waiting for Ali a to play cod one last time
Eduarda Francisco
Eduarda Francisco Pred 25 dnevi
The spire towers make a cube that is three d
anim Cabm
anim Cabm Pred 25 dnevi
i hate fortnite
Diamond Master
Diamond Master Pred 25 dnevi
Alia i love your videos and also you should try to jump off hight limit then try and reduce fall damage Thank You
Skullhunter_2011 Pred 25 dnevi
Lazar beam locker bundle Ali a locker bundle buga locker bundle faZe Jarvis locker bundle since he's banned
go fishy
go fishy Pred 25 dnevi
Girl fish stick wanted her for seasons
Stephanie Sweetman-Roe
Stephanie Sweetman-Roe Pred 25 dnevi
i dont have vebucks:(
Karl Phillips
Karl Phillips Pred 25 dnevi
I’ve got a cat in my room kitty she’s 14 and a tabby and really calm
jordan Wyman
jordan Wyman Pred 25 dnevi
# code Alia
myn zara
myn zara Pred 25 dnevi
the ECO skin is so....i mean its next level
telletubbie texzi.
telletubbie texzi. Pred 25 dnevi
Hi! If u stop clickbaiting people loads of people will watch u.
Dufff90 Pred 25 dnevi
Dufff90 Pred 25 dnevi
the grimey skin looks like my youtube chanals pitchr
T8 Greenhalgh
T8 Greenhalgh Pred 25 dnevi
Rebirth Harley quinn
T8 Greenhalgh
T8 Greenhalgh Pred 25 dnevi
That’s fake
LordNimon99US LordNimon99US
LordNimon99US LordNimon99US Pred 25 dnevi
Alia init
gisella Gambino
gisella Gambino Pred 25 dnevi
13:37 mid left on the screen it looks like a piece of the zero point crystals
Bear bear cameron 124
Bear bear cameron 124 Pred 25 dnevi
The new routine: new update Easter eggs etc Next day: new leaks and skins
Atreyu Gomez
Atreyu Gomez Pred 25 dnevi
the new mithic is at the spire
Hudson Silverstein
Hudson Silverstein Pred 25 dnevi
Youre a great SLpostr!! :D
William LADD
William LADD Pred 25 dnevi
Christoph WrightJoy
Christoph WrightJoy Pred 25 dnevi
Theres also 3 exotic weapons the hop rock dulies silent pistol that tracks down opponents, and the chug splasher that can heal you using chugs.
Robyn Gaudet
Robyn Gaudet Pred 25 dnevi
SuperDredmond Pred 25 dnevi
Stereo Tipe
Stereo Tipe Pred 25 dnevi
Trying to get famous off comments part 1
i made ghoulz quit fortnite...
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