rebirthing : Dancing with the Devil

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Demi Lovato

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“I’ve had a lot of lives - like my cat, I’m on my ninth life.”
Demi Lovato’s explosive documentary series comes to a close with revelations about her broken engagement, her return to the studio, and exploration of moderation sobriety as she attempts to let go of her past and moves ahead living her truth.

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Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

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Kate Lexis
Kate Lexis Pred uro
Can we just give her the benefit of a steps... And to her team... Honesty is the best policy..! To Demi dont fall short, talk, listen and learn that you dont always have to be on top.. Other than that im rooting for you and when you feel like you dont wanna live in the lime light pfft just go somewhere remote where nobody knows of you and be you not the famous celebrity that you are but just you.
Nicole Jusovic- Sysomboune
Nicole Jusovic- Sysomboune Pred 5 urami
So proud of you! Surrendering and acceptance is one of the hardest things to do. You do you girl. Substance abuse rates would be down if there was more affordable help to the many addicts the U.S has.
n0ble.n3va3h _
n0ble.n3va3h _ Pred 6 urami
Demi has always been my baby. And as a fan i feel like i just wanna protect her🤍 but i cant. I do know that i have faith that she will remain steadfast and keep being her authentic self. This was a great doc 4-series, so raw.
Madison erickson
Madison erickson Pred 8 urami
Do what works for you babe!
aurora Milan
aurora Milan Pred 8 urami
GOSH I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! ❤️❤️💛💛❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau Pred 9 urami
Madisan (her sister) is more responsible than her mom and shes 19.
Valerie King
Valerie King Pred 16 urami
I grew up with Elton John's music and this is the first time I've watched an interview with him. He has such an elegant speaking voice and wisdom in his words; I hope Demi is able to find a balance with the weed and alcohol. I'm glad she's not doing the hard stuff anymore; she's very blessed to have survived the overdose.
Erica Fuantoni
Erica Fuantoni Pred 22 urami
I love Demi but I don't believe in this "moderation" plan and I feel like her team, friends and family don't either, but there isn't much they can do because she's an adult. The only person I feel like it could have some sort of power its her mom but she seems to be in denial about Demi's situation. Its just very scary to us fans who really care about her seeing that the people who follow her closely are not able to tell her no
Oscar Pred dnevom
She looks so high omg
controLLa La Laaa
controLLa La Laaa Pred dnevom
Okay so- totally against the drinking HOWEVER everyone's recovery is their own. Cannabis is a medicine- period.
Tia Richards
Tia Richards Pred dnevom
I absolutely adore her!
I am NiA
I am NiA Pred dnevom
I got so sad because of their broke up cause they were so happy together and I want demi to always be happy:((((
Izzy Ok
Izzy Ok Pred 16 urami
No guy wants to be in a serious relationship with an addict 🤣
Lucas Matos
Lucas Matos Pred dnevom
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - ...
Roscoe McDonald
Roscoe McDonald Pred dnevom
When I herd about the overdose I just felt so bad for her family and friends 💔😞 poor demi
Heather Gallington
Heather Gallington Pred 2 dnevi
Your honesty heals my soul. Thank you.
Bryana Sedillo
Bryana Sedillo Pred 2 dnevi
Thank you Demi for sharing your journey and life story & getting so vulnerable. I have struggled with addiction for many years & it runs strong in my family’s veins. I work hard everyday to continue this road of sobriety. I have people who are so important and are family who have yet to overcome those demons- your story really helps me continue to be loving and not hateful because someone else’s addiction and choices are “selfish”. I found myself hateful towards the people choosing addiction over anything else, wanting to cut all ties with them, but we have to realize this is a disease and they need us to continue to believe, have hope & faith that they WILL OVERCOME ALL THINGS ♥️ Addiction is scary not just for the person using but everyone else who loves them so deeply. Thank you for helping me to continue to try to understand & continue being a support system. It’s hard when you personally have been there in a dark place and addicted. To really know what it feels like & to see people you love continuously throw everything away for drugs hurts so bad- when all you want is change and happiness for them! But I will always continue to pray for these people, & that they will see change if they choose to fight against the things they thought they never could-because if there was hope for you and I there is hope for them as well ♥️ Appreciate you Demi so much! We love you & are rooting for you 😭😭🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️
mich mich
mich mich Pred 2 dnevi
Why is no one talking about how cute she looks with her new haircut !
THONGHYUCK Pred 2 dnevi
so powerful, don’t regret using my time
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones Pred 2 dnevi
She basically said she can’t get through life without weed and liquor......
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Pred 2 dnevi
Your house looks like a restaurant I went when I was little! 😀
Phat Mama
Phat Mama Pred 2 dnevi
how was I able to watch 3 parts, start the 4th one but didn't finish it... now when I try to watch it I get a message saying it requires a payment to watch but doesn't even give an option to pay 🤔😕😣
angel fairy
angel fairy Pred 2 dnevi
DEMI DESERVE THE WORLD PERIOD that’s all i gotta say
Leann Marie
Leann Marie Pred 2 dnevi
I am so annoyed. I waited forever for this documentary to come out and I can't watch it. I have been getting the same error message since day it was released.
Nathaly Babushka
Nathaly Babushka Pred 2 dnevi
Ew not Max the clown
Rina Vega
Rina Vega Pred 2 dnevi
Vera Williams
Vera Williams Pred 3 dnevi
AiSHaNICoLe Pred 3 dnevi
Elton Jon “you either do it or you don’t.” Yup....Demi makes no sense saying, “I’m such a black and white Person” that means there is no middle ground so why does she think drinking a little will help?? I can see her dying young. She’s not getting it and the people around her don’t get it either. I too am a black and white person and I know that I either commit or I will fail. There is no Grey area.
SKYLAR Brink Pred 3 dnevi
😭😭 lm so happy
Oliver Fenelon Chee
Oliver Fenelon Chee Pred 3 dnevi
Lendie Ong
Lendie Ong Pred 3 dnevi
Episode 5 please can’t wait
Alina Ali
Alina Ali Pred 3 dnevi
At least Demi grew during quarantine
KittBabe. Pred 3 dnevi
I read the comments and everyone sees the huge red flags. I mean, we can't all be wrong. I hope this time she can really heal!!
Krystal Jakes
Krystal Jakes Pred 3 dnevi
someone close to me used crack, meth, and heroin. She never really smoke weed or drank but after getting clean she has moderately smoked weed to help maintain her seizures so she can come off the seizure medication. I am happy to say she has made a complete turn around! Do what's best for you Demi!
Melissa Echeverria
Melissa Echeverria Pred 3 dnevi
Can someone tell me why she isn't dating Matthew because I can see he loves her
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams Pred 3 dnevi
I got really concerned with the way she was talking about her ex, now I see why. This moderation thing is such a slippery slope and scary!! I hope she continues to stay in therapy and heal.
Renee Hoff
Renee Hoff Pred 3 dnevi
Is anyone else having issues with not being able to watch this free? I keep getting the message that says "This video requires payment to watch. Playback ID: Yada Yada. Tap to retry" like every 2 seconds?
Zaira Vicente Jimenez
Zaira Vicente Jimenez Pred 4 dnevi
Loved it. So honest.😍❤️
Lalala123 Pred 4 dnevi
Bless Elton John for keeping it real about addiction.
Marcella Araldi
Marcella Araldi Pred 4 dnevi
Obrigada por ser quem é, Demi! A gente te ama
Clumsy Warrior
Clumsy Warrior Pred 4 dnevi
I'm just saying since she's stating that she is queen, I'll be her queen girlfriend in real life I'm not scared lol
Helen Geovanna
Helen Geovanna Pred 4 dnevi
You are very strong Dami!!!
chantelle fairbanks
chantelle fairbanks Pred 5 dnevi
Its sad how I didn't really see her fully smile like she did when she was telling everyone she was engaged! But I feel that pain.its hard losing someone you love and you have to mourn your love! I've always been a fan of her & I hope she can find happiness with herself cuz she can't love no one truly until she loves herself first
Amanda Eck
Amanda Eck Pred 5 dnevi
I’m so glad we’ve grown as a culture to understand that a woman shaving their head is completely normal/fine!! #freebritney
Adam Devereaux
Adam Devereaux Pred 5 dnevi
I'm EXTREMELY happy for her and I hope she continues to take care of herself for herself. I do want to say, people WERE talkin' about what was goin' on. MANY Black artists and other artists of color. So her statement on dat feels shortsighted and ignorant.
TJ Rhea
TJ Rhea Pred 5 dnevi
I hope we get more episodes
perdantos Pred 5 dnevi
Demi la mejor! un abrazo de Puerto Rico
mint suga
mint suga Pred 5 dnevi
agree with all the comments about elton john. he was the realest and she needs someone like that to tell her when enough is enough.
Courtney Anderson
Courtney Anderson Pred 5 dnevi
Listen to Elton John
Jade Marmalade
Jade Marmalade Pred 6 dnevi
Personally, I think Sir Elton is the only “completely” honest person in this whole documentary.
Grazielli Melo
Grazielli Melo Pred 6 dnevi
Espero que ela encontre a força que precisa, que veja o quanto sua vida é importante e que tenha sempre pessoas verdadeiras e amorosas ao seu redor
Marija B
Marija B Pred 6 dnevi
🥺 “It’s not my fault, I have no control. UwU feel bad for me. I don’t want to take accountability.”
Nika R.
Nika R. Pred 6 dnevi
Wait. A watermelon cake?!? 🤔
Brandy Boggs
Brandy Boggs Pred 6 dnevi
why is no one talking about how absolutely amazing she looks with that hair cut
Kay War Face
Kay War Face Pred 6 dnevi
Ummm Christina Aguilera is 40????? Where!???
Rebeca Pred 6 dnevi
I can't with her mom 😩😑
Rebeca Pred 6 dnevi
Elton is the only honest person. Demi listen to him please!
Laurence Missa
Laurence Missa Pred 6 dnevi
I really do hope she gets the help she needs so she can deal with what make her feel she can't live without (weed, alcohol)
tatiana watt
tatiana watt Pred 7 dnevi
Drinking in moderation when your already an alcholic isnt moderation. Its justifacation. I tried for a really long time to say i know when im at my limit, but its the change in my thinking when i feel warm and fuzzy. But weed can be beneficial to quitting hard drugs. 3 years this october. I love that demi is so open in her journey though
Alie Patchik
Alie Patchik Pred 7 dnevi
I completely understand people who are concerned about her recovery and the way she is going about it. As an addict myself who was painfully enough doing the same things and painfully enough in the hospital a little after her, I have actually been doing moderation treatment for the same amount of time with zero problems. I do still drink on occasion and I smoke weed regularly. And I live a happy and balanced life. There is a lot of judgment on here from people who haven't been where she is.
mon f22
mon f22 Pred 7 dnevi
Only 4episodes?
Glynda Townsel
Glynda Townsel Pred 7 dnevi
Demi is so beautiful 😍 im so glad she finally feels free and that she can use her voice to help not only herself but others.
Shanny Pred 7 dnevi
Whens the next episodes coming out?????
Ben Stell
Ben Stell Pred 7 dnevi
Proud of you, queen!
Katherine Gibson
Katherine Gibson Pred 7 dnevi
Elton speaking the truth. Gotta love him.
Nevaeh Cannon
Nevaeh Cannon Pred 7 dnevi
I love Demi so much but I’m kind of concerned about the moderation thing with drinking because in the last episodes she said she picked up red wine, and decided to drink then she went off the Handel. I just hope she can work through this problem.
cann. fx
cann. fx Pred 7 dnevi
trentmcjiivers Pred 7 dnevi
She says moderation will work but also that she’s a black and white thinker. That’s a bit of a contradiction and it’s a little concerning. I hope she proves me wrong but I don’t think “California sober” will work out in the long run.
Boom Bang
Boom Bang Pred 7 dnevi
Something for sure she ain't queer or gay I feel like she is just confused u know. Definitely not that.
Mike Moffett
Mike Moffett Pred 7 dnevi
The hair cut was powerful 💕
Waleska Ortiz
Waleska Ortiz Pred 8 dnevi
I am changing my opinion about Demi Lovato. Demi: Just stop with the self-pity and"introspection" and accept your reality: you want to continue using drugs and be accepted as a non-sober person. Don't play yourself, your family, and your loyal fans!! Moderation does not work and YOU know that! Your life is full of enablers and YOU know that! This documentary is just a "public relations stunt" and YOU know that! Be real, be honest, grow up and be sober! I'm praying for you 🙏 I wish you luck!!!
Maria izadora
Maria izadora Pred 8 dnevi
MEU DEUS, eu arrepiei do início ao fim que emocionante ela compartilhar com nós esse momento vulnerável. Sinto que isso faz ela ser mais foda do que eu já imaginava que era ela muito obrigado por passar tanta força e nos mostrar que tbem devemos amar nossas vulnerabilidades 💗
specialtramp Pred 8 dnevi
Everyone just repeating "moderation doesn't work" - what's *your plan for keeping Demi alive without 24/7 supervision? If she can't stop drinking without literally being monitored 24/7 by staff then she's not ready and THAT'S a scenario for OD. Having others responsible for her sobriety is not a solution, as everything that's happened shows. You can't change your behavior if you're lying to everyone and yourself. Respectfully, I feel like everyone should focus on honesty not abstinence. Peace.
Indi n
Indi n Pred 8 dnevi
i will always respect her
Lee Pred 8 dnevi
So now she’s gay?? She’s so all over the place but hope she stays sober now that she’s denying Christ geeze!
Tink Ie
Tink Ie Pred 8 dnevi
elton said it best
Tink Ie
Tink Ie Pred 8 dnevi
yu need to divorce
Antonella Fellini
Antonella Fellini Pred 8 dnevi
She has an amazing voice. I wish her the best in life. She deserves health and happiness. May she have the courage to accept the things she cannot change, the strength to change the things she can and the wisdom to know the difference🙏💕
G5. Madison
G5. Madison Pred 8 dnevi
don't be or do i'm the new rolemodel route. that's that disney crap
Lisseth Martinez
Lisseth Martinez Pred 8 dnevi
I’m so confused, so she was never bipolar?
Wendy Massih
Wendy Massih Pred 8 dnevi
The devil is her addictive traits not a specific drug and it doesn't come across that they get that
Winslow Steele
Winslow Steele Pred 8 dnevi
Shalom Wayne
Shalom Wayne Pred 9 dnevi
TROLOGY;Don't worry DEMI...,we all go through some tough problems sometimes,but everything is gonna be alright sweetheart;)
Heaven Moore
Heaven Moore Pred 9 dnevi
Demi got this 😁💪🏽
Carolina Lozano Coronel
Carolina Lozano Coronel Pred 9 dnevi
And the oder chapter
Adena Faith
Adena Faith Pred 9 dnevi
I'm proud of you 💖
Nick LeBlanc
Nick LeBlanc Pred 9 dnevi
As a recovered addict that has stumbled over the years. I have adopted a similar moderation technique YEARS ago. And have remained 100% off ANY and ALL hard drugs. The occasional joint or drink has allowed the edge to be cut down. As a result the urge and itch to use is far pess powerful and much easier to manage. Open and vulnerability is ABSOLUTELY key to sobriety. You are a true inspiration to SO many addict Demi. Thank you for being so courageous and publicly sharing your Journey.
Jib Bondoc
Jib Bondoc Pred 9 dnevi
The end part of her message was scary laughed..
Fighters de Xtina
Fighters de Xtina Pred 9 dnevi
I love you
black widow
black widow Pred 9 dnevi
i definitely understand why moderation would be appealing because i'm the same way about things i like to have options and i don't like limiting myself even if i wouldn't do those things anyways i just want the option because that's my mentality idk but i hope it turns out well for her
Stephanie SSulzman
Stephanie SSulzman Pred 9 dnevi
She's human, fighting the flesh. She's REAL you guys! There are so many haters in the world that kick people around when they're down, but those haters haven't walked the same steps behind the ones they judge. Remember "behind every big fancy house you see, lies a story in between" Just discovered this beautiful singer through her recent song "dancing with the devil" now after seeing this doc, SPEAKS VOLUMES ON HER CHARACTER
Sonya Luv
Sonya Luv Pred 10 dnevi
Instead of taking away what she has been thru and how she is growing people worried about who got more credit .. Bravo demi
Alex Tuqui
Alex Tuqui Pred 10 dnevi
Es un documental triste pero hermoso de ver todo el proceso por lo que tuvo que pasar Demi, y me sorprendió ver como conto toda su historia de la manera real que no debió ser fácil hacerlo, bello documental me encanto
Danielle Farrelly
Danielle Farrelly Pred 10 dnevi
The fact that christina opens the documentary by saying Demi has an honest soul is such bullshit. The last two episodes just stated that demi was constantly lying about her state of mind and her addiction and was able to manipulate everyone, wtf??
Dash120z Pred 5 dnevi
Xtina means Demi is honest as an artist as for the person that's another story..
Anna G
Anna G Pred 6 dnevi
When she made her second documentary, Demi started it off with "in my first one I was lying the whole time, I was not sober". She might be honest in other aspects, but when it comes to her addiction both in her public and private life she is not honest at all. And I understand why, of course spirlling will make her do that and getting deeper into the addiction. Still, addiction is a disease. She might have an honest soul, but the addiction corrupts it and makes her manipulative and a liar. I am not a fan of her, but a person isn't just their addiction in most cases. I agreed with you at first glance, but then all the instances that are public and most famous of her lying is in regards to her addiction, so I guess it is more complicated than that.
Anne Carvalho
Anne Carvalho Pred 10 dnevi
olhando pra demi com completamente outros olhos, a mulher é foda! virando fã de novo, não tem como não admirar
ferlayjas Pred 10 dnevi
What a car crash of a human being. Sad to say it but no way she’ll be around in 10 years time.
Caitlin Riley
Caitlin Riley Pred 10 dnevi
As a licensed social worker who works with people with mental health and substance use disorders, I am SO proud of you, Demi! Getting the vivitrol injection is SUCH a great, important step in your progress and journey. YOU should be so proud of you! Everything that you have overcome, and continue to persevere through, it's a breath of fresh air when my caseload is struggling so much. Congratulations on all you have accomplished!! Keep going!
Nervesia Pred 10 dnevi
so she is basically gay ? or pretty much just getting to know this part of her ? YAY ! She is one of us
Kinga K
Kinga K Pred 10 dnevi
I just see Amy Winehouse here. Singing about rehab and then falling again to death
Dj.DEB.USA,007 JusticeAngels
Dj.DEB.USA,007 JusticeAngels Pred 10 dnevi
Tim Richard
Tim Richard Pred 10 dnevi
I love you Demi Lovato.... You are gonna be the best you some day... It just takes one day at a time to reach that goal in life.. So just take it day by day... I will always be your fan from the dark days to the great days of your life. And i will always love you.
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