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Cody Ko

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Wakamoly Live
Wakamoly Live Pred uro
Turkeys =c ham=a
Ryder Page
Ryder Page Pred 8 urami
video starts at 0:00
Lucas Calado
Lucas Calado Pred 10 urami
I ate fistfuls of ham to this
Alexis Fremling
Alexis Fremling Pred 11 urami
Dark Bit
Dark Bit Pred 11 urami
I dip pizza in mayo. godlike.
atlas in tokyo
atlas in tokyo Pred 12 urami
i have to keep in mind this is just one mans opinion
Nike Pred 14 urami
10:15 *gabagool
Nikky P
Nikky P Pred 16 urami
The ham steak can burn in hell! 😂😂
Michael Barton
Michael Barton Pred 18 urami
This is the most dad type video I have ever seen on SLpost, and yet I enjoyed every second
Zavar. Pred 21 uro
‘Slip and slide in my mouth like a slip ‘n slide’ ~ Cody Ko
Marco Capovilla
Marco Capovilla Pred 23 urami
All you deli looks like plastic... Come to Italy and I'll treat you to some good ones
ItsNalyk Pred 23 urami
can we get an “all day” counter please
Theo Morgan
Theo Morgan Pred dnevom
do the deli cheeses im begging
Minion Edifier
Minion Edifier Pred dnevom
Summary: all day
blysh Pred dnevom
should’ve got honey ham
The Trashman
The Trashman Pred dnevom
Prosciutto is dope :D
Dan Pred dnevom
Pretty sure your not supposed to eat a ham steak raw, we grill it and its fire
giorgis Pred 2 dnevi
Did he actually eat raw pancetta in greecr we usually roast it like are u supposed to eat it raw??
James Levy
James Levy Pred 2 dnevi
The music gave me real deli vibes
Cristian Sánchez
Cristian Sánchez Pred 2 dnevi
this video is weirdly relaxing. i love it
Billie is my wife
Billie is my wife Pred 2 dnevi
Idk about other places but here in Texas we used the ham steak for breakfast like pancakes or like you can order eggs toast and Ham and it’s that kinda ham it’s really fatty to me. I don’t like it
Dan Fuelling
Dan Fuelling Pred 2 dnevi
YoutubeCertifiedMechanic Pred 2 dnevi
"on a cheeseboard all day"
Tristan Tanner
Tristan Tanner Pred 2 dnevi
all day
Gianni Trujillo
Gianni Trujillo Pred 3 dnevi
Love you in real bros but you and your s tier booger meat can go to hell. Thay shit looks gross asf😂
Liv Owens
Liv Owens Pred 3 dnevi
I hate bologna but the mere fact that it did not make it into this video is infuriating. Everyone knows, the top deli meats are ham, turkey, bologna, and salami. Love them or hate them, they are the elites. How does Cody slither ham-steak into a video but somehow manages to miss bologna? Cody, I love ya, but this has got to be made up to us one way or another
itsaccer Pred 3 dnevi
Capocollo at B is a crime. Easily S tier
99defnub Pred 3 dnevi
bro never handle your meat with your mouse hand.. fuck
Grant Nelson
Grant Nelson Pred 4 dnevi
My favorite Cody video ever hahaha. Only things I disagree with is turkey and prosciutto belong in S
Kiwi McMango
Kiwi McMango Pred 4 dnevi
Now this is content gold right here.
Cassandra O'Connor
Cassandra O'Connor Pred 4 dnevi
Watches this as I eat pizza with prosciutto
crayhack Pred 4 dnevi
Wtf cody how you hate smoked meat? And you liking dry meats? You nasty bro
Hudson Yeah
Hudson Yeah Pred 4 dnevi
Cheese tier list
Thomas McDermott
Thomas McDermott Pred 4 dnevi
Dude, I love sandwiches
maria vivanco
maria vivanco Pred 5 dnevi
Desert tier list w all the stuff uve been baking
Eli Pred 5 dnevi
I'm a fan of Cody and everything, but in this thumbnail he looks like a .99 cent store David Dobrik
MysticalPinecone Pred 5 dnevi
Ok but imma rank the most phrases used in this video: 1. Cheese board 2. All day 3. F*ck Your welcome
lilith Lee
lilith Lee Pred 5 dnevi
4:33 Slicey Johnny Walker!!!
Morgan Kennedy
Morgan Kennedy Pred 5 dnevi
I used to work in deli and your reaction to Columbus black forest ham is pretty spot on, it's so gross.
suki Pred 5 dnevi
me a vegetarian watching this: why would you put pepperoni there
Rustishackelferd F
Rustishackelferd F Pred 5 dnevi
The gabagool was too strong for him
Zak Hentaigod
Zak Hentaigod Pred 5 dnevi
Watching this video made my face Greasy
shae. Pred 5 dnevi
30 year old man eating deli meat with his hands for 16 minutes
Jomun0z Pred 5 dnevi
Cheese next????
Hunter Symbal
Hunter Symbal Pred 6 dnevi
I got fired from jimmy John's for eating a piece of capicola
Ashley gabion
Ashley gabion Pred 6 dnevi
can you do this but with different cheeses
val i guess
val i guess Pred 6 dnevi
so im the only one freaking out about him touching the mouse with dirty hands... ok
Abby Koyle
Abby Koyle Pred 6 dnevi
you think cody knows how to chew with his mouth closed?
Amanda Meiklejohn
Amanda Meiklejohn Pred 6 dnevi
Someone count how many times he says “all day”
Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue Pred 6 dnevi
What won’t he eat on a cheese board?
SelfTaughtArtist1 Pred 6 dnevi
Creminelli Fine meats are THE BEST
Sam Pred 6 dnevi
bruh were gay we ALL love to eat mayo with a spoon
Quinn Rudolph
Quinn Rudolph Pred 6 dnevi
collab with joeys worldtour inbound
Quinn Rudolph
Quinn Rudolph Pred 6 dnevi
I also like mayo
Quinn Rudolph
Quinn Rudolph Pred 6 dnevi
you are like joey from friends
Kassie cl
Kassie cl Pred 6 dnevi
*cody talking about the katz pastrami sandwich* “I will eat that ALL day. ALL- *candy crush ad* - DAY.”
Lias Moen
Lias Moen Pred 6 dnevi
Sketchy Pred 6 dnevi
I wonder what he eats all night
Jorgia Long
Jorgia Long Pred 6 dnevi
I love a good slimy ham😔😔😔
Riley Spillane
Riley Spillane Pred 6 dnevi
sad you said this video didn’t go well cause it’s one of my favs! got up to get deli meat and eat along with you❤️
Sydney Markham-Gallegos
Sydney Markham-Gallegos Pred 6 dnevi
Cody: ALL DAY Me: New Girl Shmitt vs Shmitt
Michel Cales
Michel Cales Pred 6 dnevi
Pepper corns
gracyn meisz
gracyn meisz Pred 6 dnevi
I love mayo too
qtkao Pred 7 dnevi
cody has the taste of an old man alright
Nicki Ann
Nicki Ann Pred 7 dnevi
I'm vegan but I'm a fan so I need to watch all his videos but I'm so uncomfy but I love Cody AHHHH
sarah Pred 7 dnevi
i rlly appreciate this italianx representation
sarah Pred 7 dnevi
get this man a charcuterie right the fuck now
Kylie Hutton
Kylie Hutton Pred 7 dnevi
wtf is mortadella
River DeFelice
River DeFelice Pred 7 dnevi
roast beef should be an A
Sadie Lewis
Sadie Lewis Pred 7 dnevi
Uh cody your supposed to put the ham steak in the oven it’s for when you don’t want to cook a whole ham😐
Sadie Lewis
Sadie Lewis Pred 7 dnevi
Uh cody your supposed to put the ham steak in the oven it’s for when you don’t want to cook a whole ham😐
Sadie Lewis
Sadie Lewis Pred 7 dnevi
Uh cody your supposed to put the ham steak in the oven it’s for when you don’t want to cook a whole ham😐
James Tucker
James Tucker Pred 7 dnevi
I’ll do kody on a cheeseboard all day.
bella to
bella to Pred 7 dnevi
I just got an umzu ad telling me I can grow bigger balls with a specific kind of bacteria they gave to rats. I’d be surprised if this wasn’t on a cody video
little guy gamer
little guy gamer Pred 7 dnevi
why people confused in if he wants it in a sandwich or cheeseboard, i'm hung up on how long he wants it in a sandwich or on a cheeseboard.
Paige Mckenna
Paige Mckenna Pred 7 dnevi
Did someone count the amount of times he said all day
Jackie Ruble
Jackie Ruble Pred 7 dnevi
Cody I'm vegetarian but I'm watching this because I know you want more views on this video
claire Sierra
claire Sierra Pred 7 dnevi
he likes the gabagool
Denoosoo Pred 7 dnevi
I’ve never eaten meat before so had to watch this lol
KelseyDunnigan drang
KelseyDunnigan drang Pred 7 dnevi
“Slippin and sliding around like a fuckin slip n slide” -Cody Kojoskoskitipolitpitopoilous Feb 2021
Matt Briggs
Matt Briggs Pred 7 dnevi
Black Forest is usually pretty good.
İrem Beleç
İrem Beleç Pred 7 dnevi
im vegeterian but i love u so im gonna watch it
P S Y C H E Pred 8 dnevi
Bro bologna?!
Colman Schofield
Colman Schofield Pred 8 dnevi
Where’s the bologna
Benjamin Kern
Benjamin Kern Pred 8 dnevi
Avocado on a turkey sandwich? This the most LA shit I've ever heard
Mushe Pred 8 dnevi
I'm so glad the on e person I love watching also loves mayo like I do.
Mars B
Mars B Pred 8 dnevi
gonna need a cheese tier list next
stoic man
stoic man Pred 8 dnevi
Yo is the camera out of focus or do i just have bad eyes
Evelyn Foley
Evelyn Foley Pred 8 dnevi
Why is this like... erotic?
alison almberg
alison almberg Pred 8 dnevi
at my family meat shop we make pepperoni sticks pork and beef mix i believe and there’s a jalapeño and cheese one that you’d looooove
Shelby S
Shelby S Pred 8 dnevi
I **gagged** when you bit the ham steak
《 Lauren 》
《 Lauren 》 Pred 8 dnevi
Alex akaVea
Alex akaVea Pred 8 dnevi
you look like the guy from Wayne's world
Krista Phillips
Krista Phillips Pred 8 dnevi
Same with the mayo. Thank you for validating me when I know I disgust so many.
Robert N.
Robert N. Pred 8 dnevi
It's interesting to see Cody eat all the meats I cut on daily basis.
randomhumor1 Pred 8 dnevi
Mayo is god's gift to man.
A Pred 9 dnevi
I feel so attacked because I am vegan
Valerie Gaughan
Valerie Gaughan Pred 9 dnevi
ive already watched this, but i just made a sandwich so now im here just to feel more included
Jacob Hoderlein
Jacob Hoderlein Pred 9 dnevi
As a meat guy... I don’t trust (oh shit I just heard you talk about Mayo like that. Instantly redeemed!!)
Lars van Hout
Lars van Hout Pred 9 dnevi
12:46 Cody: It’s soooo *wet* *aggressively slaps ham steak*
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