Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 20w49a The Sculk Sensor Is Here! Also Dripstone Caves...

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Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Playlist ► slpost.info/film/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
Minecraft 1.7 snapshot 20w49a adds Dripstone caves and Sculk Sensors! The Sculk Sensor can detect vibrations in the world, it has frequencies too.
Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 20w48a Dripstone, Stalagmites & Renewable Lava!
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00:00 Intro & Dripstone Caves
02:17 Minor Changes & Fixes
03:47 Launcher Update
04:20 Sculk Sensor
07:42 Sculk Sensor & Redstone
08:36 Vibration Frequency
09:45 Wool Occlusion & More
12:36 Closing Remarks
#minecraft #sculk #cliffsandcaves

xisumavoid Pred mesecem
Apparently you can also change world height limit and build into the void in this update! (Not by default)
Harold McBroom
Harold McBroom Pred mesecem
Maybe good for implementing AFK activities so long as you can provide the "vibration" needed to produce the resulting power outcome, or to simulate certain redstone "gates" in reference to auto harvesters to detect a change in state, to know when to harvest a particular block. These are things I never used in Minecraft, as I never was interested in them.
Proxy Pred mesecem
i really hope this means that the next season of Hermitcraft is gonna have a world that is 1024m high... literally all of the builders would have an absolute blast with that. though i guess we just have to wait and see how stable it is by the time 1.17 actually releases.
Purplits Pred mesecem
she keeps passing me byyy
Dux Angus
Dux Angus Pred mesecem
The creative community is going to go crazy after hearing that
Zyrille’s Adventure I
Zyrille’s Adventure I Pred mesecem
Sokandueler95 Pred 2 dnevi
3:30 infinite lava source?
Robert Tooley
Robert Tooley Pred 3 dnevi
Why hasn't anyone mentioned water logged sculks lowering vibration effect?
The Nobody Meme is Shit
The Nobody Meme is Shit Pred 4 dnevi
drip stone stone with da gucci shit 😤😤😤
Space Forge
Space Forge Pred 29 dnevi
you could use at least 3 of them to make some sort of redstone lamp motion detector map
OrthoPheonix Games
OrthoPheonix Games Pred mesecem
i cant wait for the full release of bedrock caves and cliffs
SomeRandom Guy
SomeRandom Guy Pred mesecem
The Redstone out it makes is the best,like you can literally make a lamp with it that toggles on when you come into your house,this is pretty much more advanced now
Fresh Froot
Fresh Froot Pred mesecem
Yes, yes, of course, pistons are as loud as lightning and TNT.
Walter Perry
Walter Perry Pred mesecem
wheres the goats? Im guessing they havent made it yet?
Mr Snrub
Mr Snrub Pred mesecem
I don't like this its moving away from what minecraft used to be
CriticalCave794 Pred mesecem
Evil Xisuma Exposed 3:59
• PogChamp_Max •
• PogChamp_Max • Pred mesecem
Oh wow we now have infinite Lava source
Retromations Pred mesecem
I noticed that when you reel in and out a fishing rod, it activates the skulk sencer, now I’m not very good at red stone but maybe AFK fishing farm can come back. ( this was literally just a guess though)
I Tried
I Tried Pred mesecem
I love that they look like alien cakes
Riley Benton
Riley Benton Pred mesecem
Here’s an idea for mojang stop adding new blocks and just take the Mario maker approach and add an item of some sort that allows us to add our own blocks and add some functionality nothing game breaking though
stat1c bubbartk
stat1c bubbartk Pred mesecem
If you use a silk touch iron pickaxe you can take the amethysts but you can't take the budding one even with a netherite pickaxe with silk touch
EvanIsKindaGood Pred mesecem
Now Wool is more Useful and Lether Amour
Omega The Noob
Omega The Noob Pred mesecem
Not crazy But
Not crazy But Pred mesecem
Does this snapshot contains warden?
XX mohamed Gamerxx
XX mohamed Gamerxx Pred mesecem
How do I carry it?
TheLostOne Pred mesecem
I know what people are going to want is a end update but mojang is not going to add a update like that in 5 years
AntiScribe Pred mesecem
I think the skull sensors should serve as the Wardens eyes. If you're in the detection radius of a skulk sensor, and if a Warden is in the radius of it, it should know your location and come get you.
AntiScribe Pred mesecem
Personally I think that the skulk sensor shouldn't detect entities in the air.
Anton Undin
Anton Undin Pred mesecem
damn the small drip stones are ugly make em 3d ffs
Kiran Cox
Kiran Cox Pred mesecem
When 1.17 comes out are we gonna get a Goatsuma?
Vinz De Castro
Vinz De Castro Pred mesecem
This update is going to kill my laptop lmao
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero Pred mesecem
Bee: *flies around* Skulk sensor: AHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH Bee: AHHH Skulk sensor: AHHH Bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: AHHHHHH bee: AHHHH Skulk sensor: Ahhhh Bee: shut up Skulk sensor trap: no u *kills bee*
Dominick Lewandowski
Dominick Lewandowski Pred mesecem
If you put an observer next to the sckulk sensor, will The observer update? Because the block is moving all the time
Dominick Lewandowski
Dominick Lewandowski Pred mesecem
If you walk into the stalagmites just sitting there will you take damage?
Zero Stas
Zero Stas Pred mesecem
Does anyone have problem to use /effect in command block in new snapshot?
ji ribu
ji ribu Pred mesecem
snapshots getting too long
Max Keenan
Max Keenan Pred mesecem
MasterZephyr6 Pred mesecem
Hey Xisuma! Where do you get your optifine from? I have a MacBook that I play Minecraft on and I can’t find the right website for optifine
Atharva Sinha
Atharva Sinha Pred mesecem
the juan
the juan Pred mesecem
Can't wait for the lag machines
Cole Liazos-Coffey
Cole Liazos-Coffey Pred mesecem
I'm going to be honest, and this probably will never see the light of day, but I'm going to write this anyway. I feel that in the past year or two, Minecraft has definitely taken a turn for the worse. I feel that the only update that has recently actually improved the game in the way that it should be improved, is 1.14. I'm going to talk about every update after 1.8, and say why they added value and challenge to the game, and then why I think 1.15, 1.16, and then when it releases, 1.17, are not, in my opinion, good for the game, and definitely not adding value. So, from the top: 1.9 added many things, most primarily the Combat Update. While somewhat controversial, I think that if not more fun, it made combat better. It also added end cities, shulkers, elytras, paths, Dragons Breath/Lingering Potions, tipped/spectral arrows, and Sheilds. This overhauled and improved Combat and the End, making combat more tactile and skilled, and it made it so you could do a lot more after the dragon. 1.10: This didn't add much, but what it did add, such as bone blocks, magma blocks, polar bears, husks, and strays. This just added a few nice features to things we already had. 1.11: This is the Exploration Update, which added the ability to place Shulkers, Woodland Mansions, Totems of Undying, and the mobs Illager, Vindicator, Evoker, Vex, and Llamas, and this made it so you could go on a quest to find a mansion which is hard to find, far away, and present a decent combat challenge. This rewards the player with a Totem of Undying, which is not overpowered, just helps if you hold it if you were to fall or the like. 1.12: This added Concrete, Concrete Powder, Parrots, and colored beds, which just helped builders and made the world look a lot prettier. 1.13: This is Update Aquatic, which added Blue Ice, Bubble columns, the coral set of blocks, kelp, prismarine, a few other aquatic blocks, stripped woods, conduits, buckets of fish, slow falling potions/arrows, tridents, and turtle eggs. It also added a lot of mobs, the dolphins, drowned, fish, phantoms, and turtles. This also added a lot of structures, like the buried treasures, coral reefs, ocean ruins, icebergs, and shipwrecks. And it also completely changed the way you moved in water, adding the ability to swim. It added a lot. It completely overhauled water, added a lot of blocks, added a lot of water mobs, added coral, as well as a bunch of structures in the water. I feel this greatly improved the experience of doing things with the water. 1.14: Village and Pillage update. This added lots of things, such as the Bells, Barrels, Bamboo, a lot of workstations, Campfires, Lanterns, Lecterns, different types of Signs, many types of slabs/stairs, sweet berries, foxes, suspicious stew, pandas, wandering traders, Pillagers, Ravagers, and Crossbows. This also added the ability to do Raids for rewards and discounts. This essentially added a new aspect to the game, the Pillagers, who were new mobs, and raids, which were challenging multi-level combat engagements. This also added the Crossbow, which had new, unique enchantments, and better velocity, and less bullet drop than the regular bow, even if it took longer to load. You could enchant these to load quicker, shoot multiple projectiles, or shoot through multiple mobs. You could also craft expensive fireworks, which did more damage than the regular arrows, if held in the offhand and loaded into the crossbow. This added an interesting new weapon to use. I feel that after this, the additions to the game just don't improve the overall challenge, experience, and complication of the game. So, what the 1.15, 1.16, and 1.17 versions of the game added, and why I really do not like them. 1.15: This added Bees and Honey. This itself was decent, and not an issue. What I really feel, however, is wrong with this update, is the Honey Block. Before this, there only used to be slime blocks, so you could move large, massive things, it would just be complicated and a pain to do so. Now, with the addition of the Honey block, which are essentially the same as Slime blocks, accept that they don't stick to them like Slime blocks would if you put them side by side. This made it so that you could build a massive door with a bunch of side-by-side flying machines, alternating Slime Blocks and Honey Blocks, instead of having to make one that was quite complicated due to the properties of Slime blocks. In my opinion, this makes it way too easy to build up what used to be incredibly complicated and elaborate Redstone machines. TL;DR for this update, this makes things that were and should be complicated, much easier than they should be. Now, for 1.16: This added many things, including Basalt, Blackstone, Chains, more variations of Nether Bricks, Crimson and Warped fungi, nylium, and wood, gilded blackstone, crying obsidian, lodestone, respawn anchor, shroomlight, a blue variation of all fires, a target block, the mobs Hoglins, Piglins, Striders, and Zoglins. It also added the Bastion Remnant, a building with lots of Piglins, with gold blocks and other loot inside. It added 4 new biomes as well. Basalt Deltas, Crimson Forests, Warped Forests, and Soul Sand valleys. Here is what I find so incredibly wrong about this, starting with this and moving to 1.17. To start off, I feel some of the new mobs and textures look a bit un-Minecrafty, but that's not the main issue. A lot of features, the biomes in particular, as well as the ability to trade with Piglins, feel almost modded to me. But that's not even the worst part for me. There are two larger issues. The first is converting Zombie Pigmen into Zombified Piglins. This just changes so much of one of the dimensions, one of the key functions of the game, into simply a weird looking version of a new mob. This disrupts the mystery of the nether, the intrigue. And now, for my least favorite part of this update, the Netherite. This is, by far, the worst change, in my opinion, they have ever made. This takes out a large part of the challenge of the game. To start, you don't take as much knockback, making it so that it's easier to win, and not to be knocked off of ledges, in PvP. Then, there's the fact that it makes it basically impossible to die when you are fighting any mob in the game, because of how incredibly well it protects you. The tools make doing anything basically like mining it in creative mode as well. And, it doesn't burn in lava or fire, which while frustrating, was a major part of the Minecraft game. TL;DR for this update, it takes away a large intrigue of the game, while simultaneously making it much easier and not as difficult to deal with, making it too easy. Now. For by far the worst update they will ever add to the game, 1.17. There are three features of this update, as it is at the time of writing this, that I actually feel improve the gameplay experience. I am also talking from the perspective of the current snapshot, 20w49a, as well as the reveal trailer. The three things I do like: 1. Taller, more generated mountains. 2. The ability to path any subtype of dirt block and 3. The ability to waterlog minecarts/minecart rails. Other than that, the textures, the features, all of that, just looks and performs like they went to about 10 mod pages, picked a random feature, and threw it into the game. Stalagmites/Stalagtites, where and why? Also, they are the least Minecraft-like texture. The game is looking less and less like itself with every update, and I feel this bodes poorly for the future. The fossils are just odd, and again, oddly textured for a game like this. Axolotls seem a bit op, as well as looking weird. Lush caves look like you took a bunch of normal blocks, painted them green, and then also took some weirdly 3d vines. The flower things, not even sure what they're called, that you fall through if you stand on them for too long, again, just weird. And the candles look legitimately almost the same as if they were a mod. The Warden is a cool concept but looks like it never should've been considered a serious texture, and last but not least. Skulk sensors. Wireless Redstone. That's it. TL;DR for everyone who didn't want to read that. The last three updates have carried in features and looks so different from everything that makes this game Minecraft. They make Redstone, Survival, and Combat easy, completely deter from a lot of the original concepts that the game has developed on, and a lot of them look like a jumble of a bunch of massive mods. Thank you for reading this, and consider what I said.
Leo zockt
Leo zockt Pred mesecem
hier ist der Deutsche Kommentar den du suchst
Jason Elliot
Jason Elliot Pred mesecem
Bro a thing called sportskeeda stole your thumbnail you should prob check it out
SirNico TheGreat
SirNico TheGreat Pred mesecem
You know exactly what to do with this: COMPLEX TNT EXPLOSION TRAPS!
Ben Kerley
Ben Kerley Pred mesecem
I still REALLY hope they change dripstone to a grey color. They don't fit with stone at all
J-Productions Pred mesecem
I can't wait to make automatic doors and traps!
Alexander Karreman
Alexander Karreman Pred mesecem
you could make a datapack that adds dripstone caves to normal world generation, to lazy to make one tho. and don't forget, build limit can also be changed with datapacks, so there is a chance that mojang will set the nether build limit to 128 by default, if this is the case, it can be set back to 256 with a datapack of course.
Alexander Karreman
Alexander Karreman Pred mesecem
I wonder if that would automaticly delete whats on the roof
Corbinius Pred mesecem
imagine it senses you, and its tentacles charge in your direction and grab you
sundaran 1122
sundaran 1122 Pred mesecem
this isn't that important of a chnge. skulk sensers are like honey blocks. not too op.
Andrei618 Pred mesecem
They are literally so diffrent
JP The Gaming Beast
JP The Gaming Beast Pred mesecem
The skulk sensors should spawn at the roof of the deep dark because they look like vines and there should also be some sort of seed that when you plow the floor or moss or whatever with a hoe and plant it so the seed grows into a skulk sensor. Edit: maybe you can shear them and it will loose its vibration powers and you could use the top as vines
Kv Vortex
Kv Vortex Pred mesecem
10:33 ray tracing in minecraft ?
Kv Vortex
Kv Vortex Pred mesecem
so you're telling me i will have to put insulation in my house now? frick yeah
Atte Gröhn
Atte Gröhn Pred mesecem
you all be wearing some weak netherite armors in 1.17, meanwhile my godly self is decked out in dripstone armor smh
Samantha Archy
Samantha Archy Pred mesecem
What i want to see in the future updates is copper Golems. Theyd be just like iron golems but they'd spawn in tiga or snow villages
Netherex Pred mesecem
Why I feel that skulk things somehow are going to be useful?
drschplatt Pred mesecem
I'm not sure how I feel about the drip stone. It seems like something that's just going to make caving more tedious and time consuming rather than actually adding something to the game. Doing something like lighting up your caves or just exploring is already just a time sink as it is, but when you add in the dripstone where dropping down now kills you, just kind of makes it a bit irritating.
Ruff Playz
Ruff Playz Pred mesecem
wait freezing damage
Lunchbox13 Pred mesecem
As much as i like redstone in this game i just cannot see the hype of the skulk sensor, its wireless redstone but its so close range its not really interesting in my opinion.
Happy Nook Teacher
Happy Nook Teacher Pred mesecem
great video but i dont really feel like the skulk sensor is that great atm. im sure my intellect is just not seeing the big picture yet tho. thanks for the video.
Alexander Milo
Alexander Milo Pred mesecem
Has birch trees become taller? I feel like they’re quite a bit taller now.
Cat Poke
Cat Poke Pred mesecem
This is great. I love how many snapshots we're getting! It's a relief, since we have to wait so long for the full update.
Brad Brown
Brad Brown Pred mesecem
Extend piston and contract piston having different values means that you can have t-flipflops using skulk sensors
Pedro Vieiralves
Pedro Vieiralves Pred mesecem
the new texture of the sculk sensor looks horrible in my opinion the one showed on minecon is way better
S1QuanA Pred mesecem
Ugh I just want the cave update man
AndyCam Pred mesecem
5G in Minecraft??!?!??!
Polarbear Frost S
Polarbear Frost S Pred mesecem
Thank you Mojang, really cool.
Secretcodrin Pred mesecem
My brain hurts just by thinking about the puzzles you can do with the tentacle boys.
Denlim Wolf
Denlim Wolf Pred mesecem
Minecraft gonna get that drip.
Red Pred mesecem
my problem with skulk sensors is that they are delayed, so they might ruin redstone circuits
Terrain Pred mesecem
judging by step being 1, and explosion + lightning being 15, i'd imagine the sculk frequencies are based off the volume of each sound just in general at an arbitrary distance, ignoring the actual distance it was and how loud it would sound at that distance
afk is ok
afk is ok Pred mesecem
signal strength 15?
Bsheepdestroyer makes stuff
Bsheepdestroyer makes stuff Pred mesecem
"You can also change build height and build into the void" AAAAAAAA Tbh im more excited about building into the void than build height, but both of those are epic
peter peter
peter peter Pred mesecem
since a fishing rod causes a 15 strength such as many things that can't easily be done without causing potential damage it allows the use of fishing poles to be the activation method to a secret door to your base.
Bas de Jong
Bas de Jong Pred mesecem
I don't think the wool-inclusion mechanic of the sculk sensor is irregular. You showed that on a straight diagonal line (1 sideways, 1 forward) it depended on what side the wool block is to block the signal, but I think it's the line of sight to the center of the nearest side of the sensor.
blade spark
blade spark Pred mesecem
Imagine the combination locks you’ll be able to make with these. You can have someone perform like 10 different things in order as a password instead of using levers or buttons
Ender Ethan
Ender Ethan Pred mesecem
This is all really cool and all, but I think it could be much better with the idea provided my Simply Sarc. He suggested that Mojang could add a feature where you could essentially train the sensor to only detect certain noises, meaning that it could have a much wider range of use.
godzil42 Pred mesecem
At 1:31 you got it wrong, the stalactite are the one handing from the ceiling. If you know a bit of French, here is a tip. The stalacTites "Tombent" (falling/going down in French), The stalagMites "Montent" (climbing/going up, in French) Sadly can't have such a nice way to remember in English.
Petey Pred mesecem
1:22 currently they are just normal cave generation but with extra blocks. I think mojang would like to get out some of the more easier features to test first before overhauling the cave gen.
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith Pred mesecem
Think of the lag machines
Asmar Taylor
Asmar Taylor Pred mesecem
You actually missed a few geodes
Funny dwarf
Funny dwarf Pred mesecem
Base deffence. Think about it.
Kermit the Great Frog
Kermit the Great Frog Pred mesecem
This is the fastest way a signal can travel, just place a trapdoor near a sculk sensor every 8 blocks.
BuIIetBiII Pred mesecem
Just gonna come out and say this. These videos are incredible. They are so well edited and well put together and it just has so much information from the snapshots that keep me in the loop with what's going on. I also love how you don't immediately show off a bunch of farms or contraptions before it's even been released. You just show off the features of something and what you can and can't do.
piglin brute
piglin brute Pred mesecem
probobly big cave will come when 1.17 fully realeses
Stallnig Pred mesecem
you can generate lava now?
black cat banonzai
black cat banonzai Pred mesecem
Alekay Pred mesecem
Why do you not have a account callled shushwamivoid or however you spell it
Mako Pred mesecem
just wanted to let everyone know that they're planning on making a big snapshot for the new cave generation, right now they're only releasing the new features and showing how they look in the caves that currently exist, so it's not going to look like it does now.
Slurpp the Immortal
Slurpp the Immortal Pred mesecem
SomeBaconHair Pred mesecem
If you make tha world generation type Caves and then add Dripstone Caves as the biome it makes them look super cool
Aadi Pred mesecem
I am worried as after the caves update... making slime farms or anyother farms underground would be a *PAIN* to build because u will have to spawn proof large areas underground
Jefferson Pred mesecem
Is triangulator radar gonna be a thing
Anonymous the gamer
Anonymous the gamer Pred mesecem
Wool is now really helpful in wireless redstone by opening just 2 sides around sensor to detecting and sending signal is really usefull it would have been hard without wool
lux 03
lux 03 Pred mesecem
3:39 This will revolutionize super smelters, bet
Audio books
Audio books Pred mesecem
i cant open forge or optifine can someone help me pls
Wello YT Minecraft
Wello YT Minecraft Pred mesecem
DID You See The Evilxisuma Account Thats Sus
Nathaniel Weiland
Nathaniel Weiland Pred mesecem
Xisuma! If you're still reading comments on this video, the reason that vibration particles don't work is because they improperly programmed the suggestion format into the game. However, syntax checking is still working: you can see "expected double" in the error. The reason for this is that you need to feed it 6 numbers before the rest of the command: the X, Y, and Z positions of the source and destination of the vibration particle. If you type a normal /particle command and add 2 coordinates before it, then set the particle to "vibration", then it should create the particle moving between those 2 positions.
Mr. Z
Mr. Z Pred mesecem
Mojang is probably gonna implement their banning system from bedrock edition into java edition (but leave 1.16.* versions and below) and release the cave update once their system is all done. I honestly believe the cave update is just a way to abuse the playerbase’s craving for the cave update into making players use 1.17 which will have their new system. If they dare touch 1.16 and below, oh boy they’re gonna kill minecraft faster than Bethesda was able to go to shit with Fallout 76.
Nathaniel Shaw, The Overclocked Thinker
Nathaniel Shaw, The Overclocked Thinker Pred mesecem
Can honey blocks move sculk sensors?
Severed Gaming
Severed Gaming Pred mesecem
Skulk sensor
BenM Pred mesecem
The falling and holding crouch makes no sense because you are falling and should still create a detectable vibration either if you are not
Heroninja112 Pred mesecem
combine sculk sensors with pistons and tnt minecarts to create an instant detonation invisible landmine system that can kill people who are wearing full netherrite instantly (u have to place hundreds of tnt minecarts on a single rail for it to work this well)
Oli Pred mesecem
I have made a similar video to this please check it out and support small channels out :)
della bank
della bank Pred mesecem
I can’t wait till they add lush caves and axolotls!!!!!! So many new things come with the lush caves 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Scott Appleton
Scott Appleton Pred mesecem
I can draw axolotls, I can make paper craft laminated axolotls, and so on.
Kevin Bumgardner
Kevin Bumgardner Pred mesecem
Guys, a news website is using Xisuma's thumbnail without due credit; here's the link. www.sportskeeda.com/minecraft/everything-new-minecraft-snapshot-20w49a Like this comment so Xisuma sees!
Pigeon Pred mesecem
where is warden
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