getting a haircut from your mom

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Gus Johnson

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come on lemme cut your hair
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this is a video about getting a haircut from your mom
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred letom
my mom really likes it when i make these videos. follow me on twitter if you want to be my mom too @Gusbuckets.
R. Frank Bass
R. Frank Bass Pred 24 dnevi
it's just sOAp
Ben Rigney
Ben Rigney Pred 2 meseci
Kayleigh Curtis
Kayleigh Curtis Pred 3 meseci
I eat toes gaming
I eat toes gaming Pred 3 meseci
@Liam Thomas eeeee
Derpy Grinch
Derpy Grinch Pred 6 meseci
The most relatable part was when you brought up the government
TwT Pred 15 urami
Me: (sits still) Mom: HOLD STILL me: (somehow sits stiller) Mom: STOP SHAKING YOUR GONNA HAVE A SEIZURE
anx Pred 21 uro
Ozzie Pred dnevom
"anything that has a button is a computer"-mom Johnson
LukeRen SSB
LukeRen SSB Pred dnevom
The “single digits can go up to 9” part is really funny
blan flan
blan flan Pred dnevom
The four frail meat erroneously telephone because soup conversly reduce from a new caption. selective, cluttered acoustic
Christian Fleming
Christian Fleming Pred 2 dnevi
Dude, Sven's mom is hot
Fart Jokez
Fart Jokez Pred 4 dnevi
Great clips gave me a military discount even tho I'm not
Noah Stolee
Noah Stolee Pred 5 dnevi
"single digits can go up to nine" 😂😂😂
Avery's kingdom with friends
Avery's kingdom with friends Pred 5 dnevi
Um does anyone care that my mom is actually 45 Hahahaha this is so funny
I need moar
I need moar Pred 5 dnevi
You forgot when your mom always trys to trim your facial hair but snips the tip of your lip off
BlueMaster75 Pred 5 dnevi
Why.... is this accurate?
egdrums 66
egdrums 66 Pred 5 dnevi
This is gold
Employee of CEO Of Memes • Third in Power
Employee of CEO Of Memes • Third in Power Pred 5 dnevi
I swear these aren't even planned, they just get drunk or something and there's a trio so one of them start filming.
Leviathan Lamothe
Leviathan Lamothe Pred 8 dnevi
when are you just going to accept the fact that *you're* gay?
Leviathan Lamothe
Leviathan Lamothe Pred 8 dnevi
"what am I looking at here" I my favorite Gus-as-mom bit.
Game Fail
Game Fail Pred 8 dnevi
Ass is actually in the Bible. Although when they use it it means donkey
Hayden Crabtree
Hayden Crabtree Pred 10 dnevi
3:05 Sven has the face of a crack addict lol
Sage Lequigan
Sage Lequigan Pred 12 dnevi
But my mom has been a cosmetologist for 22 years
TheCameronMaster464 Pred 12 dnevi
I feel like these mom videos are just improv.
Wana2dmax Max
Wana2dmax Max Pred 13 dnevi
She just wanted an excuse to see you
XgoomerYT Pred 13 dnevi
"Everything that's got a button is a computer and i don't understand it" LMAO-
Grigori Rasputin
Grigori Rasputin Pred 16 dnevi
It’s funnier now because of covid
Kristyan de Souza
Kristyan de Souza Pred 16 dnevi
This acting is genius
Harambae TheGorilla
Harambae TheGorilla Pred 17 dnevi
True story my mom once was cutting my hair and cut a chunk of my ear off
shaiyan Pred 19 dnevi
This guy is an actor, director, and screenwriter all at the same time
Jackson Cameron
Jackson Cameron Pred 20 dnevi
My hair grows to be two inches Mom= he needs a buzz cut
CRISIS Pred 20 dnevi
My mom cut a peice of my ear off once and since then I never fuckin let her cut my hair lol
potatohead Pred 20 dnevi
3:34 To all the 14 year old white girls, as an Aspie, i am not offended, rather keeled over laughing
Sensu Dubs
Sensu Dubs Pred 20 dnevi
How does Gus harness the RAW mom power so easily?
Jake Calliou-Bousquet
Jake Calliou-Bousquet Pred 20 dnevi
3am goos jooonson
XeroO Pred 21 dnevom
0:55 literally my mom
Angela Montecucco
Angela Montecucco Pred 22 dnevi
Hey quick question, do you guys write these or is it mostly improv?
Nikki Martin
Nikki Martin Pred 23 dnevi
When my mom did my brothers hair she almost made him bold BUT she didn't cut mine >:)
Djtomb 59
Djtomb 59 Pred 23 dnevi
Im so lucky my mom does this for a living
Tomáš Tesař
Tomáš Tesař Pred 23 dnevi
"What am I looking at here" is so good
Arbiter Pred 23 dnevi
It's lovely that Sven grew up with two loving mothers and a father.
boogerface111111111 Pred 25 dnevi
If this ain’t my mom
MC B Pred 25 dnevi
Karen mom's be like:
MC B Pred 25 dnevi
This made me hate my mom
Ann Beckman
Ann Beckman Pred 25 dnevi
I love how actually terrified Sven is this whole video
THE MEMER Pred 26 dnevi
Who else has the same color controller as sven
THE MEMER Pred 26 dnevi
Ps. I do
Fevverzz Pred 27 dnevi
this is actually really nice to watch
Social Cat •ᴗ•
Social Cat •ᴗ• Pred 28 dnevi
2:46 "Im 43, just like all the other years" was so relatable
Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson Pred 28 dnevi
meanwhile her poor husband is stuck on the roof
Luke 94
Luke 94 Pred 28 dnevi
I love how leaves in the takes where he laughs towards the end 😂
Wyatt Deglow
Wyatt Deglow Pred 29 dnevi
omg im weezing
Master Pokéball
Master Pokéball Pred 29 dnevi
This gives me flashbacks of when my mom made me look like a shaved hedgehog
Marion hills
Marion hills Pred 29 dnevi
“its all soap!” oh my god thats my mom
Guppy Pred mesecem
the *“ what am i looking at here ”* is too real
Fake bruh man
Fake bruh man Pred mesecem
TwoFaceZak Pred mesecem
Can Gus be my new mom?
brewski118sempire Pred mesecem
Oh holy crap, I finally heard a few moments of the mom voice telling me to sleep well.
Prerana Peeps
Prerana Peeps Pred mesecem
I just wish my son in the future would be as chill and patient as this child
Ms. Steal yo waifu
Ms. Steal yo waifu Pred mesecem
"Oi, your mom is hot"
Calvin Baird
Calvin Baird Pred mesecem
Lol my mom is a licensed hairstylist
Calvin Baird
Calvin Baird Pred 29 dnevi
Thats really cool 😎 👌
Vordaki Pred 29 dnevi
Man Goes
Man Goes Pred mesecem
Last time my mom gave me a haircut I got a nasty cut on my ear Love her and all but I think even I give myself a better haircut lel
Dorian Kaioh
Dorian Kaioh Pred mesecem
Damn your mom is hot
Feather Pred mesecem
"What is an assbraid?" "Y'know, that kid down the street, he yells at people and he has assbraids" I feel like this joke went under the radar for some but it's hilarious to me
chris chandler
chris chandler Pred mesecem
Theres no way this isnt a full length feature movie, 4 minutes is a lie
ComeT TigeR
ComeT TigeR Pred mesecem
When are you gonna accept your gay
Mr_McFatback Pred mesecem
Me gamer Guy
Me gamer Guy Pred mesecem
You look off to the distance. You see someone running at you, but you can't quite make them out. You realize who it is in an instant. Your heart begins to furiously pound as you realize your fate has already been chosen. You try to run, prolonging the inevitable. The pounding feet of your adversary becoming more and more prominent. Finally, you feel a cold, icy grip on your shoulder. It has come. In an instant, your entire body freezes, your unblinking eyes forever capturing the ever-present look of terror on your badly wounded face. The game was over. Freeze Tag
solidraven Pred mesecem
the "you're not in trouble i promise" is so accurate
Justin y’s cousin
Justin y’s cousin Pred mesecem
0:07 that’s what she said
TheRandomGuy Pred mesecem
i love this
Beans Pred mesecem
I’m probably the only person here who’s moms job is being a barber
Brandon Is bored :\
Brandon Is bored :\ Pred mesecem
Growing up in an Asian household i always got a bold cut so his hair cut is better than mine
Jadon Baldwin
Jadon Baldwin Pred mesecem
I was about to say he's cute but he said he ain't gay... dang.
Roonil Wazlib
Roonil Wazlib Pred mesecem
Ikr 😔
Dove-O-War Pred mesecem
You two play off each other so damn well it’s awesome
agent blackfyre
agent blackfyre Pred mesecem
How is it so accurate
MadScientist512 Pred mesecem
Didn't cut his ear...
Slorch Man
Slorch Man Pred mesecem
“Single digits can go up to 9” is so raw.
Turtle Pred mesecem
Is it just me or does Gus sound like a robot?
Masons Reactions
Masons Reactions Pred mesecem
You can see gus trying not to laugh
Kenan Pillay
Kenan Pillay Pred mesecem
I forget so easily that Gus is not Sven's mother
ICEE Pred mesecem
gus can play any gender and any age perfectly
The Deputy
The Deputy Pred mesecem
Svens mom is hot
OnkelLeon07 - Official
OnkelLeon07 - Official Pred mesecem
I love this😂
Inspiration, Move me Brightly
Inspiration, Move me Brightly Pred mesecem
I love the couple times Gus just barely breaks character and laughs and it cuts
SashimiSushiikun 1.5
SashimiSushiikun 1.5 Pred mesecem
I HATE when moms want you to be gay
the horse
the horse Pred mesecem
this guy is so close to 3 ml
Allinalol Pred mesecem
This aged well
Luckless Rain
Luckless Rain Pred mesecem
I love this improv
The Rogue Mandalorian 2020
The Rogue Mandalorian 2020 Pred mesecem
I literally forgot the mom was Gus that’s how good at acting he is
DJ Tambor
DJ Tambor Pred mesecem
"Maybe if you got rid of that yeeyee ass haircut of yours..." ~ mum
M W Pred mesecem
In lockdown this is so accurate...
DEREK HARTMAN Pred mesecem
Ass braids
Chris Mathiesen
Chris Mathiesen Pred mesecem
1:53 YeS
Killavfx57 Pred mesecem
"My instinct as a mother was to protect you, I jumped OUT of the way, you got hit" Amazing
TheQuark6789 Pred mesecem
My mom is "spend two hours to give me a bowl cut"
JeededCat99 Pred mesecem
Why does you mom have a moustache
Victor Gomez
Victor Gomez Pred mesecem
Me when trying to socialize: 1:22
7drag0n Pred mesecem
me, with a hairdresser for a mom: I don't have such weaknesses
Tucker G
Tucker G Pred mesecem
My mom did this in front of a couple of people including a Russian the things he said killed me. It was the only Russian in Wisconsin
Operator Insane
Operator Insane Pred mesecem
My mom cut my brothers ear trying to cut his hair
DahOneGuy32 Pred mesecem
“I’m gonna smell like a goodwill for a week now” “No you’re gonna smell like a good boy”
Abz Pred mesecem
All the dislikes are from the moms who cut there kids hair😂
gollwand Pred mesecem
He plays it so well that I don't even question that mustache.
buttslayer92 buttsalot
buttslayer92 buttsalot Pred mesecem
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