The *MYTHIC* Fortnite Crossbow! (Poggers)

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Pred 28 dnevi

Today we tried to win with ONLY the Crossbow! My sanity has still not recovered.
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Floppy Jelly
Floppy Jelly Pred 14 urami
Dude ur really good with a crossbow
CaptainHibbley Pred dnevom
8:05 it triggered me so much that he didnt use the broom
Jesslie Tjoeng
Jesslie Tjoeng Pred 2 dnevi
The last elf thumbnail for now
Kiran Sahota
Kiran Sahota Pred 3 dnevi
The cross bow sucks
SX beats
SX beats Pred 4 dnevi
Power of the pog
seekfrost Pred 5 dnevi
Last thumbnail with code name elf possibly cause the lachlan skin came out
EthanPlayzYT Pred 5 dnevi
This video is the last video with codename elf skin in the thumbnail. Rip codename elf. Gone and never forgotten
Delvester Pred 6 dnevi
Pov you left your iphone charger at your cousins house now you're using your android
Ryten Beyers
Ryten Beyers Pred 7 dnevi
I Really love the field hunter crossbow tho
FIR3CRACK_ER Pred 7 dnevi
Spain without a is a JoJo reference
Gerrard A.Z
Gerrard A.Z Pred 7 dnevi
Eazy- E
Eazy- E Pred 8 dnevi
This is going to be the last thumbnail Lachlan uses with the Codename E.L.F in it....
How is a medevil weapon a gun?
MR. GolD
MR. GolD Pred 9 dnevi
I copped the skin
Mel Root
Mel Root Pred 10 dnevi
Mel Root
Mel Root Pred 10 dnevi
The s would be shit
OmAe Pred 11 dnevi
Ah yes, it wouldn't be a Lachlan video without rage... *L O T S O F R A G E*
Lazy Pred 11 dnevi
1:00 uhm excuse me 😅 lol luv ur vids lachy
The Crazy Kid 09
The Crazy Kid 09 Pred 11 dnevi
Title: The Mythic Crossbow (poggers) Lachlan: This gun sucks and it's trash. Yet the title has Poggers in it. BRUH
Der Kohlkopf Händler
Der Kohlkopf Händler Pred 12 dnevi
Um the fk about this crossbow is mythic?
carlaine martinez
carlaine martinez Pred 13 dnevi
It does not suck because he got a win
Fabiola Loera
Fabiola Loera Pred 14 dnevi
I’m new I will. USE CODE LACHY
Wassup Pika chu
Wassup Pika chu Pred 14 dnevi
How do I get less kills with a spaz when all he has is a crossbow
highfield FC
highfield FC Pred 14 dnevi
" whos excited for season 5" “¡ᴍ ɢɪғ₮ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs with notis"❄
XxTENTACION Rip Pred 15 dnevi
Hi lachy
VOLT FINN Pred 15 dnevi
Francesca Leibowitz
Francesca Leibowitz Pred 15 dnevi
Challenge idea every elimination you get you have to leave your keyboard for 30 seconds
The among us Guy
The among us Guy Pred 16 dnevi
Lachlan at a funeral POGGERS grandpas gone
HarisTakesWalls Pred 16 dnevi
my dad said that if i get 1000 views on my 91 montage i will get a controller
WarTurtle Pred 16 dnevi
Sooooooo dramatic
Tom Sheridan
Tom Sheridan Pred 17 dnevi
Hip firing is a thing you should never do 5 seconds later hits a head shot
Cayden Morales
Cayden Morales Pred 17 dnevi
wyatt morrow
wyatt morrow Pred 17 dnevi
I love the cross bow so much because if youy hit your shots than it is good.
Cat the Miner
Cat the Miner Pred 18 dnevi
Bentley Ayden
Bentley Ayden Pred 18 dnevi
Lachy love tour vids your my favorite youtuber
Tanya bugeja
Tanya bugeja Pred 18 dnevi
Epic should add crossbow with explosive ammo
OreoAnimating Pred 18 dnevi
"Well it was fun while it lasted, - NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" 😂😂😁
Cohen Gaming chf
Cohen Gaming chf Pred 19 dnevi
I tried this and failed 😔
Ultimate Turtlez
Ultimate Turtlez Pred 19 dnevi
When you saw that lama I did the same thing
Lief Games!
Lief Games! Pred 19 dnevi
you got to 14mil subs
MidasAnimates Pred 19 dnevi
Congrats on 14 million subs!
Kiara Perrino :3
Kiara Perrino :3 Pred 19 dnevi
El típico comentario en español xd (I use your code in the store :D )
Colin Volm
Colin Volm Pred 19 dnevi
What does loggers mean
Aiden Davis
Aiden Davis Pred 19 dnevi
Baby now mad because he lost a game of retarded fortnite
[MT ERYKX Like a mixti]
[MT ERYKX Like a mixti] Pred 20 dnevi
Congratulations you skin the fornite 😍
Behan Family
Behan Family Pred 20 dnevi
Lachlan: OH I actually got him im soo cracked Me: I actually died I am soo crap
Neethu Joy
Neethu Joy Pred 20 dnevi
0:50 lachlan: crossbow is the worst gun in the game Grey famas: Am I a joke to you? 😄
NightDrive Pred 20 dnevi
Yay I’m the 14 mil
Benjamin Jutman
Benjamin Jutman Pred 20 dnevi
10:21. The ghost have eat a weapon befour you kille him
Benjamin Jutman
Benjamin Jutman Pred 20 dnevi
4:44. The ghost hell him self.
Joelthemolee Pred 21 dnevom
4:50 u hit him with 49 lachlan
MCJ Krew
MCJ Krew Pred 21 dnevom
The cross bow SUCKS
Tyke Vander Wilt
Tyke Vander Wilt Pred 21 dnevom
Lachy: this is gonna be Spain without the s Also Lachy: oh I actually got him... I'm so cracked
Charlie Turner
Charlie Turner Pred 21 dnevom
MJ Bond
MJ Bond Pred 21 dnevom
lachy just imagine the crossbow is a hunting rifle or a sniper bc its basicaly just the hunting rifle lol
Yeetus Mcfeetus
Yeetus Mcfeetus Pred 21 dnevom
Lachy I live in a town near brisy
Ana Viramontes
Ana Viramontes Pred 21 dnevom
You say poggers to much.
Sonny playz
Sonny playz Pred 21 dnevom
I love that he put poggers in his title 🤣
Lexi Smith
Lexi Smith Pred 21 dnevom
anyone mis pixelmon lachy😢
Clonemace Pred 22 dnevi
9:53 Season 1 players with a minigun.
Patrick Nilsson
Patrick Nilsson Pred 22 dnevi
When The ghost eat somthing som times it heal you over time som time it heal only for 5 and you shot one of them and he's eating somthing he's gening HP so they have luck rite ther
isaac egerton
isaac egerton Pred 22 dnevi
He red do hit twice
Team PUX
Team PUX Pred 22 dnevi
Title insprired by Mccreamy xD
Alex Lappin
Alex Lappin Pred 22 dnevi
5:15 perfect timing
Log go
Log go Pred 22 dnevi
At 10. :21 you did hit him twice
BackDoor Tino
BackDoor Tino Pred 22 dnevi
I know this I so random but can yall please sub to my channel it's ok if you dont if you do thanks soooooo much. And if you watch my newest vid I haven't played in 6 months Btw nice video lachlan .
Sawyer TheMinecrafter
Sawyer TheMinecrafter Pred 22 dnevi
FriedSlinky Pred 22 dnevi
that cross bow is a poggies moment
Lawrence Viramontes
Lawrence Viramontes Pred 22 dnevi
You say Poggers to much
Cyber Star
Cyber Star Pred 23 dnevi
spain without the s ppppppppppaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiin
Cyber Star
Cyber Star Pred 23 dnevi
LuisEduardoAyon_Tv Pred 23 dnevi
Iron Man weapones hackers who.
brown Leung
brown Leung Pred 23 dnevi
vJayy Pred 23 dnevi
“Who clicked on the video and came straight to comments?😂” (OMG M thanks for commenting on my new video)❤
BECERRIL LLERA Pred 23 dnevi
Multiple_Game 1
Multiple_Game 1 Pred 23 dnevi
I hate youuuu
Zach McCann
Zach McCann Pred 23 dnevi
I hate it when you cant do crap even if u have good guns against the zombies.
Thor OdinSon
Thor OdinSon Pred 23 dnevi
Everyone subscribe so he can hit 14m subs
conner fesler
conner fesler Pred 23 dnevi
poggers good shot
Jack Nicoara
Jack Nicoara Pred 23 dnevi
btw what happened with the ghosts was that sometimes you do one less or one more damage than it says you did
Rani Fadel
Rani Fadel Pred 23 dnevi
Lacy I always use your code
Rommell Daley clarke
Rommell Daley clarke Pred 23 dnevi
Spain - s lachlan - 2020
Parker Dawson
Parker Dawson Pred 23 dnevi
Nobody Lachalan poggers
John Paul Murphy
John Paul Murphy Pred 23 dnevi
Lachlan is cracked with the cross bow i cant even get one kill with it
The god Edgar
The god Edgar Pred 23 dnevi
50+50 must be 100 maybe 99
Deadly Seven
Deadly Seven Pred 23 dnevi
Title clickbaited crossbow isn’t a mythic it’s an epic
FredoriaGaming Pred 23 dnevi
Did you really have to put "poggers" in the title? Pogg-hers
Zone Dron
Zone Dron Pred 23 dnevi
click bait
Colt Fanning
Colt Fanning Pred 23 dnevi
My dud lachey kinda pisted off tho
brandon wilt
brandon wilt Pred 23 dnevi
WHEN YOU PLAY with the worst gun in the game
Kiefer Torrespalacios
Kiefer Torrespalacios Pred 23 dnevi
d_bestrobot Pred 23 dnevi
its my favorite weapon what do you mean
Kiefer Torrespalacios
Kiefer Torrespalacios Pred 23 dnevi
Yea bro🙂
Laura Alvarado
Laura Alvarado Pred 23 dnevi
My god you getting your own skin🤩🤩🤩🤩
Pluto _demon33
Pluto _demon33 Pred 24 dnevi
The best weapon I think you could use against the ghost is dooms arcane gauntlets but I havent tried killing the ghost with iron man's guantlets
Osman Funes
Osman Funes Pred 24 dnevi
Poor lachlan those son of bitches wouldn't let him win 😓😓😓😓😓
Wulf Phantom
Wulf Phantom Pred 24 dnevi
The fact that the last kid almost lost to you using a crossbow even though he had all his loot is sad 🤦‍♂️
Patrick Li
Patrick Li Pred 24 dnevi
Dereko Flex
Dereko Flex Pred 24 dnevi
Hay alguien que hable español??
Max Shirt
Max Shirt Pred 24 dnevi
You are the youtuber
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