Fans who are down bad.

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Cody Ko
Cody Ko Pred 2 meseci
Check out SimpliSafe here: SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts.
ur mum
ur mum Pred 14 dnevi
i’m poor
a guy from nz
a guy from nz Pred 16 dnevi
Hey Cody, they spelt simply wrong
The PandaMan
The PandaMan Pred mesecem
ya know cody gotta say this could've been a one page google docs in mla format that you then could've posted on a Snapchat in a twenty page story. just saying.
Jack Mangold
Jack Mangold Pred mesecem
lmao youre the only person they follow on twitter now
Micheal Craig
Micheal Craig Pred mesecem
Idk too much on how to reach you but I been thinking a lot lately about these negative vibes lately and they been getting to me like hella. Do these thoughts get to you? If so how would u handle them?
Rocket Lettuce
Rocket Lettuce Pred 8 urami
Blissful ignorance is my best trait
Nat x Herrera
Nat x Herrera Pred 10 urami
Lady Eve • 50 years ago
Lady Eve • 50 years ago Pred 15 urami
The ugliest date is actually a really common college party thing. For girls they call it a "dog fight" and for guys they call it a "cat fight".
s f
s f Pred dnevom
i feel stupid for not realizing it was a company??? this was the first corporate post i couldnt detect and now im mad
Sofis skter Roksana1254**
Sofis skter Roksana1254** Pred 2 dnevi
The long-term sushi syntactically inject because board progressively pedal plus a easy fine. flagrant, swift report
xin xin
xin xin Pred 2 dnevi
Wayne's world vibes with this hat that cody roCkKssS
Ian Barnes
Ian Barnes Pred 3 dnevi
"here's me fucking killing it in front of the home sensor" lmfao
RIVERSIDE Productions RSP Pred 4 dnevi
GIRL : What's your favourite sport? GUY : *SQUIRTING.* GIRL : Uhm... I was speaki- GUY : *DO IT SQUIRT!?* 🤔🤷‍♂️ *Can you make your Vagine SQUIRT!?* Does it go *SQUIRT SQUIRT!?* GIRL : 🙃.............. GUY : Sooo , any *SQUIRTY SQUIRTY* at all or nah??
Inji Yoo
Inji Yoo Pred 5 dnevi
Yo the sorority girl is so mean. How did you go to college and still maintain that high school’s mean girl attitude. Sooo childish
Aryan G123
Aryan G123 Pred 6 dnevi
Steeph Pred 8 dnevi
I’d buy do it squirt merch
snchdjdjjfjf dkjdhfhdhdhhd
snchdjdjjfjf dkjdhfhdhdhhd Pred 8 dnevi
why are u literally not funny anymore
Shelby S
Shelby S Pred 8 dnevi
That sorority chick def has BO. Don’t worry bro 😎
Estiven Lebron
Estiven Lebron Pred 9 dnevi
Last part killed me gs Brody
Dojan Pred 9 dnevi
The Dad „Do it, squirt!" k i l l e d me 😂
J.J War
J.J War Pred 9 dnevi
dude when sweet home Alabama was playing i laughed so hard
Pin head Larry
Pin head Larry Pred 9 dnevi
Do it squirt? 😅
Jacky P
Jacky P Pred 10 dnevi
Bro when sweet home Carolina was playin in the background 🤣🤣
Cassandra Suzanne
Cassandra Suzanne Pred 10 dnevi
Cody is channeling his inner Jeff Foxworthy. He forgot to cut his sleeves off though.
mick flip
mick flip Pred 10 dnevi
5:26 the video actually starts, (for rewatches)
taylor killian
taylor killian Pred 11 dnevi
Why does he sound like tony hawk when he reads in the beginning 2:20
Yank Espinal
Yank Espinal Pred 12 dnevi
The hallowed news grossly doubt because wolf strangely transport circa a wise sponge. tender tense, sudden skin
briallen satterfield
briallen satterfield Pred 12 dnevi
literally how were there so many ads,....... bro this is all over the place i love it
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson Pred 13 dnevi
Imagine having a Twitter page dedicated to shaming guys for shooting their shot. Let’s do this to girls
Jacob Ruiz
Jacob Ruiz Pred 13 dnevi
Imagine if Cody was the president. Seriously. Imagine.
Alexis Aschkenase
Alexis Aschkenase Pred 13 dnevi
I STG the 'do it squirt' one is a thing that fucking happens and you have to look deep down in your soul in those moments and truly wonder how the fuck these people were put on the planet 😂
Binyamin Fredman
Binyamin Fredman Pred 13 dnevi
Family Guy basically did the ugly date thing like years ago though
Layla Davis
Layla Davis Pred 14 dnevi
One time I was talking to this guy for a while. Like talking all day everyday, and him telling me how “special” I was to him. Just for him to randomly block me on everything ON VALENTINES DAY. Like the one day he just decided “nah I’m not feeling it” and blocked me with no reason why😂worst part is he didn’t even show signs he was no longer interested he just blocked me on vday🥲
Sophia Thomas
Sophia Thomas Pred 14 dnevi
cody would be a good actor
chair Pred 14 dnevi
The liquid death hat makes the last one funnier
Sam S
Sam S Pred 15 dnevi
God dammit Cody you finally did it I just laughed my ass off during the ad I hate myself
Ash Pred 15 dnevi
“How could you ever be that horrible?!?” I’ll give you the perfect two word hint: Sorority party.
Saoirse H
Saoirse H Pred 15 dnevi
do it squirt has me cry laughing thank u
grace Pred 16 dnevi
i fucking hate thinking about fake meme pages because like why... what for... it ruins the experience
Cassie Wanek
Cassie Wanek Pred 16 dnevi
I love watching men get rejected 😌
Taylor Lang
Taylor Lang Pred 16 dnevi
I literally freestyle after every single one of your videos bc that flame ass beat jesus
faith gaetke
faith gaetke Pred 16 dnevi
“Tubular titties by the way” is my new favorite quote
oROSE1714 Pred 17 dnevi
Cody is at FULL Canadian trucker with that hair and the hat
Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly Pred 18 dnevi
Are you going to start singing like you’re part of Wayne’s World next? Dude, the hair, the trucker hat, the earring, the shirt. Leave it in the 90’s. Let it stay there. Please.
Cole VanWoerkom
Cole VanWoerkom Pred 18 dnevi
Do a THAT'S CRINGE to America's cheapest mother
Christiaan Sjouw
Christiaan Sjouw Pred 19 dnevi
Hey sorry lol
Uta Pred 21 dnevom
wtf, delete this video and post a pastebin with all the posts
Pete Cohen
Pete Cohen Pred 22 dnevi
Me and Cody Ko are basically the same person. He gets hate which negates all the love he gets and I get nothing which equals the same.
Helen Pendleton
Helen Pendleton Pred 22 dnevi
i like cody so much i don’t even skip through the promos
princesslexicon Pred 22 dnevi
Can Cody just please do his robot voice in all of his videos
g a g e
g a g e Pred 22 dnevi
sweet home alabama had me fucking dying lol roll tide
Kara Smills
Kara Smills Pred 23 dnevi
Antonio Gallardo
Antonio Gallardo Pred 24 dnevi
R u and the other kid an item? Like behind ur girls back?
Diego Mendez
Diego Mendez Pred 24 dnevi
I’ve never heard the phrase “catastrophically horny” before. LMFAO
ty atksion
ty atksion Pred 24 dnevi
Gnarly knockers
mommy lï
mommy lï Pred 25 dnevi
if you think about it why do they have each other’s number if they aren’t interested in any way
BlandSpace Pred 25 dnevi
i hate ads coeman
BlandSpace Pred 25 dnevi
may be a msitake if you didnt knoe plz fix
Mochichi Pred 25 dnevi
I've started sentences with, "I'm confused as to why"😂😂 and it's most often when I'm annoyed.
Lindsey P
Lindsey P Pred 25 dnevi
You know thats from a movie, right? Where you take the ugliest person to the party? Dude, Steve Carell and Paul Rudd. Lmfao. Called Dinner For Schmucks. So funny! Check it out if you haven't already!
Mark The Guitarist
Mark The Guitarist Pred 26 dnevi
Surly more
Pratik Kulkarni
Pratik Kulkarni Pred 27 dnevi
'cataclysmically?' learned something new today, this should've blown up instead of frictionless
amayra Pred 27 dnevi
you should do girls down bad haha
Jake Pred 27 dnevi
Video starts at 5:25
Albus Schinn
Albus Schinn Pred 27 dnevi
11:14 I would Dinner for Schmucks the absolute fuck out of that party. I would make everything about that night bad for them. I'd unplug the fridge and freezer and invite as many unlikable people as possible.
Petar Gačić
Petar Gačić Pred 27 dnevi
Down bad means being extremly horny
Yvng Rose
Yvng Rose Pred 28 dnevi
I want to tombstone to read “died of cum” or else I’m haunting everyone
Anbuッ Pred 28 dnevi
i just got my twitter terminated like 7 days ago
Jason Franchville
Jason Franchville Pred mesecem
@05:11 Shred that shit my dawg, you're freaking killing it.
The ATF Pred mesecem
Cool cool, anyways Cody Ko looks like Mike Clevenger with a hat
diothebro Pred mesecem
Do it squirt doe?
Omar Pred mesecem
bro... the liquid death merch is dope
Unlucky Champ
Unlucky Champ Pred mesecem
Video starts at 5:25
Realotismusic Pred mesecem
“The do it squirt” was a typo for “does it squirt” referring to the 🐱
shark attack
shark attack Pred mesecem
no shit?!
abed shehri
abed shehri Pred mesecem
unlike the guy in the begining of the video i like it when cody reads the massages for me because i cant read
Miridmiir Gaming
Miridmiir Gaming Pred mesecem
Bro you legit look like Ewan Mcgregor
Andrea Alfaro
Andrea Alfaro Pred mesecem
Lmao the Sweet Home Alabama clip when he said "hot sister"
drumptruck Pred mesecem
"do it squirt" is just the older, hornier brother of "delete it fat" and I think that's great
Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari Pred mesecem
fuck that dude but like. “how can you be that horny” quarantine bro
Tanner Pred mesecem
Simply safe, the only place you can jerk off is the bathroom now. A security company.
Michael V
Michael V Pred mesecem
9:43 uhhhhhhhh... 9:56 oh okay
Contra Cuth
Contra Cuth Pred mesecem
Lmfao Conrad’s an idiot
Its Doop Igo
Its Doop Igo Pred mesecem
Cut it hair u look so lame
Tyler Gear
Tyler Gear Pred mesecem
Cody. Thank you for being the funniest dude on this site.
Soolty Boi
Soolty Boi Pred mesecem
Oh my god can this nerd guy just shut up he just talk for like 20 min and then laugh at himself and then he giggle for 20 min and then he makes up weird scenarios and acts them out and he’s a fat nerd
BezzleFish Pred mesecem
😂😂😂wow this video is a gem
Elise G.
Elise G. Pred mesecem
Wow I haven't received a notification in months and I thought you just hadn't been posting for a while (I also didn't realize how long it had been)
teapotgoblin Pred mesecem
one time i sent this guy my snap because he asked for it and then he just said “maybe i’ll add u” and never did god bles 🙏🙏
Avery Holbrook
Avery Holbrook Pred mesecem
everything is a meme
Benji Sturcke
Benji Sturcke Pred mesecem
Yung Zephyrhills
Yung Zephyrhills Pred mesecem
“Down bad” can u be down good?
thalia vallejo
thalia vallejo Pred mesecem
wow! being called a buzzfeed fan how does he even live with himself anymore.
Five dolla frozone
Five dolla frozone Pred mesecem
Elle Salagaras
Elle Salagaras Pred mesecem
The sweet home Alabama music sent me😂😂😂
Luka Nikolic
Luka Nikolic Pred mesecem
11:12 but like, does someone inviting you to a sorority party not give you a red flag? Just me?
Josilynn Olsen
Josilynn Olsen Pred mesecem
tubular tiddies is my new fav saying
Tavin Severino
Tavin Severino Pred mesecem
“Do it squirt”😂😭
Jilli Jaisaree
Jilli Jaisaree Pred mesecem
The ugliest date sounds a lot like "Dinner for Schmucks" :'(
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions Pred mesecem
“Ugliest date” that woman better never do well in this world nor her friends.
Ka-Kai Pred mesecem
That “outside snack” line is so cute 🥰
Arvinder Singh
Arvinder Singh Pred mesecem
Being catastrofically horny, how is it being down shouldn't that be up
Noel Achi
Noel Achi Pred mesecem
He should have asked does it smell?
02FoolsgoldGT Pred mesecem
Never been rejected because I’m too scared to even shoot the shot
King Henke
King Henke Pred 19 dnevi
You miss all the shots you don’t take.
Rachel Pred mesecem
same lol
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese Pred mesecem
Yikes promoted a scam maybe you should look up the company before
Bri Pred mesecem
Cody looks like his name is tucker and he works at my local gas station.
Dudes who are down bad.
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