Tik Tok Houses Are Leveling Up

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Cody Ko

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Tik Tok Houses Are Leveling Up
Cody Ko

Reece Bayley
Reece Bayley Pred 5 meseci
Hat forward: Cody Ko Hat backwards: Cody Kool
OG* Legendbeangaming
OG* Legendbeangaming Pred 19 dnevi
Cody Kool is just built different
thin eevee
thin eevee Pred mesecem
U r kool
lolz Pred mesecem
JacksonIsZenner Pred 2 meseci
level up
Trash Panda
Trash Panda Pred 3 meseci
Hat upside down: ok ydoc
YoutubeCertifiedMechanic Pred 13 urami
13 acres? I'm out here on 80 acres. I can hunt, fish, ride can-ams all in my backyard.
Lulu Lukario
Lulu Lukario Pred 15 urami
These kids make more than a college grad 😭, my loans hurt more whenever I see these videos
서지안 Pred 15 urami
I’m not even gonna lie... they genuinely cannot tell any of them apart bc they all look the same
the PP Man
the PP Man Pred 2 dnevi
All that effort to show me someone i dont know
Garin TJ
Garin TJ Pred 3 dnevi
That bathroom looks like my entire art class back in school.
Taylor Dial
Taylor Dial Pred 3 dnevi
I want to make fun of these kids, but it’s hard to clown on people flying into their $7m mansion on a helicopter and Cinderella carriage as I’m laying on my queen sized bed in a two bedroom apartment
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode Pred 3 dnevi
Man if I had a bathroom like that I'd have a couple of little quarters with a grind box and p-rail in the middle! What a waste of all that space to just have floor. The houses aren't decorated like teenagers or young people live in them, but I understand they probably just rent them/buy them complete with furniture so they never get to make it their own. If I had money I'd wanna make the sickest house I could! Use your IMAGINATION, GET THAT NOGGIN TICKING
flumberfish Pred 4 dnevi
every. single. one. THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME
laurensmizz Pred 5 dnevi
i’m ashamed to say i’m from Ireland now😩
esha Pred 5 dnevi
the houses in the uk r generally smaller, so those houses are like massive to me ig?
michelle annor
michelle annor Pred 6 dnevi
Fast forward February 2021 No more: Wave House Sway House Not a Content House Club House All gone.
fudgehogs Pred 4 dnevi
literally insane
RADxDoodle Playz
RADxDoodle Playz Pred 6 dnevi
bathroom the size of my whole ass apartment
juls Pred 6 dnevi
i can tell that the wave house is a bit catphobic
Aaron McDaniel
Aaron McDaniel Pred 6 dnevi
My favorite one is the degenerate house
Jordan Thompson
Jordan Thompson Pred 7 dnevi
I love this video because it makes me laugh, but it also makes me sad that I’m not rich for doin the renegade
Haley Germaine
Haley Germaine Pred 8 dnevi
Hi um it looks like you have about 5 new tats tell me why there arent 5 new vids one for each
Calesta Heinrichs
Calesta Heinrichs Pred 8 dnevi
O2l invented it
CuteFrog9 Pred 8 dnevi
The member reveal is so anticlimactic
sofia garcia
sofia garcia Pred 8 dnevi
you have nto admit it's kinda cool that he learnt sign language just to do that or idk if he knew it before, but that is commitment
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi Pred 9 dnevi
Damn how could you forget the trap house || Jake Webber, Sam and Colby, Aron, Corey and the rest
Jordan c
Jordan c Pred 9 dnevi
the face reveals are so funny because most people have no clue who tf they are lmao
Ellen F
Ellen F Pred 9 dnevi
anyone else remember the creatures living in a little warehouse type thing?
Malte Beri
Malte Beri Pred 9 dnevi
"tO SucCeEd yoU haVe tO WorK hArd, bEliEve in YourSelF anD hAVe some sKilLs or TaLenT"
Malte Beri
Malte Beri Pred 9 dnevi
stages of late capitalism before it collapses
Twattastic Pred 9 dnevi
Never felt so embarrassed to be British DX
Definitely Shana
Definitely Shana Pred 9 dnevi
They all look the ...same 😐
shiz for brains
shiz for brains Pred 9 dnevi
15:43 Where’s Aaron Kyro??
Johnny Plank
Johnny Plank Pred 10 dnevi
I only know one one goat house and its Thads
maxd Pred 10 dnevi
alternate title without context: old man complains about children for 16 minutes
Oscar Pelican
Oscar Pelican Pred 10 dnevi
exploring where these kids are in 10 years would be really interesting.
Carl Pred 10 dnevi
Bruh their haircuts are so bad xD
I think the only good, pure, fun, and non-fake, and non-dbagery content house, was the Sidemen.
saturncity Pred 11 dnevi
if i was in a house like 30 bed rooms i would probably feel like im in a store not at someones house..
S0oK Pred 12 dnevi
Bobby was added to the wave house btw
AeroCaliberACE Pred 12 dnevi
This give birth to communists
DUB_ C1XTCH Pred 12 dnevi
Nobody knows who the wave house ppl are
sebastianvs_12 Pred 12 dnevi
Lol my friends house is bigger
JV Pred 13 dnevi
i stayed in a $8 M dollar house on vacation once and it had nothing on the wave house.
P-Tech Pred 13 dnevi
He’s a pretty good lookin guy?? Idk Cody, sounds pretty Sugar Gay
Patrick Malone
Patrick Malone Pred 13 dnevi
Kai Bowering
Kai Bowering Pred 14 dnevi
Pretty sure that’s tygas old house
THE Mankest Demer
THE Mankest Demer Pred 14 dnevi
9:34 i love how he compares it to things Americans will understand so he just says, "football fields"
Evan Richley
Evan Richley Pred 14 dnevi
Lmao how does faze even pay rent anymore
Cole Barnett
Cole Barnett Pred 15 dnevi
That guy at the jett house just got done with 5 lines of coke and is sweating through his shirt
E.CONEJ0 Pred 15 dnevi
Most these kids don't know the contract Just took over their life
ur mum
ur mum Pred 15 dnevi
the fact they spent 30k on a tv... like that could have helped so many people
Alfredo Rodriguez
Alfredo Rodriguez Pred 15 dnevi
Rose Mulet
Rose Mulet Pred 15 dnevi
The TV is so big that all the shows they watch are gonna look blurry because they’re not designed to be played on such a big screen....not a smart idea
Zack Kluver
Zack Kluver Pred 15 dnevi
cody's face watching the house tours looks like a baby watching someone else eat his cookie
aatiq seraj
aatiq seraj Pred 16 dnevi
First 5 minutes of the video is basically just Cody wanting to shit on their bathroom floor.
Anwesha Dash
Anwesha Dash Pred 17 dnevi
Why do they ALL look the same ??!!
abram fields
abram fields Pred 17 dnevi
the tok
Samantha Marilyn
Samantha Marilyn Pred 17 dnevi
The sweat shop 😂🙊
LuKa Pred 18 dnevi
Their bathroom is bigger than my apartment
Jacob Gordaneer
Jacob Gordaneer Pred 18 dnevi
British tik tok people are on another level
natalie jean
natalie jean Pred 18 dnevi
why are these like tiktok frats....
Winston D.
Winston D. Pred 19 dnevi
For that thriller house we can all collectively agree that the bathroom. Was 4 times as large as our bedrooms
Al Doesagood
Al Doesagood Pred 19 dnevi
Good lord, I lost it at the Taint House
Pam Abels
Pam Abels Pred 19 dnevi
in the netherlands we have the vibe house 😓🥲🤌
Phoenix St
Phoenix St Pred 19 dnevi
I am still waiting for the announcement by *The Sign House*
katie millar
katie millar Pred 19 dnevi
the fact americans dont understand the wave house humour😫😫😫💔
Lizzie Cross
Lizzie Cross Pred 20 dnevi
I don’t really get the bragging about your house thing. Does it not make your fans immediately dislike you? Like it’s one thing for your audience to kinda sense that your house is insane, but it’s a whole other thing if you brag about it.
selina woldebruk
selina woldebruk Pred 20 dnevi
this white privilege man lmao
Ashley Flynn
Ashley Flynn Pred 20 dnevi
There are veterans sleeping on the street while tiktokers are living like this
Allison Erisey
Allison Erisey Pred 20 dnevi
Hahaha Miami of Ohio was scary accurate
Matthew Bowie
Matthew Bowie Pred 20 dnevi
but do you burn?
willams kota
willams kota Pred 21 dnevom
Dat announcer tho lol
Adrian Pirir
Adrian Pirir Pred 22 dnevi
Oh mannn I died at 3:03 🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️
Mimic The Fox
Mimic The Fox Pred 22 dnevi
What's the song with the wave house montage before they reveal the people?
Gray Pred 22 dnevi
I was never attractive enough to be able to get paid for it
emma’s immaculate edits
emma’s immaculate edits Pred 22 dnevi
I have my own pond in my backyard ... *whenever it rains*
Austin Wade
Austin Wade Pred 23 dnevi
I lived next to 1600 Vine for two months and could not fucking take it
Sir Loin
Sir Loin Pred 23 dnevi
Rich people have terrible taste too hahaha
Sir Loin
Sir Loin Pred 23 dnevi
They don’t own any of that shit at all man and 100% they will be working class popes eventually. This tik tok isn’t gonna last.
Isaac Heywood
Isaac Heywood Pred 23 dnevi
Honestly, people who have this much money make me sick.
communism 2
communism 2 Pred 23 dnevi
The library at the Wave house looks sick if I’m being honest
Toxic Pred 24 dnevi
Truly disgusting that some “ people” would do such a horrible thing.
Toxic Pred 20 dnevi
@grubbie chirp it’s a spam comment from the video that jschlatt posted of I am disgusted
grubbie chirp
grubbie chirp Pred 20 dnevi
What horrible thing?
Toxic Pred 23 dnevi
@Joshua Brundage I knew I’d be able to persuade you
Joshua Brundage
Joshua Brundage Pred 23 dnevi
@Toxic u know what, you're right.
Toxic Pred 23 dnevi
@Joshua Brundage it belongs everywhere
phanfinger Pred 24 dnevi
I bet that most of the people who live in these houses just hang out in their rooms and eat ubereats or whatever. They probably don't take advantage of the property at all and just want people to know that they live in these huge places.
Julianna Oak
Julianna Oak Pred 24 dnevi
Where’s the poop house? That’s all I’m sayin
Just please Shut up, thanks.
Just please Shut up, thanks. Pred 25 dnevi
I expected they would wear better clothes, they look like their going to prom or something lol
Caseydilla57 Pred 25 dnevi
this channel is now just cody saying “hey check this shit out this is weird huh”
C H A D Pred 25 dnevi
The reason it has a dog bath - is because the British love hunting and they take the dog to collect thier kill/game. And it’s muddy there
Extr4 Pred 26 dnevi
Im just happy with my 2000 toyota corolla tf?
Kisses, Dani
Kisses, Dani Pred 26 dnevi
this video made me a socialist
Arominit Pred 26 dnevi
I feel blessed not know any on these. One observation, it seems you need an extremely punchable face to be in one of these "houses"
Meg Krish
Meg Krish Pred 27 dnevi
Hey at least the wave house is doing something creative with their tiktoks and not just copy pasting dance moves someone else did. I give an A for effort
emily Pred 27 dnevi
like.... so many people are struggling to make ends meet or even buy food and people are buying these big ass houses FOR WHAT? its too much, donate that shit
TheSuboptimum Pred 27 dnevi
Holyshit Cody is 30 !!!??? I thought he was like mid 20s or some shit ....My man was almost born in the 80s !!!
G Pred 27 dnevi
Sad that we have people fighting over seas that barely make enough to be able to live in the suburbs and we got children dancing on an app that are able to live in houses that most peoples whole life incomes couldn’t pay for
alexandra rivera
alexandra rivera Pred 27 dnevi
The clammy betty phylogenetically deliver because plate immunohistologically rush toward a rambunctious emery. burly, possible pruner
Alexandra Rivera
Alexandra Rivera Pred 27 dnevi
The silky chick usually yell because hovercraft coincidingly waste past a ludicrous vein. ill, bored alloy
Brenda Crites
Brenda Crites Pred 27 dnevi
I was called poor in so many different languages. Honestly though, imagine the people who have to clean all of that space after all of the parties.
Minji Kim
Minji Kim Pred 28 dnevi
I would argue how they introduce the members is even more extra than how they introduce the members in kpop groups. This is just it. It's kpop groups without any music.
Peter Kenefick
Peter Kenefick Pred 23 dnevi
kpop bad
muscle man
muscle man Pred 28 dnevi
i wouldnt have noticed that was a bathroom if you hadnt pointed that out, mr.ko. thank you
Anna Slacks
Anna Slacks Pred 28 dnevi
The dude shaming that guy for having a "small shower" I can't even turn around in my bathroom lmao
Julita from Poland
Julita from Poland Pred 28 dnevi
There WILL be a revolution soon, and we WILL be going there first with pitchforks and torches
Anika Kompella
Anika Kompella Pred 28 dnevi
wait the taint joke is so underrated and funny i cant
Patrick McElhinney
Patrick McElhinney Pred 28 dnevi
I hate Bobby Moore with a passion
Julia Schmidt
Julia Schmidt Pred 28 dnevi
my brother is in a frat at miami of ohio...
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