I'm Global Rank #1 In Among Us

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This is the greatest mastery of All Time

Jason Joseph
Jason Joseph Pred 45 minutami
Damn, charlie not knowing what hbu is a boomer moment...but we gonna let that slide.
Xarpz Pred 7 urami
Public lobbies always end up with people randomly spamming Emergency and guessing the imposter or the entire lobby leaves either because they weren’t imposter or because people are dying.
KC Pred 17 urami
gue di bawah sendiri cokk
NSA AGENT Pred 21 uro
I've been in two absolute retarded lobbies one on the dumber side and twenty intelligent ones these are the ones I remember
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith Pred dnevom
Leat fingies
zsazsa dhysha
zsazsa dhysha Pred dnevom
how did he know cok is a curse word
Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico
Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico Pred 2 dnevi
hbu ≠ holy bull uterus lmao hbu = how about you i love your random stupid humor dude
Craig the brute
Craig the brute Pred 2 dnevi
Charlie is modding i swear he jumped oit of a vent, had a 23 second kill cool down, killed how????
Salty Chocolate Bar
Salty Chocolate Bar Pred 3 dnevi
"Holy Bull Uterus" use the comments here to explain please im confushin edit: 1:22
PokeMario2401 Pred 3 dnevi
"OOOOH it's a lobby full of children" -Charlie 2020
Michelle Nelson
Michelle Nelson Pred 3 dnevi
1:13 charlie's old.
NobodyxTricky Pred 3 dnevi
How can there even be a national ranking
Magic Dust
Magic Dust Pred 4 dnevi
Charlie doesn't even know what a "hbu" means in 2020?
Spaggeti O
Spaggeti O Pred 4 dnevi
it’s a holy bull uterus you toolbox
Daniel Pred 4 dnevi
"holy bull uterus"
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Pred 4 dnevi
4:48 once I decided to stick with my fellow impostor to see if we could get s double kill. after the game, they were like "lol poor pink was just following me around watching me kill people" and.... I'm like ? buddy did you forget I am also the Impostor
Mr. Woman
Mr. Woman Pred 4 dnevi
Let's all face it. Charlie is the smartest man in the world.
Zoe Boswell
Zoe Boswell Pred 5 dnevi
this video is the funniest shit ever
Ism Pred 5 dnevi
He used his normal nickname in public Among Us? Great, now I'm paranoid that one of those those Sykkunos was real.
leath Pred 6 dnevi
He would be the substitute teacher where all the popular kids just get roasted by him cos they all love him as a teacher
Nindy Callista
Nindy Callista Pred 6 dnevi
It's so funny. The "gue di bawah sendiri cok" is Indonesian, and he's right 'cok' is a curse word 😂
Srijan Agrawal
Srijan Agrawal Pred 5 dnevi
What does it mean
keirajasmin Pred 6 dnevi
you’re only 26? no wau
TornGucci Pred 6 dnevi
bro i like these among us videos and all, but tbh i miss the slapping competitions and the live pd. also the cooking shows are *chefs kiss*
winterVrose Pred 6 dnevi
catch me outside how bout that im kidding love your videos!
Will Burtz
Will Burtz Pred 7 dnevi
Do am not worr yuo cam am be owakeay Blaoue is Dan immpostear
Will Burtz
Will Burtz Pred 7 dnevi
Charlie can type faster than usane bolt can run
Gordan ramsyay 420
Gordan ramsyay 420 Pred 7 dnevi
1v1 me then
Euphoria Pred 7 dnevi
Public lobbies are like public bathrooms
aaron4094 _
aaron4094 _ Pred 8 dnevi
“Hbu” What is *h* *b* *w*
mis dei
mis dei Pred 9 dnevi
6:48 my Indonesian cells : 👁️👄👁️
Mparmy01 Pred 10 dnevi
When he said "You're not going to find that body". 1 millisecond later body gets reported
Ryan Echavez
Ryan Echavez Pred 11 dnevi
Emperor Palpatine had the best imposter strategy by deceiving soo many people for soo long
RiOT76AD Pred 11 dnevi
Sasuke has left the game.
lightning teen22
lightning teen22 Pred 11 dnevi
Charlie reads hbu: " H B W" me: " Its H B U"
albrownmd Pred 11 dnevi
Greaseball has a kermit the frog tone in his voice
Matthew C.
Matthew C. Pred 12 dnevi
Him:I’m 26 normally but 18 in bed!
scotchie2k0 Pred 12 dnevi
Hbu:How about you?
FG Poor
FG Poor Pred 12 dnevi
Are you a girl or boy? A man
Jadenz Pred 10 dnevi
He aint a male hes not even a beta male hes a boI Lol
Zergrush Pred 12 dnevi
Charlie still hasn't seen the amazing strat of crewmates faking tasks.
Diego Andres Morales
Diego Andres Morales Pred 12 dnevi
The other impostor called me out but I still won
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen Pred 12 dnevi
You summoned me?
Reece Milan
Reece Milan Pred 13 dnevi
Yeah i enjoy this shit is so stimulating makes you question god Pretty much died of laughter
Van Ozzy
Van Ozzy Pred 13 dnevi
Can’t believe he knows what afk means but not hbu. I’ve never seen a gamer so old 💔
Brendan Yu
Brendan Yu Pred 13 dnevi
Imagine losing as 3 imposters
htttpreye Pred 13 dnevi
i was in a really good public lobby but I had to leave and it was so sad, it’s rare you find one not full of idiots
Step on Me
Step on Me Pred 13 dnevi
Wait there are a public lobby that isn’t full of idiots ?
gowon's butterfly
gowon's butterfly Pred 13 dnevi
ryunjin at the end lol
Anthoria voice
Anthoria voice Pred 14 dnevi
"They are having PTSD from having to fix lights "lol *Don't we all*
Dark Diaz
Dark Diaz Pred 14 dnevi
Yo he types fast as fuck 🤣
Erridactyl8 Pred 14 dnevi
This video was leat finges
Benjamin Galloway
Benjamin Galloway Pred 15 dnevi
“I’ll hit him with the truth” “I’m 26 but I fuck like I’m 18”
TheCommoNerd Pred 15 dnevi
i didnt really understand the whole hype around this guy. Like how he has so many subs and whatnot. and then I decided to drink a little and go on youtube. and now it all makes sense. this shit is funny as fuck rn.
Ethan Benton
Ethan Benton Pred 15 dnevi
7:51 hello fellow kids
Ethan Benton
Ethan Benton Pred 15 dnevi
epic Pred 16 dnevi
I have Harry testies
nikki libre
nikki libre Pred 16 dnevi
Myles White
Myles White Pred 16 dnevi
Idk why, but public lobbies r so easy, and immediately easily catch both Imps
fluxrus Pred 16 dnevi
9:29 the dude named "I told u i" was in my game like 50 times already
Mammoney Pred 16 dnevi
I 3:13 don’t. I 3:13 don’t. I 3:13 DONT WANT NONE UNLESS YOU HOT BUNS, HUN
Jack Henrickson
Jack Henrickson Pred 17 dnevi
2:40 "Do we need Chris Hansen in the lobby?" Chris Hansen enters: I'm Chris Hansen take seat
Jaedun Simms
Jaedun Simms Pred 17 dnevi
he talks like Sheldon from big bang theory
Rion Pred 17 dnevi
Im so glad steve aoki finally made a youtube channel
Saharani Mutiara S
Saharani Mutiara S Pred 17 dnevi
I just want tell that "Gua dibawah sendiri cokk" its mean like "im on bottom alone" Its indonesian language but using a slang word
Will Thomas
Will Thomas Pred 18 dnevi
When he said "what kind of ancient gamer language is that" I cracked up
Cyry Morante
Cyry Morante Pred 18 dnevi
Here before 100m subs
Kei _
Kei _ Pred 18 dnevi
You should show ur stats
Harmony Pred 18 dnevi
Lmao I love these public lobby videos they're amazing. True work of art
Aidan Thompson
Aidan Thompson Pred 18 dnevi
Charlie's commentary is hilarious, without a doubt
Ashv Panda
Ashv Panda Pred 19 dnevi
• Curios •
• Curios • Pred 19 dnevi
Charlie a 26 year old man asking a bunch of 13-15 year olds if they’ve ever tried cigarettes is one of the most wholesome things I’ve seen
Samuel San Wuz here
Samuel San Wuz here Pred 19 dnevi
This dude is…
Milk God
Milk God Pred 19 dnevi
I’ve been getting Pizza Hut ads for two years
RenTheYen Pred 19 dnevi
yeah ur tru
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Pred 19 dnevi
Hurting your mind to heal and grow better in public lobbys is called getting brain damage
CookieInvasion Pred 19 dnevi
Glad I could be a special guest for the video! I know lots of people were asking for a collab.
Renee Shiao
Renee Shiao Pred 19 dnevi
This is so funny 😂 I can’t not subscribe after hearing these jokes
Kendall Hill
Kendall Hill Pred 20 dnevi
"It's a lobby full of children" bro it's a game full of children. That's the point. It's a kid's game.
Tea & Clickbait
Tea & Clickbait Pred 20 dnevi
I exposed Trump on my YT!
William Austin
William Austin Pred 20 dnevi
Charlie: What’s “hbu” Chat: Holy bull uterus
Austin REAK1
Austin REAK1 Pred 20 dnevi
5:58 😂😂 LMFAOOO
Mrs. South Park
Mrs. South Park Pred 20 dnevi
“hbu?” “what is h-b-w?”
Wahyu Ikhsan
Wahyu Ikhsan Pred 20 dnevi
damn those indonesian do be speakin cursed language
Wahyu Ikhsan
Wahyu Ikhsan Pred 20 dnevi
damn those indonesian do be speakin cursed language
imperfect me
imperfect me Pred 20 dnevi
wait a damn minute you're GreaseBall?
Heather Stewart
Heather Stewart Pred 20 dnevi
I like how he talks to kids on public lobbies like they are grown. He’s talking about child predator and he’s acting like one. He has no idea what age these people are. He talking to someone about panties and that person could be 8.
GameNWB Pred 16 dnevi
@Heather Stewart then what’s your whole point here???
Heather Stewart
Heather Stewart Pred 16 dnevi
@GameNWB I do. I don’t watch him anymore.
GameNWB Pred 16 dnevi
@Heather Stewart that’s just how he is, if you don’t like it watch other youtubers
Heather Stewart
Heather Stewart Pred 16 dnevi
@GameNWB not trying to do anything. He seems to be a nice kid but he doesn’t need to be so crude for views.
GameNWB Pred 16 dnevi
@Heather Stewart you know in the new SLpost update I can see all of the comments you’ve left on this channel? Stop leaving hate on this guys videos, you’re throwing around really huge claims, like, really huge goddamn claims. Stop trying to cancel him, or whatever shit you’re trying to pull off.
Trav Pots
Trav Pots Pred 20 dnevi
Good job
Mick Hinds
Mick Hinds Pred 20 dnevi
Wtf I totally feel like I’ve seen these among us videos I don’t understand
Mick Hinds
Mick Hinds Pred 20 dnevi
@Fresh Prince oh shoot u might be right
Fresh Prince
Fresh Prince Pred 20 dnevi
You might've watched the stream
True Doggo
True Doggo Pred 20 dnevi
5:58 “ohhhhhh it’s a lobby full of childrennnn” “wassup kids, ya ever tried c i g a r e t t s”
Moe Lester
Moe Lester Pred 9 urami
I have never had any cigarettes. But I am filled with Regrettes
RockObama Pred 2 dnevi
Thio Billian
Thio Billian Pred 20 dnevi
"gue di bawah sendiri cokk" it means "I'm alone in the bottom" in Indonesia
Kuwago Pred 20 dnevi
Kazaarus Pred 20 dnevi
Charlie like “How do you do, fellow kids?”
Korama Pred 20 dnevi
"hello it going kids u ever try cigaretts"
Lovely Little Luma __
Lovely Little Luma __ Pred 20 dnevi
"Hows it going kids? ..... Yall ever try cigarettes?"-Charlie 2020
Adam Lubert
Adam Lubert Pred 20 dnevi
2:05 had me dead
TILTEDTACOS Pred 20 dnevi
6:51 funny bruh he said is that a curse
mr.kitloin Pred 21 dnevom
"public lobbies dont make you dumber" 1:13 : _Are you sure about that?_
Sasha Holmes
Sasha Holmes Pred 21 dnevom
lmao im not even ranked
Depressed Shrek
Depressed Shrek Pred 21 dnevom
It sounds like a frickin bomb when he types
Tyler Ackman
Tyler Ackman Pred 21 dnevom
6:04 I don't know if I got this right but I think I just watched Jesus try to sell cigarettes to some children
boogle snoogle
boogle snoogle Pred 21 dnevom
ultimate gaming
ultimate gaming Pred 21 dnevom
Have you ever tried cigarettes 😂😂😂😂
Jude Meggenberg
Jude Meggenberg Pred 21 dnevom
like the 500000000000 time you relized it was beta
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