Rally Croatia: Decided On the Final Corner - Day 3 Highlights | WRC 2021

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Frenchman clinches 51st career win to move top of the WRC standings.
Sébastien Ogier claimed a breathtaking last-gasp victory at the Croatia Rally on Sunday afternoon in the third closest FIA World Rally Championship finish in history.
After a remarkable final day to Croatia’s maiden WRC appearance, the world champion relegated Toyota Yaris team-mate Elfyn Evans in the final kilometres to win the three-day rally by 0.6sec.
Thierry Neuville finished third in a Hyundai i20, 7.5sec further back, but the facts do scant justice to the drama of a rally that will live long in the memory.
The trio fought tooth and nail from Friday’s start on Croatia’s slippery roads near Zagreb. After trading places on several occasions, the final day opened with Ogier leading Evans by 6.9sec, despite a second leg puncture, and just over 10sec blanketing the three drivers.
The drama unfolded when Ogier was involved in a road traffic collision en route to the opening speed test. Nobody was injured but the impact damaged the Yaris’ bodywork and the crucial aero package.
Evans capitalised on Ogier’s problems to win the first two tests and the Welshman started the final 14km live TV Wolf Power Stage with a 3.9sec advantage, as Belgian Neuville still chased both.
Interim times revealed Ogier closing on the Welshman before Evans slid wide onto a grass verge near the finish. It was the break Ogier needed and he scorched across the finish to record his 51st career victory, seal a Toyota one-two and regain the championship lead.
“The emotion for us now is super strong,” admitted Ogier. “It’s been a crazy rollercoaster for us between the puncture and the issue this morning. I was glad to be still in the rally honestly. I guess that’s why we do this sport, for this emotion.”
Neuville encountered his fair share of troubles during the weekend, including a poor tyre choice, spin and a missed junction in that final stage that meant the Belgian had to settle for third.
Ott Tänak finished fourth after never feeling totally comfortable with his i20 but the Estonian had more than 90sec in hand over Adrian Fourmaux in fifth. It was a hugely impressive top-level debut for Fourmaux, who twice set second fastest times in his Ford Fiesta.
Takamoto Katsuta scored his third consecutive sixth place finish in another Yaris.
The championship heads to the first of a series of four gravel rallies at Vodafone Rally de Portugal next month. Matosinhos hosts the event on 20 - 23 May.
Final positions
1. S Ogier / J Ingrassia FRA Toyota Yaris 2hr 51min 22.9sec
2. E Evans / S Martin GBR Toyota Yaris +0.6sec
3. T Neuville / M Wydaeghe BEL Hyundai i20 +8.1sec
4. O Tänak / M Järveoja EST Hyundai i20 +1min 25.1sec
5. A Fourmaux / R Jamoul FRA Ford Fiesta +3min 09.7sec
6. T Katsuta / D Barritt GBR Toyota Yaris +3min 31.8sec
FIA World Rally Championship (after round 3 of 12)
1. S Ogier 61pts
2. T Neuville 53pts
3. E Evans 51pts
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Red Bull Rally
Red Bull Rally Pred 16 dnevi
What a rally! This one came down to the very last corner. Let us know what you think of our highlights and what we can do better for the next round 👇
Dylan Kaden
Dylan Kaden Pred 15 dnevi
@Archie Arties definitely, I've been watching on Flixzone for years myself =)
Archie Arties
Archie Arties Pred 15 dnevi
Pro trick: watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching loads of movies these days.
Crem8tor-2 Pred 16 dnevi
Highlights is good for quick results check, but i will still watch WRC on Red Bull TV later today. Can we get back the original WRC format on Red Bull TV please, with Mike Chen, he's the best.
SuperBarnaby12 Pred 16 dnevi
Awesome coverage man. Just wish it was longer but hey its better than nothing so many thanks.
Ted Black
Ted Black Pred 16 dnevi
We need to see highlights for the wrc2 and other top privateers.
NikkiMcMistie Pred 3 dnevi
Still can't believe WRC came to my country lol
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred 6 dnevi
love the highlights, keep it up!
五十嵐菜々 Pred 7 dnevi
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 7 dnevi
great highlights
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 7 dnevi
I still don't know why SLpost suggested one of these too me yesterday but damn I'm glad it did! What a finish! Heartbreaking for Evans but very gracious Good job, mate!.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 8 dnevi
Great highlights boyzz
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 7 dnevi
disappoint our entire community. This is not good for our community and our beloved sport.
Dejan Petranović
Dejan Petranović Pred 11 dnevi
da, izazovi sudar u gradu, pregazi murjaka i dobiješ mjesec dana zabane vožnje u hvatskoj. Volio bi vidit šta bi se desilo nekom od nas da to napravimo hahaha
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 7 dnevi
Best Rally with beautiful landscape
Iain F
Iain F Pred 13 dnevi
Good-I enjoyed that. Nice balance.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 8 dnevi
Rally Kumrovec - Dakar
SNB Games
SNB Games Pred 14 dnevi
Greetings from Croatia!
CharlesLaBaguette Pred 14 dnevi
Yeah i don't understand how Ogier is getiing penalized for that accident since it's clearly the BMW driver fault, The BMW driver was what appears to be a bus lane or perhaps a bus stop, was overtaking on the right AND overspeeding. Atleast on France Road Rules point of view
Kibs Zedek
Kibs Zedek Pred 14 dnevi
The presentation is super.
Giusy Della Montagna
Giusy Della Montagna Pred 14 dnevi
Elfy Evans sfigato
John Radz
John Radz Pred 14 dnevi
Sebastien Ogier is not from this world. Best driver in rhe world. Period.
roboro 11
roboro 11 Pred 15 dnevi
nasty corner!!! :D
Galatzó Pred 15 dnevi
Isn't this the second time that Evans finishes 2nd by 6 tenths on the last stage?
Wielki Dzwon
Wielki Dzwon Pred 15 dnevi
Idiots is face diapers
b. j.
b. j. Pred 15 dnevi
Nice performance great relly in Croatia..see you in next year 🔥
fifi xulu mike
fifi xulu mike Pred 15 dnevi
I really have a Bad time trying to understand the tons of info WRC channel display without any direction
Jacob GUEDJ Pred 15 dnevi
comportement de délinquant et délits de fuite de force.... sur le policier! merite l'eclusion totale du wrc ! slpost.info/dev/hZzdY6duZnvDunc/video.html
Stephane B.
Stephane B. Pred 15 dnevi
terećenja Hrvatske
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Pred 15 dnevi
It's impossible to forget the 0.2 second win of Jordan's Rally when Seb Ogier did the impossible when Jari-Matti Lattvala (now his boss) had one of his most impressive rallies ever. BUT. Here's something that's been bothering me all day long. The FIA has regulations for all motorsport events, especially F1 and WRC ones. One that is ABSOLUTELY clear is that when cars are on liaison, they must obey the local laws. I know both Seb and Jari-Matti and I'm disturbed. Seb disregarded local authorities and even tried to run over a uniformed policeman. If this happened in France or the UK or Spain, he would be behind bars for 24 to 72 hours at least. This is not good at all for all of us. If he can create such a messy thing (he actually seemed to make that car crash on purpose) and is not punished, we can do whatever we want because we're in a competition. Seb, you disappoint our entire community. This is not good for our community and our beloved sport.
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Pred 15 dnevi
@Red Bull Rally In the end, this kind of behavior is something we don't want to see in one of the most open sports in the world. It tarnishes others' efforts.
Red Bull Rally
Red Bull Rally Pred 15 dnevi
He was fined €5000 for leaving the scene of the accident and handed a one rally suspended ban, which will be enforced if he commits a similar offence in the next six months. He was also fined €2000 for ignoring a red traffic light shortly after the accident. Ogier acknowledged he was fortunate the collision did not cause more damage. “Luckily the impact was straight on, maybe one of the strongest points of the car,” he said. “It damaged a bit the cosmetic but behind it, the wheel was straight and the roll cage was untouched and even the door, the foam protection, was in it so the safety was still there.”
Mate Pavlovic
Mate Pavlovic Pred 15 dnevi
Best Rally with beautiful landscape
Mate Pavlovic
Mate Pavlovic Pred 15 dnevi
Rally Kumrovec - Dakar
Merisa Karic
Merisa Karic Pred 15 dnevi
Osmanagicu eno i u Hrvatskoj, Hrvatska Piramida Mora na 0:05
milan betmen
milan betmen Pred 15 dnevi
John-Murray Hofmeyr
John-Murray Hofmeyr Pred 15 dnevi
fidan2fast Pred 15 dnevi
This is what rallying is about
Maciej Szpojankowski
Maciej Szpojankowski Pred 15 dnevi
Best Rally in WRC calendar 😍
drazen gasparac
drazen gasparac Pred 10 dnevi
I live near,the sound of wrc cars is fantastic.
Thomas Vleminckx
Thomas Vleminckx Pred 15 dnevi
I'll take Safari or Acropolis over Croatia any day.
Money Collection Review
Money Collection Review Pred 15 dnevi
Bilo je super!
diesel Pred 15 dnevi
The best coverage on the planet
diesel Pred 15 dnevi
Mighty GR Yaris
Vladimir Marinović Martini
Vladimir Marinović Martini Pred 15 dnevi
Lol.... Sebastian had public crash and go through red light in Zagreb and still win :D
noico Pred 15 dnevi
superb! thanks for all the highlighs, love ya!
Jean Pierre Gibert
Jean Pierre Gibert Pred 15 dnevi
Excellent coverage. Congrats !
тим мат
тим мат Pred 15 dnevi
Ожье супермен
Jack Dorrian
Jack Dorrian Pred 16 dnevi
Open it with some trumpets if it’s so epic
Andre Harewood
Andre Harewood Pred 16 dnevi
Thank you Red Bull and thank you Seb Ogier that was fantastic 👏👍
Orwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse
Orwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse Pred 16 dnevi
I still don't know why SLpost suggested one of these too me yesterday but damn I'm glad it did! What a finish! Heartbreaking for Evans but very gracious Good job, mate!.
Erwin Winarno
Erwin Winarno Pred 16 dnevi
Марина Морозова
Марина Морозова Pred 16 dnevi
dimitar petrov
dimitar petrov Pred 16 dnevi
Yeah. Redbull was better channel 👍. Thanks
Lucky Nate Mello
Lucky Nate Mello Pred 16 dnevi
When are y'all coming to Nigeria🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Nash Gill
Nash Gill Pred 16 dnevi
When is Greensmith going to start delivering? A few drivers in WRC2 who would be more deserving of a full time seat at WRC
Jay S
Jay S Pred 16 dnevi
Gutted for Elfyn Evans.
Garin Akbar
Garin Akbar Pred 16 dnevi
It was not a bad finish for Thierry Neuville at the very least....third place in three rallies it was better results than DNF. Mind you Richard Burns back in 2003 finished the first six rallies in points and even he led the Championship standings at that time
Joey L. SouzaNeto
Joey L. SouzaNeto Pred 16 dnevi
Fantastic!!!! Not only the rally itself, but your coverage was superb as well
Red Bull Rally
Red Bull Rally Pred 15 dnevi
Glad you think so! Thanks a lot.
Alex Z
Alex Z Pred 16 dnevi
domagoj Ψ
domagoj Ψ Pred 16 dnevi
I was following this channel for a while now...so happy and proud to see our country here on red bull rally...i will never forget this...Greetings from Zagreb and come back next year! 🇭🇷🇭🇷
Maynooth Plant Hire
Maynooth Plant Hire Pred 16 dnevi
The best of the best thank ye
Eugene Crorken
Eugene Crorken Pred 16 dnevi
Toyota all the way
Juan Carlos Díaz Pérez
Juan Carlos Díaz Pérez Pred 16 dnevi
Incredible rally!! Great video I am enjoyed it a lot
dominik gerevich
dominik gerevich Pred 16 dnevi
Very nice commentary and highlights,keep up with this good effort thanks for the amazing videos🙌🏻🏁
Ledeni Pred 16 dnevi
One question for active WRC fans. What do you think about slippy and technical rally Croatia?
Adrian Lynch
Adrian Lynch Pred 16 dnevi
Seems to be all about getting the flow right, very like rally Ireland
zdravko cerovac
zdravko cerovac Pred 16 dnevi
spiros gialamoudis
spiros gialamoudis Pred 16 dnevi
Ogier simply the best, I wish Loeb stayed few years more then we would have seen some incredible fights. Despite promising new blood Ogier is still unbeatable at tarmac, only at gravel and snow other drivers can compare to him (same goes for Loeb).
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha Pred 16 dnevi
Imagine Ogier getting arrested during a stage
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas Pred 16 dnevi
What a fantastic rally. Brilliant roads brought out the best in everybody. Just the last corner robbed #EE33, was that his only mistake on the whole rally. Absolutely loved it all, wish I was there. Well done Team Toyota. Where Toyota leads others follow.
Tamara Pred 16 dnevi
Thank you to all the relly drivers for coming to our country Croatia🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷Congratulation to the winner Sebastian Origer👋👋👋👋👋💖💖🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷💖💖
pbonacina69 Pred 16 dnevi
Champions step up when they need to.....
Troy Green
Troy Green Pred 16 dnevi
maris zukovskis
maris zukovskis Pred 16 dnevi
For a long time, Wrc officials had made the WRC hidden from fans. now it's changed and a great pleasure for it!
maris zukovskis
maris zukovskis Pred 12 dnevi
@Thomas Vleminckx therefore, this sport loses the interest of fans. World Cup information cannot be paid. do you think sponsors give money to sports to earn WRC +? sponsors are interested in attracting as many audiences as possible. WRC + does the opposite.
Thomas Vleminckx
Thomas Vleminckx Pred 15 dnevi
Because you're supposed to pay for WRC+.
Sanjay S Bhargava
Sanjay S Bhargava Pred 16 dnevi
🙏🏾 Love from Hindustan
Готован Лезилебовић
Готован Лезилебовић Pred 16 dnevi
Уместо победничког пехара победници су добили стилизовани знак словенских руна слово "Ц" што значи зло! Instead of the winner's cup, the winners received a stylized sign of Slavic runes with the letter "C", which means evil
Dragan Lugonjić
Dragan Lugonjić Pred 12 dnevi
Btw.. To je slovo iz glagoljice a ne Slavenska runa🤣🤣🤣 zašto komentiraš nešto ako nemaš pojma šta komentiraš..smiješan si🤭🤭🤭
CroBad Boy
CroBad Boy Pred 16 dnevi
Greetings from 🇭🇷, come back next jear!
Nakitu Minayashi
Nakitu Minayashi Pred 5 dnevi
Okay, i will repair this shit, Greetz from Osijek, Croatia, come back next year!! :D
Kiss Kiss
Kiss Kiss Pred 16 dnevi
Hopefully it wasn't the "Bicycle mistake at the end of the race video" type of deal with Elfyn. Either way, good job to both and all of the contestants. And DAMN FINE JOB for Red Bull Rally for its coverage!!!!
vili vont
vili vont Pred 16 dnevi
Hope WRC comes back next year too, such an amazing event.
videobybossart Pred 16 dnevi
great job, keep going!
SOLOIIguru Pred 16 dnevi
Watched all your highlights because I couldn't watch the full race coverage this weekend. Great work and great mix of racing footage and verbal coverage
neven covic
neven covic Pred 16 dnevi
Neuvilee maybe slipped first place with that slide... All in all congrats to all drivers. All the best regards from Croatia . Tnx for your entertainment and hope to see you next year with even more drivers 💪💪🚗
Joshua Ryan
Joshua Ryan Pred 16 dnevi
I do like the coverage, well done.
John West
John West Pred 16 dnevi
The coverage was outstanding I really appreciate being able to see WRC again great job
Red Bull Rally
Red Bull Rally Pred 16 dnevi
Awesome, thank you!
Ted Black
Ted Black Pred 16 dnevi
Still can't believe esapekka lappi and mads ostberg are not in top tier cars.
Budi Y
Budi Y Pred 16 dnevi
Good Battle, thank you Redbull Motorsport 🔥🔥
Dagda Instrumentos
Dagda Instrumentos Pred 16 dnevi
Amazing coverage. Red Bull is one of the few, if not the only, large corporations I respect. They sponsor good stuff all around and give people lots of entertainment and opportunities for the athletes / pilots. Here's to Red Bull.
Iain F
Iain F Pred 13 dnevi
& it’s for this reason I now buy their product👍
Mike Day
Mike Day Pred 16 dnevi
The average person can relate to rally racing more than other types. Trying not to be late for work, or needing to rush home before the babysitter has to leave, everyday experiences like these. 😂😂
Ivan Čolak
Ivan Čolak Pred 16 dnevi
Yeah you are going to work through the forest. Right...
Mark holroyde
Mark holroyde Pred 16 dnevi
While getting kids addicted to their "poison", but that's ok....you must have been born after 1990....tick tock....
Dodiscrossover Pred 16 dnevi
Story of my life :) :)
Kalsaume Satungiamata
Kalsaume Satungiamata Pred 16 dnevi
1. Red Bull 2. Dirtfish 3. WRC
John Gorton
John Gorton Pred 16 dnevi
Great coverage the best coverage of wrc
PotatoMedia Pred 16 dnevi
Ogier ran from the Croatian police to get to a race, theres a video.
PotatoMedia Pred 16 dnevi
@Tamara J Yes but also, when a policemen stops you and your buddy says problem is dealt with, you still have to stop because its a police. Misunderstood for sure.
Tamara J
Tamara J Pred 16 dnevi
He didn't run, one officer said to let him go and the other didn't hear it or something like that but there was a person left there to deal with it.
Unimatrix2411 Pred 16 dnevi
Here it is - slpost.info/dev/hZzdY6duZnvDunc/video.html
Kalsaume Satungiamata
Kalsaume Satungiamata Pred 16 dnevi
Daamn...Ogier is a legend. Well done Evans both of you will continue dominate. Congrats Toyota
Nev Pred 16 dnevi
Excellent coverage.👍
Red Bull Rally
Red Bull Rally Pred 16 dnevi
Glad you enjoyed it
xdbxl Silvio
xdbxl Silvio Pred 16 dnevi
Ogier idiot causes accident because he didnt look into his mirrors without signaling his turn and then almost runs over an officer and drives off
Guy Eysseric
Guy Eysseric Pred 16 dnevi
You should teach him how to drive, and maybe, since you seem so smart, how to pilot a car... As a former amateur, I tried to be very cautious between special stages, as there was never shortage of idiots wanting to "compete" with you.
hte rally pics/vids
hte rally pics/vids Pred 16 dnevi
Fantastic rally last day. Elfin must be the most unlucky driver ever.Ogier brilliant . Scott Martin looked devastated on the podium. Roll on next rally.
AKKSI Pred 16 dnevi
1:02 NANI?!? Gutter run technique?!!
Lukyamuzi Edwards
Lukyamuzi Edwards Pred 16 dnevi
No thanks
Lukyamuzi Edwards
Lukyamuzi Edwards Pred 15 dnevi
Ok thanks for Goodness 👍
acount17 Pred 16 dnevi
stats comment :)
ReiksXD Pred 16 dnevi
first 14 seconds andi see my boi ott
Aiwass Pred 16 dnevi
Ogier's got something pending with the police .....
Evans Couss
Evans Couss Pred 16 dnevi
Great video!
yutasknight Pred 16 dnevi
great highlights
Zoran Novosel
Zoran Novosel Pred 16 dnevi
Even police can't stop Ogier! 😁
AfricHR Pred 16 dnevi
even your mom can stop you
Alen Bura
Alen Bura Pred 16 dnevi
Sad je Šaškin reka da su Ogier i ovaj lik s kime se sudarija išli na večeru :D
Zoran Novosel
Zoran Novosel Pred 16 dnevi
@pleter925 Pa mislim kriv je i Ogier ali da ovaj lik u bembari nije nagazio za njim imao bi vremena usporiti.
Just Ivan
Just Ivan Pred 16 dnevi
Dobro će najebat kad naši počnu pisat prekršaje
pleter925 Pred 16 dnevi
@Zoran Novosel a zasto je kriv onaj u bmwu?
Darko Stroser
Darko Stroser Pred 16 dnevi
👍... 🇭🇷
AccipiterMagna Pred 16 dnevi
I'm sorry, but pronouncing Hyundai as Hi-Yun-Die is totally wrong ... Its Hyon-Dae
Denis Sabljarić
Denis Sabljarić Pred 16 dnevi
Crap cars who cares
feel thhis
feel thhis Pred 16 dnevi
@kingkonut you don’t care
kingkonut Pred 16 dnevi
we don't care
Hugh Paynes
Hugh Paynes Pred 16 dnevi
Fantastic highlights of the rally
Diego Ruiz
Diego Ruiz Pred 16 dnevi
I guess you're not gonna show that moment when Seb Ogier decided to assault a police officer that was blocking his way!
Aleksandar Celikovic
Aleksandar Celikovic Pred 16 dnevi
Assault? Read police report first!! They said that he can leave, but that one police officer didn't hear that, you ppl have big problem in your heads.
Brle whoop
Brle whoop Pred 16 dnevi
@CroBog 01 exactly
CroBog 01
CroBog 01 Pred 16 dnevi
Naaaah it was not like that, we are all in Croatia laughing at that ;)
Brle whoop
Brle whoop Pred 16 dnevi
Who wouldnt?
C Mosca
C Mosca Pred 16 dnevi
Yes nice highlights. Ogier is king!
Silver Cruze
Silver Cruze Pred 16 dnevi
Way better than the WRC's main channel I've been following for 2 years. I've used dirtfish as an alternative for more coverage but you guys did very well. Please continue
ante lukic
ante lukic Pred 16 dnevi
Great highlights boyzz
nomienos Pred 16 dnevi
love the highlights, keep it up!
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