5 Min Crafts: DEEP FRIED PIZZA (w/ Joshua Weissman)

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Cody Ko

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5 Min Crafts: DEEP FRIED PIZZA (w/ Joshua Weissman)
Cody Ko
Shot by: VicramFilms, schleepj
Edited by: slpost.info
Merch promo edited by: nsamsen

Vernon Lindemuth
Vernon Lindemuth Pred 2 urami
We got some millennials with the millennial haircut
Joshdaman2 Pred 10 urami
Ultra Gushy Raw Chicken Milkers Get ABUSED & MISUSED
phanfinger Pred 16 urami
It looks like you guys went through so many dishes aha
Evan Stock
Evan Stock Pred dnevom
4:30 someone please tell me where to buy this
Aurelia Brown
Aurelia Brown Pred dnevom
Is it just me, or does Cody look like Eren Jaeger when he has a man bun
Avee 9150
Avee 9150 Pred dnevom
what is that intro music
J-Vlogs Pred 2 dnevi
He look like Matt Damon from the wall
facts and logic.
facts and logic. Pred 2 dnevi
why is no one talking about how it looks like one piece of that shit will give you diabetes and heart failure
jordan thorsteinson
jordan thorsteinson Pred 2 dnevi
he really said "let me be a better Spock" and did exactly that.
Toasted Tomatoes
Toasted Tomatoes Pred 3 dnevi
joshua looks like a dad teaching his son to cook
sami z
sami z Pred 3 dnevi
Delta Moose
Delta Moose Pred 3 dnevi
why does it look like they swapped shirts because the two different sizes
Sam Litven
Sam Litven Pred 4 dnevi
the only two white men to matter
#Free Hans Zimmer
#Free Hans Zimmer Pred 4 dnevi
anyone know where to by codys shotgun tool
Derek Tejeda
Derek Tejeda Pred 4 dnevi
I want that shotgun tube
IzzyC 711
IzzyC 711 Pred 4 dnevi
this is the most american thing I've ever seen
Shenanigans Pred 5 dnevi
Mans decked out in full ksubi
One2_DeadBox Pred 5 dnevi
anyone got a link to where i can buy the thing cody uses to chug that bud light
Queen Rabia
Queen Rabia Pred 6 dnevi
No one is going to say anything about them not rinsing the chicken before using it...gotta wash your meats.
Benjamin Simpson
Benjamin Simpson Pred 6 dnevi
Quesadizza... how do you miss that opportunity?
Raggy Pred 7 dnevi
What’s that beer chug device called, I need it
Bright Space
Bright Space Pred 9 dnevi
so it was actually good but total overkill. Not bad.
ranvir atwal
ranvir atwal Pred 9 dnevi
What is the thing cody is using to drink the beer?
glen tremble
glen tremble Pred 10 dnevi
In Glasgow we get deep fried pizzas from a chippy. Pizza crunch they’re called. Covered in batter then fried. 100000 calories
BaRacK jOe-mAmA
BaRacK jOe-mAmA Pred 10 dnevi
I am not going to lie and try to say i didn't think that was post malone on the thumbnail...
Holy Reviews
Holy Reviews Pred 10 dnevi
why dont you wash your chicken
Demetrio Mejía
Demetrio Mejía Pred 10 dnevi
why does cody have his hair similar to eren yaeger from attack on titan?
Aurelia Brown
Aurelia Brown Pred 17 urami
omg, that's what I thought!
That one guy
That one guy Pred 10 dnevi
Josh wideman
frog is at your door
frog is at your door Pred 11 dnevi
Kelsie has gone through a transformation these past couple weeks
Callum Bain
Callum Bain Pred 12 dnevi
Scottish people who eat deep-fried pizza must be fuming rn
Mya Fagerhaug
Mya Fagerhaug Pred 12 dnevi
you can tell that josh is an earth sign and cody is a fire sign 🤦🏻‍♀️
Aamusch01 Pred 13 dnevi
Nobody gonna talk about the merch plug?
Noel Sengel
Noel Sengel Pred 13 dnevi
Jack Geimer
Jack Geimer Pred 13 dnevi
why does josh look like if cody and spock had a kid
Yasmine Pred 13 dnevi
this is the collab we never knew we needed
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename Pred 13 dnevi
josh is a big man.
gunnar osmond
gunnar osmond Pred 13 dnevi
Why are we watching 2 rich kids get fat
Jaiden Paskanik
Jaiden Paskanik Pred 13 dnevi
Huh? Neither of them aren’t really “rich” also neither of them are fat
Azi Pred 14 dnevi
clean the chickennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Nathan Stauffer
Nathan Stauffer Pred 14 dnevi
imma need that shotgun tube in my life
Tea is Good
Tea is Good Pred 15 dnevi
I can’t wait for the collab with Josh’s channel to come out haha
DiamondInfernape Pred 15 dnevi
This isn't even made by 5 mins crafts, it's made by twisted I think, they legit just stole the video
Seal Pred 16 dnevi
that chug was sick
The Burbank
The Burbank Pred 16 dnevi
I came here for deep fried pizza but I left with 12 fresh ass hoodies
Crhys Pred 16 dnevi
Josh dude is too serious bruh haha
Sydney Sacino
Sydney Sacino Pred 19 dnevi
Sienna Munster
Sienna Munster Pred 19 dnevi
Cody at the start, are you okay
Charlie Nice
Charlie Nice Pred 19 dnevi
Yo wtf is that beer tool called I need that
Logan Donovan
Logan Donovan Pred 20 dnevi
what is that thing that cody used to shotgun the beer
Ashley Prentice
Ashley Prentice Pred 20 dnevi
13:24 omg BYE-
Madden Beast
Madden Beast Pred 20 dnevi
Cody we know you have contacts 😭
David Loeza
David Loeza Pred 21 dnevom
I like how Cody’s impressed with the first steps
Mason Adkins
Mason Adkins Pred 21 dnevom
not cody shoving the whisk up his nose
Jillian Jackson
Jillian Jackson Pred 22 dnevi
Curly hair boi looking like a weird Mike Patton from faith no more lol
moew Pred 22 dnevi
cody: *squeezes fucking lemon juice into his eyes* NO TEARS
Valerie Marrujo
Valerie Marrujo Pred 23 dnevi
needs salt
Valerie Marrujo
Valerie Marrujo Pred 23 dnevi
I forget how small Cody is
Abigail Picard
Abigail Picard Pred 23 dnevi
nobody: cody: *sniffs* oh my gODDDD
hollyn cecil
hollyn cecil Pred 23 dnevi
Sometimes I forget Cody’s a frat boy and then he pulls out a shotgun device
CammyCC Pred 23 dnevi
He will never be Noel
Uchechi Uwaoma
Uchechi Uwaoma Pred 24 dnevi
I cringed when u took the chicken straight from the package into the seasoning and didn’t wash that shit
Bobie Okney
Bobie Okney Pred 23 dnevi
hihi samonella goes bbrrrrrr
Uchechi Uwaoma
Uchechi Uwaoma Pred 24 dnevi
Good to know some things havnt changed. Now Cody is wearing a man bun
Jedi Toupin
Jedi Toupin Pred 24 dnevi
5 MINUTE!!! it took you like three hours
Jedi Toupin
Jedi Toupin Pred 23 dnevi
@Bobie Okney sorry it was bothering me sorry
Bobie Okney
Bobie Okney Pred 23 dnevi
Dude cringe, stoppit
suffering Pred 24 dnevi
Wait so does Kelsey work in a school or something? Or was she joking about the work thing
Nick Pred 24 dnevi
We finally found someone other than Noel who we like Cody having on
Hue Hue
Hue Hue Pred 24 dnevi
11:05 woah I was a bit confused there
Tyler Medlin
Tyler Medlin Pred 25 dnevi
I was expecting a b roll ending
M G Pred 25 dnevi
the outro was insane omfg
Mark L
Mark L Pred 25 dnevi
Josh looks uncomfortable
Iмгэ яцiидгd
Iмгэ яцiидгd Pred 25 dnevi
Heartdisease pizza
dazzmin Pred 25 dnevi
This is a weird comment but I love this kitchen
iJooeyy Pred 25 dnevi
I hate that guy. He’s ego out weighs every other thing ab him... josh not Cody... lolol
Florz Pred 26 dnevi
How come everyone modeling for your merch, looked like minecraft characters?
Hydrosity Pred 26 dnevi
It looks like the physical embodiment of diabetes.
TAG Pred 26 dnevi
best pairing ever
Rishi Kallepalli
Rishi Kallepalli Pred 26 dnevi
“5mins crafts”
Bobie Okney
Bobie Okney Pred 23 dnevi
dude stopit,
Asu M
Asu M Pred 26 dnevi
Josh is way taller than i thought, i only saw him on tiktok
Gato Kb
Gato Kb Pred 27 dnevi
When they start to cook👨‍🍳👨‍🍳,It gives out a good vibe😌
Gato Kb
Gato Kb Pred 23 dnevi
@Bobie Okney Your right😅,I’ll stop🛑✋
Bobie Okney
Bobie Okney Pred 23 dnevi
@Gato Kb it makes you sound like a middle aged soccer mom
Gato Kb
Gato Kb Pred 23 dnevi
@Bobie Okney How?
Bobie Okney
Bobie Okney Pred 23 dnevi
you use too many emojiis
Grant Howard
Grant Howard Pred 27 dnevi
wtf was that beer chugging contraption. I need it.
Marty. II
Marty. II Pred 27 dnevi
Why can't I skip the ads in the beginning?
anna sanchez
anna sanchez Pred 27 dnevi
That’s so bad for you Cody. Your ailing bones need more nutrients 😞
a i t o r
a i t o r Pred 27 dnevi
kelsey looks like monica from friends in this lmao
Maschienle Pred 27 dnevi
I love Americans so much🤩🤩🤩🤩
flower power
flower power Pred 28 dnevi
It is the smell of the onions that make you tear up , not the proximity between the onion and your eye.
Ohemaa Boafo
Ohemaa Boafo Pred 28 dnevi
Abigail Caldwell
Abigail Caldwell Pred 28 dnevi
anyone else notice how much more organized and clean this was vs when cody’s by himself
corgunts94 Pred 28 dnevi
cody really be lookin like a crawlin in the wall for cheese boy here
yourrock Pred 28 dnevi
ah yes the unexpected duo Kenma and Asahi
Marcelo Becerra
Marcelo Becerra Pred 28 dnevi
What a great collab
M C Pred 28 dnevi
i would like to know what that thing is called that Cody used to chug the beer?
Keiiper Pred 15 dnevi
Its called the Chug Bud
xico Pred 25 dnevi
M C i think he talks about it on his youtuber products tier list
Hannah Rannah
Hannah Rannah Pred 29 dnevi
Kinda feel like he was shitting on Cody's stuff and food lol
Vincent Benson
Vincent Benson Pred 29 dnevi
Bro watching this high is so funny
Huck Pearl
Huck Pearl Pred 29 dnevi
Damn bro josh is fuckin huge!!
maxwell folina
maxwell folina Pred 29 dnevi
gotta respect the trader joe's olive oil
Tomas Roberts
Tomas Roberts Pred 29 dnevi
what in the america
ice man
ice man Pred 29 dnevi
Trump's a*shole?and it stinks? That is so disrespectful😐😑
Garvinator Pred mesecem
4:30 what is that thing I want it for research plz
mtladyirl Pred mesecem
wow didnt know spock could cook damn
martinoc 22
martinoc 22 Pred mesecem
Noel looks really different in this
yous gouti
yous gouti Pred mesecem
those were some long 5 minutes amirite
Kendahlnotcandle Pred mesecem
He is the living personification of an energy drink.
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