Jaystation is back.

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Cody Ko

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Cody Ko

Daniel Young
Daniel Young Pred 10 urami
Tinie Panini
Tinie Panini Pred 23 urami
Why Is he so loud
Red2004HondaCivic Pred dnevom
Jaystation is like every internet "influencer". They just flexing their shit
danny2shea Pred dnevom
Blew my high @7:20
Max Allen
Max Allen Pred dnevom
Oh yeah his EX girlfriend is cheating on him
sreekutty sree
sreekutty sree Pred dnevom
The chilly tachometer parenthetically soothe because bolt periodically wobble astride a gleaming algebra. awful, apathetic luttuce
BlueV Pred 19 urami
Are you ok?
averyy Pred dnevom
Updated/Added some tournament medals Updated the localization files
Aubryella Otero
Aubryella Otero Pred dnevom
Call me overprotective but I’m not letting my child go onto the internet until they’re a teen pls 💀
Will T
Will T Pred 2 dnevi
5:16 those rings don’t even match
Anonymous Pred 2 dnevi
impersonating a police officer during the blm protests against police brutality for clout jay: theres nothing with that
Anonymous Pred 2 dnevi
my cousins who are 8 and 9 years old believe in jaystation. they have talking about pentagrams and have been crying about jaystation quitting youtube
Anonymous Pred 2 dnevi
jaystation: has child audience also jaystation: normalised abuse
Anonymous Pred 2 dnevi
if you say something about jaystation, the kids will spam middle fingers in your reply section
dr.gravel Pred 2 dnevi
why is “being nice to your girlfriend” a new challenge, isn’t it just what you’re supposed to do 💀
Maddi J
Maddi J Pred 3 dnevi
This happens sometimes where I'm watching something or listening to someone and I think of something I've done in the past or something good that'll happen in the future and I start getting super uncomfortable and start crying.......that's what happened at the mcdonalds part for some reason
Helin Ö
Helin Ö Pred 3 dnevi
When they get close to the camera I feel like I’m slowly descending to madness
Ashley Haw Makeup
Ashley Haw Makeup Pred 4 dnevi
this was cringe
Maha Khan
Maha Khan Pred 5 dnevi
12:40 The “bratty stepsister” category 😂
Florian Erdmann
Florian Erdmann Pred 5 dnevi
Why are they screaming all the time. make. it. Stop. PLEASE
kXcal Pred 5 dnevi
Jay station lowkey looks like Cody when they’re side by side
Suiciding Pyrocynical
Suiciding Pyrocynical Pred 6 dnevi
7:11 killed me bruh 😂
Justin Tyler
Justin Tyler Pred 6 dnevi
They have meth brain
Johnson Jame
Johnson Jame Pred 6 dnevi
Georgie died 8 months ago?!
skylar waboose
skylar waboose Pred 6 dnevi
JayStation is my Favorite SLpostr Ever
Neon Clouds
Neon Clouds Pred 7 dnevi
Guys, I promise that not all Canadians are like this. From a fellow Canadian.
J Pred 7 dnevi
he says guys far too much
April Baca
April Baca Pred 8 dnevi
This T_T I- I can't concentrate the amount of hate I have for this guy Jaystation sucks
Cupid_uwu Pred 8 dnevi
Becoming a doctor at 3 am
Gilbert beagley
Gilbert beagley Pred 8 dnevi
Why do I keep getting....Holla Nina aaaaaaaaahhhhh...vibes from her
Connor Jordan
Connor Jordan Pred 9 dnevi
they're the dream smp team
MoreshaGaming Pred 10 dnevi
His videos cost me a lot of brain cells
nicole nischy
nicole nischy Pred 10 dnevi
never got that crane vid :(
Matt Styles
Matt Styles Pred 10 dnevi
This isn't funny. But from a person that loves drugs and seen some stuff. I promise u this guys on heroin or other opiates.
Abhiraj Arora
Abhiraj Arora Pred 3 dnevi
"Loves Drugs"
Makiya West
Makiya West Pred 11 dnevi
Jay station videos kinda give me a candy Ken vibes
johnnyboy123 Pred 12 dnevi
Ela Salas
Ela Salas Pred 12 dnevi
Caleb! mom says get out of the bathtub and stop drowning yourself its time for dinner, and shut the goddamn music off.
Rella Gammon
Rella Gammon Pred 13 dnevi
cody i’m rewatching ur videos and i can whole heartedly say that this is the best haircut you’ve ever had
morgan allen
morgan allen Pred 13 dnevi
Jay does look like he does drugs or never sleeps idk.
I-puffy Mc-fish
I-puffy Mc-fish Pred 14 dnevi
It feels so bad to know that 3.7 million people know who Jay Station is.
Firee Lavender
Firee Lavender Pred 15 dnevi
The rap was fireeee lol BARS!
LuKa Pred 15 dnevi
7:10 I CANT😂😂😂😂😂😭😭
Libra & Tabee
Libra & Tabee Pred 16 dnevi
If my abusive rude youtuber boyfriend gave his credit card as a video idea, i would buy seven walmarts
Amanda Wheadon
Amanda Wheadon Pred 16 dnevi
I like jaystation voices so leave jaystation alone ok
Jan Litvan
Jan Litvan Pred 14 dnevi
Andrew Pred 15 dnevi
Your Local Canadian Queen
Your Local Canadian Queen Pred 17 dnevi
i found his other channel slpost.info/video/YGew8nGWKCpisjk_4SJr2w
Andrew Pred 15 dnevi
It could be reuploads
Felix Mendonza
Felix Mendonza Pred 18 dnevi
I didn't know who he was and now my life is ruined
Anonymous Pred 18 dnevi
jaystation wants to be back with alexia because she has monitisation while he doesnt. he is using her
Emily Dvorak
Emily Dvorak Pred 18 dnevi
Them calling themselves the Dream Team is just disrespectful to the basketballers and minecrafters
Covad_ 19
Covad_ 19 Pred 19 dnevi
j station more like gay station
HEE HEE Pred 19 dnevi
I can just imagine them turning the camera to face them, each time they yell.
Critical Thoughts
Critical Thoughts Pred 21 dnevom
Who gives a shit if he dressed up as a cop because of the "climate"
Aastha Kumari
Aastha Kumari Pred 18 dnevi
Every decent human
마마맘마마마마마ᅡ Pred 22 dnevi
The rude authorisation lilly carry because millisecond orly wait inside a plucky linda. uneven, changeable argentina
Twattastic Pred 23 dnevi
*cough cough* I see Jaackmaate content here
Twattastic Pred 22 dnevi
@Homer Simpson I meant it’s similar. Like jaackmaate is the British version of Cody
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson Pred 22 dnevi
He’s been doing this for years
Death Walker
Death Walker Pred 23 dnevi
Bro I couldn’t watch the part where Cody put on jays video it was to cringe
Jacky de Vries
Jacky de Vries Pred 23 dnevi
Cody: You can use honey, the sweet sweet sponsor of this video Cody we saw what you did there 😏
communism 2
communism 2 Pred 23 dnevi
He’s uploading daily on a channel called 666 and it’s only gotten worse
Noah Nik
Noah Nik Pred 24 dnevi
I feel like we aren't talking enough about how after everything that happened to them they are still together
skeptikal 1
skeptikal 1 Pred 25 dnevi
matching rings? what is this some teen romcom shit
Link92 Pred 25 dnevi
"How does this guy continue to thrive on this website.... So today we are gonna watch some of his content" LOL I know that made you laugh when you scripted that in.. cheeky little nod to the reality of these videos.
Total Nightlife
Total Nightlife Pred 26 dnevi
12.07, best bit.
Ark Ottah23
Ark Ottah23 Pred 26 dnevi
Anyone mad that jaystation and his gf never put *CRINGE* In their titles?
LordInviSpy Pred 26 dnevi
4:04 Sponsor skip
esteban collazo
esteban collazo Pred 27 dnevi
The diligent jennifer baly sparkle because whiskey electrophysiologically point off a jealous vegetable. murky, wonderful airport
Siba Soropogui
Siba Soropogui Pred 28 dnevi
Its sad that i used to believe hus vids were real
Anders Stene
Anders Stene Pred 28 dnevi
Miss the hair
Shay & Brayden
Shay & Brayden Pred 28 dnevi
That’s so fucked up because I had friends die to ACTUAL drunk drivers
Drako B
Drako B Pred 29 dnevi
Do a new video😂 he’s back at it but now his channel is “666” 😬😬😬
Esteban Munoz
Esteban Munoz Pred 29 dnevi
Olas Beats
Olas Beats Pred 29 dnevi
can't even explain how uncomfortable their videos make me
joão caetano caldas natalino de oliveira
joão caetano caldas natalino de oliveira Pred 29 dnevi
this feels like reversed xiu xiu
Bobby Macblain
Bobby Macblain Pred mesecem
“Actually the SUV would be better for your giant body from all the McDonald’s.” I fucking lost it like never before 😂😂
DaWolfgang Gaming
DaWolfgang Gaming Pred mesecem
I don’t like jay. At all. Anyone else?
I’ve been big youtuber for like 3 years, but I still have to fake my girlfriend’s death and throw a phone at her But gains are life 😂
Presley Boland
Presley Boland Pred mesecem
She still just kinda looks like she hates him
Michael Cook
Michael Cook Pred mesecem
I’m following the words of Cody turn right around
Izabela Evans
Izabela Evans Pred mesecem
The fact that the rings dont even match
Third Porkus
Third Porkus Pred mesecem
I feel like jaystation decided to become a 30 year old morgz
Albashir Abdi
Albashir Abdi Pred mesecem
Oh my God Kody I should have taken ur advise I regret watching this video
nick brown
nick brown Pred mesecem
I’ve seen better acting in porn
Danique Drossaerts
Danique Drossaerts Pred mesecem
When i was younger like 6 years old I watched jay’s fake scary video’s and I was scared lol I can’t believe it
Danique Drossaerts
Danique Drossaerts Pred mesecem
So if I’m getting this right..jay is faking everything? And he wants to scare people?
Krombopulous Michael
Krombopulous Michael Pred mesecem
Stop screaming...
Geovanni Bedoy
Geovanni Bedoy Pred mesecem
11:28 😂💀
OhNoItsNoe Pred mesecem
5:16 the rings are not even the same material one is GOLD and one is LITERALLY SILVER
pocahotasss Pred mesecem
Alexia looks like whoah Vicky, no?
Rashagong Pred mesecem
This says alot about dream and george
Oprah's Lost husband
Oprah's Lost husband Pred mesecem
No joke they goals
Azurus Gaming
Azurus Gaming Pred mesecem
i watched 1 of his video like 4 or 5 years ago, his "one man hide and seek" qnd his voice qnd fake ass energy mans is annoying af
Billy :P
Billy :P Pred mesecem
Does alexia not look so uncomfortable the whole time
James Crawford
James Crawford Pred mesecem
Hoobastank always seems to come up when I least expect it
Leaf Axe
Leaf Axe Pred mesecem
I found my long lost Hoobastank cd from 2003 not long after I watched this, so yeah, same.
Blickymane Pred mesecem
“Guys today I’m gonna be giving my girlfriend a compliment!!” Lmfaoo
Devin D
Devin D Pred mesecem
Kids who watch Jaystation are the same ones who are at restaurants with their tablet at max volume
Caveman Spongbob
Caveman Spongbob Pred mesecem
Kody's rap at the end was better than all of Jaysations content
Caveman Spongbob
Caveman Spongbob Pred mesecem
Take a sip of cold water every time he says "guys"
K M Pred mesecem
i would explode
Nolan Corlett
Nolan Corlett Pred mesecem
It’s so fun to watch the chaos of Jaystation. It’s trying to be the Dobre brothers but like the trailer park version
HLEO79 Pred mesecem
More like gaystation ohhhhhhh.
Alfie Minton
Alfie Minton Pred mesecem
Did you ever see the ‘drinking gay potion at 3am’ video? I’m not a sjw but that shit was so offensive to me. I think it’s been deleted now and I like to imagine me reporting it had something to do with that. This guy is literal trash 🗑
Caden Pichler
Caden Pichler Pred mesecem
How was this whole thing 7 months ago?
PatheticCoffee Pred mesecem
The only dream team I know is the one with the green guy
Athena Figueroa
Athena Figueroa Pred mesecem
9:33 great i got trash for my birthday gee thanks jay
im a person to
im a person to Pred mesecem
Jaystation more like gaystation
This guy suuuucks: imjaystation
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